Chapter 47 Act 7: Coronation

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 2402 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1425 words
Editor(s): Silva

Finally cutting off the connection to the capsule that lasted much longer than usual, I stepped out and looked at Katalina who had a face just as exhausted as I did.


Both of us giggled the moment we saw each other’s faces.

“That went way too long, right?”
“Yeah! But we raised a few weeks’ worths of experience points, so I’d say that though it was exhausting, it was worth it! I’m worried about the guild thing… But for now, let’s rest a bit.”
“You’re going to shower as well? Then how about a can of beer after the shower?”
“Beer sounds nice but I’m worried that I’ll gain weight.”
“Then I’m gonna drink it alone.”
“Hehe… No, I’ll drink as well.”

Katalina made excuses saying she’ll get fat, but just as I thought, she must have really wanted some since she eventually gave up.

“Ugh… I’m drenched in sweat.”

Looking at my completely wet shirt, I thought I should shower already.

“Ehh, me too.”

Is she saying she’s wet1 as well? Not being able to completely understand what she meant, I looked at Katalina with a confused expression.

“I’m saying let’s shower together.”
“… There’s plenty of bathrooms to shower in though?2

Hearing her thinly veiled seduction yet not seduction at the same time, I would yell out ‘Yes, that’s what I wanted to do!’ and lead her to the bathroom to… Ahem.

A delusion went through my mind but my body part that should have reacted by that thought didn’t show any reaction at all, so that kind of thought went away immediately.

“We’re both girls and engaged as well. Why are you so embarrassed?”
“Jeeze. Come here!”

Katalina thought I would agree right away and when she saw that I was making excuses, Katalina grumbled and pulled my arm as she dragged me.


While I was in a state of confusion, I was already being dragged to the shower room.

My heart isn’t ready yet though!!!!!!

I don’t have any memory of when I arrived inside here. Katalina and I were sitting down on a spa that was located in the corner of the bathroom, facing each other.

As opposed to what I imagined would happen, we were both wearing a single layer of tower around our bodies. Thanks to that the psychological damage was lessened, but the fact that she was wearing nothing but a single layer of wet towel on her body was a problem for me as well.

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Just staring at her silky white legs were hard enough for me, the shape of her beautiful body fitting for a western woman already made me reach the limit in terms of common sense.

‘If I was a guy, I would have already…!’

Perhaps this is what they call pie in the sky. But then again, I wouldn’t have had this kind of situation back when I was in my male body. It was still a shame I couldn’t do anything though.

Katalina of course doesn’t know anything I was thinking about as she sat in the spa enjoying the bubbles, closing both her eyes and humming a tune.

It was a familiar tune. No way, it’s a song that I know, right?

“Is that song you’re singing a K-Pop song? I think the melody is similar.”
“Ah! Ellie, so you know as well, that’s right. It’s a song that ‘Women’s Generation’ sang and they’re the most popular group in the K-Pop genre. Most young England kids probably know the song. Then again, if you know the song Ellie, then everyone probably knows as well.”

Usually, I didn’t care much about how others viewed me, but hearing that songs from my own country were popular in this foreign country made me feel really good.

Well, I didn’t particularly like ‘Women’s Generation’ but liking a song didn’t mean you have to like the band anyway.

“Ah, so I was right.”
“Yeah yeah! Ellie, you like this melody as well?”

To be honest, I did like the song since it has quite an addictive tune, but what I liked was kind of different. Well, most men were like that anyway.d6Rff
“Their dance routine is upbeat and cute after all. And that’s…”
Feeling a cold silence piercing through the air for a moment, I realized I shouldn’t have said that. A girl who likes the dance routines of girls3, my statement was definitely wrong enough to make anyone hold suspicion against me.


Just as I thought. She narrowed her eyes a bit at me, which I couldn’t tell whether she was angry or thinks that she caught me making a mistake.

W… What is it? She’s being scary.


Moving across the water in the spa, Katalina’s face came close to mine.

With her cheeks blushing red from the heat of the water and glistening wet blonde hair, she looked way too seductive.

I unconsciously started to back away a bit, but since it was such a small space, I didn’t have much space to maneuver.


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Her moist eyes felt as if they were longing for something. Should I embrace her? And what if I did? Numerous ‘Adult Only’ thoughts kept swimming through my mind.

“Ellie… Can you do me a favor and turn on the audio behind you?”
“Huh? Oh!”

At that moment, all of my delusions were shattered to pieces and I came back to my senses and realized what she came to me for.

“Hehe. I had already put the CD in there because I was showering yesterday and I wanted to listen to their song. If you click play right now it will probably play K-Pop songs already.”
“You bought their CD?”
“Yep yep. I bought all the ones I liked. There’s plenty at home. If you come next time I’ll show you!”

It seemed like she was a real strong fan of K-Pop.


As she clicked the play button, the melody began to ring out. Hearing that familiar melody I couldn’t help but hum along, and Katalina also joined as well.

“Wow~ Ellie, you’re a fan as well? You know all the melodies!”
“Let’s just say I have a bit of interest in them.”

And so the topic of the conversation changed to music, but the question still remained in my mind.

‘She didn’t need to click it herself, she could have just asked me in the first place and I would have clicked it for her.’

In the end, she asked for my help. Honestly, it definitely was a difficult location for her to click the play button unless she was in my position.

“So tell me! Which part of the dance routine did you like?”

As the song I was talking about came on, Katalina asked with sparkles in her eyes.

“It’s hard to describe with words…”
“Ah, if that’s the case!”

As soon as she finished speaking, she stepped out of the spa and started to dance along with the song doing the correct dance routine4.

It was a dance routine that emphasized sexiness, so I stared at her as if I was bewitched, seeing her overly sexy moves and shapes5.

Her one layer of towel made it seem like I could barely see what’s underneath sometimes. Ah… My already exhausted mind was becoming even wearier.

“How is it? It was the first time I did the dance in front of someone else…” Katalina blushed and asked me.
“Yeah, you’re really amazing at the dance. I was surprised.”
“Wow! Really?”

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I spoke with honest feelings from my heart, and Katalina looked very happy hearing it.

“But actually, I didn’t think you would know the entire dance routine.”
“Hehe, well it ended up that way. I kept practicing their dance and it was just fun for me. I was a bit disappointed since I couldn’t show anyone my efforts in learning them, but I’m so glad I got to show it to you, Ellie.”
“The honor is mine, really.”
“Hehe. Yes, it really is an honor. Besides that, Ellie, your face is way too red! Looks like you were in the spa too long. Let’s get out now. You’re already tired to the bones so you may end up harming your body.”
“All right.”

Honestly, I couldn’t tell her that I was blushing deeply for a different reason6, even if I were to have a gun to my head. I planned to get out of the spa soon anyway, so I just followed her orders obediently.


  1. Silva: That sounds… so very lewd… (covers my face in embarrassment as I read this)
  2. Silva: Cuz she’s “wet” for you! Heh, nice pun if I say so myself!
  3. Silva: hm??? What do you mean when they’re not even a boy? Feels kind of redundant?
    Anonymouss: hmmm, the author was a little out of touch on this thing

    there are many female audience and fans for female idol / dance groups, but he assumed that it was mostly men who are the only ones that love female dance groups because of how lewd some of them are.
    so his thought was that the common perception was that only boys like female dance groups and to like them as a female is a little suspicious.

    his assumption is weird, but then again this was written 6+ years ago…

  4. Robinxen: Wait still naked?
  5. Robinxen: Imagination don’t fail me here.
  6. Robinxen: I think she’d be happy honestly.

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