Chapter 131 Act 13: Dungeon

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 4426 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2592 words
Editor(s): Silva

Chromesche in the meantime didn’t just sit there waiting as I charged in. It started to swing its long tail that reached 20 meters in length, directly towards me.

I had no intention to block that attack in the first place. Even though the dragon had its magic sealed away, it was still a proper dragon with frightening strength and size. On top of that, the material of its tail was as powerful as armor made out of double-layered dragon scales.

Putting power into my feet, I lightly jumped off of the ground and flew up. Having used mana on my jump I was able to escape the area despite its gigantic size.

But Chromesche’s attack didn’t end there. Even though they looked small, his front legs still held the strength of a dragon in them, so using them he tried to swipe at me while I was in mid-air.

Even though I said it was small in size, it was only small in proportion to its body, as the front legs of the dragon were bigger than my entire body length. The nails that were attached to the end of it were as long as Excalibur’s blade as well.

Clang, clang, clang!

Activating my Force Blade passive skill, it clashed against Chromesche’s front legs in mid-air as the ear-piercing sound of metal clashing against metal rang out in the room. And because his front legs were swiping towards the ground, I was pressed onto the ground by them.


Having felt the unexpectedly heavy claw putting all its weight onto me I let out a pained gasp. With my current status, it was still bearable but if I were lacking even a bit of strength, this one attack would already have crushed me.

This was a very significant difference. Usually in raid dungeons, having a user be hit directly by a dragon’s attack would naturally be certain death with no doubt after all.

  • You’re holding up quite well.

Chromesche said in surprise at seeing me block his attack like that. Instead of replying to his comment, I swung right away to smack away Chromesche’s other toenail that was right next to me. Then carrying the momentum of the sword, I directly stabbed the Excalibur right into the front leg of the Dragon that became exposed by smacking it’s toenail upwards.

  • Aaaargh!

Feeling the pain caused by the stab, Chromesche’s scream echoed throughout the room. As I thought, his front legs which looked thinner compared to his thick hide that covered most of his body, were easily pierced by Excalibur.

Not stopping there, in order to pull out the Excalibur I twisted the sword slightly while still embedded in flesh and slid it out.

  • You insolent human!!!

Furious from the pain it had felt, Chromesche put strength into his front leg which was still locking me down and curled the rest of his toes inwards in an effort to crush me to death.

It was no different than seeing numerous swords all heading directly towards me, razor sharp and ready to shred me. However, it was the very reason why it had a fatal flaw to his plan.

Because it was a frontal leg there won’t be any nail that’s located at where the ankle joint of his legs were. Naturally it meant that it was like having a hole in the net it’s trying to capture me in, so I was able to squeeze between the enclosing nails and escape Chromesche’s attack.

However, I wasn’t planning to just stop at escaping his attack. Twisting my body just as I escaped, I swung with all my power to the Dragon’s front leg.


With the sword embedding deep into the flesh, I continued the momentum until it struck the Dragon’s bone and cut the leg clean off.

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The Dragon’s front leg fell directly onto the ground, with crimson blood spurting like a fountain from the wounded area.

I should be happy about dealing heavy damage against it, but the Dragon’s blood was in itself a powerful acid that can melt things. If it were to land on my body or my armor it would deal continuous damage to me over time like poison, so I had to keep moving left and right trying to dodge the blood that was streaming all over.

  • Roaaaaaarrr!!!!

Feeling the agony of having his leg cut off completely, the gigantic 15~18 meter dragon thrashed wildly in the room. Had all its casting not been blocked by Katalina, it would have been able to heal from the wound with a simple casting of ‘Recovery’ spell

Since an AI would also feel the pain that they had received, the programmed sensation that he was feeling put him in a severe mental anguish.

Of course, I didn’t let this chance go by. While Chromesche thrashed around from the unfamiliar sensation, I started swinging my sword at him without stopping. Starting from the hind leg of the Dragon, I stabbed my Excalibur right into every possible region of the body and pulled it out again to inflict the continuous bleeding status, and it’s beautiful green scales began to be drenched in Dragon’s blood.

If I were to continually damage it like this, it’s obvious that I would be able to easily take down this Green Dragon. To use a powerful skill for no good reason at all in this situation would possibly give it a small window to counter attack, so I made sure not to use any powerful skill.

Though the circuity of the AI was damaged by the damage inflicted on it, it was still a cold blooded raid boss monster. Its class won’t fall just because it received too much damage.

Of course, I kept this thought in my mind and made sure to mix up irregular movements in my attacks in order to confuse the Dragon. But since I’m just a human after all, it was difficult for me to dodge all of Chromesche’s attacks as it started to predict where I would be and attack there.

After leaving a deep puncture wound on Chromesche’s stomach and dashing backwards to escape any danger, I prepared for his next attack but it didn’t come at all.


Just as I was wondering why it stopped, the Dragon answered my confusion with an attack in succession using a tail swing followed by its remaining front leg claw attack. It was a usual all out attack that would leave one vulnerable for a moment in exchange for extra damage.

Being in a dire situation I had to make the decision of whether to block the claw attack, or block the tail instead since it was impossible for me to dodge both at the same time..

‘Let’s dodge the tail.’

Remembering I’ve already blocked a tail swing from a Dragon in the past I decided to block the claw attack instead. I jumped into the air to dodge the Dragon’s tail swing which came at me like a whip and prepared myself for the next attack that would be coming right after.


Although I properly jumped high enough to dodge its attack, I was able to see Chromesche’s front leg changing it’s vertical slam to a horizontal swipe attack instead.

That’s right, falling for its feint I was directly hit by the Dragon’s claw swipe.

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I was barely able to pull my sword to the side in time to not take a direct hit, but wasn’t able to absorb most of the impact of the attack since my stance was in an unbalanced state.

Feeling the powerful impact spreading over my arm and body, I couldn’t help but scream in pain as I crashed onto the ground.

I felt like the whole world was spinning around as my body kept rolling, but I had no time to lay on the ground.


I saw the bottom of the Dragon’s feet coming down on me as he planned to finish me off by stomping my body.

Since I was holding Excalibur with my right hand, I swung it close to the dragon’s feet and bent my left arm to bounce off the ground.

Using the fulcrum of the impact, I swung my body around and rolled as if being flung up from the ground, barely avoiding immediate death.

  • You little rat!

Chromesche’s furious voice filled the room once again as he missed the chance to finish me off. Taking that chance I got back up from the ground while it was distracted by its rage.

The funny thing was that even as I felt that huge impact on my body, the damage I had actually received was not even one third of my entire health.

Chromesche restarted it’s attack on me since it wasn’t intending to give me any chance to drink down a potion, and I had to start dodging again.

Though I didn’t have any problems dodging its attacks, while rolling on the ground to avoid its attack, unfortunately its blood had gotten onto me.

My white skin was red and swollen, and even though I didn’t receive any burns thanks to my resistance stat, the durability of my armor was slowly going down. My equipment still had a limit in durability even though it was a legendary item, and if I were to continually build up these small damages I receive, it may break sometime.

However, Chromesche was also in a terrible state as well. With blood still pouring out from its missing leg, and there were so many stab wounds on its lower body that it was hard to see any are unwounded.

Its health probably had fallen by one third at this point.

Because of the particular design of the dungeon, Chromesche didn’t even have any space to fly away or anything, so he had to struggle with luck now.

In order to continue the small amount of pressure it had against me, Chromesche continued to lash out its attacks nonstop but was unable to hit even a single one on me due to my heightened senses and the concentration I put into dodging and predicting it’s attacks. Honestly I was confident that if I didn’t decide to be risky and try to land some big hit on Chromesche, I would be able to dodge all its attacks for an entire day.

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My confidence grows even more when I think about the time in the past where I hunted down a Drake with my own skills while barely avoiding fatal blows from its attacks multiple times. Aside from the size difference, there wasn’t that much difference between a Drake and a Dragon’s attack pattern after all.


As I dodged Chromesche’s hind leg attack yet again, I realized that even though it was just a bit, his attacks had become slower so it was probably starting to get tired. Though Chromesche itself may not have noticed that, I as the one who’s dodging its attacks could feel it and figure it out.

With its speed slowing down, I now could start counter attacking. With a sparkle in my eyes, I lightly dodged the attack that Chromesche was attempting with its front leg and followed with a swing of my Excalibur right where it was, cutting off the limb entirely just like how I did last time.


Yet another scream rang out from the Dragon’s mouth. Chromesche’s attacks were already slower, so when it had its other front leg cut off, it couldn’t move at all. Though the time that he couldn’t move only lasted around 4 to 5 seconds, I dashed towards it at a frightening speed as I drew a wound against its right hind leg.

Losing his mind from the overwhelming pain, it tried to use its tail to attack me. However, I wasn’t willing to just stand there and get hit by that. Originally I would have needed to watch the tail and stop it appropriately from landing an attack on me, but since the Dragon was going half-insane at this point, it ended up striking its own now freshly wounded hind leg with its tail.


The tail swing which contained all his strength in it broke his hind leg bones with a loud crack even though it was practically uninjured before with just some stab wounds.

Screaming out yet again, Chromesche’s gigantic body started thrashing around one more time. But it wasn’t able to keep the balance of its huge body due to putting too much strain on the wounded hind left. It tried to desperately regain its balance with the tail, but I wasn’t going to just stand around and let it recuperate.

Stepping away from the Dragon, I prepared myself to activate a skill. Though it was a risky move, even if Chromesche were to notice and try to attack me again, I was confident in activating it before he could do anything.

While I stood there consuming my mana to prepare my skill, it barely held itself from falling completely over and took a humiliating pose of kneeling on one of its legs. Worried about having me out of its sight even for a moment, Chromesche looked around desperately but I was already standing behind it. Unable to move too much due to its wounds, the Dragon slowly turned around to me.


Perhaps a furious roar for nothing working his way, or perhaps it was a mortified roar knowing it would die any second now, I wasn’t sure.

Not only did it lose both front legs, it couldn’t move one of its hind legs so it could only use its tail to hold its own balance, so it had no way to physically attack me anymore.

In the end, making the decision, Chromesche started to breathe in deeply in order to prepare the only attack it could possibly use in this situation, ‘Dragon’s Breath’.

But of course, my skill which I had begun activating beforehand had already been charged. Its action was completely useless at this point but it was the only thing the Dragon could do to improve its chances of survival.

However, thanks to that I was able to achieve the goal that I was aiming for.

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[True Requiem] 

The green sword beam that emitted from my Excalibur went past the edge of Chromesche’s neck. Right away, all the breath it had been gathering in order to use its Dragon Breath stopped immediately.

Chromesche’s green eyes which were burning brightly started to lose its focus, then became clouded. Soon, a fountain of blood spurted out as it went all over the room.

I then saw Chromesche’s neck falling downwards having lost all strength, as well as its corpse falling onto the ground.


A giant cloud of dust blew from the impact from where Chromesche’s body landed as if it was a building that had just crashed, and then I saw the Dragon’s decapitated head landing in front of it. Though even that started to become dust and disappear into the wind…

The corpse of the Dragon had completely disappeared already, but I still couldn’t believe that I had killed a Dragon by myself. Though I was confident that I would be able to win, after actually taking it down it didn’t feel like I had done it myself.

Numerous system messages popped up in front of me as if it’s a party, as well as a beam of light shining directly towards me indicating that I had leveled up.1


  1. Robinxen: And this is where our translation will end sadly, this novel just drastically underperformed, and it was costing us the chance to translate more interesting novels. For example, right now in it’s place you can go read Swordsman’s Re:START which I am responsible for publishing! Thank you to everyone who stuck around as my motivation to make footnotes clearly dwindled from my early days of siscon hype. I hope to see you around on my other two publishing projects if you wish to continue reading my pre-chapter rambles.

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