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Chapter 9 Act 2: Connect

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 3209 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1841 words
Editor(s): Silva

I didn’t have the confidence to let this fight carry on for very long.1

Even though the bone dragon looked small, it started with a powerful leg attack. The attack range was so wide that it was difficult to dodge it with precision.


I was barely able to block it in time, nevertheless I was pushed back heavily by the blow.


I spit out a handful of blood. Even though I blocked with the precise defense timing, 20% of my health was gone.

Even so, I had no time to complain. The Bone Dragon once again moved in close, ready to crush me beneath its feet.

I had no time to think either, as I quickly initiated the Active Skill called ‘Wind Walk’ to quickly escape the Dragon’s attack area.


Although its body was only made of bones, the giant dragon stomped down, crushing the area where I just was beneath its feet.

“My lord…”

I couldn’t hold back my surprise. Even though my total health was quite high, to be crushed like that would definitely mean the death of me.

Even so, I couldn’t just sit around. Usually, big attacks like the one he just did leaves a large gap of time for me to land a counter attack against it.

[Sword Spear!]  

As I dart towards the Bone Dragon, my speed is accelerated and increased tenfold. The Dragon’s tail whipped around to attack me, but my skill had been already activated with such perfect timing that the Dragon’s attempt to cancel my attack had no chance of working.


With a shout, I activated my skill with Excalibur and received a boost to all my stats while lashing out with a powerful strike towards the Bone Dragon.



With a booming sound, the Dragon’s cry rang out, though it was hard to tell whether it was a scream of pain or a roar of anger.

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As the dust cloud dissipated, several parts of the Bone Dragon’s ribs were broken.

Although there was no way to check how much damage I’ve done to its health bar currently, it’s guaranteed that I inflicted some damage.

On top of that, because the dragon failed to stop my skill with its attack, I gained another chance to attack. However, it was difficult for me to use this chance as I had ran out of mana and needed to drink a potion for it.

It was a shame, but instead of coming this far and risking it all for certain death, it was several times safer to keep dealing continuous damage like this.

Although I didn’t use my skill again, that didn’t mean I didn’t have the time to deal normal attacks. As I began to adapt to the attack patterns of the Dragon’s tail, I deftly dodged between them as I struck out at several places on the Bone Dragon’s body.

If this continues, it was only a matter of time before I could defeat this Bone Dragon.

But then I realized that I was too assured that I would win. After using several connected skills to deliver a steady stream of damage, the Dragon’s empty eye sockets suddenly lit up in a red flame as it spread its wings and slowly flew into the sky.

“It’s becoming enraged, huh…”

My face became dark with worry. Usually, Raid tier boss monsters would get the ‘Enraged’ state once it lost about a third of its HP. In this state, monsters receive a boost to all their stats, and usually the amount it increases is at least double the original. It also unlocks more powerful skills that would never be used in normal conditions, so it showed how fearsome it can be.

Of course, even though I had just remembered that fact, it wasn’t like I was late in realizing it, and in the end nothing changed whether I know it now or not.

An enormous magic circle starts to appear around the Bone Dragon. If a mage were to be in this situation, the sheer amount of mana being used by the dragon would’ve disrupted all of their spells from being cast. Being a knight, I was thankfully saved from having to be in such a scenario. But the fact that I couldn’t do anything about what was happening still made me feel helpless.

Slowly, the magic circle’s loop began to complete one after another. One, two… The number of loops continued to increase, reaching 9 rings in the end, soon after a rune depicting the magic appeared in the air.

“Damn it. 9th circle, huh…”

I don’t think there are any wizards that have reached 9th circle magic among the users. Although I am not completely sure, I knew that the best expert mage only managed to reach the 8th circle. Of course, if a large number of these mages gathered together and all decided to use the same magic, it could reach the 9th circle, but it was definitely difficult to achieve a destructive magic of that scale and power.

  • Warning! Large scale area magic [Meteor Shower] is about to begin. The area affected will be the entirety of Stonehenge. Preparation against the attack is recommended.2

A system notice rings out in the air.

That’s a bit too much, isn’t it? To burn the entire Stonehenge area just to kill a single knight. After admitting that it befits being called a calamity bringing boss monster, I didn’t have much in the way of defending against the attack so all I could do was drink another potion to bring my HP to max.

I then prepared for the massive attack as much as I could by spreading a [Force Shield] and lowered my body, bringing myself into a kneeling position.

Soon, the blue sky turned gloomy dark before becoming dark red, a meteor started to fall. Although it wasn’t as large as I thought it would be, the destruction it will cause is surely catastrophic.

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As I was bracing myself to take the brunt of the meteor shower attack, an unbelievable scene appeared before my eyes.

I saw a single, gigantic beam that came out of nowhere striking directly on the falling meteor.

The beam disappeared soon after, however, I assumed that a gigantic explosion would still occur, so I lowered my head.

An unimaginably loud roar rang out along with extreme tremors, heat and a shockwave crashed against my body. Even though I had a force shield up, I watched my HP and MP gauge go down mercilessly to which I quickly needed to keep drinking potions to keep up.

The aftermath felt like an extremely long time. Around 1 to 3 minutes? Of course, even though it was a short time overall, it was still an excruciatingly tough experience.

As much of the heat started dissipating and the shockwaves calmed down, I looked up at the sky. The once dark red sky now shined blue, and in the sky another existence was there.


That’s right, amazingly, it was a dragon. Dragon, usually an NPC AI character that is always aggressive towards users, had escaped its usual residing area and was floating above the Stonehenge.

  • Human wench. Your courage is so reckless that it’s more apt to call it foolhardiness.

The Dragon’s thought was sent to me. Although it was absurd to hear an AI talk down to a human like they are lecturing someone, but since the situation was pretty dire, I answered with silence.

  • Originally as this impure being was also a dragon, it is my duty to destroy it, but it was once a dear friend of mine. Would you become my champion and destroy that being in my stead?

What’s this guy saying now? I’m forced into a situation where I have to fight a dragon whether I liked to or not. And now it’s giving me a quest again?

[SS tier quest, Rank: Ancient, ‘’Dragons’ Rest’’

Trigger Requirements:
Accepted the SSS tier quest, Rank: Legendary, ‘ ‘The Forgotten Dragon’s Revival’ – Satisfied
Inflicted 33% damage to the HP – Satisfied
All hidden requirements have been satisfied]  

As I checked the quest screen, as I thought, it was a chain quest. The requirements to satisfy the activation of the chain quest was crazy enough, but the original secret quest was already even more insane. To think that I received two quests above S tier that I never even got once in my 5 years of playing in a single day…

[Would you like to accept the quest?
Yes / No]  

The selection screen just like the first one popped up. Without giving any thought, I accepted the quest.

  • Wise choice. Although I won’t help you out directly, I will at least suppress the Bone Dragon’s magic. Good luck, human wench.

Although the overgrown lizard tried my patience to the end, it was a welcome thing to hear that it would suppress the Bone Dragon’s magic.

I accepted its goodwill, but not before I brewed up a plan for revenge in my mind that if I had the chance later on I would teach that overgrown lizard a lesson or two.

At the same time, the Bone Dragon that was floating in the air started falling to the ground. The Dragon, on the other hand, flapped its wings and calmly perched onto the ground.

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“Antimagic, huh…”3

That’s right. The entirety of the Stonehenge area was covered in antimagic. That meant that the Bone Dragon definitely couldn’t use any magic. But since the other Dragon is in this area as well, it won’t be able to use any either.

That meant that the Dragon would have had an all-out physical fight with the Bone Dragon, and would end up using its breath attack. But I remembered that Dragons are limited to being able to use 3 breath attacks per day. It meant that there was a very high chance that I won’t have to do anything and the Dragon would kill the Bone Dragon, but…

‘I guess I was being too hasty.’

This chain quest definitely gave me the chance to decline as well. But… I got caught up in the moment, seeing the Dragon had shot the meteor and destroyed it made me feel so thankful for it that I ended up making a lapse in judgment.

Of course, it didn’t mean that the situation will turn into what I hoped for, but I definitely knew that this Dragon has a sense of duty that it must defeat the Bone Dragon no matter what. I couldn’t see any way out of this situation without fighting.

Even though I regret it, I had already accepted the quest. If I were to suddenly renounce the quest, there was a high chance that the Dragon could see me as an enemy again and make the situation much worse, so I did my best to erase that thought.

I didn’t even have the remaining energy to fight against the Bone Dragon that was right in front of my eyes anyways.


  1. Robinxen: There were literally no footnotes by anyone else this chapter!
  2. Robinxen: Oi what kind of game tells you to respond to an attack?!
  3. Robinxen: Destroy those illusions!
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