Chapter 115 Act 12: Server Unification

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 3609 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2301 words
Editor(s): Silva

Translators Warning: Reference of drug use and Ørgy

At the castle gates where only torches lit up the darkness, seeing the numerous bodies of not only NPC but several players as well littered there I thought to myself that there was no one more skilled in assassinations than Tiara, but soon left the thought aside as we walked past the castle gates.

[Dispose of enemies inside of castle walls as well?] 

Hearing Tiara’s sudden whisper coming into my ear, I gasped in surprise as I was still walking stealthily and quietly.

“What’s wrong?”

Katalina seemed to have noticed since she came over and whispered to me.

“Ah, a whisper just surprised me.”

Feeling relaxed after knowing that it wasn’t a big deal, Katalina turned and once again gave out some orders to those around her.

[Are you able to dispose of them without making any noise?] 
[Not hard to do… but you will put up a bonus for me, right?] 
[Of course.] 
[Alright then.] 

She was willing to be absolutely loyal as long as you had money. On top of that, there was a condition that I cannot cancel the contract myself. Since her skill was great enough for even me to acknowledge it, I was thinking of recruiting her into the guild as well.

I even intended to accept her conditions for joining as long as it wasn’t absurd.

“My god, they even took over the towers.”

Katalina received a report from her subordinates and soon passed it on to me with a surprised voice, seems like the order she had given them a while ago was to check those castle towers.

Seeing how Tiara took the castle towers as well after I only requested for the gates to be cleaned, I had to recognize that her skill was even higher than I had expected.

She must have gotten rid of the enemies in both towers to make sure that it won’t be a factor when taking over the castle gates in the first place. Therefore even though the outside of the castle walls had been completely taken over, the enemy forces didn’t receive warnings of any kind at all.

Seeing the increasing amount of dead bodies as I move across to the inside of the castle walls, the more I knew that I must succeed in taking Tiara into our guild.


But the surprises didn’t end there. It didn’t take long to reach the inside of the walls, but we found that even the inner castle gates was completely opened wide as well.

“Honestly Ellie, you’re lady luck herself…”

Katalina shook her head even though she had completely disagreed with me planning to recruit Tiara into our guild, admitting that my judgment was correct in the end.

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I also didn’t think she would have this much skill in assassinating as well as infiltrating places like this. Then again, the very act of infiltration of the castle of this size was a first for Blue Sky, so no one could have predicted this. Not even myself…

Since we have taken over the gate to the inner castle, there was nothing that would get in our way. I divided the troops into groups and sent them individually to each dorm and waiting room. Meanwhile, Katalina and I charged directly into the training grounds of the inner castle together with our main force.

“W-What the?”

One of the enemy users who was surprised by my sudden appearance as I dashed towards him looked to be bewildered, but then quickly fell over with a stab of a dagger on his back.

I looked around to see who had taken care of him in my stead, then soon realized that it was Tiara who had done it. Wearing a completely black outfit and with black hair that’s reminiscent of Asian beauties, they were practically the trademarks of her unique beauty. Her beautiful blue eyes shining with red fire within was a clear proof of her Western origin and was plenty frightening even without her Nightmare dagger showing itself as well.

“You’re late, it seems.”
“You’re the one who’s too fast!”

Hearing Tiara’s comment, Katalina snapped at her. But she turned around as if she didn’t care much, and pointed towards the military training grounds.

“There are platoons of soldiers gathered around. I was on standby as I had judged it impossible to infiltrate their ranks.”

I nodded after receiving her report. I knew that from now on staying out of sight wasn’t an option anymore

With a quick hand gesture, I gave the order for the soldiers to charge in and attack.

With the limitations of needing to move sneakily finally taken off for all the troops, they charged full speed down the hallway and arrived at the military training grounds.

Just as Tiara had said, most of the troops were having a break or sitting around and having a chat with each other.

“What the…?”

They all looked confused and couldn’t properly figure out the situation yet. Understandable, since when you hear that an enemy force is invading the castle, you’d never imagine that they would be able to come inside this deep into the inner castle without making any noise or alarm.

“Kill them all!”

Even if they did realize it right away, there wouldn’t be much difference. They were severely lacking in numbers and skills in order to stop the elite forces of the Camelot alliance who were flooding in.


As screams of pain rang out, the military grounds became a large area dedicated only to massacres. Tiara and her associate assassins already blocked off each of the exits to impede the enemy movement, and the enemy forces which were sandwiched by us from both sides quickly fell apart with no hope for them.

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Even though there were at least 300 of them in number, it took less than 3 minutes to kill them all.

What’s funny was the enemy’s reaction. If it’s like any other usual battle, the sounds of warcry and battle would ring out and reinforcements would obviously crowd in afterward but there wasn’t a single sign of a reinforcement coming in.

[My lord. We’ve found users who are in a ‘trance sleep’ state within the dorms.] 

At that moment, from the platoon which had split apart, a commander-level user sent a whisper to me.

“I see.”

It seemed that there were enemy soldiers who broke the rules as they couldn’t endure their fatigue and went straight to the dorm to rest in a ‘trance sleep’ state.

[Cut them all down then.] 
[Yes, my lord!] 

As I am not willing to give any mercy to those that aren’t carrying out their given mission to the best of their abilities, I firmly gave the order to destroy them all.

Though I am not seeing it, I’m sure that the inside of the dorms must have turned into a bloodbath. It seems like we had occupied the majority of Newport already.

“All soldiers, we will now charge towards the castle hall.”

It felt like we were close to finishing off all the remnants, so I gave an order to move again to the troops. There were only a few dozens guarding the hall of the castle, and none of them were in a defensive position.

I couldn’t even see any sign of the enemy commander here on top of that. I judged that they could have run away in fear already ahead of time. Because of that reason, I ordered the majority of the troops to move to the teleportation gate as well as the military training grounds and to attack any enemies that were to appear there.

Katalina and I brought with us a very minimal amount of troops as we passed the hallways and moved towards the home office of this castle’s lord.

The door to the home office was slightly opened, but hearing a strange noise coming out from inside, we stopped in our tracks. The small number of troops that came with us stopped as well, as we all carefully focused our hearing to hear what was going on inside.

“Aaah… Mmh…!”

The sounds that we heard were lewd moans coming from a seductive-sounding woman as well as sticky sounds of flesh slapping each other.

It was embarrassing as well as unbelievable, but the first thing I felt was anger instead. Just how much were they belittling us to do such unbelievable things in the middle of a war?

“Crazy b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲…”

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Katalina also spoke as if she couldn’t believe what she was witnessing. Turning back to the troops behind us who were as confused and surprised as we were, I gave a gesture with a chin ordering them to enter the room and secure it.

The enemies inside would be definitely surprised and confused by us attacking, but they were women and are low ranked, meaning that they wouldn’t have any other choice but to follow orders.

“You human pieces of trash!”
“You dumbasses…”

As the guild members entered the room, coarse language came out from their mouths. Soon sounds of screams rang out all over before becoming quiet.

“My lord, please come inside here for a moment.”

With my cheeks glowing bright red, I was focused on trying to get rid of the thoughts in my mind when one of the soldiers that entered the office called for me.

Though I was uncomfortable with the thought of going in, I wouldn’t be able to ask Katalina to go inside for me instead, so I stepped inside of the room with discomfort pasted on my face.

“My god…”

The scenery inside of the office was more insane than I imagined. It wasn’t just two or three people, but rather dozens of enemy users who have all died at the hands of the troops, and one of them was left alive and made to be sitting on the floor on his knees.

“Keheh… What’s this, you a new call girl?”

With his two eyes completely lost focus and unable to figure out the current situation, he didn’t even feel any shame in being completely naked in front of me. It was as if…

I stiffened my expression.

“Were the others in the same state as him?”
“Yes, my lord!”
“Whether it was women or men, they all looked catatonic and didn’t exhibit any will to defend themselves.”

To think I’ve stumbled upon a drug orgy which I’ve only heard of as rumors…

“Jesus. They really are digging their own grave here.”

Even though they’re already at a complete disadvantage in the war, if we were to instigate an investigation into drug usage with this scenery as proof, it would prove to be fatal for the enemy guilds.

“And you recorded video of the scenery, correct?”
“Of course, my lord.”

Just as I thought, they didn’t let me down in the way they handled things.

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“Good work. Please get rid of the rest of the trash as well.”
“Yes, my lord.”

As I speak while pointing towards the man who was still in a catatonic state, the guild members stabbed their weapon into the man’s body straight away as if they were waiting for the order.


And because of that, a short scream rang out from his mouth but I didn’t have even the slightest amount of sympathy towards him. It’s hard for me to forgive slacking around at doing your duty in the middle of a war, so to commit adultery and drugs on top of that was way over the line.

As I didn’t want to stay on this site even for a second more, I came out to the hallway with a deep frown on my face. Katalina still looked as if she wasn’t feeling well.

“Have you finished dealing with them?”
“Yeah. You don’t look well, are you alright?”
“Ah… y-yeah.”

Since she had witnessed something close to an actual pornographic sex scene, it was a completely understandable reaction for someone normal to be shocked by seeing such a thing. Even me who has a mind of a male still was shocked, so I was sure that the shock that Katalina received was much more than I could imagine.

I bit my lips as I was barely able to suppress and get rid of the rage that came from witnessing what they were doing. It was more effective to not get angry and just deal with the situation in a cold-blooded calculative way after all.

“I swear I will destroy them all.”

Though committing s̲e̲x̲u̲a̲l̲ i̲n̲t̲e̲r̲c̲o̲u̲r̲s̲e̲ with another user was pretty limited in Blue Sky, it was still possible if you were an adult and definitely had a mutual agreement between both parties. But once numerous criminals that often committed s̲e̲x̲u̲a̲l̲ a̲b̲u̲s̲e̲ came into the game aiming to commit more s̲e̲x̲u̲a̲l̲ a̲b̲u̲s̲e̲, the government rolled out special laws relating to s̲e̲x̲u̲a̲l̲ i̲n̲t̲e̲r̲c̲o̲u̲r̲s̲e̲ within the Blue Sky game and expanded their range of punishment for such things all the way into the game as well.

I was sure that since drugs were involved, some of them must not have agreed to have s̲e̲x̲u̲a̲l̲ i̲n̲t̲e̲r̲c̲o̲u̲r̲s̲e̲ beforehand, and even just abusing hardcore drugs itself was one of the three big crimes you could commit so I knew that once this incident is revealed, the guild would definitely receive heavy punishment.

On top of that, I wasn’t willing to just push aside this incident and keep it quiet in any way shape or form. For making Katalina and I witness this degeneracy, I was going to engrain deep in their mind that this was the worst thing they’ve ever done in their lives.

“Can’t wait until tomorrow.”

Though there was a smile on my lips, my eyes didn’t move at all.



  1. Robinxen: This entire chapter was so dumb. Like there’s no way this would happen.

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