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Chapter 39 Act 6: Ianus

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 3565 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2284 words
Editor(s): Silva

I cut and slash.

As I attack mercilessly in a trance, fountains of blood cover my visage. There is no rest for me. To stop continuing my combo skill amidst the endless amount of enemies around me is nothing short of suicide.

“Stop her!”

They don’t understand that it is futile to go against me. They keep resisting against me, trying desperately to survive. They must believe that their superior numbers will take me down.


Among them, an enemy soldier who wasn’t able to avoid the path of my sword gasped as it stabbed into him. It was too late to dodge it.


In return, I pulled Excalibur diagonally downwards, starting from the left side of their chest ‌I stabbed into, killing them. Yet again, my total number of Kill Points increased. I was lucky that my kill points weren’t shown since I was a mercenary, by this point I’d surely have over 100 of them.

“How are we supposed to stop that monster…”
“She looks like she’s within the top 100 ranking users.”

The enemies that tediously kept attacking me suddenly unanimously agreed. It seemed ‌that the bodies of their allies around them as well as not being able to land a single attack had shocked all of them.

However, because of the numerous soldiers pushing forward to the castle, they had no choice but to move towards me bit by bit.

“Argh! I don’t want to die. I only joined to raise my experience points, not to lose them!”

One of them turned their back around and desperately ran towards the siege tower he had just climbed up from. The others that saw him turn around and run also joined him.

“Idiot, why are you trying to go back? Don’t you know that siege towers only go one way? There’s no turning back!”
“You have a red outfit as well. Let’s not go crazy here!”
“Shut up! I don’t want to die!!”

People were trying to get out of the siege tower, while others were trying to run back into it. The entrance of the siege tower fell into a chaotic mix and soon was the epitome of chaos.

Katalina walked over, already having completed tidying up the mess.

“Casting complete.1

She spoke with a quiet voice while smiling brightly. The target was the enemy’s siege tower, which had fallen into a chaotic state.


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I wasn’t sure how many times she had cast it today, but yet another fire element magic headed towards the siege tower.


The users stood in frozen shock as they saw the fire river hurtling towards them. Those that are quick to judge things jumped off of the siege tower, but they were very few in numbers.


“Aaargh! Its too hot! Heal me!!!”
“I don’t want to burn to death!”

The siege tower had erupted into a hell of flames. Some players that survived changed their direction and headed towards me. They must have decided that instead of burning alive, it would be better to die in a fight.

However, their last ditch effort to go against me ended pitifully as more Kill Points for me.

Tap tap.

I lightly tapped the Excalibur on the ground to whip the blood away from the blade. The grip had become slippery because the blood that had sprayed on me ran all the way down onto the grip. If I wasn’t careful, I could end up having the sword slip from my hand while I try to execute a skill in the future. It’s natural to make sure your equipment is in the best state whenever you have a moment to relax.

Pulling out a mana potion from my inventory, I refilled my mana, which had nearly bottomed out. Katalina also drank a mana potion, as it seemed like she had nearly run out as well.


The allied soldiers stare in jealousy at us. Of course they had to be, because of how expensive the drink was. I was also extremely jealous of top ranking users who could drink as many potions as they wanted without even caring about the cost in the past2.

But to share my potions with the allied soldiers would not be the right thing to do, as there are way too many of them to do so.

After completing a simple maintenance check that way, we quickly move up towards a higher place. Although the battle on this side of the castle wall almost concluded, there were still lots of fierce battles in many locations around us.

“Can we go along with you as well?”

One soldier that was refilling their empty mana by sitting down on the ground hurriedly came up and asked us.

“All right then.”

It would be cruel for me to say no when all they wanted was to follow us, and to be brutally honest, we needed some people to take the attention of the enemy away from us, which was why I accepted their request.

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“Thank you.”

One of them bowed to thank for my generosity, but since what I’ve done wasn’t exactly being considerate of them, I shook my hand side to side to dismiss it.

And so, we moved in formation together with the allied soldiers towards the northern side of the castle walls. Sometimes some remaining enemy forces would notice us and come to take us on, but they were quickly taken care of.



The sounds of steel clashing against each other mixed ‌with screams rang out in the air. It seemed like there was a deadlock battle happening nearby. I increased my speed somewhat and darted across the castle walls.

When I arrived at the noise, there were dozens of users all tangled in a battle. Even at a glance I could tell that the enemy forces were at an advantage and that it was only a matter of time before they would run the allied forces over.

Without needing to make any grand entrance, I stepped up to the enemy healers that were concentrating on our allies who were in a tight spot and effortlessly slashed their chests and necks with my sword.


Oh dear, that was a woman. I felt sorry, but it was unavoidable since she was an enemy.

“What the? It’s an enemy!”

Hearing the scream coming from behind them, the battling enemy forces turned their head and saw me shouting out a warning to their forces.

“It’s reinforcements!”
“Thank god! Push them back!!”
“Thank you, lord…”

The allied forces that looked like they were on the verge of death shout in joy. Though, it’s us that came to rescue them, so why are they thanking god?

“We still have a similar number. Don’t be discoura… Ugh!”

A soldier that looked to be the leader of the group of mercenaries realized that they were sandwiched between two forces and tried his best to keep the morale up. Although it was commendable for his effort as the leader, I moved into his blind spot before he could finish. Seeing that I wasn’t low leveled, he became shocked.


He hurriedly pulled out his sword and activated an aura around it. Seeing as how the aura around the blade had quite a dark color to it, they definitely seemed like a high level user. His panicked state quickly subsided and studied me carefully with a serious stance.

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Although I could have easily cut him down with my Force Blade, high-level users like him may actually know what Force Blade is, so in a cautious decision I activated Aura Blade as well. As my proficiency and skill level in Aura Blade had reached its absolute maximum in stat, it proudly showed much more power just in appearance.


A heavy dull sound rang out in the air as two Aura Blades clashed. After that, we went back and forth in attack and defence. Although our swords clashed multiple times in what seemed like a deadlock, he could clearly see that there was no way he could outpace the damage I was putting on him, as he frowned heavily in fear.

Just as I was winning, two mercenaries jumped into the fight between me and the enemy leader.

“Man. To think that Omega would be pushed back this much in a 1-on-1 duel.”
“I didn’t think this day where we’d have to help ‌Omega would come!”

The two that came over with a playful smile on their faces looked to be ‘Master’ classes. Their swords glowed with auras. Around me, the soldiers were all busy fighting and deadlocked. Katalina was supporting them appropriately, but she wouldn’t bother using powerful magic unless it was for me.

To make herself vulnerable by casting such powerful magic would leave her in a dangerous state, which is why she isn’t able to attempt without any worry.

“Hey hey, she looks like a female user. Top level ranked user as well. Be careful.”
“No way, is she Eva?”
“No way…”

They were right in thinking that, as the highest placed female knight user in the rankings was Eva.

Showing no sign of affirmation or denial, I began my attack.

It was ‌very difficult to fend off the attacks of 3 different enemies while not using the Force Blade. Because I’m using a two-handed sword and cannot act quickly in defending or counter attacking enemies, it meant that I received lots of small cuts and a bit of damage from them.

Since knight classes have extremely high health and comparatively high dodging skills, I wasn’t in ‌danger, but it was hard for me to find any chance to attack properly as well.

Even though I wanted to use a skill and make a strong attack against them, they wouldn’t give me any time to begin with. If that’s the case…

Suddenly, I saw one of them slightly stagger backwards away from me. He seemed to be one of the master class users that had joined in the middle of the fight between me and the leader, and the aura of his sword looked very transparent. As you know, ‘Aura Blade’ is a passive skill that continuously drains your mana, making it close to an active skill. While powerful, it has the downside of using a lot of mana if your proficiency in using that skill is low, though not that much of a problem for me as I nearly maxed out my proficiency in it and have enough mana to rival a mid-tier mage. I had plenty of mana to go before I would need to recharge, while he looked to be running out.

It seemed to me that he was planning to back out for a moment to drink a mana potion.

The two enemies increased their attacks in order to cover for the man who had to back off for a moment, but since I had more clearance than when I was being attacked in 3 different directions, I deftly dodged and blocked both Master class enemy and the user called ‘Omega’.

The 3rd guy used this as a chance to drink down a potion. But I wasn’t planning to let him. I lifted ‌the master user who hurriedly tried to block me from getting to him with one hand and threw him to Omega who was charging towards me. As the 3rd enemy user was vulnerable while drinking the potion, I swung Excalibur at him.


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With a short scream, he received a fatal wound and fell over.

“You little b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲, how dare you do that to my brother!”

Soon, the two who had fallen over by my throw stood up and shouted at me in anger.

“Rudolph! Calm down!”

The other master dashed at me, blind with rage. That was good for me, as I easily jumped over his attack, which had received a penalty from being way too aggressive, and swung Excalibur right behind his back.


Then the user called Rudolph fell, just like that. As it was registered as a counterattack, he had instantly died.

[Sword Charging] 

Using that as a gap in my defence, Omega tried to attack me with quite a high level skill, but to let him hit me with that kind of attack was absurd as his stats were way too low compared to mine.

Because of the enormous difference in stats, his attack looked like it was in slow motion, making it difficult for me to even get hit on purpose. To activate a skill against a user who’s 100 levels higher than you is a suicidal act in terms of risk. He looked to be a user in the top ranked players in the server, but unfortunately didn’t even reach 800s in level. It seemed to me that the difference in levels between me and him is over 100.

Which was why I easily dodged all of Omega’s skill attacks, and every time I did so his expression looked more grim and scared. As I continually dodged all of his attacks, it seemed very certain to Omega what was happening to him.

Finally, his attack skill had reached its climax, and even though the skill should be emanating magnificence and beauty from its powerful attacks, now it simply looked pathetic even to other people.

“W… Wait!”

He hurriedly tried to say something, but I was already in the middle of activating a counter attack in time with the last attack of his skill and swinging my sword directly towards his neck.


A gruesome noise of metal cutting through flesh rang out, and the man’s body which had lost its head slowly slumped down onto the ground.


  1. Robinxen: I read this in Japanese despite this being a Korean novel.
  2. Robinxen: Oi oi oi wait. Mana potions are a pay to win item?! This is basic RPG design you’re gating?!

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