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Chapter 59 Act 8: Calm before the storm

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 2925 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1868 words
Editor(s): Silva

[A brand new alliance guild, ‘Camelot’ has been created. ‘Artoria’ has been elected as the lord via invitation. As the requirement for the quest ‘Transfer’ has been achieved, it will be updated 3 hours later from now on. Any users currently not in the safe area, please take notice.] 

A system message rang out loud. The Shining guild, Chaos guild as well as number of temporary enemy guilds for this war will realize this as well.

However, the word ‘Transfer’ made me feel worried. I was sure that there was no such system originally in the game, so it must have been put in as an update by the developers while being quiet about it.

My face naturally frowned at the thought of knowing there was a new problem to worry about.

“Transfer, huh. I wonder if it is a positive thing or a negative one…”

Katalina tapped on the temple of her head with her finger as if a headache was coming onto her.

“For now, I’ll take care of all the alliance-related inquires with the guilds under our alliance’s umbrella and also change the title of the related forum posts, but you should also be ready for anything Ellie. Buy plenty of potions in preparation as well, since it will be hard to procure them during the war period.”
“I will.”

Considering that the number of potions and consumption items that I still have left in the castle sky, I answered her without much worry. Even so, if I were to tell her that truth, it may spark another problem for me to take care of so I decided to not say anything about it.

After setting up an alarm that will ring after 3 hours from now, I moved from the balcony to the inside of the castle. Katalina on the other hand waved goodbye at me as she walked towards her home office in order to prepare things with her officers.

[Big sister Artoria. Congratulations! I heard that you became a leader of an alliance guild!] 

A sudden whisper message. It was actually the first time I received a message from someone other than Katalina. As there were only two people that could message me, it was of course Esther. I mean, Eva.

[Yes, thanks Eva.] 

The usual thing to do within the game was to call others by their ID. Katalina and I called each other by terms of endearment but that was because of the unique relationship we had, so calling another via their actual name was something you wouldn’t do unless you had a significant relationship with them.

Thinking about it, I was able to become friends with Eva because of Katalina. Honestly, considering that it hadn’t even been that long since we became friends, it was a bit of a stretch to say we were very close. Eva probably knew this too, which was probably why she called me via my ID rather than my real name.

[Wow. Not only did you announce your identity at the coronation, you completely revealed yourself from that system message as well. You really gave up on your image of being mysterious and unknown, huh?] 
[Heh. Yeah, I began to feel that I was becoming someone that’s going to be lonely and hidden from everyone forever, that’s why.] 
[You made the right decision! It’s not like you committed any crimes or have a need to be completely mysterious to everyone, and honestly, it’s much more beneficial to be public than be hidden. I’m sure for you, you wouldn’t need a sponsor to debut big on Hollywood.] 

Wait what? Hollywood?

[What do you mean, debuting in Hollywood?] 

As I replied in a completely confused and annoyed tone, Eva continued what she was talking about.

[You really are a shut-in aren’t you. These days there’s a huge boom in the production of movies with Blue Sky as the setting, where fantastical scenes from the game that’s miles better than the average movie special effects will be finally on the big screen. To pass on the chance of having you as a star in one of those films would be absolutely crazy. Not only do you have the looks, but you also have your title, skills, and everything that’s needed to be a great actress, so I have no doubt numerous movie agencies will be trying to recruit you.] 

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Hearing her out, she definitely made some sense in her words. The problem was that…

[Why would I even want to debut in Hollywood anyway? I’ve never done acting my whole life.] 

[I’m just saying you would be great for it~ In any case, I think there’s going to be an influx of users who will be taking on two-handed weapons because of you, sister. I’ve been shunned by many for so long because of the fact that I was in such a small minority group of two-handed weapon users…] 
[And not because you’re feeling bad since you had your top position as the best two-handed sword user taken away from you?] 
[Aw come on, sister… If I was even a bit close to you in terms of the gap in skill, I would have felt terrible about losing my position, but you are so far ahead that I don’t feel anything about it at all. I would say I just have respect for you instead.] 

I couldn’t tell since I wasn’t seeing her face, but it didn’t seem like she was lying.

[I’ll believe in you then. But why did you whisper to me in the first place?] 
[Ah~ Well, I did just want to give you a friendly greeting. You will be my superior from now on so I thought I should try to get closer to you as well. Hehe.] 
[So you decided to have your guild join the alliance.] 
[Well Sister Katalina practically threatened me to join anyways. Though in the end I only joined because you’re the leader of the alliance.] 

It seemed to befit Katalina to make use of her friendship status with others to her own benefits. Perhaps the rest of the guilds under the umbrella of the alliance joined that way as well?

[Then you must be extremely busy with all the preparation for the war, are you sure you can just waste your time chatting with me like this?] 
[Fufu. I’m actually in the middle of the guild meeting right now. I was bored and the thought of you ran through my mind, which was why I sent you a whisper message. Oh yes, once the update is complete, there’s going to be an event where all the alliance guild masters, as well as their officers, intended to invite you to come, so you have to come by then, okay? Well, I’m sure Sister Katalina will inform you about this later anyway.] 
[Sure, sure.] 

As I knew I was already in a situation where I had some duty to fulfill due to my position, I accepted to come without putting up much of a fight.] 
[Then I’ll see you later!] 

With that final one, she didn’t send anymore whisper messages. But Hollywood, huh? Thinking about it, there were times where some of the top-ranking users in Blue Sky would show up on TV in Korea as a special guest in a show.

It wasn’t that far fetched to think that they could one day show up as an actor in a movie. If I was the same as I was in the past, I would have really wanted to be in one. Yeah, I definitely would have.

As it was a problem that didn’t even really deserve any thought, I shook my head side to side in an effort to forget about it completely.


A memory slipped inside my empty mind. I changed the settings of my whisper message system and sent a whisper to a user named Jasmine.

[Are you there?] 
[Who? Oh, is that really you, Miss Artoria?] 

I was lucky to catch her online. Because of how the whisper system worked, my ID was revealed to the user Jasmine, and she recognized who I was right away.

[Yes. As you can tell, I’m Artoria.] 
[I never thought I would be personally whispered by the most popular person in the whole server. It’s an honor.] 

Most popular person, huh…

[No need to feel that way. There’s not much time left, so I’ll be direct to you about the reason why I sent you this whisper message.] 
[Is this perhaps about the crafting?] 

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She probably wouldn’t say that it had already been crafted or that she no longer has any crafting materials. Yeah, I wanted to believe that.

[Yes. You said that you will be able to make an armor set out of Orichalcum long ago. Is that still possible?] 
[It is possible, but please understand the fact that you weren’t the first person to inquire about the crafting of the armor.] 

Her tone of talking switches to one which was slightly cold and business-focused. She didn’t want to beat around the bush, huh? The way she was very focused on doing her business wasn’t unpleasant at all. To make full use of all the hands you were dealt with was also a skill after all.

[Can I take that as in you still haven’t started crafting the armor set yet?] 
[For now, yes.] 

But she still left some space, indicating that I have some chance to squeeze in there.

[I do not have any plans to cheat you by quitting the game after telling you to craft it, nor any plans to haggle with you about the price.] 
[Do you mean that…] 
[Yes, I will pay you 3 billion gold.] 

I was really curious about what kind of facial expression the user Jasmine was making right now. How did she react to my words? Would she be able to keep a straight face even after hearing that I would be paying that immense amount of money right away? Hehe.

[… Quite surprising.] 

Seeing as how she only replied with her whisper after a long time, she definitely needed a moment to calm down from her surprise. The deal had now been practically set.

[Will you be able to make the trade right now?] 
[I’d like to be accompanied by a lawyer and manager of the game first.] 

The amount of money was serious after all. What she said was reasonable. The best way to make sure that the trade went through smoothly was by following her wishes.

[All right. Then in two hours, I’ll come to the place of your choosing, Miss Jasmine. I’m sure two hours would be enough.] 
[Yes. For the location, we’ll meet at the residence that I own. I’ll see you in two hours.] 

And so the whisper conversation ended. I felt that I should also have a lawyer accompany me with this transaction1, so I logged out of the game for a moment.


  1. Robinxen: Oof she’s thinking like a rich person already.

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