Chapter 15

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

Leon left not long after, leaving the 3 of us in the garden.

“Sorry. El didn’t expect that Nee knew prince Leon.” (Cielle)

“No, even I myself didn’t know that Leon is a prince so don’t mind it.” (Misa)

“How did you come to know Leon-nii anyway?” (Asakura)

“It’s as Leon explained, I met him at an evening party and we got to know each other there. Though even if I say that, we didn’t chat around much since I came late to the party.” (Misa)

“You never saw Leon-nii after that?” (Asakura)

“Yes.” (Misa)

In the first place, I hadn’t come back to Anaria until today.

“Well, enough about Leon-nii! Let us walk around town!” (Asakura)

“El disagree. Remember what happened last time?” (Cielle)

“You are here to protect me now though.” (Asakura)

“As Asa-hime said, El had use teleportation magic 2 times today so El don’t have a lot of mana left. Besides, El don’t think his majesty would allow Asa-hime to run around town again anytime soon.” (Cielle)

“Muuu…..” (Asakura)

Asa sulked as El reprimanded her.

Considering she’s this kingdom’s princess then I can see why they would not let her out, especially since she’s still this young.

After we chatted around for a bit more, Asa ended up going to the library with El.

I didn’t join in since you need an identification to enter the royal library.

El was already given permission to follow Asa anywhere in this castle so it’s not a problem for her.

Though I’m quite curious at how El got that permission in the first place.

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Now, what should I do to pass time?

I don’t think I would be allowed to leave the castle, and in the first place I don’t know where to go even if I’m allowed to.

I only planned to meet El’s friend but it ended up way beyond what I expected.

How did she even end up getting tangled with this kingdom’s princess in the first place?

I should ask her when we get back home.

“So that’s why your presence felt stronger than usual.” (Rosa)

A familiar calm and composed voice, It’s Rosa.

She appeared out of nowhere when I was not paying attention.

“Long time no see, Rosa.” (Misa)

“Indeed it has. It’s quite an anomaly in itself, being apart from each other long enough for that phrase to be used.” (Rosa)

“I’m sorry” (Misa)

I feel bad for staying apart from her despite making a contract.

“It can’t be helped, since you’re a resident of the other side.” (Rosa)

“Still, you said that you’ll not feel as bad if there are more plants right? I’ve been planting some flowers around the house.” (Misa)

“That is highly appreciated. If that is so then I should be able to visit you from time to time.” (Rosa)

I’m still not quite sure what she would do once she came over though.

“That reminds me, what do spirits usually do in their spare time?” (Misa)

“Normally a spirit who’ve made a contract would stay by their contractor’s side. Since our circumstances are a bit special, I do what most wandering spirits do, watch over the world in search of entertainment.” (Rosa)

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“…I’m sorry.” (Misa)

“As I said, it can’t be helped. Our circumstances are a bit special after all. Besides, I’m also…..” (Rosa)

Cutting her own sentence short, she raised her hand.

Less than a second later, I hear a huge explosion next to us.

When I looked towards where the sound came from, there were traces of vines burnt to ashes.

Did we just get attacked…..?

It seems that Rosa protected both of us from whatever attacked us.

“Ahhhh, if it isn’t Rosa!” (???)

A man with red hair and eyes approached us, while floating.

He’s most likely a spirit like Rosa?

“…Igret.” (Rosa)

“Didn’t expect to see you here.” (Igret)

“The feeling is mutual.” (Rosa)

They seem to know each other at least, so he shouldn’t be dangerous.

Rosa doesn’t sound as eager of meeting this man.

“Ahhhh mou, I knew it! Igret, what did I tell you about randomly using magic in the castle!?” (???)

Another voice came towards us, this time a female’s voice.

With a familiar color tone of blonde hair and red eyes and also wearing such a gorgeous dress, I can somewhat guess who she is.

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“Meh, don’t mind the details.” (Igret)

“I will mind the details! At the very least, don’t suddenly run off and go wild like that, explain properly to me!” (???)

“I’ll do it next time.” (Igret)

“That’s what you said last time!” (???)

“Hoh, is that your contractor Igret?” (Rosa)

“Ehhh…?” (???)

It seems like she just noticed that me and Rosa are here.

The moment her eyes met with mine, she immediately recomposed herself.

“I am sorry to have raised my voice like that.” (???)

“Ahhh no, I do not mind it.” (Misa)

“I do not think I have ever met you before. Would you be so kind to introduce yourself?” (???)

I got up and give a curtsy.

“I apologize for my late introduction. My name is Misa.” (Misa)

“I am Shirenia Swordia, the crown princess of this kingdom.” (Shirenia)

As expected, she’s the crown princess.

Knights came running to us not long after.

Well, after a big explosion like that, it’s to be expected.

The reaction from the knights when they heard that it was Shirenia-sama’s spirit that caused it made me assume that this is a common occurence.

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After finished dealing with the knights, Shirenia-sama turned back towards Igret.

“Now Igret, going back to the previous topic, would you be so kind as to explain the reason for your behaviour?” (Shirenia)

She’s not shouting out anymore but the pressure from her voice is scary……

“I sense something powerful appearing here at the garden so i threw my magic without thinking. Turns out it was my old friend Rosa.” (Igret)

Igret shrugged his shoulders, acting like he did nothing wrong.

“I would prefer if you don’t act impulsively inside the castle! Misa, I apologize for the mess that my spirit caused.” (Shirenia)

“No, he is probably worried about your own safety. Besides, thanks to Rosa I didn’t get hurt at all.” (Misa)

“It is to be expected.” (Rosa)

Though at the same time the reason he attacked is Rosa in the first place, is what I kept to myself.

We both took a seat.

“That reminds me, though it would be a bit rude to ask, what are you doing inside the castle? There should not be any banquet held today.” (Shirenia)

I expected the conversation to go this way, but I still haven’t thought up of an excuse.

A personal maid working for the 2nd princess invited me to come over is not exactly a valid excuse.

“Misa!” (Leon)

As if right on cue, Leon came just at the right time.

“Ara Leon, is Misa-sama perhaps an acquintance of yours?” (Shirenia)

“She is. Has Shirenia-neesama been keeping her company?” (Leon)

“No, nothing of the sort. We met each other just now.” (Shirenia)

“Sorry Misa, did I keep you waiting for long?” (Leon)

“Ahhh no, Leon was busy after all. It is me who have to apologize for taking your time.” (Misa)

Leon took a seat uncomfortably close to me.

There’s still plenty of space so he doesn’t need to be so close…..

“Hmmm, I’m getting a bit bored. Shir, can I go and catch up with Rosa for a bit?” (Igret)

“As long as you promise to not haphazardly use magic like before.” (Shirenia)

“Yeah yeah, I’ll keep in mind.” (Igret)

He doesn’t seem like he listened at all.

“Misa, I would also like to take some time to discuss something with Igret.” (Rosa)

“Yes, of course.” (Misa)

Shirenia then turned towards Rosa.

“Rosa-sama, if I may ask, please keep this blockhead from blowing up random stuffs.” (Shirenia)

“I doubt I can stop this idiot, though I’ll make sure to keep the destruction and casualty to a minimum.” (Rosa)

With that, the 2 of them left.

“Were you talking to your spirir Shirenia-neesama? No, more importantly, you also made a contract with a spirit Misa?” (Leon)

“Indeed. I contracted Rosa not long after I first met Leon.” (Misa)

Now that I think about it, people normally can’t see spirits unless the spirits themselves let them.

To Leon we must’ve looked like we were talking to empty air.

“Misa, I’ve prepared your room in case you want to rest.” (Leon)

“Ara, will Misa be staying in the castle for the night?” (Shirenia)

“Yes, she’s the older sister of that maid we recently hired for Asa.” (Leon)

“Ahhh, the little girl with teleportation magic. So you’re also a crosser.” (Shirenia)

It seems that Asa is well-known here.

And a crosser is the term they used for people from our world who crossed to this side I would assume.

“Since she can only teleport for a limited number of times a day, she needed to stay the night for today.” (Leon)

“I see. Still, I thought that there’s no noble education on that side?” (Shirenia)

“An acquintance of mine hammered….taught me the bare minimum.” (Misa)

“She’s a close friend with Frillia it seems.” (Leon)

“Ahhh, that would explain it. Though I do have to say I am still impressed regardless.” (Shirenia)

So Frillia is also well-known, though for a different reason than El.

Frillia got invited to various parties on this side after all.

“Anyway Leon, may I take your offer of resting a bit in my room? I am indeed a bit tired.” (Misa)

“Ahhh! I apologize for taking so much of your time.” (Shirenia)

“No, it has been quite a treat talking with Shirenia-sama. I do hope we get a chance to talk again.” (Misa)

Though we most likely won’t considering I’ll be returning tommorow.

I followed Leon as he lead the way.

It’s not too far from the garden, which I’m thankful about.

The room is quite grandiose, though I’m somewhat used to it from living with Frillia.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still way more luxurious than the room on Frillia’s mansion, but at the very least I won’t show my flustered face from just this much.

“I’ll call a maid to help you in a bit.” (Leon)

“That would highly be appreciated.” (Misa)

Even if I want to refuse, he’ll most likely persistently insist anyway.

Besides, I can’t take off this dress my myself.

Not too long after, the maid from before was the one who came in.

“Ahhh, Misa-sama. So you’re the guest the prince mentioned.” (Miri)

“Miri, was it? Could you be so kind as to help me undress?” (Misa)

“Of course.” (Miri)

What to wear…..was already prepared of course.

After taking off my dress and changing to the more casual clothes provided, I took a seat at the bed.

“I will be resting for a bit so could you wake me up before dinner?” (Misa)

“Yes. Have a nice rest.” (Miri)

With that, I’m left alone in this room.

I immediately let my body fall to the bed.

Haaaahhhhh, I’m quite exhausted considering all I did was sit around.

I didn’t expect for it to go this way at all.

I guess the fault lies on my side, ‘curiosity killed the cat’ and all that.

I don’t regret it though, since I was indeed quite worried and curious as to what El usually do when she’s not at home.

To think she’s working in this side as a personal maid for the princess…..

It didn’t take long for me to fall asleep after I closed my eyes.

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