Chapter 16

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Author: Gerazza Original Source: Scribble Hub

“…sa-sama, it’s time to wake up.” (???)

Hearing the word wake up, my mind became unnaturally clear.

I was suddenly awoken and yet I didn’t feel groggy at all.

…Has Anna’s lessons been ingrained to my mind and body that deep?

The one who woke me up was Miri.

She looked quite startled seeing me woke up so suddenly, but she regained her composure fairly quickly.

“I apologize for waking Misa-sama up but dinner is soon.” (Miri)

“Ahhh yes, thank you for waking me up. Can you help me get ready?” (Misa)

“Of course.” (Miri)

“Leon-sama should be here soon.” (Miri)

“Thank you for helping me with everything.” (Misa)

“No, it’s my job after all.” (Miri)

With that, she left me alone here.

I’m currently in Leon’s personal dining room.

It seems that the royal family would rarely ever get the chance to eat together as a family due to conflicting schedules so all of them had been given a personal dining room to eat at.

With that said though, this room is still needlessly big and would fit more than 10 people easily.

“Sorry for making you wait, Misa.” (Leon)

“No, it is I who should apologize for taking Leon’s time.” (Misa)

Leon sat down on the chair across me.

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“No need for formalities, there’s only the 2 of us here. The maids should be here soon with the food.” (Leon)

“I’m looking forward to it.” (Misa)

True enough, not long after he said that, the door swung open and the maid brought us our food.

The meal wasn’t as extravagant as I would’ve guessed though.

Bread with what looks to be white stew, potato mash, and pudding.

Leon gave a small laugh seeing my bewilderment.

“Are you surprised?” (Leon)

“I would be lying if I were to say no, but it’s not a negative surprise for sure.” (Misa)

“Of course on banquets, tea parties, and evening parties, we don’t serve these food to the guest. It’s something I personally request the chef to serve me for dinner.” (Leon)

“Though it may be rude to say this, it does seem rather unfitting for a prince to eat simple meals like these.” (Misa)

Hearing my reaction, the prince bursted into laugher.

Well, he did say I didn’t have to mind the formalities so I just carelessly let out my thoughts.

“Is that so? Personally I prefer simpler foods like these, especially to close out a busy day. They’re light and easier to swallow, though Of course, the taste has already been refined by our chefs. In that regards I have to thank the crossers for introducing us to such food.” (Leon)

“I can’t imagine how exhausting it is to be a royalty like Leon.” (Misa)

Seems like a really troublesome position from what I’ve witnessed so far.

With that said though, we’re literally worlds apart from each other normally so our common sense might not match.

“It’s usually not that busy. Father and Mother are currently out on a secret holiday trip to relieve their stress so me, Shirenia-neesama and Zerus-niisama are handling the work in their place. Asa is too young to be involved in this after all. It really makes me respect Father and Mother even more, imagining them handling these work everyday for so long.” (Leon)

“I see. Ehhh wait, you said secret trip? Is it really okay to tell me that?” (Misa)

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“Most people on the higher ups of the castle are already informed so it’s not that much of a secret.” (Leon)

“But still…..” (Misa)

“One of the qualities a ruler has to have is to know who to trust. In that regards, I trust you enough to tell you such minor secret.” (Leon)

I can’t really call that minor though…..

I doubt they’re going on a trip with a lot of escorts guarding them since it would be too inconspicuous so wouldn’t giving out such info carelessly put them in danger?

“Haha, you don’t need to think about it that deeply. It may not be as good as your little sister’s ability to see through lies, but I can roughly judge people’s intention just from a simple conversation. I have confident in that, at least.” (Leon)

“If you say so…..” (Misa)

We continued on casually chatting while enjoying our meal.

It’s quite enjoyable, talking about stuffs from earth that’s considered normal and seeing his reactions.

In exchange, I also learnt quite a lot about this world.

“Still, your world sounds quite vibrant and fun. I would like to visit it someday if possible.” (Leon)

“I wonder if that’s possible though….. As I’ve mentioned there’s no magic in our world, alongside that the concentration of mana in our world is really low compared to this world. I remember feeling really nauseous when I first stepped into this world.” (Misa)

It’s also the reason why Rosa can’t crossover so easily.

“Indeed, that’s likely to be the main problem. That and the consent of the people from your side.” (Leon)

“Speaking of consent, how was the reaction of the people here when we crossed over for the first time?” (Misa)

“You may have heard this, but back then when this world was cornered, we forcefully summoned a person from another world through an ancient magic we found. Not minding the details, that person ended up saving this world and seen as a hero by the people here.” (Leon)

Ahhh, he’s probably talking about founder-sama.

Though that’s strange…..

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“I thought founder-sama ended up in the middle of the forest from what I’ve heard.” (Misa)

“Founder-sama? Ahhh, it’s what the people on your side call yuusha-sama with. Indeed, the scripture that held the magic was faded out at some parts so we ended up messing part of the magic, particularly where the person getting summoned will end up at.” (Leon)

I see, that explains it.

“Anyway, he eventually went back to his world and we didn’t hear from him from years. Then one day, he suddenly came back and asked how the people he sent were doing. Of course, the people involved were confused by his remarks and we ended up finding out about how he summoned some people from his world to this side.” (Leon)

That must be when Frillia and the others were summoned.

“Unlike the case with yuusha-sama, we didn’t expect anyone coming so we didn’t set out a search party for them in the first place. When we got to the forest where they were supposed to be, more than half of the numbers yuusha-sama mentioned were already gone.” (Leon)

Leon said with a pained expression.

“…It’s not your fault.” (Misa)

“No, it was our negligence brought by years of peace. We would normally sent out patrol every week or two to the forest to make sure there’s no overpopulation of monsters. It also happened during a period where no adventurers took a quest involving extermination of monsters in the deeper parts of the forest so no one found them until yuusha-sama told us. After that, we ended up accepting them, since they’re people that yuusha-sama personally picked after all.” (Leon)

“I see….” (Misa)

“Anyway, it would be nice if you would come here more frequently Misa. I would welcome you anytime.” (Leon)

He forcefully changed the subject to get rid the heavy atmosphere from that talk.

I played along and gave a vague maybe.

I’m not allowed to freely come to this side yet after all.

We conversed about various stuffs for a bit more before Leon closed out the conversation himself.

“It’s been fun talking with you Misa. As I’ve said, I do hope you’ll come and visit again sometime soon.” (Leon)

“I’ll try to do so if it proves to be possible.” (Misa)

It most likely won’t be unless I sneak in with El though.

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With that, we went out from the dining room and went our separate ways.

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