Chapter 77 Act 9: All Out War

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 3032 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2051 words
Editor(s): Silva

[The Shining guild has surrendered to the Camelot Alliance guild in the siege of Manchester City.] 

It was a system message that reached the whole server. Finally, the battle for Manchester City had come to an end. There were still 30 minutes left in the time limit for the siege battle.

There probably wasn’t anyone that predicted that we would achieve such a massive victory over them. If someone had betted for us in a gambling market, they probably would have won massive amounts now.

[Blessings upon your glorious triumph. You’ve received the title ‘First to receive a surrender in siege’ out of all users on the server. You’ve received bonus stat +2 and 20% bonus experience points.] 

[You gave respect to the actions of the enemy leader. As you have accepted their complete surrender, your kill number of 436 users has now been rendered invalid. You surrender the ownership of all experience points you gained from the kills. In accordance with that, all the enemy guild members that died in battle will not have their experience points reduced, and their items would also be returned to them.] 


I was dumbfounded. It was the first time I learned of the existence of such an effect for having surrendered during a siege battle. All the guild members of both the Shining guild and Camelot smiled brightly when they learned of this fact.

Honestly, this battle was only beneficial to me and it wasn’t actually a great source of experience points for members of both sides of the battle. There was no need to feel disappointed about losing kill numbers since the members of Camelot didn’t experience as much battle as me, and the Shining guild won’t need to worry about the fact that they spent enormous amounts of war funds as well as having their items taken from them together with level loss as a result of reduced experience points.

I’d completely surrendered the right to take in a huge amount of experience points as well as items, all becoming a loss for me that I decided to take with my own hands.


A moan of despair came out of my mouth.

“Yes!! Hurrah for Artoria!”
“For the new lord!”

Shouts of cheer from both Shining and Camelot guilds covered the entirety of Manchester City, but for me who had lost a huge amount of profit, it was nothing but an annoying buzz to me.

‘What about my experience points?! All of my efforts?!!’

I screamed out a silent despair in my mind.

“It’s all ruined…”

I quietly mumbled those words to myself in the end. I was the only one who heard it as the cheering around me drowned out all other sounds.

After finishing off the conversation with Lucas and receiving the promise that they would join our alliance, I rushed to Carlisle City right afterwards. Though there were still many battles currently in progress, the only battle I was interested in was at Carlisle City where Katalina had joined to support those that were in trouble.

But still, she was the 2nd highest ranked user as well as the guild leader of the great Volcano guild. So why was the battle that she was personally involved in tilted to the enemy’s side so much?

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That was the question in my mind as I transported myself into the battle.

“W-What’s that?!”
“It’s the enemy!”

As I transported myself into the battle using the transportation circle, what greeted me was a group of Chaos guild members. As this transportation circle was usually set to teleport me to the inner castle wall area, the fact that the enemies were here already meant that the situation was much worse than I thought.

Without a second of thought, I swung my Excalibur around to block their attack, and all the enemies that couldn’t bear the shock from the damage they received from my repelling attack were swiftly pushed down by my following attack.


Though it was a cool scene as five enemy members were cut down with a single strike, there was no time for me to enjoy the view.

One after another, Camelot guild members started to transport in.

“Let us all head inside the castle corridors!”
“Yes, my lord.”

Just like before, they followed my orders with absolute loyalty as they trailed right behind me.

“It’s the enemies!”
“It’s the enemy reinforcements. Go and inform the headquarters immediately!”

Enemies started popping out from several places within the castle interior. When even the elite soldiers of Crusaders weren’t able to stop us, it was easy for us to proceed as they were just standard guild soldiers of the Chaos guild.

We didn’t slow down at all as we ran at top speed, cutting down all enemies as we progressed. A few enemy users who looked like tankers lifted up their shields to try and defend against us, but…

“What the hell…”

Is all they could scream as they fell from my attack. Then afterwards, the allied soldiers following me finished them off without me needing to do so. Though I was sad inside since I was giving up my ‘kill point’ to them, that was already in the past and there were more pressing matters at hand.

The federal room in front of the inner castle. It was one of the key chokepoint areas that was located before the inner corridors of the castle, built to defend against enemy forces. If it was according to the original plan, Katalina should have been here defending it though. But what greeted me were numerous Chaos guild members that had filled up the entire area.

“Damn it! Which part of the frontline has been penetrated?!”

One of the members of the Chaos guild who looked like he was a troop leader, gritted his teeth and yelled out his question as he saw me and the allied troops entering.

It seemed that the system message that alerted everyone on the server of the victory in Manchester City didn’t reach the users inside this siege battle.

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“Well, it doesn’t matter, they’re still defense troops of the siege battle so there won’t be many in number. Everyone, attack!”

In a basic math sense, his calculation wasn’t wrong. The numbers he was talking about were definitely true after all. But it seemed that he didn’t calculate that we were powerful enough to defeat the attacking enemies of the siege battle in record time, allowing us to reinforce this battle immediately.

Because if they realized just how powerful we were, they won’t just be charging in, attacking us in such a poor formation.

“Please buy me some time.”

Hearing my order, the troop commanders nodded and surrounded me, protecting me from the enemies. Though they were much larger in number, our troops were more powerful in comparison so the enemies were pushed back, unable to pierce through the defense.

“Now everyone, please step aside!”

Hearing my shout, the frontline soldiers that were engaging the enemies pushed them back once before using the momentum to create a gap in the formation.

There were a few that were wounded during the process.

[Sword Storm] 

But since the other skill was still in the middle of a long cooldown period, I used the 3rd most powerful skill I had available.

Though I was saying it was weaker than the two best skills I had, I meant it was weak in comparison, not that skill itself was weak. It was a combination of P-tier skills, so the destructive power was still amazing.

There were no loud sounds of explosions or anything, but the powerful force of the sword skill cut down the enemies like they were in a whirlwind.

All the enemies in the frontline hit directly by the attack were declared dead immediately, and the enemies behind them were in critical situations. As the battle engagement which looked to be even on both sides completely fell apart, chaos quickly spread throughout the enemy forces.

“Stop them, stop them!”

The enemy commander shouted out in desperation, but was powerless when actually facing my sword.

Not only had I executed a powerful skill, I had also activated the Force Blade skill as I promised myself that I would make up for all the amount of kill points that I had given up in the Manchester City battle, meaning all the Chaos guild members were cut down helplessly by my resolve.

On top of that, more and more reinforcement troops from Camelot joined my forces.

Though the defense forces had smaller numbers in comparison to the attacking forces, the entirety of the defense troops had arrived as reinforcements so the numbers were definitely not little.

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I didn’t even want to hear the last words of the enemy commander. It would be some kind of swear word towards me after all. And with that, a one-sided massacre began against the enemy forces.

“Why? How come?”

I kept asking myself what the reason could be as I moved forward while cutting down enemies who were in my way. Though there were numerous possibilities that came to mind, I had to see and hear the situation myself to be certain.

Because I couldn’t be certain that my assumption would be correct no matter how much I tried to deduce the situation.

“Please leave the rest to us and go ahead.”

One of the commanders told me to which I must commend him for later. Honestly, even finishing off the rest of the enemies here was a waste of time for me. Though the speed at which the battle will be won would be several times faster if I kept involving myself here, it seemed to me that the reinforcements that came in were capable of doing that themselves. On top of that, the enemies had instinctively moved out of the way in the direction I was heading towards.


I cut down an enemy that was unlucky enough to be in my way as I headed directly into the corridor.

And not long afterwards, I was able to arrive at the corner where I would turn to get into the corridors. I began to carefully approach the corner.

“Why don’t you give up and just die now?”

Someone’s voice rang across the corridor and reached my ears. Then I saw it. The scene in which there was Katalina who was messed up heavily and her allied forces, against the enemy Chaos guild forces that were nearly twice in number as well as their leader Wine.

The battle was already at the worst possible situation for her as it had reached beyond the corridor all the way up to the throne.

If there was still a fierce battle going on, they may have noticed me but for now, I didn’t catch the attention of the enemies yet. They couldn’t have possibly imagined that there could be allied reinforcements coming in, and even without that, they presumed that they had plenty of troops in the surrounding area enough to defend against anything coming in, that was why they were not currently cautious of enemies.

“Don’t make me laugh, you wretched woman.”

Katalina replied with a venomous expression on her face even though she was wounded, showing how unwilling she was to back down even in this situation. I was wondering just how bad the situation was to have led to this, but the important thing was for me to land a critical hit on Wine from behind so I started to approach them without alerting Katalina.

“Hmph, big words for a dying woman! You would definitely die here today. It would be great if you could drop that staff of yours as well though, fufu.”

She was about to say something with anger blazing in her eyes, but it seems she admitted that she was in a bad situation so she kept her mouth tightly shut.

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Katalina then looked at Wine with a determined expression, but then opened up her eyes widely in surprise. It seemed that she had noticed that I was here…

Then again, it would be weird if she didn’t notice me considering the armor I was wearing. But still, please don’t call out to me…


Hey, come on!


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