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Chapter 13 Act 3: Adaptation

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 3491 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2130 words
Editor(s): Silva

[Disconnecting from server.]1  

After arriving at the Sky Castle, I felt an overwhelming rush of exhaustion come over me so I decided to disconnect from the server. After going through all those crazy events just on the very first day I connected to the game, I was so tired that I had practically crawled out of the capsule as I exited.

“I’ll have to shower again.”

I remarked as I looked at my clothes completely wet with sweat. It looked like I had no choice. In the end, I picked a few clothes from the wardrobe and went to the bathroom for my second shower of the day.

As I dried my hair and looked at the time, it was around 6 in the afternoon. Looking outside the window, I saw that the sun was starting to set.

I was beginning to become hungry.

Knock knock.

Hearing the knock come at just the right time, I replied with a hint of joy in my voice.

“Who is it?”
“My lady. It’s Sara. May I come in?”

Ah. She was one of the maids that were on standby outside the door, right?

“Please come in then.”
“Yes ma’am.”

Eventually, the door opened, and just as expected, a maid with a familiar face stepped into the room. The red hair on her head suited the look well.

The freckles on her face that gave away the fact that she was still going through her younger phase of life made her look more homely and familiar rather than ruin her face. All this made her look cute if nothing else, not to mention her chest was…

Ugh, Su-Hyeon, you’re Elizabeth right now. It’s time for you to stop your habit of guessing women’s measurements.

“My lady. Is there any problem?”

Seeing my expressions change one after another, Sara carefully asked.

“No, no problem at all.”
“Is that so?”

Even so, she looked back with a worried expression. As this was a good point in time to change the subject and I also had something I wanted to ask, I hurriedly spoke to her.

“I’m actually hungry. Is it possible to have a meal now?”

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I wasn’t lying at all. I was extremely hungry. I had gone through all sorts of ordeals inside the game, exhausting me to the point where I was covered in sweat. It would be weird if I wasn’t hungry.

“Ah, of course. The butler had actually asked me to relay the question of how you’d like to eat your meal.”
“How I’d like to eat it?”

What does she mean by ‘how I want to eat’? Is she going to ask if I want to eat with my hand or with utensils?

“He’s asking whether you would like a full course meal or if you’d rather have a simple meal instead.”
“Then could you send a simple meal over here then?”

Activating my usual laziness, I asked if it was possible for them to deliver my meal here.

“Mmh… I still recommend having your meal at the dining…”
“I’m pretty tired now. Please, Sara.”

As courtesy and manners are important around here, I made sure to emphasize my request with courtesy. I was desperately clinging on as I tried to stop myself from having to walk all the way there just to collapse in exhaustion halfway.

Sara became visibly flustered seeing my reaction.

“Ahh… Okay, okay, my lady. Please stop holding my clothing like that. I’ll bring it here!”

I opened my eyes wide, showing the best puppy eyes I could manage at her.

“Yes yes… Please wait here for a moment.”

As Sara went out of the room and closed the door behind her, I grinned and laid on the sofa of the living room. Even though I was certain it was a living area, the layout of the room was done like a suite, making it nearly identical to any bedroom you’d find. On one side of the wall was a giant TV hanging on it.

It looks to be over 100 inches in size.

Since I still needed to burn some time waiting for my meal to arrive, I picked up the remote on the table and turned on the TV.

It would have been great if there was a Korean channel on the TV, but unfortunately, there wasn’t any no matter how hard I tried to find it.2

In the end, I gave up on trying to find it and decided to search for channels that were about Blue Sky instead. Since not only Korea but the whole world was swept up by the Blue Sky fervor, it wasn’t too difficult for me to find a channel dedicated to the game.

[Hello everyone~ This is your host of the ‘Love Blue Sky’ show, Silvia3. There was a huge incident that occurred today in Blue Sky. We’ll report what it is in a moment so please don’t change the channel~]4  

The host was a beautiful woman with black hair and foreign-looking blue eyes wearing quite a deep neckline that was hard to take your eyes off. At this point the fact that it was about Blue Sky didn’t matter to me particularly, I simply stayed on the channel for the woman.

“I will swear my allegiance to you from now on.”

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Although my little sister would always criticize me for being lecherous5, it’s the show’s fault for having such a sexy hostess, isn’t it?

[Mr. Cruise. They said there’s a huge turbulence in the world of Blue Sky, just what is the news that’s rocking this world right now?]  

As the hostess turned to talk to a middle-aged blonde-haired man called Cruise, I pondered whether to change the channel or not, but then decided to stay as I realized that a huge event had occurred in Blue Sky.

[Yes, as I’m sure you Blue Sky players already know, but there was a notice that the legendary tier equipment, ‘Merlin’s Staff’, has appeared in the world. There’s also the fact that we had confirmed that the staff was taken up by Artoria, the fixed number 1 ranking player in the server who had presumably gained it after completing an SSS tier quest.]  

It seemed that things were happening as I suspected.

[Aha! You mean that famous Artoria? I’m a fan as well. But there’s also a chance that it wasn’t Artoria who received the staff, isn’t there?]  

Seeing Silvia express her doubt, I couldn’t help but crack a sad smile. It would have been great if everyone believed that, but…

[Ah, well once you see this submitted video evidence, you’ll see for yourself that it was Artoria who picked it up.]  

Hm? Video? Both curiosity and worry started mixing in my mind.

[Ah! To submit such a valuable video for this channel, I, the hostess Silvia, would like to thank you for your generosity. We’ll show the submitted video after this highlight reel.]  

Like a good TV channel running by ad revenue, it showed a highlight reel where a number of plain-looking ranking players were doing all sorts of things to try to make themselves look cool.
All they were doing was showing off flashy moves and skills, practically tickling the monster to death rather than being efficient and blowing them away in a single skill. It showed that they were arrogant and liked to show off rather than be skillful.

Although TV channels often have flashy show-off scenes to captivate the general audience, it was still true that being way too show-offy like that just made them cringe a little.

The only clip that I actually liked among them was one where about 6 mages used a magic circle to conjure an ‘Area of Effect’ magic. There was clearly quite a lot of effort put into the making of this video as the background and positioning of the cameras as well as the players were quite unique. I felt that the only error I can see in my eyes was that most of them were guys.

As I put that sorrow behind me, several more clips of highlights went by.

Knock knock!

Hearing the anticipated knocks on the door, I lowered the TV volume and told them to come in.

“My lady, I’ve brought your meal.”

Sara and a number of maids who I didn’t know stepped inside the room with large dishes. They eventually set down the dishes in front of me, with the varieties being quite numerous for a so-called ‘simple meal’.

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“This is sunday roast.”6

Sara brought the biggest dish in front of me as she told me the name of the dish. There was a bread called Yorkshire Pudding7 that didn’t particularly look like pudding, as well as broccoli, a number of vegetables, mashed potato, and sausage.8 She then explained that the cooked meat covered in gravy sauce was actually kangaroo9 meat.10

Is she really talking about the kangaroo that lives in Australia? In any case, it was a bit chewy and pretty tasty.

“This is Dover11 Sole12.”

Sorry, I don’t have much knowledge of fishes, so although I can definitely tell it was a fish, I couldn’t tell you what species it was.

“What kind of fish is it?”
“Ah, that’s halibut.”

Hearing my question, Sara answered with a bright smile. She was kind on top of having a cute face. She’s a real angel indeed.

And so I carefully cut off a piece and placed it in my mouth. The perfectly cooked halibut flesh that was adequately seasoned with salt as well as fresh lemon juice swirled in my mouth and was very tasty.

“That’s delicious!”
“I’m glad that it is to your liking. We’ll be waiting outside, please call for us whenever you’ve finished eating.”

As Sara and the maids left the room I changed my behavior from eating carefully and slowly to eating various food as quickly as I could.

Although there were many foods that I was seeing for the first time in my life, most of them were delicious and unique.

After filling up my belly somewhat, I turned my eyes towards the TV just in time to see the hostess Silvia walk out.

[Wow, thank you for the amazing highlight reel of those great high ranked players. Now then, we’ll reveal the video that you’ve all been waiting for!]  

The scene changed to one of the grassy plains in a hilly area. The view then changed as the sight went down towards the Stone Henge in the area below.

Then I saw a familiar figure doing their hardest to take down Death Knights.

Seeing the person taking down Death Knights fluently and gracefully with their two handed sword with ease, they looked quite familiar to me. That’s right, take their head off with a single strike there, dodge the charge attack with a small sidestep and slash behind you.

Oh… Looks like it’s me.

Although it certainly was surprising that there was a video recorded of me fighting, the more interesting thing was that I was viewing myself in 3rd person fighting against a number of Death Knights with ease and grace. I was able to understand somewhat the reason why team managers would often watch replays of their previous matches. I was definitely able to figure out some of my mistakes and flaws in my moves as I watched myself, although it didn’t mean that I knew perfectly what to do next time. Since it was my first time getting used to all the skills I had, I was being more crazy using all the different overpowered skills I had at will rather than looking like I knew completely what I was doing.

The recorded video also showed the appearance of the Bone Dragon, as well as the battle that followed afterwards. Seeing the gigantic size of the bone dragon once again on the screen, I couldn’t help but start to feel adrenaline go through my veins again.

But it was still very enjoyable being able to sit back and watch it happen instead of being in that position myself. I was able to relive the feeling of accomplishment as well as the excitement from earning the legendary tier item all over again.

(This chapter is provided to you by Re:Library)

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The video ended with the skull of the Bone Dragon being cleaved in half. Then the show moved onto a hot discussion about the clip by the two main hosts as well as another adviser13, but as the conversation they were having was uninteresting and not very useful, I lost interest and turned off the TV.

“Sara, could you put this away?”

Seeing that I was already completely accustomed to this life, I realized what a sly species human beings are.14



  1. Robinxen: I almost forgot this novel had a real world too.
  2. Robinxen: Is that not obvious? Though if you’re lucky you sometimes get french channels. Depends on the weather though. Used to be before things went digital though, you can still get the radio sometimes now at least.
  3. Anonymouss: Silva’s evil twin
  4. Silva: RIP Artoria, now the whole world will know you
  5. Robinxen: Sigh. How can you lay eyes on anyone other than your imouto?
  6. Robinxen: A fine staple of British routine.
  8. Robinxen: CHOOTTTTOOO MATTTTTEEEEE! Are you telling me Yorkshire Puddings are just a British thing?! Do you people not have them with your roast dinners in colonial-land?! The hell?!?!?!
  9. Anonymouss: Wouldn’t this be illegal?
    Silva: Kangaroo meat is actually quite a common delicacy in Australia… I’ve heard that they taste like liver…. I wouldn’t want to try that meat for the life of me… I hate the texture and taste of liver
  10. Robinxen: WAIT WHAAAAAAAT?!
  11. Robinxen: Yes yes, acknowledge my place of birth more novel. Fufufufu. Let me revel in its glory.
  13. Robinxen: I wonder what their feelings are about this…
  14. Robinxen: Lap it up.
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