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Update on Project Gender Bender

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Important Announcement:
Update on Project Gender Bender

The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist Volume 2 Chapter 2 Part 1

I went to commission some art today, but the artists commission opening closed in four minutes of it opening.
Even with me having prewritten my commission I didn’t even get enough time to log on and send the message.
It’s kind of depressing.

Anyway I guess on the positive side I managed to save myself some money?
Saving money is great.

One day, one day, I will get art of Eleanor from my novel done. And not the version of her I warped to fit in that DSM special chapter.

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» Chapter 2-2 Part 1 «

Blue Sky Chapter 95

This chapter hasn’t been translation checked or had the first phase of editing by Silva done, so RIP me.
I’ve done my best to tidy it up but there are a few things that probably got missed or I just didn’t have the chance to clarify.

This is the first time we’ve had this issue but it’s probably because dates and times for chapters have been shuffled around.
Hopefully this chapter doesn’t stand out as bad among the others.

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» Chapter 95 «

Blue Sky Chapter 94

Genshin is fun.
I played with someone who had almost every five star in the game today and suddenly felt like I should stop playing again. I saw a vision of a potential reality where I didn’t go on hiatus.

Especially when I realised I almost started to set aside money ready for Eula’s rerun ALREADY.
I’m so glad I didn’t cave back when Eula’s banner was running and start playing again. Had I not waited until after that banner I for sure would have spent too much.

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» Chapter 94 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 411

I bought and started reading the 86 novels last night.
I read through the first three in a few hours.
They had me hooked.
Also it was really hot and I couldn’t sleep so I thought why not do that since I had nothing better to do haha.

You can tell it was originally meant to be a oneshot because Volume 3 sort of retcons the epilogue of Volume 1 ever so slightly but it’s nitpicky levels.

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» Vol. 4: Chapter 15 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 410

Genshin update! Not an update for Genshin, but an update on my Genshin.

So I’ve basically finished the new region. Not sure if they have an achievement for finding all the chests or not, if they do then I missed some.
But I got all the collectibles and did all the puzzles I found. Spent an hour on that musical stone one. That was tough.

With the event stuff mostly out the way I did some of the content I have missed up to now, namely housing.
I have my own teapot now!
It’s not very well decorated obviously. I chose the floating islands.

Albedo is currently my NPC. I was tempted to use one of my waifus but I’d rather have them inside the house, but that requires me to furnish the house.

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» Vol. 4: Chapter 14 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 409

I saw someone tweet that they wanted to find an artist today, and the replies were like…
50+ artists advertising their style and rates.

I’m not gonna fault either side for this. I mean you ask so you get what you want.
And if you don’t advertise as an artists then who will bother with you right?
I mean this is exactly how it should work.

But it’s just funny to see!

Also low key want to find an artist to draw the heroine from my novel so I was stalking that post.
Didn’t find anyone with the right style though.
I shall return to stalking people asking for artists until I find the right one.

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» Vol. 4: Chapter 13 «

Blue Sky Chapter 93

I am very tired.

Also Jurassic World Evolution 2 got announced.
It looks like they’ve learned from the first game, and this one will be more cutomisable. This is good. I like being able to customise my dinosaur exhibits!

Also, side related.
My friend is trying to lure me back into Genshin after I barely escaped last time! It’s a curse!
I’ll end up spending on the gacha again!

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» Chapter 93 «

Blue Sky Chapter 92

I want to commission art for my novel heroine again.
I barely managed to avoid the expense last time via coincidence.
But now the urge has returned.

I really want to see art of the heroine okay!
Maybe I should actually properly write that novel rather than leaving it half started.
It would mean once again scrapping the starting concept but…
Writing is so tiresome despite how it appears.

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» Chapter 92 «

The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist Chapter 1-2 (Part 2)

Hello everyone.
Continuing my trend of making a mess of my pre-chapter ramble posts so they only form a coherent narrative to people who read every one…
Today I’m going to follow up on a ramble from a previous chapter of a different novel.

This is about my airship construction project in Final Fantasy.
I messed up.
The new part I made is for a Rank 15 airship while mine is only 11 currently. 12 by the time you’re reading this.
It’s gonna be at least a week before I can use it.

Oh well. It looks cool at least. It was an investment in the future!

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» Chapter 1-2 Part 2 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 407

Finally got round to seeing the Moonled Journey anime trailer.
Man it was….

So bad!

It didn’t match the tone I was imagining at all. It’s like Cautious Hero level of goofy gag comedy!
What happened to the serious story about the flaws of humanity, the inexperience of a modern person and politics and economics and religion and….

Look you get the point.
Moonled Journey is much more than a comedy harem isekai, and animating it as such detracts from what made it so special and great and unique!

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» Vol. 4: Chapter 11 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 406

For some reason YouTube decided that I wanted to watch a korean video of someone making a city in Cities Skylines.
Not sure why.
Watched it anyway, YouTube knows me better than I do obviously so I gave them benefit of the doubt.

They were right.
It was a funny watch.
Good job random Korean person! You’re trending in English too now!

I wish them internet fame and success.

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» Vol. 4: Chapter 10 «