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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 715

I watched a very interesting theory positing about how humanity could have evolved so early in the universe.
Well it was some crazy assumption models for statistics, so not real science at all.
It’s one of those things borders closer on philosophy with mathematics than anything anyone would actually believe.

Anyway it was interesting, but nothing more than that.
I did enjoy seeing the though process behind it though.

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» Vol. 6: Chapter 48 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 714

Boy am I glad that there’s one more day till December when I have to schedule this.
I know I say this almost every month, but it’s a real pain scheduling a chapter for the following month.
Because the date scheduler uses a dropdown system for the month so I have to click and scroll and update the day.

It’s annoying to say the least.
But this is going up on the last day of the month! So I don’t have to! And it’s my last set of chapters this week!
So that means next week I’ll be scheduling cleanly in the month of December.

Oh gods… I should get into gear. The christmas chapters need editing…

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» Vol. 6: Chapter 47 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 713

Given this games purpose as an idle game… I’m suprised at how much I have to micromanage it when it’s doing missions.
I was thinking of leaving it running while I did these chapters and the chapters took me two hours longer than usual.
That’s a crazy delay just because I kept having to empty out my inventory on a game that was autofilling.

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» Vol. 6: Chapter 46 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 712

Do you ever have days where you’re really tired, and want to do something to enjoy yourself and relax… but just don’t have the energy?
I think I might be hitting peak burnout by playing three different gacha games concurrently.
I’ve already forgotten to make time for Genshin these past few days…
Actually I even forgot Genshin in that count.
So technically I’m supposed to be playing four gacha games. Crazy right.

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» Vol. 6: Chapter 45 «

Automata Maid Chapter 51

My sleeping pattern has been terrible lately.
It’s 6am almost.
Well this is a result of me trying to multitask multiple things lately and thus requiring to stay up longer, and then waking up later.
Which is funny because it’s my usual sleep spiral except this time for a purpose!
Anyway since today is a weekend day I have something really important to do, so I need to remember it. When I wake up.

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» Chapter 51 «

Automata Maid Chapter 50

As December draws near so do the legends of Christmas mass releases.
I wonder what we could possibly have in store for this year?
Trust me, you’ll never guess.
No matter what you’ll be wrong.
Whether you guess 0 chapters, 10, 50, 100 or more…
You’re all wrong.
There is no right answer.

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» Chapter 50 «

Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 120

One of my amazon preorders for a book that had been delayed finally shipped.
I think it’s Otome Mob.
Which means I need to expedite my plan to completely rearrange my shelves sooner than later.

I cleared up and organised them a short while back but that was to make space for my Invaders boxset that I just hadn’t taken out of storage for months.
Now I need to make space once again for the future books I will be getting. Well I think I have a plan this time.

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» Chapter 120 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 711

Neural Cloud is out, the rougelike-arknights-esque spinoff of Girls Frontline.
The story is quite interesting in concept, there are a few decisions they made that I don’t personally like much though.
I’m not sure they’re really making the most of their virtual world setting but we’ll see.
So far I like it, we’ll see how it is in gameplay.

At least it won’t be as pay to win as Nikke though.

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» Vol. 6: Chapter 44 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 708

So Yen Press announced an omnibus edition of A Certain Magical Index.
That’s 24 books in total, so it’ll probably come to around 250ish in price.
That’s quite a lot for someone like me who is poor and jobless!
Thus I now have a mission.

Find any job before its release that I can tolerate, and build up some savings so I can buy the special edition.
Mission start!

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» Vol. 6: Chapter 41 «

Automata Maid Chapter 49 Part 2

J-Novel Club just announced a plethora of audiobooks for their light novels.
I personally don’t actually listen to audiobooks so it’s not for me, as cool as it is.
But I think it’s a good thing, I look forward to seeing how well they perform and if they’re well read.
I mean, light novels read very different to normal novels, so I wonder if they adapt well.

I’d like to think so.

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» Chapter 49 Part 2 «

Automata Maid Chapter 49 Part 1

I was going to do ask a question about something earlier today, but got distracted reading news on the topic and forgot what my question was.
Now I’m going to be cursing myself for the rest of the day trying to remember my train of thought that led to me having a question on that topic so I can ask it again.
It’s annoying, I just wanted to check if someone already knew what I wanted to ask and then I forgot my question while looking at other questions.
Not a great set of things to happen, I hope I can remember it.

Anyway ramble over, here’s your chapter.

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» Chapter 49 Part 1 «

Swordsman’s Re:START Chapter 118

My payment statement came through today for the month… and it’s less than 50.
So, yeah, there’s been a mixup somewhere.
I think I know the cause but this is going to be an absolute nightmare to explain.
When I left work I did so in the middle of a month, so I still had half a months pay waiting for me in a months time. However there was a very large and annoying mixup delay on that final payment, so it was essentially an entire month late. Presumably the calculation has taken this into account as something I got during work this month, despite the fact I am unemployed right now, and so they have deducted my payment.

It’s going to be a nightmare ironing this out.

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» Chapter 118 «