Chapter 42: Side story – A story that Elizabeth doesn’t know

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 1814 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1079 words
Editor(s): Silva

“Let’s level up tons in this battle!”

I cheerfully spoke as the siege began, and it turned out to be the worst thing imaginable. In the beginning, I was just amazed by the sheer number of people taking part in this siege battle, which made me feel a different sensation of thrill and tension that was different from the usual raids, but that soon turned into rage.

The castle walls had crumbled, and the front line had been decimated. There were endless waves from the Shining guild who were using their overwhelming numbers as their advantage, yet the members of Chaos guild showed no response, and once I realized the truth, that it had now become a battle of Mercenaries VS Guild members, it was easy to see how it would end.

“Semi, what should we do?”

My long time best friend Ashley asked me with a quivering voice.


But it wasn’t like I had a great idea. All I could do was look around without answering her. If I was a fighting class, I would have simply jumped into the battle and died fighting, but Ashley and I were both healers1.

If I knew this was what’s going to happen, I would have brought people I know from the guild to come along as well.

“Please save me!”
“Take me with you!! Don’t leave me behind!”

But… Considering this situation, I may be left behind like them as well. Because of their class characteristics, healers and mages would always lag behind whenever they are retreating, and even though they desperately called out for their friends and acquaintances, they were ignored.

There were some who stayed behind or tried to buy time for the healers to escape, but there were very few of them, and didn’t last long either.


A scream that came right behind me! The voice was definitely similar to the voice of the healer that was following behind me. And that scream was very close behind…

[Holy Defense] 

Without even giving it a thought, I reacted by casting a spell.

Clang clang!

Sounds of metals clashing rang out. Shapes of shadows quickly surrounded me.

“Ah… Damn it, I should have killed her right away.”
“Yeah, all of them are running away while she’s trying to buy time like this, you know.”

The identity of the shadow figures were stereotypical assassin type users with their faces covered with face masks. As the main frontline forces of the Shining guild, they had the fastest speed out of all and were definitely put in that position to make sure they dealt the most damage before the enemies could retreat successfully and gather their forces for a counterattack.

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“T.. Thanks, Semi!”

My reactive defensive magic also protected Ashley, who was running beside me this whole time. If it was like any other time she would have smiled, but the current situation was way too terrible.

Considering my class, I was an ‘Archbishop’ class healer who specializes in using swords2, but as I never really used the defensive spell ‘Holy Defense’ often, my proficiency was quite low.

It will last a maximum of 30 seconds‌. Of course, it could be considered a long time if it was like any average raid, but…

“Heh… Just a prey trapped in a shield, aren’t you?”
“Remember, she’s my target!”

They looked at us like we’re just a couple of show animals at a zoo, which made me enraged, but I had to concentrate as much as I could to extend the precious little 30 seconds of duration I had.

If I were to die here, how much level and proficiency would I lose? And what skills would I lose? And the time to recover from all that? And the money that I would need to spend to do that?

My head started hurting. I love Blue Sky. I had already spent most of the money I had in the game, and since I was literally surviving off the money I was making through this game, it was a very serious matter for me.

That was the same for my friend, who was looking at me with worry in her eyes. Even though we finally got over the hump of becoming a full-fledged healer and were looking forward to making a lot of money off the game…

‘Anyone is fine, so please help… No, if they save my life… I’ll even be their slave!’

I desperately pledged in my mind. Of course, I wasn’t planning to be an actual slave. I was just that desperate.

5 seconds left.

The duration was almost up, and the light of ‘Holy Defense’ was fading. I knew better than anyone else what that meant, and it seemed like the opponent knew as well. They lifted ‌their weapons and got ready to strike.

“Thanks for the meal~!”

And just as my shield disappeared, I heard someone’s shout along with the feeling of a sword being swung at me.


It all had happened instantaneously. Enough for Ashley who was just as surprised as I am couldn’t close her mouth at all…

A user with a red mercenary outfit using a two-handed sword. Their body shape looked very thin and small, so it made me think they were female, but the two-handed sword that was about the length of her height looked extremely powerful.

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In reality, most female users avoid picking a two-handed sword as their main weapon; it was very difficult to defend against others and had a myriad of problems itself.

And the skills associated with it are rough and their attacks were barbarous, making the user look ignorant, so I also didn’t particularly like those kinds of weapons.

However… That opinion of mine shattered at that moment.

The user who held the two-handed sword in their hand didn’t look barbarous nor ignorant. They were extremely agile.


Unfamiliar skills that I never saw even when I was in many hunting parties were shown off by the user, and the assassins couldn’t block against them.

It was a one-way massacre.

It didn’t even take 10 seconds for the 5 assassins to die.

“Are you all right?”

They stretched both their hands towards me and Ashley, who were sitting on the ground from all the shock. It was exactly like those fairytale situations.

‘This is unfair! I should have been born a man instead…’

Even though I was complaining on the inside, I still grabbed their hand.


  1. Lilith: Healers can fight, just look at that uber revenge manga where the healer goes crazy
    Silva: but this is a game, not a fantasy world where you can do crazy ****
    Robinxen: That’s the wrong way to use healing magic!
  2. Silva: Huh… you can use swords? Then why didn’t you fight?

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