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Chapter 48 Act 7: Coronation

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 3521 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2110 words
Editor(s): Silva


As I opened up the can lid, the unique sound of carbonated drinks fizzing rang out. As I always had the theory that beer should always be drank from a can, I had a fridge filled with the Corona brand beer that I usually enjoyed.

“And what do you want, Lina?”

As Katalina dried her hair with an absentminded expression, I asked what her preference was.

“The same one as yours~”

Maybe she didn’t have any particular brand she likes? I didn’t know, but I felt that I shouldn’t really ask any deeper since she would probably answer with she likes what I like anyway.

“Here you go then.”
“Wow! It’s really cool as well, thanks.”

Like a true Western person, she overreacted with her whole body as she shivered from the coldness coming from the beer-can she received.

“I’m sure they’re all up in arms at this moment.”
“What is? Oh! You’re talking about Blue Sky. Well, of course, right? Wait a minute.”

She spoke as if she just remembered what had happened, and picked up the phone she had left at the corner of the table nearby. As she is the guild leader, she always has a phone ready to pick up any emergency calls about the guild.

“Wow! I have over 100 missed calls.”
“I knew it would be like that.”

I nodded, understanding why that would happen.

“Let’s see. I’ll have to make some important calls first. I’ll call them and come back.”

My little sister back in Korea also used to always leave the house whenever they take a call, so I thought that women always leave the place whenever they take a call.

Now that I think about it, is she doing well? I sent some people to investigate her because I wanted to know how she is doing, but a report didn’t come back yet. Then again, the agents were being sent all the way to Korea to physically investigate where she is, so it will take a bit longer than I think. I even had a thought that I want to go back to Korea right now.

And if I go back to Korea?

What would I do afterwards? ‘Hey, your older brother died but when he opened his eyes, he’s now in this body.’ Should I just say that? Would she even believe it? If I tell her of all the memories I have with her, she probably will admit it’s me.
But will I be able to be happy again? Will I be able to go back to my old life? I was afraid. And I didn’t have any confidence. It may actually be beneficial for her that I had disappeared.

It may be tough for her right after my death, but she’ll definitely be strong and show strong determination again. Just looking at her live her life confidently from afar was fine for me.

I needed a change of thoughts as it started to bring me down, so I turned on the TV.

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I turned it on just in time for the breaking news about Blue Sky to be aired on TV. On top of that, a familiar-looking TV caster was excitedly talking about the latest news.

“Her name was Silvia, right?”

She was definitely the main TV caster for the show “I love Blue Sky”.

[… and because of that, numerous guilds within the server have suffered massive damages. Every guild is denouncing this incident, causing an uproar in the community. Mr. Edin?] 

[Yes! I’m Edin, your a special guest caster, reporting to you in real-time video of what’s happening in Blue Sky world. Right now I’ve arrived in the London capital inside of Blue Sky, within the England server. The plaza is so filled with small and medium sized guilds who are complaining about having received harm. There are so many people that I barely have any room to move.] 

[You’re right, there really is a lot of people! The tensions are very high compared to the usual as well.] 

[That’s right. The siege war that had ended just a few moments ago, which the users dubbed as the ‘Ianus Incident’, had blown up in the news due to the fraud that both guilds had committed, prompting a movement to form a coalition that will stand against the two guilds. So far, no guilds of similar size to Chaos or Shining has announced to make any moves in relation to this incident.] 

[I guess the most important thing right now is what the biggest guild in the server, ‘Volcano’, would do next?] 

[Majority of the users are having cautious speculation that the coalition against the guilds that committed fraud would be built around the Volcano guild. Now then, we’ll get an opinion from one of the users.] 

The caster called ‘Edin’ caught one of the users that gathered in the plaza and explained something to him.

It seemed like they were convinced, since he agreed to start an interview with the caster Edin.

[Hello, this is the special guest caster, Edin, from ‘I love Blue Sky’.] 

[Nice to meet you. I’m Oxford. I’m really nervous since I’m going to be featured on a show that I often enjoy viewing.] 

[You’re a fan! Thank you very much. Sorry to burst your bubble a bit but could you please answer a few questions that we have?] 

[Ah, of course, it’s fine. Please ask anything.] 

[Well the thing is, we gathered that the users are extremely angry about this incident. Mr. Oxford, did you join the said siege war as a mercenary role yourself?] 

[Yes, that’s right. I joined as the attacking side of the siege against York city which was one of the cities locked in the ferocious battle.] 

[I see. Could I ask you for more details about it?] 

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[It was a siege war that was just like any other. At first, the mercenaries would clash in the front, and slowly the main forces would join them… But several times they were seen to be hesitant in battling each other, and once the number of mercenaries started dwindling, they showed their true colors. The guild members attacked the remaining mercenaries instead of each other’s guild members.

There was no one that survived that battle. I also died there and lost a vast amount of experience points and proficiency. Thankfully, because of the mercenary system I didn’t lose any items, but some of my friends and acquaintances had completely lost their skill that they spent so much time grinding.] 

[Goodness, you must be extremely angry about this.] 

[You can’t even describe it. I mean, how could they abuse the mutual trust system of mercenaries and backstab them like that? From now on, they set the precedent where mercenaries will no longer be able to join any guild wars without being worried about such a thing occurring first. Considering from a long-term point of view, both of those guilds will pay dearly for the betrayal of our trust over time.] 

[But some people are saying that the two guilds were able to gain much from this war, and that they’ll continue to gain even more through that.] 

[Of course that’s true. I’m sure that it wasn’t only me but many other users that received harm as well. On the other hand, they received an immense amount of experience points and profits. They may even receive even more in three days when ‘Siege day’ begins. That’s why we have gathered here in this place.] 

[So you’re all trying to form a coalition?] 

[That’s right. We know that even large guilds had suffered huge damage from this as well. So I am calling upon those guilds to show signs that they will form the coalition now.] 

[Ah, yes! I see. Thank you for your meaningful opinion.] 

It was a long interview but it allowed the viewer to understand the general gist of the situation. A ‘Siege day’ in 3 days, huh. Considering that the penalty you gain from dying lasts a whole week, it definitely means a lot of users are at a serious disadvantage.

[Yes! Thank you for the report and interview, Mr. Edin. I myself think that what had occurred is a real tragedy. While it certainly is a strategy you can take, it’s definitely not a good one to take, right? In any case, I’m hoping that the situation is solved without a problem. Now, what is this other issue that’s brought up?] 

[Thank you for waiting so long everyone. I’m Cruise, the one to solve everyone’s curiosity. The hot topic that came up was this video called ‘GG, Crusaders’ that’s become as popular as the ‘Ianus incident’ itself. It’s a video of where the Crusaders, the most powerful squad that’s known all over the world that belongs to the Shining guild, being utterly decimated by a single user. Are you curious? Now please keep your eyes peeled!] 

“Tsk! They showed a highlight video last time, but this time they show an ad first? Whether it’s Korea or England, these guys really love to profit off others…”

After making me all anxious to watch the video, I became angered at seeing that they instead turned to ads right afterwards, while wondering who would be the one that recorded the video of my fight.

Indeed, there were less than 100 mercenaries that survived at that point, but there was plenty enough motivation for one of them to start recording. On the other hand, that meant it’s nearly impossible for me to figure out who could be the one that took the video.

I’m not particularly trying to criticize them for doing so, but even though I did feel a little iffy that someone took a video of my actions, getting to see the video in which those high and mighty Crusaders get completely obliterated felt really satisfying.

In that battle which they were supposed to have absolute dominance over, they didn’t expect to lose a whole chunk of their main military force so it must have been a painful experience from the Shining guild’s point of view.

“Sorry for making you wait too long.”

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Katalina just finished making her calls and spoke as she sat next to me on the sofa.

“The beer’s all lukewarm now. I’ll bring you a new one.”
“Ooh, you really are so nice, Ellie.”

And so I replaced the lukewarm beer can with a fresh cold one from the fridge and brought it to her.

“Huh? Isn’t that Ellie?”

Watching the TV while sitting on the sofa, Katalina pointed at the TV where I was being shown.

“Ah that? Someone said that they recorded a video of me. I think one of the mercenaries submitted the video to the channel.”
“How dare they!!”
“Why, are you going to go after them for my right to have my appearance in public? It’s just Artoria. She’s in full mercenary outfit as well, so it won’t matter even if you assert that claim.”
“Hmph. Are you underestimating the law firm associated with my family name right now?”

Then again, I have forgotten that in this society where if you don’t have money, they can even make up fabricated crimes in your name and steal all of your money for the smallest thing.

“They fought alongside us so we should forgive them for at least that much. And we also got to make those b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ in the Shining guild look like a complete fool and weakling, so shouldn’t we thank the person who took the video instead?”
“No way, did you think I took the video or something?”

I was about to say that there was a reasonable possibility but decided not to. In the end, I didn’t want to drag this on too long and fight over such a trivial matter.

“Now then, shall we have a toast to completely eradicating Shining and Chaos guild?”
“Of course!”

As I had already finished drinking a whole can already, I had brought Katalina’s new can of beer as well as mine, to which I opened alongside Katalina, and we had a toast together.

“Now! To the fall of the two guilds!”

On the TV, the video of the Crusaders being completely obliterated was playing. As if that was going to be the future that Shining and Chaos guild will experience.

“In any case, that skill is way too overpowered, isn’t it?”

I thought I heard Katalina mutter a complaint under her breath as well.


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