Chapter 123 Act 13: Dungeon

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 3785 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2329 words
Editor(s): Silva

“Jewelry, huh… you’re not the type to be picky about which one you eat, right?”

I felt like the blood vessels on my head were about to pop out from the pressure, but considering that I also have to acquire a Dragon Heart myself, getting some jewelry isn’t as bad.

  • Of course. It’s just that I love diamonds the best. I like rubies or sapphires as well. Naturally, the bigger and better quality is, the more I like it.


I unconsciously pulled out my Excalibur and held the blade close to Signus’s neck. Surprised by the speed that even I didn’t expect, Signus was frozen solid in fear.

“A cubic… or a quartz… is fine too… right?”

  • O… of course. Those are the ones that I enjoy the most.


Only then I was able to give her a bright smile as I pulled away my Excalibur from her neck. At this point, the image of a ‘tolerant master’ that I wanted to show her is out the window and I told myself that no user would still stay calm in this situation even.

I wasn’t sure whose idea it was to create this ultra-luxury pet who acquires experience points through gold and fills their hunger with jewelry, but they must be extremely evil since they knew the pet would drain every single resource out of the master.

Though she does say that she is as useful as the high cost she has, I wasn’t able to actually make full use of her yet so there was no way I could tell just how useful she would actually be. Before anything, I needed to acquire a Dragon’s Heart.

“Signus. Can you initiate locking down of every single teleportation gate within the London city castle, as well as sealing it off?”

  • Ah, you are thinking of going out?

“Yeah. Since you said I needed a Dragon’s Heart, I need to go off and find one myself. Ah, and for your hunger, wasn’t there plenty of jewelry located in the storage of the sky castle?”

Since I had not a single piece of jewelry on me right now, I didn’t have anything to give to Signus. But I assumed that there should be a good amount of jewelry back in the sky castle which I was using as storage, and therefore I asked Signus about it since she was the one who was managing the sky castle for me.

  • There certainly were a few pieces back there.

Just as I expected. Wait a minute, just a few? The ‘Artoria’ that I know was someone that would definitely not collect ‘just a few’ jewels into her storage.

The jewels that she collected over the 5 years must have been kept in the storage, and even though I’m just assuming here, I doubt she sold any of them. Yet Signus was saying that the jewelry that she amassed over 5 years is ‘just a few’?

“Let me ask once again using my authority as your master. Please tell me in detail about the jewels stored within the storage of the sky castle.”

  • Yes master. Three highest quality Rainbow jewel, 13 high-quality Rainbow jewel, 31 medium quality Rainbow jewel, 9 highest quality diamonds, 36 high-quality diamonds, 89 medium quality diamonds, 31 highest quality sapphires, 68 high-quality sapphires, 38 highest quality ru…

“Stop right there.”

Just hearing about the Rainbow jewel, I knew that my assumption was correct. As opposed to regular jewelry which is used as decorations of a variety of accessory equipment, in the case of the Rainbow jewel, the accessory equipment are the decorations that surround the Rainbow jewel as its core. This means that this is the only one that’s used as the same ingredient as a philosopher’s stone, as it has just as much mana carrying capacity as a philosopher’s stone while being leaps and bounds much more beautiful than any other kind of jewel, making it the absolute king of all jewelry, beating the diamond by a mile.

And thanks to that quality, the price of each Rainbow jewel was reaching sky high, and the most basic quality of them, the ‘medium quality Rainbow jewel’ reached at least 1mil in gold each. So I guess you could say it’s worth at least 100mil in Korean won? And because of that price, it’s only used for accessory equipment that are at and above the unique tier.

The reason why accessories that are higher than unique tier comes from this, and the price jumps several times higher when the Rainbow jewel’s encrusted in the accessory is high or highest quality is that the highest quality Rainbow jewel didn’t even exist in the market, so it was hard for me to guess just how much value it has.

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Though I wasn’t sure, I felt that if I were to just sell off all the jewelry that existed in the castle I was sure to get at least 1bil gold in total. I realized that I should be careful whenever Signus says something like ‘just a few’ to describe an amount from now on.

“If that amount is ‘just a few’ to you, just how much do I need in total?”

  • Well I’ll say it’s a lot if the entire sky castle was filled to the brim with jewels.

I was absolutely speechless.

“In any case, I will allow you to temporarily satiate your hunger by consuming only cubic or quartz that exists within the storage of the sky castle.”

  • Awwww. It’s not good to be a picky eater though.

Looks like she still hasn’t learned her lesson. Of course, people say that it wouldn’t matter if she’s being a little bit silly, but I felt that I needed to properly teach this artificial intelligence some common sense before it got worse. I’ve already read many stories in Blue Sky fansites where the users were led to poverty and despair due to them being way too generous to their pets.

“So you’re saying you want to fast from now on?”

  • Master! I thank you for the daily meal that you allow me to consume.

Of course, I knew that you couldn’t properly raise a pet if you always gave it carrots and never used the stick and there was nothing wrong with that besides that it is a sword in my case but still, seeing the speed in which she changed from a pouty look to a bright smile as she thanked me was impressive.

[Ellie! Could you accept my request to teleport to your location?] 

I heard Katalina’s whisper in my ear just in time. Considering that she was trying to teleport to my location using the Ring of Promise, she must have finished everything she needed to do.


I answered in a short manner and accepted her request to teleport to me right away. Soon Katalina appeared in front of me and jumped into my arms as she ran towards me.

“Hehe, even though it hasn’t been that long since we split off, I still wanted to see you right away.”

My face felt ticklish from her flattery, but I didn’t hate it. I also wrapped my two hands around her waist and…

  • Ahem.

Flinching for an instant, Katalina turned around towards where the sound came from. She thought there was no one else here, but was surprised when she did see someone standing there.

“And who’s that little girl?”

  • Little girl?! You can see clearly that I’m the administrator of London.

“Is that your pet, Ellie? She doesn’t look that impressive to me.”

Katalina spoke in a tone as if she was disapproving of Signus, with a clear frown towards her.

“For now… let’s just say she’s a pet as well as the London city’s AI.”

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Hearing my words, Katalina’s gaze that looked disapproving of Signus at first now turned into one of curiosity.

I guess that’s an improvement somewhat.

  • For now, you two please split apart a bit. To show such excessive skinship when I’m right here is unsightly!

“What an impudent pet you are. You’ll be seeing this much more often so start getting used to it already.”

They started arguing… or no, it looks more like Katalina isn’t bothered one bit from seeing my pet trying her best to snap back at her

  • You cannot tell me what to do or not when you’re not even my master!

Speaking of which, I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that I’m interacting with an actual human when looking at an AI within Blue Sky game. It’s because it almost feels as if I was just watching another individual that was being controlled by a person. Of course, logically it’s an impossible thing to happen but you wouldn’t say so once you are within the game and interacting with them yourself. Sometimes, even though it’s completely impossible, I felt that somehow they had the soul of a human imprinted into them.

“It would be best for you to follow her orders as well.”
– Understood.

Katalina asked for my help, and I quickly agreed. In the end, Signus wasn’t able to say anything back at either of us as she kept her mouth shut tight. Thankfully she was willing to accept the changes in rule quickly.

“Now that we’ve finally quietened down a bit, you’ll tell me the whole story behind her, right?”

It was obvious that Katalina would ask about Signus out of curiosity, so I started to tell Katalina everything that had happened so far.


Showing me a variety of different expressions, Katalina stayed silent while hearing my full story. Sometimes I had to stop her from throwing a hellfire spell directly at Signus, but in any case, I told her everything.

“So. Since you need to acquire a Dragon Heart yourself, that was the reason why you wanted to go to the raid dungeon, huh?”
“Yeah. But as I said, that’s not the only reason and there’s some personal grudge I have against a certain someone related to it so I thought of the two things at once.”
“Hmm… if you say so. But in any case, that’s surprising. I’m a lord over two different city territories, but I’ve never seen a city AI evolve into a pet form like this before.”
“Well, I think it’s just a bit of a special case since Signus was originally the Sky Castle’s AI.”
“Even so, I’ve never heard of this kind of thing happening in any of the other servers of the whole world.”
“Perhaps they may be hiding it from public view.”

Katalina looked as if she was persuaded somewhat by my words. But even though I was the one who said it, I wasn’t sure either. Surely such a unique situation as a city AI turning into a pet would be brought up on the news at least once somewhere, yet I’ve never seen such a thing happen.

“You may be right. Or perhaps they weren’t able to acquire a Dragon’s Heart so the AI couldn’t leave the territory and ended up being hidden from public’s view.”

This time it was me who nodded to Katalina’s words.

“But anyway, I’ve already contacted Esther about it so once she calls us back we’ll get straight into forming the raid team for the dungeon.”
“Esther? Isn’t it going to be just us two?”
“We’ve promised her before, remember?”
“A promise? Ah! You’re talking about how we’re going to supply her with some experience points in return for her staying up at night as a guard?”

Instead of replying, I nodded my head.

“Yeah. Since it’s a proper raid dungeon, there’s going to be quite a lot of trivial monsters on the way to the end of the dungeon. It won’t be much different than the Red Plains.”

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With me persuading her that it would be best to get it done as soon as possible Katalina agreed to my plan.

“So you’re saying that we should form a raid team with just the three of us.”

I guess that’s how it turned out, huh? But going with just the three of us without any healer feels a bit dangerous.

“Since it could get dangerous, I think it would be best to recruit two or three healers into our party at least.”
“You’re right. Well, I’ll take care of that part myself later.”

Katalina would definitely be better at recruiting suitable healers to our group since she knows a lot of healers herself. Since they’re the type of users that find it difficult to join as actual party members to share experience points, they’ll likely put the condition of receiving gold and items instead but that isn’t a problem to us since we don’t have much of a need for items anyways.

“In any event, I feel awful but what will you do, Lina? You won’t be getting any experience points or titles from the dungeon raid.”

That’s right. The experience points distribution will be changed in a way so that only Esther will be receiving it all, and for the final boss which would surely award a title for defeat, I need to be the one to land the final blow, so it was definitely going to me in the end.

Of course, there’s also a separate title that’s given to everyone in the party but there was a clear difference in level when compared to the one you receive for personally killing the final boss yourself so I feel a bit sorry for taking it for myself.

“That’s fine, I love you too much to let something like that get to me.”

But Katalina instead smiled shyly as if she didn’t care about it that much so I leaned over and kissed her on the lips in response.

  • Hey, hey…!

Signus followed with a very annoyed reaction, but I didn’t care even a single bit. She’s just an AI after all…1


  1. Robinxen: This chapter had some fun notes from other editors that no longer make sense in the context, so I had to leave them out.

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