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Chapter 67 Act 9: All Out War

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 3032 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 0 words
Editor(s): Silva

In the end, the update became so long that the company sent out an announcement notice that it will take the entire day to complete.

Demon – Wake up, lazy Blue Sky developers! You should have told us it would take all day long 3 hours ago! Because of this, my planned raid is ruined. T-T
Tiger – My condolences for the person above’s losses.
OneNightStay – Anyone wants to spend a hot night together? Join our guild.
Butterfly – Oh, Demon! I was at level 99 of the labyrinth raid, such a shame isn’t it?
Demon – Ah, you’re here as well Butterfly! You’re right. It’s a real hell for me. I’ve prepared all sorts of stuff including potions for two whole days yet, now it’s all ruined.
OneNightStay – Anyone wants to spend a hot night together? Join our guild.
Virus – I just arrived in the capsule room… And it’s on maintenance. Daaaamn it!!!
Donuts – Me2. I’m killing time inside a Capsule room as well.
Monkey – Me3.
OneNightStay – Anyone wants to spend a hot night together? Join our guild.
Demon – OneNightStay, this is a regular forum and not a guild advertisement forum, so please reduce your spamming.
Garcion – Me4.
OneNightStay – Doesn’t concern u, piss off.
Demon – The nerve of this…
Butterfly – Hey Demon, relax relax. Remember that the last time you had a fight it ended up being a whole war between guilds. The guild master said that if you pick a fight again, he’ll put you up on the chopping block list!
OneNightStay – War dog. Try and fight me then. U scared?
Demon – Fghjfdkghsldcjv

The forums were noisy as usual1. Strings of useless comments made to waste time kept unfolding, and I stared blankly at them, half dazed.

My head was overflowing with complicated thoughts. My little sister Ha Yeon that I had forgotten about. It was just too shocking to hear news about her.

When I called the headquarters of Blue Sky and asked about the reason why she was controlling Cross’ account, they said that the inheritance of the account went through a legal process and was properly completed so that there was nothing wrong with it at all.

They also said that as I am not someone that is personally related to the family, I cannot ask for any further information about it, the usual stonewalling from corporate people.

I had to keep suppressing my urges to go back to Korea right away. I mean, even if Ha Yeon was to play my character, there was no problem with that, right? It doesn’t matter to me at all.

I keep repeating that reasoning to myself to suppress my curiosity. I mean, why Blue Sky of all things? In the Korean server of Blue Sky, there was someone that I wished to never meet again2, and my little sister may accidentally come in contact with them as well, so my worries grew even larger.

If Ha Yeon were to be harassed by them in some form then I wouldn’t be able to hold my anger. Though if they had even a sliver of conscience they wouldn’t willingly harass Ha Yeon.


Hearing the sudden yell when I was deep in thought due to the worries in my mind made me scream in surprise.

“Ehehe. Ellie, what are you doing standing here looking dumbfounded?” Katalina giggled mischievously as I repeated ‘patience’ in my mind three times to help suppress my anger.

“You really surprised me.”

“I just didn’t like that you were standing here looking dazed. I wonder why you look lost in thought these days. You have some kind of secret you’re hiding from me, aren’t you?”

I guess it’s what you call a woman’s intuition, or maybe it was because it was too obvious I had worries in my mind as Katalina sussed it out perfectly and I admitted that she was right to get angry at me being so out of focus.

I looked like someone who was constantly thinking about a secret they were hiding and because I never said anything about it to someone who was designated as my fiancee, she definitely would be feeling annoyed.

“That’s not it. The guild war would begin for real tomorrow. I was just wondering about the kind of tactics that would bring about complete victory to our side, that’s all.”
“I see. And what are those tactics?”

Hearing my pathetic excuse fall apart, Katalina looked unimpressed.

“It would be best for you to spill it before I get angry.”

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Katalina pushed me into the corner even further. But if I were to tell her the truth, would she accept it? She may think that I was making up a more ridiculous and fantastical excuse, and that I had a good try on making one up. Of course, she may also actually believe me, but I still didn’t want to tell Katalina.

It was my greed in not wanting to lose this secret of mine to her, a selfish thing.

“Lina, you believe in me, right?”

“Hmm? Ah, yeah.”

I changed the topic to something completely unrelated. Knowing Katalina’s personality, saying no to that question was something she would never do.

“Then please just believe in me. This secret that I have has absolutely no relation to you.”

There really wasn’t any direct relation between my sister in Korea and her after all. But…

“Ngh… Ellie, you’re so sly. You set it up so that I would answer in only one way that’s possible.3” Katalina puffed up her cheeks in her unique way and looked annoyed.

“If you’re sorry then don’t do it!”
“But still, sorry.”

I wasn’t sure whether she was tired of arguing or was just giving up on asking.

“I guess this is why they say you lose if you fall in love with someone first. Tsk, you’re being unfair.”

Though she complained about it, she had a strong personality in which she understood my reasoning. Though only she knew whether she was convinced by my words or whether she let herself be convinced.

“If you promise me one thing, then I won’t ask about your secret again.”

What kind of promise could it be? I was extremely curious, but I was also worried that if I were to decline her promise here, then I would have to tell her about the secret. And to tell her a lie as my secret would put a guilty conscience on me so I won’t be able to do that either.


As I nodded and agreed to her promise, Katalina spoke with an extremely stern voice, “I won’t accept being a secondary4.”


It’s not like we’re living in a medieval age where I have multiple mistresses under me, but seeing as how Katalina was damn serious about it made me shocked at how crazy that sounded.

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But considering that I was a Duchess of a very powerful noble family in England, I realized that her words actually made some sense. For people who are very rich and powerful like me, laws and regulations are merely tools that we use and abuse, are they not? Though I wasn’t a politician, I still had enough influence to make such things happen. It meant that if I wanted to, I could certainly have two or three more mistresses unofficially.

“I promise you won’t be.”

It didn’t take too long for me to consider it. As I didn’t even have the thought to do such a thing in the first place, I accepted to keep her promise without any problem and hearing my answer, Katalina’s expression became noticeably brighter.

But she wasn’t specifically smiling as well. I guess it’s just her eyes making a smoother contour? But that’s all I really needed.

“Oh, anyways did you need something from me?”

Feeling the situation become awkward, I asked Katalina to change the subject.

“Ah! That’s right. I think that there’s no other choice but to have a guild meeting in real life, Ellie.5

Thankfully it seemed to have worked as Katalina accepted the change after trying to remember what she forgot for a moment.

“Real life? Offline?”

“Yeah. All the guild leaders will be joining us but there are only 10 of them in total and everyone lives in London or nearby so I wanted to meet with them before the server maintenance is completed. We didn’t have dinner yet anyways, so I thought we should all just have dinner outside together with them.”

“All right. Then we should leave right now, shouldn’t we? It’s nearly dinner time already.” I asked Katalina while looking at my watch.

“Yeah. I booked a pretty good restaurant nearby. For us, we still have some time before we need to leave. I think those that are coming up here are the ones that would need to hurry up.”

Though she was abusing her powers somewhat, it was Katalina who had bought out the entire restaurant for tonight for the guild meeting so they’ll just have to come without putting up any complaints. Of course, I was one of those people as well.

I surfed through some Blue Sky fansites together with Katalina as we read some of the latest incidents that happened to kill some time, and when it was nearly about time to leave, we changed to clothing for dining and finished putting up a light makeup.


She must be relieving her accumulated stress by taking over an hour to finish applying makeup on my face. I stared annoyedly at Katalina as she would keep erasing the makeup and put it on again as if my face was a canvas for her to paint however she wished.

“Mmh… I still think it’s not enough…”

Katalina sounded like she was enjoying my suffering as she hummed happily to herself. That made me realize I would suffer greatly if I were to ever make her really angry.

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But then I suddenly had a thought. ‘I won’t accept being secondary.’ Did Katalina mean that she won’t consider herself as secondary ever? Or is she saying that she doesn’t accept the concept of having a secondary mistress itself? It was a small question but I couldn’t summon the courage to ask Katalina.

Because I knew that if she wanted to, she could tear my face apart with the tools in her hand in this current situation.


  1. Robinxen: I was tempted to add a post from me as a easter egg but the conversation flowed too tightly for a random post.
  2. Robinxen: Oooooh~ Mystery. Is it that waifu that was mentioned? Did he get catfished? Protect the imouto!
  3. Robinxen: Victory with words!
  4. Robinxen: Jeeebus she’s already accepting a harem this early in the game?! Man this woman is progressive!
  5. Robinxen: Dundundun!

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