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Chapter 10

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Wake up.” (Anna)

“Yes.” (Misa)

Unnaturally, I was suddenly awoken from my sleep.

Anna was standing there looking, no, glaring at me would be the more appropriate way to describe it.

“Hmph, master is too kind. If only I was given more days to train you, then I could make you into a proper lady.” (Anna)

“I don’t want that though!” (Misa)

Now that I’m not in that trance, I could finally refute back againts her.

I suddenly hear a sound coming from the balcony.

When I looked, there’s nothing there.

Was it just my imagination…..?

“Stand.” (Anna)

Just as she told me to, I stood up from my bed.

No wait, what am I doing!?

Why am I still obeying her every word?

“As I thought, master could not erase the discipline I ingrained to your body.” (Anna)

She show a playful grin.

“How…..?” (Misa)

“As long as you are distracted, your body itself will still listen to what I say. Discipline is a hard thing to get rid off after all.” (Anna)

“Tch.” (Misa)

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“A proper lady should not click her tongue.” (Anna)

“I don’t want to be a proper lady though!” (Misa)

“That is not an option. I’ll do everything in my power to make you into a proper lady. It’s been quite a while since I educate someone in the proper etiquette for a lady to have so I’m going to give it my all when I have the chance. Also, a lady shouldn’t raise her voice.” (Anna)

She took out the cane from yesterday and gave a slap to my arm.

That hurts!

“I-I’m going to tell this to Frillia!” (Misa)

“Feel free. Though do understand that your training will be even more severe if you do so. It’s not like master can fire me anyway. With how calculative master is, she would not fire someone like me on a whim. I am a great asset to her after all. Also, voice.” (Anna)

Another slap came flying.

It’s basically becoming a repeat of yesterday!

“How could a training be more severe than yesterday?” (Misa)

“Hmmm? I was not even close to being serious yet yesterday, since I was only aiming to have you reach the bare minimum. There are a lot of frail ladies that I accidently broke when I have them a full lesson after all. I needed to gauge how obedient you are and how fast you learn things. Rejoice as you are one of the best student I have ever had. If you obediently follow my guidance, you could even be a proper lady in just 3 to 4 days. Would you like to?” (Anna)

“No I…..I will decline.” (Misa)

I almost raised my voice again.

If it’s a condition like this where there’s only the 2 of us, there’s nothing I can do but bow my head and listen to what she told me to.

“That is unfortunate. Well, I will still educate you when I have the chance so be prepared. Master only banned the usage of magic when educating you after all. For now though, let’s get you dressed up for today.” (Anna)

Without my consent, she dragged me out of my room and into the bathroom.

After she thoroughly cleaned my from head to toe, she immediately dressed me up.

She didn’t even flinch seeing my male organ and kept on going with her business.

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Today’s dress is not a party dress at least.

I only wore a simple white dress, though simple might be a bit wrong considering all the frills there are in this dress.

I was then escorted to the dining room.

“There you are Misa. What took you so long?” (Frillia)

“…..I overslept.” (Misa)

I wanted to say that partially it was Anna’s fault but I can feel her glaring hard at me from behind.

“Good morning Misa!” (Rurune)

“Nee, good morning.” (Cielle)

Ru and El were already there.

Though I’m more surprised by the one sitting next to them.

“Misa, good morning~” (Cure)

“Cure!” (Misa)

I could feel a stinging pain on my feet.

Uuuu, I forgot that Anna’s still there.

“Anna~ Could you not be so rough with my Misa~?” (Cure)

“Understood.” (Anna)

The others were confusedly looking at Cure when she said that.

Then that probably means Anna slapped me so fast that only Cure perceived it?

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“Here, come sit at my lap Misa~” (Cure)

Normally I would complain but seeing as how Cure is my only protection againts the etiquette demon that is Anna, I happily did as I was told.

“Fufu, did you miss me~?” (Cure)

She hugged me gently.

Anna served us our food and we started eating.

Though I expected as much, Cure was being way more doting than usual.

She wouldn’t even let me eat on my own as she locked both of my hands in place by hugging them with one hand, and use her free hand to spoonfed me.

She would also poke my cheeks from time to time.

Well, I won’t complain much about it though, it’s definitely way better than what I experienced yesterday at least.

“So where are we going today Frills~?” (Cure)

“Hmmm, dunno. Do you have any suggestions?” (Frillia)

“Hmmm~ If it were me I would go to the forest in the east or just the knights training ground if we’re going somewhere close, since the battle arena is still months away.” (Cure)

“Haaahhh, why did I even think about asking a battle junkie like you. Normally I have Kanae to ask about this…… How about you Anna, do you have any reccomendation?” (Frillia)

“How about a picnic master? Bring a monster repellant charm and have a picnic on the wide grassland next to town. The weather is good and there are a lot things everyone can do in the wide open area.” (Anna)

“That’s…..honestly not a bad idea. Well, we probably won’t need to bring a monster repellant charm considering Cure is with us.” (Frillia)

“Then, after breakfast, I will borrow Misa-sama to help me prepare the food for the picnic. Master and everyone else can go ahead and…..” (Anna)

No wait, your intention is leaking out!

“Rejected. Seriously Anna, you’re not even trying to hide it anymore.” (Frillia)

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“Master already knew about it after all.” (Anna)

“Haaahhh, I guess it’s partially my fault for leaving the 2 of you alone despite knowing your personality. Though I didn’t expect for you to be so attached.” (Frillia)

“Of course master. It has been a while since I saw someone with as much potential as Misa-sama, so if I can get some time alone with Misa-sama I can educate her to be a perfect proper lady, even going further than what I had imagine to be possible.” (Anna)

No, your voice was becoming very unlady-like at the end there Anna.

“Then, as per Anna’s suggestion, let’s go on a picnic! I’ll be relying on you to prepare the picnic basket.” (Frillia)

“Yes, leave it to me.” (Anna)

We peacefully finished lunch and then waited for Anna to finish making the foods for the picnic.

No well, that was how it was supposed to go but the moment we finished breakfast the picnic basket was already ready.

When did she make this…..

After I changed to an easier to move outfit, we went on our picnic.

Though well, even if I said easier to move outfit, it’s still a dress.

After all, it’s Anna who picked the outfit for me, saying a lady has to wear a skirt at any time.

There was no room for argument since Cure agreed with Anna’s decision on the basis of it being cute.

“Kanae and Gai will be joining us later.” (Frillia)

“Hmmm~? Is it not resolved yet~? If my precious time with Misa got taken again like the previous 2 days just because the knights can’t handle a simple monster horde then I would really crack you know~?” (Cure)

Cure…..Your voice is a bit scary at the end there.

“N-No, unless something outrageous happened, the 4 of us should be completely free for today.” (Frillia)

“Hmmm, Cure-sensei, is there even anything that you can’t defeat with how powerful you are?” (Rurune)

“Let’s see~ I know that there are some people that’re stronger than me, though for now the ones I know personally numbered less than 10. As for monsters, I can’t remember myself having trouble againts monsters….. Ahhh~ I guess monsters without a physical form are troublesome.” (Cure)

“Monsters without a physical form?” (Rurune)

“Spirits, ghosts, and elementals to name a few.” (Cure)

“…..Basically Cure’s mindset is if it has a physical body then hitting it till the said monster’s body gets pulverized or unable to move would solve everything.” (Frillia)


Cure is really something else, isn’t she?

“Hmmm~? Isn’t that true though~? Just dodge their attacks and hit them when they show an opening~” (Cure)

“Her insane reflex and physical capability paired with a really sharp battle sense lets her do just as she said. Her mana can’t be said to be low too so she has free access to most magic.” (Frillia)

“Teleportation magic would be nice though~ But only Founder-sama knows teleportation magic from our world. Ahhh, come to think of it El can use teleport magic too.” (Cure)

“Unnn, it was given to El. Though El had promised not to disclose anything about the person who taught El the magic so El can’t say much more.” (Cielle)

“Hmmm~ How envious~” (Cure)

“I’m still concerned about that but since it doesn’t seem to be dangerous, I won’t question more about it.” (Misa)

“Nee, so kind.” (Cielle)

El proceeded to hug me.

“Mou, I feel like I’m spoiling you too much.” (Misa)

I gently pat her head.

Though I said that, I’m glad.

Ever since we came here, El had been less reserved than before.

If she wanted something she would ask me for it instead of just staying silent like in the past.

Yea, just like yesterday when she asked for permission to walk around town, and kept on persisting despite me saying no.

If it’s her in the past she would definitely not speak about it, and even more when I said no she would obediently listen.

On the way, we encountered a few slimes…, they melted back to a puddle of water before they could even get close.

Ahhh, a monster that’s not a slime!

“A stray wolf, perfect~” (Cure)

Cure suddenly hugged me.

“Ru, please defeat that stray wolf on your own~ Ahhh, I won’t be giving you any help with magic like last time okay~? A stray wolf won’t instantly kill you anyway so you’ll be fine~” (Cure)

“Ehhh!? Master, I’m still a normal human unlike you!” (Rurune)

“It’ll be fin~ Concentrate, dodge it’s movement, then strike back, that’s all you need to do~” (Cure)

“C-Cure, isn’t it a bit too harsh on Ru?” (Misa)

“Hmmm~? It’s fine~ Ru can do this much, if not I would’ve not pick her up as my disciple in the first place anyway~” (Cure)

“Uuuu, fine then!” (Rurune)

She then ran towards the wolf.

The wolf noticed her before she could reach it so surprise attack is not an option.

No well, with how sharp a wolf’s hearing ability is, surprise attack from a close range is almost impossible I guess.

The wolf growled at Ru, before lunging at her in high speed.

Ru who was running at the wolf couldn’t stop in time and got hit by the tackle…..or at least that’s what about to happened but she managed to throw her body to the side, barely dodging the wolf’s attack.

“Whoaaa, that’s close!” (Rurune)

“Ru, remember what I taught you. If you can’t take the first initiative, then let the enemy come to you and counter it when they show an opening~” (Cure)

Cure casually shouted so.

“Understood!” (Rurune)

Ru stood in place, taking a stance of some sort.

The wolf growled again, before running to Ru, trying to headbutt her like before.

Just as the wolf’s head was about to hit her, Ru swiftly move out of the way and deliver a punch to it’s stomach.

The wolf didn’t seem to take much damage from it while Ru staggered from her own impact.

The wolf took the chance and quickly turn around, opening it’s mouth to bite Ru.

“Cure!” (Misa)

“It’s fine~” (Cure)

Ru, who had lost her balance, use her hand to pushed herself off the ground, doing a somersault and hitting the wolf in the jaw.

While the wolf was staggered due to being hit, Ru performed a sidekick, making it fall to it’s side, then stepping on it’s neck.

The wolf, pushed with Ru’s whole weight, was unable to move from it’s spot.

“Cure-sensei, is this good enough?” (Rurune)

“Well, I guess I can consider that as a pass. Hmmm, I guess I should make an order to get you a weapon~” (Cure)

Cure walked closer to Ru, and the wolf that Ru’s stepping on unnaturally stopped struggling to get out, staying unmoving.

I knew that Cure’s abnormal, but to think Ru’s also out within the realm of common sense too……

Do I not have a single normal friend?

I feel out of place when everyone’s like this.

Everyone around me are so incredible, though if it’s like this doesn’t it make me look like I’m the strange one instead?

Even El got her teleportation from somewhere……

No no!

Stop being so negative!

Or else that might relapse again.

It hadn’t happen once since I entered this school and I prefer to keep it that way.

“Misa~ Is there something on your mind~?” (Cure)

“N-No, it’s nothing.” (Misa)

No, I can’t trouble everyone with my personal conflict.

After all, it’s my own problem, they have nothing to do with it.

“Now, let’s go!” (Misa)

I shouted loudly to cut off the topic and to also keep my mind away from such thought.

Though it seemed a bit unnatural, I’m thankful that none of them question about it.

We took a seat on a slightly elevated ground of the grassland, giving a better view of the capital from afar.

The gentle breeze felt really nice.

I’m currently laying down, my head resting on Cure’s lap.

Just as we were about to unpack the picnic basket, I could see smoke coming from the direction of the capital.

When I pointed it out, another thing came to view.

Even from afar, it’s huge body can still clearly be seen.

“A dragon…..?” (Misa)

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