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Appendix – Setting of the world (1st round)

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 2765 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1572 words
Editor(s): Silva

1. Blue Sky’s monetary unit

1 gold = 100 silver = 1000 bronze

The rough ratio between gold and real-life money is 10 to 1.

Example; 100 bil gold = 10 mil Euro

2. Item tiers

Normal → Magic → Rare → Special → Unique → Ancient → Legend

The fact is that only items at the Rare tier are worth any real value. Most users in the game equip at least Special tier items in general.

Unique tier equipment are considered to be higher-grade equipment. Though there are some exceptions to that rule.

3. Skill tiers

D → C → B → A → S → P

The skills that are sold in shops only go up to Tier B. Though if you complete a special requirement, you can buy skills that are above those. Usually, most Tier A skills are gained through skill books that are dropped from monsters.

Average skill combination probability formula:
D + D = C Combination probability 70%
C + D = B Combination probability 50%
B + B + C = A Combination probability 30%
A + A + B = S Combination probability 10%
S + S + A = P Combination probability 5%
(Requiem) P + P + S + S = P Combination probability 0.1%

The formula for combining skills can be changed however much as the user wants. It means that the user can add as many skills as they want to gamble their chances even further. But adding new skills to the basic formula, for example:

For instance, with the formula B + B + C = A, if you add another C to make it B + B + C + C, it won’t create another tier of a skill. It’s just like Requiem and it’ll stay as A tier. However, even in the same tier, there are differences between them. Although the system does not explicitly differentiate the skills, there is the concept of advanced skills.

By that logic, you could see the reason why the ‘Requiem’ skill is so overpowered. It means that it had already transcended Tier P in terms of power as an additional S Tier skill was used…

If you were to put a tier on it, I guess it would be PP+?

For reference, S tier skills reach 100,000 euros in price.

4. Monster tiers

Rookie tier → Junior tier → Minor tier → Major tier → Expert tier → Master tier → Lord tier → Undefined

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Currently, common monsters are defined in 7 different tiers. Monsters within dungeons have additional stats put on them compared to common monster counterpart, but the difference between them isn’t too huge to tilt the scale.

Monsters in the Rookie tier are represented by ones like rabbits and common beasts. Juniors are represented by predatory beasts like wolves. Minors are the more savage ones amongst predatory beasts like tigers and crocodiles. In truth, you’d only see fantasy type monsters like orcs and skeletons starting from the Major tier. They’re currently the most common type of monsters that are hunted by users.

For Expert tier monsters, Ogres or Minotaurus are the main representation of that group, often giant in scale.
Monsters in the Master tier are powerful enough to be recognized as boss monsters sometimes. The Death Knights that the main character hunted in the Stone Henge area is the best representation of that tier.

Lord tier monsters are monsters that aren’t efficient to hunt for farming experience. You could say that they’re practically boss monsters. However, the reward in return is much less than actual boss monsters, so people usually avoid them. The best representation for that tier are monsters like Basilisk or Wyverns.

4.1. For boss monsters, their tiers are different than common monsters.

Bronze tier → Silver tier → Gold tier → Red Tier → Purple tier → Undefined

Bronze tier: As the weakest boss monsters, their population are the highest. Their actual combat power is similar to Lord tier common monsters, with their health just a bit higher than them.

Silver tier: Monsters that appear in regular dungeons that are not ‘Raid tier dungeons’. Usually, they are the ones that sometimes drop Unique tier items so they’re often called ‘lottery monsters’. They are the goals for the average users to try and reach, and are prime targets for making money.

Gold tier: They say that this is where it becomes serious. They often appear in raid tier dungeons and it’s nearly impossible to take them down unless you have at least a few dozen party members all working together. However, some people say that changes once you are one of the top-ranking users. In any case, you could even gain Ancient tier items from them so there are many hunting groups that have been optimized for taking them down.

Raid Tier: They’re called ‘walking natural disasters’, and usually the Dragon race or lower-tier angels and demons are in this tier. Usually, only big guilds would attempt to take these bosses down and the damage they usually leave on the guild is extreme. Currently, most of the legendary tier items that are dropped came from bosses like these.

(Reference: For the main character’s fight, she had that extremely overpowered stats, and the boss monster was slightly debuffed due to the effect of the quest. That was why there was even less chance that the dragon would drop a legendary tier item, and why it was so surprising that it did drop one even with the extremely low chance. If she had taken down the boss in a normal situation with no quest, she would have been happy but not surprised. Though it doesn’t change the fact that the main character is overpowered…)

Purple tier: There are no monsters that had appeared in the story that belongs to this tier yet.

5. Blue Sky world

The main theme for the world is that each of the nations in the world would have their fantasy world counterpart and reflect their culture as much as possible.

With the 1 nation, 1 server rule, each server’s size is similar to the size of the corresponding country. Territories are generated based on the cities that exist in real life.

Experts in the field came to the conclusion that if you were to combine every single server in the world together, the size would be similar to the total landscape on Earth. It is large enough for people to dare say that Blue Sky is literally another Earth, only virtual.

Certain materials (Example: Fuel, Uranium) in the Blue Sky world has its uses restricted even though it’s based on real Earth, and certain substances are excluded from the game outright.

6. NPC

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The numbers of NPCs are several times the number of users registered in the game. The setting is that they can naturally die from laws of causality, so they die after time had passed but the base is that they are reborn as babies in the temple. Meaning that the number of NPCs is always fixed. Having NPCs born out of sexual intercourse is forbidden.
However, if the user is an adult, has the consent on both sides, and doesn’t break any rules regarding the law, they are allowed to have cybersex. (Special rules for prostitution applies).

Meaning that if there is no consent on both sides, it is not possible to actually have any sex in the game.
For teens that play the game, adult themes, alcohol and cigarettes are forbidden. They play in a different version of Blue Sky. This is based on the laws of what constitutes an ‘adult’ in each of the nations.

7. Policy around cash trading.

Some countries are still disputing over ‘unearned income tax’, but most recognize it as a genuine method of earning money.
There was an endless amount of illegal trading that occurred at the beginning of the game’s release but thanks to the developers and nations recognizing the problem and applying rules against it in a positive way, a safe culture of trading was established and became large enough for actually be a decent percentage in some country’s GDP.

There already are numerous giant corporations that fought to gain rights in the game, and they do so by being a high ranked player or a sponsor of a guild. The fact that advertising within Blue Sky is much more effective than advertising on national TV is already recognized.

8. General World Lore

Although the background of the world is set in the real world, it’s 100% virtual. The president is different and certain important people do not exist in this game world. However, the native culture and its characteristics are still mostly the same.
The one huge difference is that this is the virtual reality game, ‘Blue Sky’.

It had been 5 years since the opening of the official servers for Blue Sky, but in actuality, there had been half a year of period where beta testing had been done. It was done in an unofficial capacity, so even the main character currently doesn’t know about it. Only the real Elizabeth and some users around the world had experienced this closed beta.

The screening criteria for who was chosen for the closed beta will be slowly revealed as the game continues, and the details are secret. Hoho.

In any case, 5 years had passed since the beginning of the game. But this is simply part 1 of the story. Meaning that this story will be going on for quite a long time.


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