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Chapter 27 Act 4: Good relationships, bad relationships

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 3329 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1938 words
Editor(s): Silva

“I’m sorry, Ellie. Because of me, you ended up having this terrible moment in your memory…”

After the meeting was over, Katalina came over to me with a genuinely sorry expression on her face. However, since she didn’t intentionally want this to happen, and the outcome wasn’t all that bad, I didn’t care too much.

“It’s fine.”
“Honestly, thanks to you Ellie, I can solve any trivial problems I have and only good things seem to happen to me. Are you actually the goddess of luck, Ellie?”

Hearing her absurd words, I could only express disbelief.


Seeing my expression, Katalina made a curiously wicked smile back at me.

“Guild master. Aren’t you being way too friendly with Miss Artoria?”

Although the guild meeting had been over, none of the officers had left the room. Joker, who just said the words then, also stayed after the meeting was over.

“Is that a problem?”

Seeing Katalina snap back at him slightly, Joker flinched. It seemed like he was aiming to ask Katalina to introduce me to everyone, but ‌had to back down from her angry response.

Understandably, it’s not enough to just muster up the courage to ask for an introduction to me, because Katalina was defending me from being approached by anyone with absolute power. It’s hard to butt into a conversation between us two when we are constantly talking and Katalina is the guild master.

But seeing as how Joker could come in, it seemed like Joker was pretty friendly with Katalina.

“Hahaha, guild master, there’s no way there could be any problem. I ‌wish for you to formally introduce Miss Artoria to all the officers here as she is a guest‌. Honestly, we’re all eager to hear from her.

Miss Artoria, whose information was completely shrouded in mystery throughout the world, is ‌standing here right in front of us, so please understand our extreme curiosity in wanting to learn more about her…”

Even with his reasoning, Joker was still struggling to keep his composure, voice shaking and looking like he will fall apart at any moment in front of Katalina, who was looking almighty in front of him.

“Don’t want to.”

However, it seemed like no use as Katalina refused to right away. Even I think you’re being a bit too cold-hearted here, Katalina…


The officers all jeered in unison, seemingly because they were expecting to meet me. The atmosphere was so different as though the events that just unfolded never happened. Or perhaps they’re trying to actively forget about that painful moment?

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“If there’s anyone that wishes to have their levels lowered at the colosseum today, you can keep booing me. Also, your wage will be lowered‌.”

Seeing her completely silence and control the room with ease like she’s practically a dictator, one could see just how powerful Katalina was in the Volcano Guild. It’s understandable why, even though Vega was second-in-command, he still had to bet everything he had in order to obtain just one more authority over the guild.

But looking at it in a good way, you could say that Katalina’s management over the guild was that good, and even though she’s domineering over them, they still receive a just amount of reward in return. Many people felt anxiety and worry over Katalina when she was on the verge of being impeached just a few moments ago.

“It’s fine. Well, it’s not like it’s a big problem, so just introduce me to everyone.”
“I don’t want to!”
“Weren’t you worried about me not being social enough?”

And so I easily shot down Katalina’s attack back at me and turned towards the officers.

“I will introduce myself once again then. As you all already know, I am Artoria. I’m sure some of you are still skeptical of whether I really am who I claim to be, so I should show some concrete evidence, right?”

I immediately disabled my Real Mode. Soon, my ID and my level appeared above me.


Most of them nodded their heads in a convinced manner, but there were also several of them who couldn’t help but be surprised. They’re either way too cautious about things or can’t help but suspect everyone.

“And since I’ve already decided to use my real face in the public, I will reveal some basic personal information about myself.”

When I turned my head, I saw Katalina with a slightly displeased expression. That pouty face of hers felt refreshingly new and unique to see.

“Does that mean your body right now is your actual body shape with no editing via Real Mode?”

The officer who said he was the information advisor just then asked me with a shine in his eyes and the fiercest impression on his face. He looked like a hawk eyeing its prey.


Chaos went through the officers in the room. But they soon quietened down after realizing I was going to speak again, and their eyes once again locked on to me with seemingly more sparkles in their eyes. Is it me or am I feeling slightly more bothered?

“In any case… I’m eighteen years old and my name is Elizabeth. I live in London. And the guild master Merlin, I mean, Katalina, is someone I have known for a long ti…”
“You’re my fiancee, so don’t try to worm your way out of it, all right?”

Before I could even finish my words, Katalina butted in and confirmed the fact.

“Haha… You’re joking, right guild master?”

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I also stood there slightly shocked, but the officers were all in downright panic.

“No way!!! Our guild master is…!!!”
“Now there are even less women…”

Seemingly satisfied with the dejected reaction from them, Katalina let out a burst of laughter.

“Hohoho. I’m sure you all don’t want to believe it, but I’m sure you management folks know about the vague story about Duke Kent and Marquiss Wimbledon’s family members getting engaged with each other a year ago.”
“You mean the… Ah! Wasn’t that the story that’s been disputed since both families only had a single daughter?”

The information advisor smartly recalled the information right away, befitting his role. Since I had no such memory in my mind about that, I ‌assumed that’s the case.

“That’s right. The story about the engagement was true.”
“If that’s the case, Miss Artoria is…”

All the gazes turned towards me. Are you telling me to reveal it myself?

“… Yes, I’m Duke Kent family’s only daughter, Elizabeth.1

It wasn’t a mistake ‌I was hearing more sounds of regret rather than surprise from everyone.

And afterwards, the officers all left. Before they did, Katalina intimidated everyone, saying that if any of them were to spread the truth that we’re fiancees, everyone’s wage will be reduced by 10%.

It seemed like she was trying to console my feelings of discomfort by making that threat, but I had already half given up on hoping that it stays a secret. With this mind of mine, I can never imagine myself wanting to date a normal guy nor even marry him, and I wasn’t sure whether the woman I liked did like me back. If that’s the case, Katalina being in love with me is what I practically wished for, is it not? Of course, the one thing that nags at me in my mind is that she had fallen in love with me at a time before this body of mine lost all of her memory. I may actually only like my body and background more, and not her.

‘We’ll just have to see how it goes.’

I didn’t want to be hurt again, so I became even more cautious.

“I think it’s the first time you entered the castle, Ellie. Want me to show you around?”

Katalina gave a beaming smile at me as she asked, not knowing what I was thinking inside my mind.

“The hunt was pretty tiring, and you just finished a major meeting‌.”
“Mmh~ Well, I’m fine as long as you’re next to me, Ellie.”
“If you say so.”

It wasn’t like I was particularly interested, but ‌I’ve never looked into a castle city in my life playing the game, so I couldn’t help but admit that I was still slightly curious. The whole time I was playing the game, I put that curiosity to the side because I knew I would never join a guild, therefore never have a chance to visit one. I still wanted to visit one at least once, though.

And now, I finally have the chance to see one. I even have an expert guide with me to give me the tour, so I had no real reason to say no.

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“Okay~! Let’s go~”

Bouncing happily, Katalina took my hand and pulled it along as she gave me a guide around the castle city. Honestly‌, aside from the larger scale area, the style of the architecture was very similar to the sky castle that I had. Of course, it definitely was grander and had much more details and additional decorations, but I’m just saying that it isn’t that much more interesting than my sky castle.

“Looks like you’re getting bored. Then do you want to see some siege weapons?”
“Siege weapons? You’re talking about stuff like ballista and so on, right?”
“Ding~ You’re right.”

It definitely sounded more interesting than what I was looking at so far. After leaving the inner castle buildings, we went up to the castle walls and to a particular tower that has a ballista installed.

“It’s huge now that I look at it up close.”

I had assumed that it couldn’t be that big even though it’s a siege weapon and was thoroughly surprised by its actual size.

“The ballista was designed specifically for mass killing in one blow. If you were hit by one of these directly, you may not die right away but half your health would be gone at least.”

I was already looking into the specifics of the ballista before Katalina finished speaking, and saw for myself the massive damage output it could do, making me agree and nod to her claim.

“But I’m sure the maintenance fees are really high…”
“Of course it is. Even if you only considered the cost of the single arrow of the ballista, it probably equals the cost of a single potion.”
“Well, I guess that’s fair considering what overpowered damage it can do.”

Looking out the window, I saw the sun setting on the horizon. Since the concept of time in Blue Sky is exactly the same as the real-life one, it meant that in real life the sun was setting‌.

“We should go and eat dinner now.”
“Time really moves fast. How about eating at a restaurant for tonight?”
“You should be honest and just say that you want to go shopping with me.”

Katalina was talking about going out to eat, but she had been practically singing about wanting to go out for a shopping trip with me the last few days, so I could tell her intention right away.

“Ngh… Then, will you go with me?”
“You lied, so no.”
“You’re mean, Ellie.”

I expressed complete refusal to it since I knew what kind of time ‘Going out shopping with girls’ can be, but…

“Aww. You really won’t?”

Even though she’s definitely shedding crocodile tears, and virtual ones inside the game, ‌but, ‌it was an extremely powerful tool that she had. Women really have it easy.

“… Fine, but we’re only going to buy what we need and come back as soon as possible.”
“Of course!”


  1. Robinxen: She just….flat out says it…..

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