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Chapter 26

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Then, I will await you at my room. Come by today, okay?” (Firana)

“Uuuu, can it not wait until tommorow?” (Rune)

“No, tommorow I will be busy teaching Misa.” (Firana)

Rune seems to really dislike the idea of having to wear something that Firana-oneesama made.

I don’t really know the reason behind it though but it is indeed worrying, since this uniform I’m currently wearing has Firana-oneesama’s embroidery.

What’s so bad about it?

Nothing happened yesterday so I don’t think there’s anything bad…..

“….Muuu, I will keep my words okay! Uuuu, I should have known better, being careless around Firana…..” (Rune)

“Fufu, seeing Rune all flustered like this, it is quite a rare treat.” (Firana)

After the 3 of us got back to the dorm, Rune separated from us to grab her uniform from her room.

We headed back to our room and waited for her.

I took a seat on the bed while Firana-oneesama continued embroidering my last uniform.

Not too long after, a knock on the door can be heard.

“Misa, can you open the door for me?” (Firana)

“Yes.” (Misa)

The door is not even locked, but it’s common courtesy for the one inside to be the one who opens the door.

I opened the door and as expected, it’s Rune.

She’s carrying 3 sets….? No, 4 sets of uniform with both of her hands, though I can’t see the top half of her body thanks to the uniform stack.

“Ummm, would you mind if I help you carry those uniform?” (Misa)

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“Please.” (Rune)

I took 3 sets of uniform and leave 1 to her.

It’s dangerous not being able to see your steps in this room, with all the dolls lying around.

I placed the uniforms on the table then went back to sit on the bed.

Rune sat right next to Firana-oneesama.

“I will do yours in a bit, just finishing up Misa’s last set of uniform.” (Firana)

Less than a minute after she said that, it seems that she’s done.

She neatly folded my uniform and place it back in the dresser.

She then continued on and started embroidering Rune’s uniform.

When I took out my ID card from my pocket, it seems like El sent a message a few minutes ago.

……This is a bit troublesome.

“……Firana-oneesama, my little sister wants to come and visit me.” (Misa)

“Ahhh, did you get messaged through that ID card thing?” (Firana)

“Yes, can she come over here?” (Misa)

There’s also the option to postpone our meeting and wait until I get some alone time but I’ll be here for 3 months, if El plans to visit me often then it’s better to introduce her to Firana-oneesama.

“Sure, I do not mind. When does she plan on coming?” (Firana)

“Ummmm, today……” (Misa)

“Ara, it is getting quite late you know? Besides, is your sister not on your world currently?” (Firana)

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“That is……” (Misa)

How am I supposed to explain this?

“If she can come here today then sure, I would allow it.” (Firana)

Since I got the okay, I sent a message to her saying it’s fine.

I guess I’ll have to explain it to Firana-oneesama later.

Not long after, El appeared next to me.

“Nee.” (Cielle)

“El, wel-…..!” (Misa)

My body suddenly moved on it’s own and I pushed down both of El’s wrist down on the bed.

“Nee…..?” (Cielle)

“I can’t move… body!” (Cielle)

El’s expression turned serious and she pulled the trigger of the gun on her hand, but nothing happened.

She looked confused for a second but decided to pulled the trigger again, but same as last time nothing happened.

“Dispel and purification don’t work….?” (Cielle)

One of the dolls on the bed suddenly moved by itself and took the gun out of El’s hand, and another one took the other holstered gun on El’s waist.

The 2 dolls brought the guns towards Firana-oneesama.

I can finally move my body back.

“Firana-oneesama, is this your doing!?” (Misa)

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“If someone were to appear out of thin air behind you, of course one would be startled. I assume that is your sister? It is fine, I do not intend to harm her.” (Firana)

A teddy bear suddenly latched onto El and circled its arms around El’s neck.

“El, are you okay!?” (Misa)

I tried to separate it but I can’t get it off.

What the hell is this!?

“Nee, it’s fine.” (Cielle)

It doesn’t seem to be holding El tightly to the point where it would suffocate her at least.

“Firana-oneesama, what is the meaning of this!? Moreover, how…..!?” (Misa)

“It is simply a precaution. That bear will seal off your sister’s mana. Well, from what I see, your sister can’t cast magic without these anyway right?” (Firana)

Still, how did she control my body?

Those dolls also moved on their own, is it Firana-oneesama’s magic?

At least she doesn’t look like she intend to hurt El like she said, though I can’t help but to be wary.

Still, if she can control my body then I can’t do much.

No, even if she can’t I don’t really have a way to protect myself and El.

Worst come to worst, I’ll force-grow all the seeds in my bag, though Firana-oneesama already knew about my magic so I doubt it’ll surprise her much.

“Nee. Is fine, she’s not lying about not wanting to hurt El.” (Cielle)

El held my hand and reassured me.

She then lay down on the bed and use my lap as a pillow.

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Muuu, isn’t she too relaxed despite what happened!?

El can see through lies so if she said so then it must be true.


“Firana-oneesama, I demand an explanation.” (Misa)

It may be a bit rude but in this condition there’s no helping it.

“It is those embroidery on your clothes.” (Rune)

Rune was the one who ended up responding.

“Firana’s unique magic, she infused the threads she used to sew or embroider with her own mana, letting her control it as she desires. Since those embroidery are all over the uniform you are wearing right now, she has full control of your body basically. All the dolls in this room were also sewn by herself so she can control everything in this room.” (Rune)

“Precisely controlling more than 20 is quite exhausting though. If I push myself I guess I can do 50 at once?” (Firana)

“20 itself is already completely unreasonable. How much can you multitask, geez.” (Rune)

They quarreled with each other.

What the hell is that!?

No wonder Rune was so againts the idea of Firana-oneesama embroidering her uniform!

“It is quite a fearsome magic. The thread is quite strong but it’s not like it’s indestructible. But do keep in mind, if you do not break the clothes then Firana would have control of your body and if you do break it, you will be fighting naked. It becomes a real lose-lose situation once you have worn her clothes.” (Rune)

“Geez, I do not abuse it that often. Occasionally I might use it so I can hug you freely but outside of that, I would rarely use it.” (Firana)

So that’s what Rune meant back then by me being her toy.

I’m already completely ensnared by Firana-oneesama.

“And there we go, your first set of uniform is finished Rune. Take off your clothes and wear this.” (Firana)

“Muuu, at least lend me that pair of strange looking magical device.” (Rune)

“Ask Misa’s little sister first for permission.” (Firana)

Rune turned her gaze towards us, no, towards El with pleading eyes.

“El don’t mind. Also, sorry. Late introduction. I’m Cielle, Nee’s little sister.” (Cielle)

“Firana Selesia, 2nd daughter of Selesia family.” (Firana)

“Rune Mazard, 3rd daughter of Mazard family.” (Rune)

The 3 introduced themselves to each other.

After Rune changed to the uniform with Firana-oneesama’s embroidery, she started intently looking at El’s guns.

Of course, accompanied by her self-monologue like before.

“Still, it is quite surprising that your sister knows teleportation magic.” (Firana)

“Un. But exhausting.” (Cielle)

“I see. I do heard that the mana cost for teleportation magic is unbeliveably high. Are you sure you can return?” (Firana)

“Un. 2 times. 3 if pushing it.” (Cielle)

“Ara, so you can only use 3 times at most? You can travel from one place to another in no time at all so I guess that is reasonable. Still, I did not expect for El to be not much of a talker, certainly really different from your sister. Ahhh, is it fine for me to call you El?” (Firana)

El and Firana-oneesama were having a casual conversation despite what just happened.

Am I really the strange one to still be on edge?

“No need to be so tense, Misa. As I have mentioned, I do not intend to abuse it. I have only used it once right? No, I guess twice with the check 2 days ago.” (Firana)

The check 2 days ago……Did she mean when she suddenly threw a doll to me out of nowhere?

Muuu, I should’ve realized that it was not my reflex that let me catch that…..

“I wish I can embroider El’s clothes too but from the looks of it, that is the castle’s maid uniform right?” (Firana)

“Yes. El, Asa-hime’s personal maid.” (Cielle)

“Ara, a crosser being the 2nd princess’ personal maid? Now that is quite a surprise.” (Firana)

“A job forced to El.” (Cielle)

“Is that so? I am quite interested in that story. Do talk about it to me later if possible. Still, it is a shame I cannot embroider El’s clothes. I guess I will make some clothes from scratch for El?” (Firana)

Aren’t they a bit too close with each other despite what happened before!?

“El, are you okay with this?” (Misa)

“Un. Fira-nee isn’t lying when she said she doesn’t intend to hurt El. She’s also not lying when she said she doesn’t plan to abuse her magic on Nee.” (Cielle)

“That confidence, perhaps you can see through lies? I do heard that there is a blessing that lets you see through lies.” (Firana)

“Un.” (Cielle)

Uuuu, if El said so…..

“There we go, all done. Rune, you should return those to El.” (Firana)

“Hmmm? Ahhh, yea. Sorry for looking at it for so long. This magical device, it is as complex as that ID card thing if not more. Haaahhh, I wish I can talk directly to yuusha-sama and have him teach me about these magical devices.” (Rune)

Rune threw the pair of guns back to El.

I was worried for a second there but El managed to catch both without a problem.

“Then El, feel free to come here anytime. Ahhh, but do inform your sister first before coming, or else I will mistook you as an intruder and pin you down. Also, when you are here, you have to have that bear on your neck at all times. I will release it when you want to head back.” (Firana)

“Un. Then, El will return. Nee, El will visit Nee again. Sorry El didn’t talk much with Nee today.” (Cielle)

“N-No, I don’t mind. Send my regards to Asa.” (Misa)

“Un. Then, El will be going.” (Cielle)

The bear clinging onto her neck let go of its grip and a few seconds later, El dissapeared from the room.

So much things happened that I’m completely drained, mentally.

It’s ungraceful of me to do so but I immediately threw my body to the bed and bury my head into the pillow.

Without thinking much about Firana-oneesama and Rune who were still on the sofa, I slowly fall asleep.

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