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God’s Gofer Chapter 16

New Chapter!
My friend dragged me back to Star Rail yesterday and uh… it’s a bit of a mess.
I quit the game almost exactly a year ago, so my team is completely all over the place.
I hadn’t started relic farming either so nobody has proper gear. I think I was min-maxing traces and starting to level different characters?
Well basically it’s a mess, I still only have one healer and it’s Natasha from the start of the game…

I have however been making progress on catching up with the story!
I’ve reached the 2.1 update! Honestly I am amazed I’ve made it this far into the story with the four (4) characters I actually have levelled…
Can you imagine my suffering? I had to fight that stabby death dream monster that had a DOT gimmick with two preservation and two hunt characters!!!!
I have no idea how I am going to handle the bosses that follow this…

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Alchemist Startover Chapter 63

New Chapter!
So although this chapter is scheduled for the 19th it’s not actually going live on the 19th for me.
Which means it’s not today’s chapter but tomorrow’s that will be on my birthday.

I think…
So this will be a few hours early.
If my understand of temporal mechanics is correct, that is.

Unrelated but it was hell scheduling this chapter, cloudflare went down which meant I couldn’t access wordpress in my area…

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Alchemist Startover Chapter 62

New Chapter!
This chapter has illustrations of the characters attached!
They’re actually over on the official wiki for the story but we included them here too!
Honestly it’s crazy these are just web novels set in an rpg systems world…
It’s like DnD fanfic… except not actually “fan” fiction… considering it’s the writer…


Anyway, enjoy the artwork!

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 1081

New Chapter!
So Reverse Collapse released their point shop today.
Also the game is currently on sale!
You should pick it up!

Over 100 hours of tactical rpg goodness!
And now it has stickers and badges and trading cards too!
It’s really good I promise!!!

Truly love that game.

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» Vol. 12: Chapter 28 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 1080

New Chapter!
It’s Chapter 1080!
That means that if we compressed each chapter to the size of one pixel we’d have enough for one row of a monitor!
Everyone you may now applaud.
This is a significant milestone!

Seems like the Steam sale will be in June too…
My birthday is a month before it starts…
What to do about finding a new game…

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» Vol. 12: Chapter 27 «

Automata Maid Chapter 181 Part 2

New Chapter!
Did you know I’ve posted over 2000 chapters on this site?
Over 2000!
That means if I keep posting for this website in about 15 years I will hit 9000!

Probably not a realistic goal is it?
Imagine me sticking around that long hahahaha.
Maybe people would start to recognise my name?

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Sword, Tiara & High Heels Chapter 170

New Chapter!
I saw an ad for a game today.
The image they used was like someone had smashed Attack on Titan and Game of Thrones together.
Bunch of cloaked figures preparing for war against titanic skeleton monsters crossing a giant wall.

Was interesting to say the least… obviously not clicking on it though.

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Sword, Tiara & High Heels Chapter 169

New Chapter!
Sadly I was unable to see the magical space lights, despite my best efforts.
I had even dragged out the old dslr camera just in case I needed something with proper exposure settings to get a look.
Sadly, there was nothing.

Or I was incompetent with the camera.
Could be both…
I think I am just too far south though.

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Alchemist Startover Chapter 61

New Chapter!
This was a cooking chapter…
The filler of web novels…
Ah, such pain.

Sorry, I will just never get cooking culture. I’m not someone that really finds joy in food.
These things never land for me.

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God’s Gofer Chapter 15

New Chapter!
It’s my birthday in a week…
I will need to pick a game to purchase for myself.

Maybe Baldur’s Gate? I also need to consider getting Relink or Manor Lords somepoint…
And Sins of a Solar Empire II got announced for Steam, so I should consider that too… I still have fond memories of the first game.
It used to be my strategy game of choice for narrative roleplays, before I moved to Stellaris.

Unrelated by the INSIDE album by Mihoyo is actually really good.

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Alchemist Startover Chapter 60

New Chapter!
So are you people playing the new Star Rail update?
That’s all I hear about currently from my friends.
Robin this, Sparkle that…

Okay, well Robin and Firefly are cute so I permit those discussions in my presence.
From the gacha pull screenshots it looks like Robin is the banner right now?

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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 1079

New Chapter!
I just had to spend three hours listening to a friend drone on about tokusatsu.
They really want to make me watch some stuff.
Mainly kamen rider.

Well, I sort of get it?
It’s a big deal, I know of it even though I’ve never watched tokusatsu stuff.
I’ve watched a lot of parodies of it though, amusingly.

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» Vol. 12: Chapter 26 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 1078

New Chapter!
On one hand I am glad that Sony walked back their decision to mandate PSN accounts for playing the PC version of Helldivers.
On the other hand I am sad that the odds of my refund request being accepted is now basically zero, I was hoping to use that money get a game I will actually play regularly instead.

In unrelated news:
Did you ever see Luck & Logic as an actual card game just over five years ago?
I got reminded of it today and remembered doing a trial game way back in the day at a convention and being excited to see it after the anime, but never investing because I had nobody to play with. I think I looped round that booth multiple times over the weekend to play it over… I think I did four trial sessions? Woops.
I remember it ending distribution really quickly too, like barely a year or so in… well the game was insanely rule heavy.

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» Vol. 12: Chapter 25 «

Automata Maid Chapter 181 Part 1

New Chapter!
I spent about half the day today just tidying and reorganising my room.
One thing I always hate about doing my room though is hoovering.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the process of it, I really enjoy it, I find it therapeutic even.

But… my room is really poorly ventilated.
So having a big suction motor going makes my room really hot!

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» Chapter 181 Part 1 «

Sword, Tiara & High Heels Chapter 168

New Chapter!
I must have got this novel mixed up with another one in my head, because I thought that we only had a few chapters left for some reason…
Anyway I checked and there’s over 20 chapters ahead translated!
We’re 20 chapters ahead on the patreon! 20!
Anyway, no ending any time soon it seems…

I wonder what I was thinking of then…

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