Chapter 11

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Tch, a dragon!? The same one from yesterday!?” (Frillia)

Cure gently moved me off her lap.

Even as we spoke, the dragon was flying over the town, shooting what looks to be fire from it’s breath.

“Cure!” (Frillia)

“I know.” (Cure)

Her voice was cold, her eyes were serious.

There’s no trace of her usual gentle self.

“You damn oversized lizard. I let you go twice but there’ll be no third time. I’ll make sure you suffer an excruciating death for disturbing me 3 days in a row.” (Cure)

Every word brought shivers to my body.

“Frills, stay here and protect Misa, Ru, and El.” (Cure)

Her commanding voice said that as if it’s an order, not a request.

“Wait, you….!” (Frillia)

Without hearing what Frillia was about to say, she ran a small distance before jumping off to the direction of the capital, leaving a really large crater due to the force of her kick.

When she dissapeared, Frillia could only look at where she was in frustration.

The dragon who was about to perform another breath attack suddenly got knocked away from the city.

Frillia took out her ID card and called Gai.

“Gai, come over to me quick! What? monsters are pouring in from a breach wall? The dragon’s breath was the cause huh? Tch, anyway, be quick or at least send someone here to bring me my device!” (Frillia)

She ended the call with Gai.

“S-Should we run back and catch up?” (Misa)

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“We should. It should be safer in town despite the monsters since Gai, Kanae, and the knights are there.” (Frillia)

We ran back towards the capital, though before we could even reach the capital we got blocked.

“Tch, pack wolves, and we were too late to react.” (Frillia)

In front of us there are 3 wolves blocking the way towards the capital, and before we noticed, 2 wolves from each side and another 3 wolves from the back were already there.

“W-We are boxed in!” (Misa)

“This is looking bad.” (Rurune)

We can’t escape!

“Frillia, can’t you do something about this!?” (Misa)

“Cause of yesterday’s expedition I’m not holding any offensive magic! And hand to hand combat is not something I can do againts a pack of wolves! El! Can you teleport us back to the mansion!?” (Frillia)

“El can only cast teleportation twice before running out of mana……” (Cielle)

El said in a shaky voice.

“Then El, go teleport back with Frillia!” (Rurune)

“Wait Rurune, what are you….!?” (Frillia)

“El has to return. And amongst us the only one who’ll benefit the most from returning is you Frillia. Go grab your device and come back quick!” (Rurune)

After a moment of silence, Frillia made her decision.

“….Sorry, I’ll leave it to you two.” (Frillia)

“B-But Nii….” (Cielle)

“El, go! We have no other option!” (Misa)

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I didn’t ever want to shout out to El like that, but there’s no other choice.

Probably shaken from the fact that it was the first time for me to shout at her like that, El did as I told and teleported away with Frillia.

“Still, for them to not approach us…..” (Misa)

“Heh, it’s the bluff technique I was taught by Cure-sensei. If you can look confident and fearless, most wild monsters would hesitate to attack you directly. Though if used to long then the monster would realize that we’re just bluffing and would attack us.” (Rurune)

Ru was standing proudly with a grin on her face.

“Still, can we…..” (Misa)

“Seems like the answer is no.” (Rurune)

One of the wolf started inching closer to us, still being wary.

“Then it’s time to put Cure-sensei’s lesson into practice!” (Rurune)

She charged at the close who inched closer.

Though the wolf reacted, it was not fast enough and Ru was able to land a hit to it’s head.

The other wolves immediately move towards Ru, launching an attack together.

Ru dodged their attacks one after another.

While I was watching Ru fight, one of the wolf sneaked up behind me.

When I noticed, it was too late.


I blocked the wolf’s bite with my right arm.

The wolf’s fang digged into my arm, splattering my blood around.

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It’s biting tightly and wouldn’t let go.

I could feel excruciating pain from my arm.

Using my other left hand, I got it dirty with the blood from the wound and punch the wolf in the eye.

It staggered back from my action and let go of it’s bite.

While I was feeling relief from that, another wold already came from my side, swinging it’s claws.

My body was unable to react on time.

I closed my eyes in fear.

When I opened them, I could see blood scattering.

But it was not mine.

“RU!” (Misa)

Ru was in front of me, her back got deeply gouged by the claws of the wolf.

Her body lifelessly fell towards me.

Her breathing was rough, unimaginable amount of blood was coming out from her back.

Every second, I can feel her temperature dropping bit by bit.

“Ru…..” (Misa)

A wolf jumped towards me, I immediately use my body to cover Ru.

Before it could reach me, it’s body was shred to pieces, only leaving a puddle of blood.

The other wolves too, as if they melted, turned to puddles of blood.

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“MISA, RURUNE!” (Frillia)

I could see Frillia and El in the distance, running towards me.

“Frillia! Ru, Ru is…..!” (Misa)

The moment Frillia, looked at Ru’s condition, she immediately took out her ID card.

“KANAE! Get me a high healer to my location, NOW!” (Frillia)

She ended the call and a gentle green glow started to envelop Ru’s back.

“Tch, the bleeding is too much! If this keeps on going then…..!” (Frillia)

Even if she didn’t finish her sentence, I knew what she was about to say.

Ru….is going to die right…..?

Because she protected me…..

Because of me Ru is…..







Die Die

Die Die Die






Yes that’s right.

It’s all my fault.

If only I’m not so weak.

If only I didn’t accept Cure’s invitation to come.

Even though I know it’s dangerous.

Even after I heard about how many died in Frillia’s generation.

I still carefreely thought it was okay.

This useless me, who only wanted to be protected.

If only I died back then, this wouldn’t have happened.

No, if only I didn’t exist, then that accident wouldn’t have happened, and they would still…..

My fault.

Everything is my fault.

All because of me.

This useless self.

I should’ve died.

I should’ve never existed.

“Nii, snap out.” (Cielle)

Two small hands slapped my cheeks from both side.


“If Nii hadn’t exist, then El wouldn’t be here.” (Cielle)

“El….” (Misa)

“If Nii hadn’t exist, El would’ve died back then.” (Cielle)

“But….!” (Misa)

“Nii is the kindest, coolest, most awesome brother El could hope for. The Nii El know wouldn’t be acting like this.” (Cielle)

“But….!” (Misa)

“No but! If Nii ever thought about dying, then El would also die with Nii. If Nii ever thought about not existing, then El don’t want to exist too! Is that what Nii wants!?” (Cielle)

The small hands that were holding my cheeks were shaking.

Tears were welling in her eyes.

And yet even so, she mustered her trembling voice.

“El…..” (Misa)

“The Nii El know wouldn’t give up here. So, Nii can’t give up here either. Since if the Nii El knew is gone, then El would not have a reason to live anymore.” (Cielle)


That’s right.

El is my everything.

I’m not allowed to fall in despair as long as she’s still here.

Grief, blame, regret, I’ll take them all on.

As long as I can make her happy.

That’s the resolve I made on that day, right?

What am I doing, making her cry!?

There’s only one thing to do.

To not show her that uncool side.

To make her happy.

No matter the cost, I have to save Ru!

Hmmm? You’re an interesting one aren’t you, human? To bounce back from the depths of despair only from your little sister’s small speech.

I could hear an unknown female voice, reverbrating in my mind.

And yet even if you make that resolve, there’s nothing you can do, is there?

That unknown female voice hit me exactly where it hurts.

That’s right, even if I want to, I have no method to save Ru.

But even so…..!

Then, would you like me to lend my power? With the right price, I could hold her life long enough for the high healer that girl called to come and save your precious friend.

…..And what’s your price?

Hmmm~ I wonder? How much can you offer me?

I’ll give you anything except my life.


I can’t die since I can’t leave El alone, but anything other than that…..

Interesting. Even after thousands of years, humans continue to be so amusing. Then…..

The grasses around unnaturally got carried by the wind.

It covered both me and Ru in a dome shape, slowly becoming bigger and pushing away both Frillia and El.

“Misa!?” (Frillia)

A woman with grassy green hair and green eyes was now standing, no, floating in front of me, seemingly appeared out of nowhere.

“Then, to fulfill your wish, would you make a contract with me?” (Woman)

“A contract?” (Misa)

“Indeed. Though I would like to offer fully healing your friend right there, the amount of mana in your body is too little so you’ll definitely die if we were to agree on that. That’s why, I offer to keep your friend alive until the high healer your other friend called come and save her.” (Woman)

“And what would I have to offer?” (Misa)

“Your full devotion to me.” (Woman)


“Haaahhh!? You want me to become something like your s-slave then?” (Misa)

“Ahhh, I might’ve worded that wrongly. Once the contract is set, you won’t be able to use magic of any other element that’s not under my control, that is you can only use plant magic. In exchange I’ll also devote my whole self to you. This contract can’t be broken without both party’s agreement and if you do forcefully end the contract, I’ll be taking away your life as a compensation. If you agree, then take a hold of my hand.” (Woman)

The woman extended her right hand to me.

“Then I’ll accept that contract.” (Misa)

I took a hold of it with my unbroken left hand.

“No hesitation is it? I like it. With the agreement of both parties, this contract is now established. I’ll be in your care from now on.” (Woman)

An unbelievable amount of pain surged through my body.

The pain from that wolf’s bite was nothing compared to this.

It’s as if vines are growing inside my body rapidly, trying to burst open my body from the inside.

It then flowed to the back of my left palm, a crest of a rose entertwined with spiky vines embedded itself there.

That excruciating torture that felt longer than it should have, ended.

I could only feel a sense of relief after.

“Since we took too long, I need to take drastic action. I’ll be borrowing every drop of your mana, so good night~” (Woman)

As the woman said that, I can feel strength leaving my body.

My consciousness blacked out soon after.

When I woke up, I felt completely sluggish.

My body was sore all over, it’s hard to move.

This soft feeling on my back means I’m on a bed.

“Good morning.” (Woman)

The woman, no, spirit from yesterday was the first thing that came to my view.

I then remembered why I fell unconscious in the first place.

“Is Ru……safe?” (Misa)

“If you’re talking about the heavily injured girl that started your wish, then yes she’s safe. Not too long after you fell unconscious a healer tended to her wound. Magic that can be used by humans are not omnipotent so though it closed off her wound, she’ll still take some time to recover. Well, you can rest easy since she’s not in any danger.” (Woman)

“I see.” (Misa)

I could only feel relieved after hearing that.

“Still, to think that you’re not a girl, but a boy instead.” (Woman)

I heard some disturbing words following my relief.

“You didn’t know that?” (Misa)

“Of course. I don’t think anyone would be able to guess that you’re a male at first glance.” (Woman)

“….Did I breach the contract somehow, then?” (Misa)

“Since I could only contract myself to females and the contract got established, then there’s only one natural course of action.” (Woman)

“Wait, you don’t mean…..” (Misa)

I checked down there.

It was not there anymore.

“EHHHHHHH!?!?” (Misa)

“Misa, are you okay!?” (Frillia)

The door swung open and Frillia entered the room.

“I….I’m now actually….” (Misa)

“Ahhh Frillia. It’s okay, she was just shocked.” (Woman)

“Rosa, what did you tell her?” (Frillia)

“Nothing, just that because of the contract she’s now a girl.” (Woman)

“Ahhhh, that. Then I guess I could understand.” (Frillia)

Frillia walked closer to me and took a hold of my hand.

“Isn’t that good Misa?” (Frillia)

“H-How could it be good!? I-I mean…..” (Misa)

“Hmmm? But you were smiling though.” (Frillia)

“Ehhh!? Did I really show my true…..” (Misa)

“I lied though. Well, your reaction told me all I need to know.” (Frillia)

Frillia grinned at me.


“There there, no need to be all tsundere about it. You should be happy that you get what you wanted.” (Frillia)

“Frills, I’m done with what you asked. Ahhh~ Misa has woke up~!” (Cure)

Cure entered the room and immediately hugged me as soon as she saw me.

“I was so worried~” (Cure)

“No kidding. You almost went on a rampage when you found Misa unconscious. If Gai wasn’t there to stop you…..” (Frillia)

Cure let go of her hug and faced Frillia.

“It’s your fault Frills! If only you protected Misa.” (Cure)

“And who was it that went ahead without listening to what I was about to say? You know that I didn’t bring any offensive magic on my ID card.” (Frillia)

“But you were only facing 10 pack wolves! Just a little punch here and there and they’ll drop dead before they could hurt Misa!” (Cure)

“Easy for you to say!” (Frillia)

“U-Ummmm! I’m sorry!” (Misa)

The two stopped bickering and looked at me.

“I-It was my fault for being so weak. Because of me, even Ru got in danger. If only I……” (Misa)

The two spontaneously sigh together.

“Misa, you’re too kind you know~?” (Cure)

“It would’ve made more sense for you to blame us instead.” (Frillia)

“No, but it was….” (Misa)

“It was my fault in the first place that I invited you to stay over in Anaria, even though I know it would be dangerous for you.” (Cure)

“And mine too for being so careless to the point of not bringing my device. No, even before then I didn’t resolve the problem fully and yet still thought it would be fine to leave it for a day.” (Frillia)

Cure and Frillia looked at each other for a second before looking back at me.

“That’s why~” (Cure)

“We’re sorry.” (Frillia)

Why are they apologizing?

It was my fault, right?

“No, but everything was my fault. If only I…..!” (Misa)

“Misa, you shouldn’t blame everything on yourself, you know~” (Cure)

“It’s a bad habit of someone so kind, I guess. Not being able to blame others. (Frillia)

The two faced me.

“We’ll say it again and again until you’re satisfied, it’s not your fault.” (Frillia)

“That’s right Misa, It’s not your fault~” (Cure)

“I…..” (Misa)

“It was our fault to corner you mentally like that.” (Frillia)

“I didn’t notice at first, but you felt out of place being around us, right~?” (Cure)

“We didn’t take your feeling into consideration and imposed ourselves on you.” (Frillia)

“No! It’s me that…..!” (Misa)

“Even we know that we’re abnormal~” (Cure)

“And yet despite that we forced our common sense to you. Guess we didn’t learn anything from Founder-sama’s mistake.” (Frillia)

Frillia said that with a self-mocking tone.

No, it’s not their fault!

“If you want us to leave you alone from now on, we’ll do so.” (Frillia)

“NO! Don’t…..don’t leave me…..” (Misa)

I knew it.

Because of how worthless I am, I’m going to get abandoned once again.


“Haaahhhh, Misa~ I’m sorry but this’ll hurt a bit~” (Cure)

Before I could comprehend what she meant, I could feel a stinging pain on my cheek.

“Misa~ What do you want? For us to stay with you, or for us to leave you alone?” (Cure)

“Stay….” (Misa)

“Then that’s settled~” (Cure)

“No, but I would only drag you down!” (Misa)

“Then, is that a bad thing~?” (Cure)

“Of course! I’m only taking advantage of your kindess, and, and….!” (Misa)

“Then, I’ll ask you this. Before you came here, when you were protecting El on your own, have you ever thought that she was dragging you down~?” (Cure)

“Of course not!” (Misa)

“Then our feeling is the same. Don’t take everything by yourself. Rely on us just like how El relied on you. We won’t ever think of you as a hindrance, not even for a moment. If you don’t want to always be protected by us, then catch up with us at your own pace. We won’t leave you behind.” (Cure)

“…..Is that really okay?” (Misa)

“Yes~ Let me spoil you lots and lots again from now on~” (Cure)

As if to prove that, Cure hugged me tightly like usual.

I could only cry after that.

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