Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 1078

New Chapter!
On one hand I am glad that Sony walked back their decision to mandate PSN accounts for playing the PC version of Helldivers.
On the other hand I am sad that the odds of my refund request being accepted is now basically zero, I was hoping to use that money get a game I will actually play regularly instead.

In unrelated news:
Did you ever see Luck & Logic as an actual card game just over five years ago?
I got reminded of it today and remembered doing a trial game way back in the day at a convention and being excited to see it after the anime, but never investing because I had nobody to play with. I think I looped round that booth multiple times over the weekend to play it over… I think I did four trial sessions? Woops.
I remember it ending distribution really quickly too, like barely a year or so in… well the game was insanely rule heavy.

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