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Chapter 58 Act 8: Calm before the storm

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 2712 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1688 words
Editor(s): Silva

“Ellie, you just need to be the leader of the alliance guild.”
“You’re telling me to make a whole new guild?”

I did predict this somewhat but it was close to impossible. How was I to raise the guild level that high overnight? To even request having the guild be involved in the siege war event tomorrow would require me to raise the guild level to 5 at least.

To complete the various guild quests as well as earning enough guild points in just one night would be the equivalent of picking a star from the sky, impossible.

“No, you just need to be the leader of the alliance.”

I couldn’t help but ask what it meant as it wasn’t a word often used in Blue Sky.

“When a guild reaches level 10, they gain the right to keep the existing guild and create an umbrella guild above it.1
“So you’re saying that it will serve as the alliance.”
“Correct! Meaning that when a new alliance is formed, the Volcano guild would be under the umbrella of XX alliance.”
“So it’s not simply them calling themselves our alliance, but an actual one?”
“Yeah! And I’m thinking that you can take on the role as the leader of that alliance.”
“Leader of an alliance, huh… Hmm.”

A leader of an alliance with a guild as gigantic as Volcano under its wing. It wasn’t like I didn’t know how significant of a position this would be.

I already feel burdened by the position I’m in as the newly coronated Duchess, yet now I’ve ended up gaining another significant leadership position on top of that. I felt a little concerned.

“Please don’t decline it. In my opinion, I think this is the best course of action!”

Reading my concerned expression, Katalina quickly added to her words.

“But if I were to become the leader of the alliance, can that process really be completed within one day, and shouldn’t you consider and listen to the opinions of all your guild officers whether they agree with your idea or not?”
“It’s all possible, which is why I’m bringing it up!”

Katalina spoke with great confidence. Even though she was making such a huge decision without consulting her officers, she didn’t look worried at all about it. I guess this was the advantage of being the dictator of your own guild.

The main company that sponsored the Volcano guild owned by Katalina’s family, plus she owned 60% of the guild’s share so no one could even think of going against her. Sometimes whenever there someone went against her opinions, she joked by telling them to meet her at the colosseum. But I knew very well that the joke could be real if she chose it to be.

“All right. Then I’ll take on the position as the alliance guild leader.”
“Wise choice.”
“Then I guess we should connect into the game first at least?”

After changing to a more comfortable set of clothes, Katalina and I went inside our respective capsules.

The last location I was at before I disconnected was at my mansion within London, and for Katalina, it was inside the castle within Liverpool city.

This was one of the secret functions of the ‘Ring of Promise’, a way to learn the location of where the other person was at. You could say it was a bug but since the function was so useful, I was pretending that I didn’t know of such a thing. It wasn’t like it was a game-breaking bug, and even if the developer caught wind of it, I could simply pretend I never knew it existed.

I intended to make full use of it, just needed to not get caught.

[Ellie, I’m going to transfer you to the castle in Liverpool city so be on standby.] 

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After Katalina’s whisper message was sent to me, it wasn’t that long before the transfer process began. Though it was a function that we could only use once a day, it was still an extremely useful function.

Once again I stepped inside of the castle within Liverpool city walls. It was different than usual as there weren’t as many people moving around inside like before. Was there something happening? I hoped that it wasn’t something bad as I moved together with Katalina.

The place that Katalina was bringing me to was a terrace house with the lord’s home office located inside. The transparent terrace door reflected the sunlight and shone beautifully.

“Wait a moment.”

Katalina stopped for a moment when we arrived at the door.

[Master Merlin of the Volcano guild is now acknowledging the transferring of the lord’s authority to Artoria as the leader of the alliance guild.] 

A system message popped up.

[Will you accept? Yes / No] 

Of course, I selected yes.

[Congratulations. You received the title ‘First in the server to receive lord’s honor’. You receive 5 Bonus Stats and 50% more experience points.2] 

“Ellie, you gained a title right?”
“Yep. 5 bonus stats and 50% experience points.”
“Ugghh, I’m so jealous!!!”

It was a shame since this reward was what Katalina was supposed to have received but I ended up getting it instead. But it was true that I was honestly feeling a little happy to become stronger.

“Thanks for all the preparation you did for me to receive this.”
“Ugh… You owe me a lot, okay!?”
“All right all right.”

I teased Katalina while she had a tantrum, then wondered why exactly we needed to come to this place.

“Tsk, in any case. Did you decide on the name of the alliance yet?”
“I don’t think I even had the time to make up one.”
“Then it would be best for you to think of one quickly right away.”

Passing by me as I stood there confused by her words, Katalina opened the terrace house door and pulled me in by my hand.


As I was suddenly pulled in by her, I then realized the reason why there weren’t that many people inside of the castle. The military ground located beneath the terrace house within the Liverpool castle grounds was massive and currently housed a huge amount of people. Considering that it was difficult to enter the castle grounds without being invited or be part of the guild that owned the castle, it was likely that everyone gathered here was part of the Volcano guild.

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“Thank you for waiting so long, everyone. From now on, the Volcano guild is now one of the members of the alliance.”

It seemed like all the guild members already knew this was going to happen as there were only sounds of people letting out the expected noise of acknowledgment rather than surprise or booing.

“And this is the lord of the alliance, Artoria.”

Goodness. It hadn’t even been that long since I had to make a speech, yet now she made another one for me. I was definitely perturbed by this, but I didn’t want to ruin what Katalina had set up for me. Moreover, I owed her a lot so I stepped up without complaining at all.

“Hello everyone of the Volcano guild. I’m Artoria.”

The guild members were cheering and calling out my ID. As the center of all the praise, I was honored.

“Though I may not be great enough for the position, I’m happy to be able to be with you the Volcano guild members like this. I promise to do my best until we completely erase all of Volcano’s enemies.”

I was too swept up by the mood that I admitted to myself that I made a mistake in my words. I should have made sure to say only the Shining and Chaos guild that was going to be punished…

“Ellie, it’s recording nicely~”

Katalina seemed to have noticed my admittance of mistake as she shook the video camera in her hand side to side with a sly grin on her face. She really is great at being prepared for things like this.

“Thank you for your wonderful greeting, Lord Artoria and guild leader of the alliance. Then Lord Artoria, would you like to decide on the name of the alliance here? Or will you leave it to the guild members?”

I didn’t quite expect those to be the choices. Leave it to the guild members? I then realized Katalina’s intention. This was all a script that she had written up for everyone to follow, me included. She knew full well I wouldn’t be able to think of a name for the alliance in that short amount of time. Why? She definitely knew I thought the position as the lord was burdensome enough so she judged that if I were to make a mistake and be the laughing stock of everyone who read the alliance’s name, she’d make it a collective responsibility of the whole guild and ensure that I didn’t decide by myself.

Though I was a little peeved at her for setting all this up, I really couldn’t do anything much about it. I gave up on thinking of getting at her for this.

“I will leave it to the guild members.”

Katalina’s lips turned to an even deeper smile as if she knew I would say that.

“Everyone, the lord has decided for all of you to decide on the name of the alliance. I will now count to three. Please yell out the name of the alliance that you all have thought of at the end of the count.”

I wonder what name they’ll choose? I admit that I was completely fooled into her trick and was also curious, so I focused on Katalina who was just about to say three.

She must have eerily sharp senses as she noticed how concentrated I was, intentionally being late on her final count for three by a whole tempo.

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And finally, the word three was yelled out…


A thunderous shout from all the guild members rang out and seemed to fill the entire Liverpool city.


  1. Robinxen: Honestly this feature confuses me a bit.
  2. Robinxen: Jesus god this game spares no thought for balance does it.
  3. Silva: AVALONNNN!!
  4. Robinxen: Round Table Alliance!
  5. Silva: Oh, it’s not Avalon?

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