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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 928

I finished the Crimson Fleet questline in Starfield today.
I was pleasantly surprised by it, I did kind of rush through it though because I was only doing it for the ending where you defeat the pirates instead of join them.
That said, I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that there were unique ship parts connected to the questline.

I shouldn’t have been too surprised.
The UC Vanguard questline also had unique Vanguard ship weapons and shield tech, but they were just variants of existing weapons.
No the Crimson Fleet quests actually had some stat buffing ship equipment you unlock through it!
Which kind of sucks because I destroyed all the pirates in the finale so now I only have one ship that will ever have those unique parts…
(They’re really good parts.)
I also like the lore behind them.

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» Vol. 9: Chapter 42 «

Sword, Tiara & High Heels Chapter 95

This season of anime is starting to come to an end now.
Which means that soon we will have the next season start!

I actually have no idea what’s airing this coming season, let me check quickly.

. . .

Oh boy this season is stacked with stuff I know about either from web novels, or light novels, or manga or just general osmosis…
Well, I am going to have a huge watch list of stuff this season.

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» Chapter 95 «

Automata Maid Chapter 118

A friend of mine came complaining that they were reading something with great art but bad story.
They summarised it as “Abusive ******* x submissive idiot”.
Isn’t that like… most female targeted romance material though?

One day maybe they can solve their market problem.
Anyway time to consume my 100th isekai.

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» Chapter 118 «

The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist Chapter 8-1 Part 1

I was going to come up with a ramble but I am too lazy tonight.
So instead have this!
It’s the authors warning from the start of this chapter:

This arc will contain depictions of disasters. They will be loose representations at the expense of anxiety and concreteness, but still, keep it in mind.

This is the final arc, “The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist”.

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» Chapter 8-1 Part 1 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 927

I’ve reached a point in my Starfield playthrough where I am now doing quests purely because I want to do the questlines rather than them making sense for my character.
Like I joined a gang for one mission then I starter another and now I am making questionable chemical substances.
None of these make sense for my character but dammit I want to experience the different stories and get that exp!

Also I laughed quite a bit when I did one of the missions and had to apply for a grunt job but my character backstory and skills were all geared to like high end academics, so they said I was grossly overqualified.

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» Vol. 9: Chapter 41 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 925

I have just over 60 hours in Starfield now.
If I keep this up for 10 times longer then it will dethrone Stellaris as my most played game!

Which is probably not going to happen, I go through very very intense bouts of playing Stellaris nonstop when the moods hit.
I haven’t done it for a few months strangely, but I will return eventually, you can be sure of it.
Actually it was the combat rebalance killing all my mods that sent me away I think.

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» Vol. 9: Chapter 39 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 924 Part 2

I just realised that the author listed these two part chapters as Chapter 39 even though they’re 38.

Anyway the next chapter is the real 39, ignore what the author says hahaha.
I’d go back and change it but making sure the links match up is always a pain, sorry.
It’s not too bad if they’re recently uploaded because it makes them easy to find but there’s so many chapters posted on this site every day it gets a little crazy trying to filter what links are used where.

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» Vol. 9: Chapter 38 «

Sword, Tiara & High Heels Chapter 93

Starfield modding has exploded much much quicker than I expected.
I was aware that since it was Creation Engine that the modders would basically be able to slide right in with what they learned from Skyrim and Fallout but still.

The Creation Kit successor isn’t even out yet and people are already making stuff!
Now granted most of it is still comparatively basic, but that’s still impressive to me.
I’m hoping that someone will work out how to make custom equipable item skins sometime because I really want to change the visuals of the NG+ armours you get.

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» Chapter 93 «

Automata Maid Chapter 116

When it comes to posting chapters sometimes I get stuck on the pre-chapter rambles for longer than when I have to do the actual editing.
Especially on days like today where I need to come up with four unique things.

So lets talk about manga and comics etc that I am reading.
I started Catastrophic Necromancer recently, which is like if Solo Levelling and Versatile Mage had a child together.
I also found out that Legend of Star General hadn’t actually been dropped but for some reason wasn’t on mangadex for a whole bunch of chapters? I don’t remember anything that happened though so I might drop it anyway.

And then uh… just my usual isekai trash!

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» Chapter 116 «