Chapter 11 Act 2: Connect

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 4650 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2616 words
Editor(s): Silva

[Congratulations on your heroic deed… You received the title ‘First to complete SSS Tier quest two times’. You gain 4 bonus stat and 40% bonus EXp.]  

[It looks like you are very greedy. You received the title ‘First to complete SSS tier quest alone’. You gain 5 bonus stat and 50% bonus EXP.]  

[Amazing work. You received the title ‘First to complete SS tier quest alone’. You receive 3 bonus stat and 30% bonus EXP.]  

[Glory to the great Dragon Slayer! You are the first player to receive the title ‘Bone Dragon Slayer’. You gain 3 bonus stat and 30% bonus EXP.]  

[Looks like the goddess of luck is on your side. You receive the title ‘First to successfully combine P-tier 4 slot skill combination’. You gain 2 bonus stat and 20% bonus EXP.]  

[We are at awe from the power of your single strike. You gain the title ‘Achieved highest single damage in the server’. You gain 2 bonus stat and 20% bonus EXP.]  

I had received 6 new ones just in titles alone. The bonus stat points that it promised were given to me one by one, as my EXP bar quickly filled up faster than I could see.

[Your level has increased.] [Your level has increased.]  

A fearsome amount of EXP was given to me as I saw myself leveling up twice, which would have taken a whole day to get even once if I were to kill random monsters all day.

[Your level has increased.]  

[Congratulations. You received the title ‘First to reach level 900’. You gain bonus stat 1 and 10% bonus EXP.]  

What the… Instead of feeling happy for receiving a new title, I felt out of place. It felt like a dream that I was able to level up 5 times and receive 7 titles in just one day. Of course, it was the result of doubling it up with an SSS tier quest as well as an SS tier quest, but I knew better than anyone that it was extremely difficult for this kind of luck to come by.

To think that I had not only caught up to all the EXP that I had been lax in acquiring for being out of it for a month, but even going leaps and bounds over it was unbelievable.

Of course, the fact that I received 20 bonus stats was even more amazing than the fact that I leveled up 5 times. It meant that considering that you gain 1 stat point every time you level up, I had effectively leveled up 20 times in a row.

  • Stone Henge teleportation circle limitation will be automatically unlocked in 5 minutes.

A global announcement rang out again. Why do I feel as if this is bothering quite a lot of people?
It’s true that seeing a global announcement while you are hunting is extremely annoying. It breaks your concentration and makes you lose your timing as well. I actually nearly died once while I was hunting back on the Korean server due to numerous global announcements popping up.

Although it won’t be the reason why someone dies while hunting, it’s definitely true that it disturbs people.

  • Great work, human girl.

Hearing depreciatory remarks coming from behind, I furrowed my brow and stared at the arrogant artificial intelligence. I am not sure who programmed this personality, but the dragon’s arrogant and self-righteous personality was way too perfectly done.

“And now that it’s all done, you don’t need anything else, right?”

I meant that now he should just go away as well. Since you should be as kind to the person as much as they’re kind to you, so I spoke like he could, urging him to go away.

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  • Don’t be so arrogant, puny human… But you did take a load of my troubles off of me, so I will be generous and ignore your impudence.

Hearing that, I suddenly felt like just going up there and fighting this dragon, but I was barely able to hold myself back with the very small amount of patience I still had after thinking about the nearly empty amount of potions.

Therefore to make sure I do not burst out in anger, I didn’t reply to him at all.


As I kept my mouth shut, the Dragon continued its speech.

  • Although it’s quite demeaning on my side, let’s exchange names. My name is ‘Chromesche’.1

As expected of an expertly crafted AI, their problem-solving skills were way too natural.

This dragon was basically an intelligent lifeform in its way of thinking and acting.

Even I, who should be immune from being surprised by now, couldn’t help but be surprised at the world of Blue Sky.


Although I was amazed by the AI, it didn’t mean that I liked this Dragon, so I kept my answer short.

[As you have exchanged names, your relationship level with Dragon race NPC has increased. You received the title ‘First to communicate with the Dragon race’. You receive Bonus Stat +1 and 10% Bonus EXP.]2  

Yet another system message popped up. Earning titles seems real easy now. Considering that in the last 5 years I religiously played Blue Sky in my original body yet very rarely ever gained a title, it felt surreal to me.

‘Relationship level, huh…’

Although the title is pretty great, I was more interested in the ‘relationship level’. This was a very big deal. Although there are many ways to increase relationship level with Human race NPCs through a number of quests, the Dragon race relationship level on the other hand easily decreased being enemies due to the fact that many quests usually lead to that outcome.

However, with me establishing a relationship with a Dragon, my relationship level with Dragon race has now turned from enemies to neutral. It meant that as long as I do not attack first, Dragons will not attack me on sight.

In other words, as long as I don’t go around saying I’m a dragon slayer or anything, I won’t need to worry about being killed by them out of nowhere.

If I work on this further, I may be able to receive quests from Dragons as well in the future.

  • ‘Artoria’, huh… Though it is the name of a lowly human wench, I will be generous and etch that name into my mind. However, there is one thing you should concede to me before that, is there not?

He may be kindly asking to concede, but it was more like a threat as he looked down at me, ready to use his dragon breath on me whenever he wished. The more I deal with this kind of dragon, the harder it is for me to promise that I won’t ever take up to killing dragons in the future.

  • Though spoils of battle go to the victor, this Bone Dragon was close to me in the past, and therefore wishes to go back to the natural world, which is always the wish for us dragons as well. Therefore you, give the ownership of this Bone Dragon’s remains to me!


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I barely held myself back from calling it a b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲, and didn’t care whatsoever about the relationship with the Dragon race anymore. I’ve worked hard for this!

I felt sad, but I couldn’t go against the Dragon’s wishes at this point.
I promise you that I’ll grind your bones and heart in the future…

“… You can have it.”

  • Wise choice. Take this as a reward for your decision and be thankful for it.

The dragon brought something out of alternate space and tossed it to me. I carefully caught the object while concerned that the Dragon may be using this gift as a way to distract me and land a blow while I’m distracted.

[Crimson Circlet (Dragon Bone)
Ancient Tier

Magic Defense +30%
HP +10%
MP +10%
All Stats +5

Able to retain set equipment bonus even after changing headwear]  

Even just considering the 5th effect of retaining the bonus after changing headwear, it’s already an amazing item. The other special effects it gave were also all great options, which made it worth the title of Ancient tier item.

If you were to judge it in value, it’s more expensive than a dragon heart. I unequipped the Valkyrie helm that hindered my vision and changed it to the circlet.

In the meantime, the dragon took the dragon’s heart and bones, and flew high up into the air with its gigantic body. Although it did give me a powerful item, I haven’t completely gotten over my hatred for them, so I vowed to take revenge in the future.

  • I’ll see you again in the future, human.

And the dragon deactivated its anti-magic field before quickly using instant teleport to disappear from view.

Does it know that the next time it sees me that I’m going to destroy him? I gazed at the empty space that once occupied a gigantic dragon for a while before changing my gaze to the extra loot that the Bone Dragon left behind.

Although I had the best loot from the kill taken from me by that dragon, the other drops were still a ‘Raid Boss’ tier monster drop, so I couldn’t help but be interested in what it dropped.

Most of the loot that it dropped were just bundles of gold. Even though it isn’t a small amount, I couldn’t really call it a great treasure as it’s simply money and nothing else. And then there were a few rare gems here and there. They were mostly rubies, sapphire and diamonds, very expensive ones as well. These weren’t bad to get as they were often pretty well-valued by merchants and crafters who need them for luxury and high-end equipment crafting.

However, the equipment I found as a dropped loot was extremely disappointing.

“What? Just a single staff?”

Since the staff was sealed by magic, its true appearance was concealed and ended up looking like a plain old twig on the ground, causing my disappointment to grow bigger than ever before.

I guess I should find solace in the fact that I was able to get at least a Magic tier equipment in the first place. Since the Dragon I defeated was ‘Raid Boss’ tier, I could hope for Unique tier equipment to be dropped, but there was no guarantee that it would be a Unique item just because it was under sealing magic. It could simply be a piece of Special tier equipment instead. When the items are unsealed, they are often magic or rare tier equipment while unique tier equipment appearing would be extremely rare.

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If the sealing magic was easy to unseal then it’s more likely to be magic or special tier equipment. To unseal items quickly, you would need a specialized scroll that costs 100 gold to undo the protective seal on the equipment. If I was still the same person as I was in the past, instead of gambling my money to see if it was worth it, I would very likely have just sold it off instead.

However, the situation now was a bit different. I already have dozens of unsealing scrolls in my inventory, and the fact that it was dropped by a ‘Raid Boss’ piqued my interest enough to find out its identity.

You never know, it could be a unique tier item. Even though the probability was low, there was nothing guaranteeing that it would never happen.

I decided to give into that wager and pulled out a scroll to apply it to the staff.


With a cheerful sound effect, the equipment revealed its identity.

[Merlin’s Staff (Star Stone)
Legend tier
(England Unique item)

Growth item. Depending on the character’s level and intelligence stat, its attack power increases.

Casting speed +30%
Magic Defense +20%
Intelligence +50
Luck +20
MP +20%
Fire element attack +60%]3  

“O… Oh my god!!”

I bet this feels the same as winning the lottery. Even though I may not be a magic class, it still amazed me how powerful it was, as well as the fact that it was a Legendary tier item. A weapon type legendary item as well!

Just how much value would this have on the market? My mind started racing.

Quickly, I set it in a nice corner of my inventory as I thought someone may come and take it.

  • A legendary item [Merlin’s Staff] has appeared in the Stone Henge.4

A server-wide system message that never ceases to ring whenever someone is doing well rang out into the air. Well, this also happened when a legendary tier item was found in the Korea server as well. Since it had no direct relation with me I simply disregarded it, but it felt different as I was personally acquiring it.

Ahh, now’s not the time to do this.

I hurriedly pulled out a valuable magic scroll from my belongings.

[You cannot use this yet. You can use this after 1 minute and 25 seconds.]  

I attempted to immediately teleport back home but I was instead met with a system message along with a failure message.

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“Argh… I wasted a scroll.”

Although it might sound frugal, it still was a waste of a scroll.

Why am I in such a hurry? The answer is simple. In the past, when a legendary item was found in the Korean server, no one was able to completely figure out who the actual owner of that item was. Therefore it was always shrouded in an air of doubt and suspicion. But I’m in a different situation right now as I’m the only user in Stone Henge. I had already advertised to the whole server that it was me, and because of the fact that there were server-wide notifications for ‘SSS tier quest’ as well as ‘Legendary item drop’ ringing out consecutively, anyone with a brain would be able to figure out that it was me that must have acquired the item.

Although in the past I always watched the struggle for those legendary tier items from the sideline in Korea, I suddenly realized that this must be the same thing they’re going through.

On top of that, it’s a legendary tier weapon as well…

It was the first time I was so glad that I had already blocked all whispers and direct mails, on top of not having joined any guild. My friends list was also completely empty as if I had just started playing this game for the first time.

This is a bit concerning.

How come I didn’t have a single registered friend? Considering that it had been 5 years since the game had opened, it meant that this lady who I am in possession of had been enjoying only single-player contents this whole time. I mean, even though you do get all the spoils and EXP for playing alone, you should’ve met at least one other user in those wide hunting grounds, right? You would naturally find yourself making friends as you hunt in groups and get to talking with them as you hunt monsters.

“I’m getting too worked up…”

I shook my head and just considered that was the case. There was no need to be worried about such a fact when it was of no help for me at all.

“Let’s go back to the Sky Castle before finishing my online session here.”

Now only a few seconds were left on the seal put on teleportation magic. When the timer reaches 0 and it was unsealed, I immediately used another teleportation scroll to teleport back to the Sky Castle.5


  1. Silva: that’s quite an awkward sounding name, changed it from Chromush to Chromesche
    Anonymousss: sounds good
    Robinxen: I didn’t change but, readers, what are the odds this is supposed to be Grommash? As a reference to that guy from Warcraft?
  2. Robinxen: Jesus game!
  4. Robinxen: Dude literally has Excalibur and Merlin’s Staff. What’s he trying to do? Rule England?
  5. Robinxen: The mystery deepens.

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