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Blue Sky Chapter 5

It’s more of the misadventures of a Korean novelist in Britain!
This time we learn that our heroine is related to royalty in this alternate near-future!
In fact I have to wonder if she will just have the title or actually the proper position.
Well we shall see.

The authors choice is actually pretty interesting, so I do want to see where they go with it. Especially regarding physical locations.
It would be very easy for this novel to remain the microcosm of her estate though, which would solve a lot of the writing issues, but at the same time I want to explore the country a bit.

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Blue Sky Chapter 4

And so continues the adventures of Miss Britain!
Well, this chapter had some nice stuff. It was pretty fun to read if not much happening.
I only made a couple of footnote comments but I’m fond of them. You’ll understand why.
Also for some reason I almost forget to schedule this. Wonder why?
It has nothing to do with me playing an MMO too much I swear.

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Blue Sky Chapter 3

Hello folks! It is I! The siscon supreme!
Some of you may be familiar with me if you’re readers of Not Sure Another World and/or Demon Sword Maiden Maiden of the Cursed Blade.
Well I am here too now.
Of course I am! I mean this is a story about a siscon so I have to be!

If you’re wondering why I’m also not on Loli Elf’s team that’s because I don’t want to kill myself by having to edit it. Long story.
Also because I think Silva is going to get concerned by then number of major projects I currently handle.
Like not to brag but I currently do the posts for the two most popular novels on this site. Sort of.
I hope this one gets popular too but I’m not sure yet. VRMMO ones tend to be a hit though!

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Blue Sky Chapter 2

I could’ve sworn I was thinking of scheduling either Blue Sky on Sunday, how I end up scheduling both Blue Sky and Loli Elf on Patreon at the same day is beyond me. Heck, the two of them even has conflicting schedule on ClickUp (a project management app) and I completely missed it. But since the deed is already done, it’s too late to go back on it now, I’ll just push forward with this schedule, so with that said, you can expect Loli Elf and Blue Sky to be released on this date and time every week.

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[New Series] Blue Sky

Here we go again guys! There’s another new series coming to Re:Library soon! And it’s a KOREAN novel to boot! I repeat, it’s a KOREAN novel!! A Korean Gender Bender novel!! HOW RARE!! HOW PRECIOUS!!! Re:Library has finally gotten the Golden Trio, we’ve finally recruited our first ever Korean Translator!! Woohoo!!! I’m so excited to see where this novel will take us~

Ladies and Gentleman, please give Anonymouss your warmest regards! And enjoy the read!

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Our translator will randomly select a number of novels from the pickup requests, which we will list on Patreon poll and let the subscribers vote for their favorite novel. The pickup request with the highest vote will then be picked up as a full project.

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