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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 127

I’ve sunk back into idol hell, 22/7 has recaptured me.
Sakura is just adorable, or is it Sally who voices her who’s just too funny.
They’re a great group. I think the advantage they have over Love Live and Idolmaster for me is that the idols behind the characters really live their characters.
They always carry a part of their characters in the daily life, as opposed to the strictly professional front the other anime idol groups have.

Sakura gets a figure in a couple of months, but it’s one of those prize ones you can win in arcades and stuff.
So it might be a bit of a pain to find one to import.
I hope I have some luck with that.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 30 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 37

So the past few days I’d been binge reading A Certain Magical Index: New Testament because Genesis Testament has just started.
I completely ****** my sleep schedule again by staying up to 6am each day to read as much as possible.
Which has cause me to almost miss a few gacha logins teheee.

But man I really love the Raildex franchise.
I strongly suggest reading it. The first 10 or so novels have aged really poorly though.
The were written back in 2004 so it makes sense.

Magical Index basically established the settings and tropes of most of the novels that followed in its wake.
As a result the earlier novels feel really cliched, but in reality they weren’t at the time of publication.

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» Chapter 37 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 36

Have any of you guys been keeping up with the Babylonia anime?

Ishtar’s Noble Phantasm animation was legit!
I kind of wish I had a camera recording my face so I could have seen my expression!
I definitely broke into a huge grin when that started!

It was like

And then there was the Ereshkigal video call in the same episode!
She’s so adorable!

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» Chapter 36 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 125

I did a damage check today following that storm. While there’s no real problems exactly……we did lose a large percentage of our garden fences.
It’s not a big loss since most of the fence was falling apart anyway and was in the process of being replaced, and half of it had already been switched out for a type of fence impossible to blow over.
So it’s a bit of a mess in the garden but there’s no real loss.

On another note, I think I’ve finally got around the problem I had with starting that novel I said I was going to write after I abandoned that other novel I said I was going to write.
I’ve started work on the first couple of chapters, and I’m going to adjust them and such until I feel like they’re in a position I can build a story off.
I hope you’re all looking forward to it. Because I’m not. Nervous.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 28 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 124

Uwaaaa. So this big storm called Ciara went straight over the UK today.
I know a lot of you readers probably live in places with significantly more extreme weather, but the UK basically never gets it.
So like, nothing we have is cut out to deal with it.

Anyway, it took out my power for most of the day! Luckily it came back in time for me to do my daily gachas!
It was quite extreme. Ironically I slept through most of it because of that.

Luckily it didn’t seem to do much damage to the garden, but I haven’t had a chance to properly check yet.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 27 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 35

So I don’t remember if I said here or not, but a short while ago I made some bids on a 22/7 keychain on ebay and it arrived today!
I have my very own chibi Sakura to accompany me when I leave the house now!

I got it for like one 10th of the price of the other sellers too!
(Seriously, the people who resell anime goods online are crazy money grubbers! They basically triple the price of even the most mundane things!)

The 22/7 anime is weird though.
On the subject of buying things I was going to get the SCP light novel, Looking Glass, but apparently it’s not that well written?
The prices are really strange too! It’s almost the exact same price to buy it in physical as it is in ebook!
You might as well pay that tiny bit extra for the physical so you can loan it out to friends!

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» Chapter 35 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 34

It’s now time for your weekly dose of Illegal Oneesan!

I’ve been multi-gacha drifting this week.
Both Honkai and FGO have events going on currently. I was originally focusing on Honkai but I basically cleared those events and have redirected focus to FGO.
I have a lot of grinding to make up so I’ve been burning gapples to make the difference.

But seeing all my waifus give me chocolates is totally worth it!
Valentines events banzai! Banzai!

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» Chapter 34 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 122

It seems that ReLibrary is considering picking up yet another novel, you can go read the teasers here! If you like it enough it might just be something to pick up.

Anyway now that compulsory shilling is out the way, I want to complain.
You see I have a rather bad habit of going to sleep at like…just after 3am…and then waking up at like…just before 3pm.
It’s currently midnight as I schedule this.
But you see, I have to wake up at like 9am tomorrow. I’m probably going to die.

Why can’t the government just give me money without having to make me prove I need money every month.
It’d be easier for both of us.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 25 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 33

I wonder how many of you actually read this second post of the day, or just skip straight to the chapter.

Anyway, Silva told me to promote the teaser translation for this story so I’ll just do that again.

I actually wanted to get a teaser chapter of Yesterday’s MAIDEN vs Tomorrow’s World done for today but looks like I’ll have to do that next week instead. I got a bit stuck deciding on how the secondary protagonist should be so I’m writing multiple versions of the start chapters to get a feel for the options.

Do any of you have preferences for a secondary protagonist? In all my first drafts it’s a she with different personalities. But then I kind of thought a guy might be more interesting. But I also had an idea for a similar guy introduced later.

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» Chapter 33 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 32

I bought another new anime figure today, dropped a preorder for the Fate 15th Anniversary Celebration figure of Rin.

Also Silva told me to promote the teaser translation for this story or something.

Also Deximus told me to promote TL;DR scanlations or something.

Did I tell you about how I preordered the super sexy Rin figure that’s part of the Fate 15th Anniversary Celebration collection?
Because I got the 15th Anniversary Celebration Rin from Fate.

It only cost like my budget for the month, and it’s not released until next year. So haha.
If I start screaming in a years time how all my money is gone and I don’t know why, you’ll be able to refer back to this post.

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» Chapter 32 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 121

Normally I’d put some news or an announcement or some form of musing here.
But the past few nights my sleeping pattern has been collapsing, bordering on insomnia.

I have things to do next week so I’m trying to wrestle it back into regularity but as a result I feel like a walking zombie at random times during the day.
I apologise if this chapter is a little rough on the editing side, it wasn’t very eventful anyway so that probably didn’t help my motivation.
(Not even Silva had any comments this chapter!)

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 24 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 120

Three pieces of news I guess!

Most importantly, I think I’m going to start writing a different web novel to the Female Spaceship Pilot one I had planned. Mostly due to difficulty in starting it, despite pages of lore which I’ll reuse for something else. Instead I’m going to use a new concept about someone waking up in a female android on a post apocalyptic planet. You could think of it as something akin to a scifi version of Demon Sword Maiden? Though that’s a really loose description.
I’ll need motivating to write it though, I drop novel concepts like America drops bombs.

Next piece of news, my Ereshkigal figure’s release got delayed to April instead of the end of January like originally planned. Well, it’s not unexpected but it is a let down.

Lastly, I forgot to update the word counts for Not Sure, Another World yesterday but I’m too lazy to fix them. Oh well.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 23 «

Not Sure, Another World Chapter 31

The past week has been pretty fun for me honestly.
I got the Honkai character I’ve been after since I started, and her signature weapon (may have spent a bit of money).
I preordered the Nemesis figure that was announced (and my Ereshkigal one is dispatched soon).
I caught up with Der Werwolf (good series).
Got to reread the official version of Altina The Sword Princess (a favourite series).

However time for the important news.
Some of you may know that I was planning on writing an original scifi isekai, about someone reincarnated as their female avatar in a space MMO, for this site months ago but ran into roadblocks and such.
Decided to shelve that idea.
Instead I got a new idea.
The current working title is Yesterday’s MAIDEN vs Tomorrow’s World (name subject to change) and it’s about a guy waking up inside a female android on a post apocalyptic planet. If you think you might be interested in reading it, please shout in the comments so I have no escape motivation.

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» Chapter 31 «