Chapter 83 Act 10: Discharge

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 2504 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1464 words
Editor(s): Silva


In the end, everyone except one person voted for the event to go through.


My stomach was in a knot, and now it was even more painful. Katalina then stayed true to her words and submitted a notice on whether or not I should participate in the competition, and as expected, a shocking result came out where everyone except me agreed to it.

Even if Esther who had gone to go sleep was here, the results wouldn’t have changed.

“Oooh, if our lord and the two guild leaders are willing to lead by example in this contest, then there is a high possibility that this event will end successfully.”
“It is a very wise choice indeed.”

Though they sounded like they had no ill intentions, I saw through their dark hearts and desires, knowing fully well that their compliments were fake.

Even Katalina seemed to have finally realized what she had done since her expression didn’t look good.

I mean, if she had made some kind of compromise with me, this wouldn’t have happened. Well I was the person that brought up the swimsuit thing to begin with, so all I felt was guilt the more I complained internally.

“But let me ask you something, my lord. How are you planning to procure the prizes for the event?”

Hearing the sudden question, my thoughts came to a stop and I turned my gaze towards the source of the voice. It was a personal and private question, since everyone in the room turned to look at the person who asked as well.

“I am thinking of using my own money to provide them. I would prepare prizes that are at least of a unique tier in quality so you won’t need to worry about the prizes.”
“Then is it okay for us to presume that even items of ancient tiers may appear?”

It seemed like he was feeling excited after hearing that it would be ‘at least’ a unique tier, as he excitedly asked again.


It meant that the prizes reached at least several hundred million gold. Of course, all the officers would start having money signs in their eyes. On top of that, the cost wasn’t coming from the guild’s assets but my own money. As they didn’t need to feel burdened by the cost, they simply needed to enjoy the show.

So their reactions were within my expectations.

“Each swimsuit would be crafted with silk underwear as its base. You have to commission the dressmakers and blacksmiths within the neutral guilds as well as the Camelot alliance. The costs of crafting the item rest on you, the commissioner.”
“Then what are the possible competitions in the event?”

Even though they never usually asked anything, their eyes were sparkling with interest right now.

“The competitions would be about picking the best looking man and woman in swimsuits, as well as centering around swimming and beach volleyball.”
“Then are the swimming and volleyball competition played with your character locked at a level 1 stat to make it fair for everyone?”
“Yes, that’s right. If we don’t put a lock on everyone for it, it’s obvious that higher level characters would definitely win no matter what.”
“I’m sure that news would make the guild members very happy.”
“A great plan indeed.”

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Yet another round of compliments were thrown at us, but I was sure that women, particularly those that were very beautiful, were most likely at a lower level than average, so I knew they wouldn’t participate unless we locked everyone’s level.

Of course, locking a user’s level was definitely something you needed to up the quality of competition events. What good would it be if I were to simply win all of them? I didn’t plan to put the lock on everyone just so I could enjoy personal profit though, it was a glorious sacrifice I was willing to make for the success of the event.

What’s with your expression? I’m being honest here!

“Guild master. I have a proposal.”

First the questions, now a proposal? I wish they would act like this during other meetings as well.

“Go ahead.”

It didn’t matter how I felt on the inside, since I needed to keep smiling no matter what.

“Are men able to participate as well? If we can’t, please establish some competitions that men are able to participate in as well.”

I honestly pondered for a moment why I should give out prizes to the men for winning their competition.

But the officers all shared looks of agreement, so it was hard for me to just ignore this particular proposal. Then again, female users had a right to enjoy this event as well. Still, I felt that I should lower the quality of the prizes a bit.

“I had simply plain forgotten about that. I will accept your proposal.”
“Oooh, you’re really the best, my lord!”
“Looks like I get to show off my amazing muscles again~”
“Hoho, I’m pretty confident in my muscles myself!”

They looked like they were ready to take off their armor to show off their muscles at any moment.

“Well let’s end the meeting here then. If you have any other questions or proposals, please tell us now.”
“We do not, my lord.”
“Then we’d be heading into preparation for this event right away, and commence the opening of it the next day. Thank you very much, everyone.”

And that was how the emergency meeting ended. Though one would feel that there had been too many meetings lately, they knew that it was unavoidable due to the fact that we were at war.

“Ugh, this is why I don’t like being in the seat of power.”
“Fufu, are you regretting it now?”

As everyone left, I grumbled to myself, Katalina smiled as she spoke to me.

“A little bit.”
“But it seems to me that you’re enjoying this more than you’re regretting it.”
“I look like I’m enjoying this?”
“Yeah. Before you lost your memory, you were always in deep meditation. You never liked making friends with anyone, never laughed or smiled.”

I tried to imagine what that would look like in my mind for a moment. A being that completely isolated itself from everyone else. Just why did she need to go that far?

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I couldn’t come up with an answer to that question. Even though I had acquired her body, it wasn’t like I had acquired her state of mind as well. But there was one thing I could guarantee. She must have been very lonely and desolate.

“Yeah, I’m sure I was.”
“You know the reason why I had intentionally made you the lord, right?”

As if I couldn’t tell. I even knew who it was that made Katalina start to play Blue Sky way back then.

“I’ll exercise my right to remain silent.”
“You really are childish.”

She glared at me as if annoyed by me changing the subject, but soon her expression became calm.

But in any case, I really couldn’t tell why my stomach hurt so much.

“Huh? Ellie, are you hurt somewhere?”
“Ah! It’s nothing really.”

Katalina saw me suddenly lurching over and holding my stomach in pain for a moment and asked me worriedly, but I forced myself to return to my usual expression and tried to pretend I was fine

“As if it’s nothing. Are you getting a stomachache? Or perhaps… ah!”

Looking as if she had suddenly remembered what she had forgotten, Katalina smacked herself lightly on the head with her hand for the mistake she made.

“Ellie, you had magic cast on you.”
“I have magic cast on me?”

I then realized that she was saying in a roundabout way that I was having my period1, and it never crossed my mind I would be experiencing this in my lifetime. Then again, it’s been close to a month since I had changed into this body after all. So in logical terms, the chances of it happening to me were very high. The problem was that I was experiencing it for the first time.

“Then what did you think it was? You didn’t think it was just a simple stomachache, right?”

I had no answer. She was right. But wasn’t that normal since there was no one that would be willing to teach me, and I would never have known about it? That was what I wanted to ask her but there was no way Katalina would have believed me. She would just become angrier with me saying that I should have asked her instead of worrying alone.

“No way. Well, at least you put on a tampon2, right?”
“What’s that?”

Katalina buried her face in her hands suddenly. Why, what’s with her reaction!?3


  1. Robinxen: Is this a Korean thing? Or did the author just make this up? I have genuinely never heard such a phrase before.
  2. Silva: Yea, definitely don’t use netracare, it’s a Korean brand and this IS not Korea, I repeat, this I.S. not Korea.
    Robinxen: I like the implication that the author used a brand name instead of a product type here. They must be male.
  3. Robinxen: As a male I am intimately aware of the ever present demon of tampons. I spent two years at a girls school and most the girls there were hardcoded to ask anything that moved if they had a spare, which included me when entering a room.

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