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Chapter 4 Act 1: A different beginning

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 2565 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1690 words
Editor(s): Silva

“Hm. According to the test results, there seems to be no problem on the exterior but her brain cells may have been damaged. Of course, this is a rare situation but not entirely impossible to happen. And this patient’s case, where most of her memory has been lost but her language processing skills and her problem-solving skills haven’t deteriorated, is even rarer and… Urk! Please, let’s talk this one out. With words. So, what I’m saying is that right now in this situation the only thing you can do is wait and… C-Could you please let go of my collar? I…I’m sorry, please.”

As I sat inside the patient’s room, I watched as the butler, who had the permission as my guardian to speak on my behalf, put pressure on the specialist in multiple ways, as if he had the charisma of a person with split personalities.

Seeing as he was even willing to show violence to get to his way, the image in my mind that the butler was a calm and dignified man once again completely collapsed.

“Sob… My lady. You are to inherit the title of Duchess in two years from now, and yet you have completely lost your memories…”

A situation where an old man sobs heavily while holding onto the hands of a complete male stranger… One could say this is an ordeal for me. This butler was tiring me out, but I couldn’t coldly slap away his hand or anything, so I just ended up hoping they will just quickly get this over with as I sighed deeply inside my mind.

After a while of crying, praying and all sorts of emotions, the butler finally seemed to have calmed down and accepted the situation, as he stood up from his kneeling position.

“Do you have any problems with moving?”

As I found myself finally released from a difficult situation, I made a small smile as I spoke.

“No, not at all.”
“It still makes me glad to see you smile brightly like this. Let us go to the mansion then. I cannot let you stay in this squalid place any longer.”

Although the patient room seemed quite far from being squalid, I didn’t want to argue with him so I simply nodded instead.

As the butler gave a hand gesture, a glamorous woman that was on standby behind him, wearing a black suit and sunglasses, handed me a coat. I knew absolutely nothing about coats and their brands, but it looked like a quite high-quality one that was long enough to cover the entire body.

If possible, I wanted to change out of my patient’s gown and go, but since the coat covered most of my body already, I simply just followed the butler outside.

Thinking I may still be uncomfortable with walking, the two black, burly bodyguards behind me offered to give me a hand, but I lifted my hand to decline their offer.

As I stepped out of the patient’s room, I saw dozens of bodyguards wearing black suits lined up in the hallway.

It would make anyone think that they were filming a gangster movie here or something.

“Congratulations on your complete recovery, my lady!”

At this point, my reality was no different from those kinds of movies…

Since I was heartily congratulated, I felt it would be rude to just brush them off without acknowledging it. I used all of my cheek muscles to push out a forced smile as best as I could.

“Thank you very much.”

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Several of the bodyguards’ expressions turned to those of confusion at my reply, and others looked as if what I did was unexpected.

I’m sure I gave a proper reply, did I do something wrong?

“Is there any problem?”
“N… No, not at all.”
“No problem at all.”

They simply shrugged as they kept their confused expressions.

“Okay everyone, she’s going to return to the main mansion, so everyone please get prepared.”

The butler finally stepped forward and took care of the situation. Eventually, I walked out of the lobby to the front entrance of the hospital, surrounded by a group of suited people.

In front of the hospital were several high-class vehicles as well as a black limousine all parked nearby.

Before I was even able to admire the extra-long limousine that looked straight out of a movie, the butler escorted me towards it. Once inside, I was once again in awe at how luxurious and pleasant the interior of the car was.

Inside the spacious interior were a TV, a fridge, and a number of electronic appliances normally found in homes.

“It’s been a long time, my lady.”

As the driver greeted me, I gave an awkward smile as I nodded back to him.

The driver looked confused at my reaction, but like a true professional, grabbed the wheel and drove the car with no hesitation in his movements.

Beyond the car windows, I was able to see streets colored in the usual palette only present in places like Europe and England. Streets filled with people in foreign clothing and foreign cars. The road signs that came into view occasionally indicated that this place was London.1

I found myself finally confirming in my mind that this place was the capital of England, London. Since I never once considered traveling to Europe previously, I didn’t expect to find myself in a place like this. However, I would be lying to myself if I said that I wasn’t looking around excitedly at all the new surroundings.

As the streets were lined harmoniously with both antique and modern buildings, it had a sophisticated and refined beauty all over. It certainly was no exaggeration to say that this place was one of the main points of European culture.

-Tap tap

The sporadic raindrops that beat against the car windows started to come down harder.2 I’ve heard that the weather changes quite fast in London, but it surprised me how the bright, sunny weather quickly turned into bleak, cloudy rain.

Naturally, the people on the streets ran off somewhere to get shelter from the rain or opened their umbrellas that they carried.

The limousine quickly sped through the rain and headed towards a certain location. Chelsea? If you are a Korean man who loves football, then it’s a name you probably have heard before. As a football fan myself as well, I wouldn’t be caught dead not knowing the most famous team in the biggest football league, the Premier League. However, I now found myself in the hometown of the famous team, which I previously had seen a few times only through TV. Although personally, I’m a fan of Manchester United that had the outstanding Korean player Park Ji Sung in the past.

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As I was being reminiscent of the past, I suddenly realized that the car was driving up the drive of a high-class mansion.


Without realizing it, I let out a surprised gasp at the sight of the vast gardens and grand mansion buildings that spread out in front of my eyes. It was such a large property that it was enough to make me reconsider the common knowledge that the house prices of London were some of the highest in the world.

And even amongst those mansions, there was a particular one that was even larger and wider than the others. As I kept thinking that it couldn’t possibly be my home, the limousine arrived at the front gate of the large mansion.

As we stopped in front of the entrance, several people came out of the security room that was near the front entrance and went through a few simple checks before opening the gate.

It was a little funny to me to see that this extremely high-class mansion had a manually opening gate like this, but I realized that it probably didn’t have anything to do with saving money.

In any case, the limousine followed the road that was as clean as the streets outside into the insides of the mansion grounds. After passing the garden which had smooth cut grass, my vision started to be filled with a view of the grand and magnificent mansion that formed a ‘c’ shape around the garden in the middle, the sort of mansion you’d only see in movies.


The car door opened, and a bodyguard was standing by the door holding an umbrella.

As it seemed like an obvious gesture telling me to come out of the car, I got up from the comfortable seat and stepped out of the door without saying much.

It would have been fine if he had handed me another umbrella for me to hold, but seeing him hold the umbrella in a way so it would only shelter me from the rain while he got pelted with rain, gave me a number of mixed feelings.

He was going to catch a cold at this rate.

As I was about to ask him to give me another umbrella, I decided that it would be better to just get inside of the mansion faster and get it over with, so I started increasing my walking speed.

As I did, the bodyguards turned their heads slightly and whispered to each other about something. If I had concentrated I may have been able to hear what they were saying, but the sound of the rain was so noisy that I wasn’t able to tell.

“The lady of the house is entering.”

At the same time as the butler declared my arrival, the front door of the mansion opened and revealed the grand interior of the mansion.

The red-colored carpet that was rolled out all the way from the entrance, as well as a fancy chandelier. The servants and maids lined up on the sides of the red carpet. Even the cooks as well.

“Welcome home, lady!”

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As the unanimous voice rang out from all the servants, all I did was sigh in my mind.

I thought that if this was going to happen, it would have been great if I was a male young master instead…3



  1. Robinxen: So it was the roadsigns and not the side of the road you’re on that did it?
  2. Robinxen: This would do it for me. Definitely England. It’s not England if it’s not raining.
  3. Robinxen: At the very least you won’t be forced into an arranged marriage…..probably…….depends on how clued into English culture this author actually is. We even allow people to marry Americans now!
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