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Update on Project Gender Bender

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Editor for Another World Reincarnation and Demon Sword Maiden! Gentrified NEET and siscon. Currently looking for an imouto. Applicants must be under the age of 16, cute and with long hair. Optional traits are: Neko, princess and/or maid.

Important Announcement:
Update on Project Gender Bender

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 379

Once again my preordered copy of Arpeggio of Bluesteel is horrifically overdue.
I preordered my copy last year so there would be no issues, yet Amazon have not even dispatched a copy yet due to supply issues while third parties are listing copies on their site.
Is it just completely failing to enter the country?

I hope this is just a covid thing rather than amazon’s total incompetence.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 104 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 378

I’m really glad that J-Novel decided to have How Not To Summon A Demon Lord as their monthly freebie.
I was really tempted to buy the novels when the anime started to catch up with where I left the fan translation.

Today I reached that point.
I feel like the novels for Demon Lord are a little shorter than your average light novel since I read them way faster, but maybe they’re just more simple or I’m imagining things.
Either way now that I have caught up I look forward to seeing if there’s any unexpected developments.
I’m sure there will be a plot twist eventually. I’m waiting for the grand reveal of another isekaid person who’s an antagonist or something.
Or the whole “unreleased future game expansion calamity” event twist.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 103 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 377

Something totally unrelated to FFXIV this time.
Are people enjoying this seasons anime?
Any sudden standouts?

I thought Demon Lord would make me laugh again but something about production this time has felt off.
Not sure what.
Also I found it really funny that there’s so many korean names in the credits for that one.
And that the OP is by the Initial D guy.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 102 «

Blue Sky Chapter 75

Still no news on Not Sure, Another World’s translator. They’re truly AWOL.

In other news my addiction to the world of Final Fantasy still spreads.
With the unlocking of Firmament and Diadem I have truly become engrossed in the act of crafting.
It’s a rather timely unlock given how I am almost obsessively chasing the construction of our FC airship solo.

I’m the architect and engineer of that little project. Gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment.

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» Chapter 75 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 375

It’s the 100th chapter of Volume 3!
It’s been a long journey and it’s not even over yet!

I was actually glued to the screen while reading and editing the upcoming chapters so much!
Actually all the chapters that were posted this week and all the way up to next month were done in one entire sitting.
I was that engrossed that I just kept reading way into the night!

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 100 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 374

You know those days where you end up watching one strangely interesting video on youtube and then youtube picks up on it and suggests another related video, and then a disturbingly related video and then suddenly you find yourself going from videos about abstract art projects to people dying to horrific scientific experiments?
Just me?

I hope not.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 99 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 373

My Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere DVD arrived finally recently and I realised I don’t have a dvd player.
I had one in my PC but I unplugged it.
And I have a bluray player but no speakers to use with it so I can’t use that either…

This is a bit of a problem!
Am I really going to end up having to download it just to watch it right after buying it?

What a mysterious thing the world is.

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 98 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 372

My Free Company in Final Fantasy bought a small house today in Gridania.
I was under the impression we were waiting for a medium in Ishgard but it looks like they got impatient.
Well I hope to save up for my own house in Ishgard, not sure if I will go for medium or small. Will depend on my budget when that content launches.

They got the company workshop too but none of use have the crafting ability needed to make the airship sadly…
So I decided to take it upon myself to level up everything I’ll need to make it!
I shall be the Chief Engineer!

I will name my first airship….uh…. Edelweiss I guess!

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 97 «

Blue Sky Chapter 74

No chapter for Not Sure, Another World today.
Not sure if it’s worth mentioning that here but it’s the only place I can say that!

I mean it’s not like I have a chapter to put a pre-chapter ramble on about how there’s no chapter.
But if I used this pre-chapter ramble then it’s unlikely anyone actually reads both enough to make it common knowledge.

Hell even if every reader of this novel also read Not Sure, the readership level disparity is enormous. It’d be just a tiny fraction.

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» Chapter 74 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 371

Started playing Evil Genius today.

Got reminded of why I suck at base building games.
I’m really bad at planning layouts and I’m really bad at making things look visually appealing.

Even with the decorations and functional parts being easy to calculate with!
Well I did get an emergency generator room that looks like it makes sense though.

Also in other news I am overdue a DVD delivery…

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 96 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 370

I managed to kill one of my friends with a mixture of laughter, cringe, despair and disgust…
All I said was something along the lines of only being interested in dragon girls that have thagomizers!

Look it’s every mans right to set the criteria they look for in a wife and I shall stick with it.
I don’t want those common cat folk or erotic bunny players.
I just want a normal, decent dragon kin that also has spikes on their tail.

Too much to ask?

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 95 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 368

It seems only fitting that on the day I watch the first episode of the Combatants anime I will also stream my first episode of Evil Genius.
Just like the Kisaragi Corp took over the world, I too shall strive to conquer the world through advanced and haphazard technology!
Then eventually set my sites on conquering a fantasy world which is totally not the same!

Okay maybe not that last part I guess?

Maybe I can tie in the campaign with another game as a pseudo-continuation?

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» Vol. 3: Chapter 93 «