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Blue Sky Chapter 61

For some reason today I spent hours reading a bunch of korean webtoons.
I guess this is the natural progression of my desire to read more manga to fill the gaps while waiting for novel translations and such.
There are quite a few good webtoons, it’s funny how all the ones I stumbled on that I enjoyed all involved mmo style dungeon raids.
They’ve really made a subgenre for it.

I also started to catch up on a few novels I read that have had anime announcements, just to get back into the groove.
Also a few webnovels I dropped years ago got picked up again…so I might try to reread those…maybe?

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Blue Sky Chapter 60

I scheduled this chapter while writing down notes for something else and almost got myself completely turned around by copy and pasting the wrong things!
I’m sure you guys would much rather read the story than a bunch of notes regarding various literature genres for references.

For context, I’ve been dissecting some genres while working out what ones I have the most familiarity with regarding writing plots for RPG campaigns.
One of my friends wants to set up a multi-gm Torg Eternity campaign which each GM having their own faction as a focus.
I’m not all too certain what faction I might end up being in charge of if I decide to GM because the faction with the genre I’m best at isn’t an all too interesting faction (generic fantasy). While the faction I find most interesting has a genre I’m completely unfamiliar with by comparison (pulp fiction).

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Blue Sky Chapter 59

I should really have talked about the manga I was reading on this prechapter ramble rather than on one of the DSM rambles.
I mean given the name of the manga is Ariadne in the Blue Sky it just would have fit so much better.
Well, it’s not like I can change the past.
Also it gives me an excuse to talk about it again here which allows me to save a ramble topic for a time where I run out of ideas!

Somethings my genius is… it’s almost frightening.

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Blue Sky Chapter 58

Ironically I happened to have left a playlist running and it was going through the Fate/Grand Order OST as I was scheduling this one.
Given all the Arthurian references in this novel I feel that’s quite fitting.
Actually doubly so for this chapter.

Things look like they’re about to reach another climax soon so let’s see where things go from here!

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» Chapter 58 «

Blue Sky Chapter 57

I mentioned in a different ramble that it has been snowing where I live.
So I’m going to use this ramble to talk about the moment where my lights flickered!
It was obviously because of the snow, but I was streaming D&D at the time so I made a joke about it being an EMP.

Would have been fun if it was an EMP but sadly my other electronics were not targeted.
Clearly I am not enough of a threat to our alien overlords yet.
But soon, soon I tell you.

Speaking of alien overlords, my friends started reading Three Body Problem recently, apparently it was free on Amazon.

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Blue Sky Chapter 56

I was reading another web novel lately and in it there’s a release of a space vrmmo game all about building ships and exploring the galaxy.
It reminded me that I was partially writing a novel concept for that which actually made it to the “first chapter stage” which is more than can be said for my other concepts.

It was that one where the guy gets transported into another reality with all his assets from a space mmo game.
I was going to have him a player shipyard for the designing and building of ships so he could defy all common sense by using technology from the game world.

I never really got into that though and my notes are missing details because I never fleshed them out and forgot to go back to it so I doubt I could cleanly pick it back up unlike some others.

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Blue Sky Chapter 55

This chapter was an interesting one because it shows the author has done some baseline research into the UK but also not enough to be considered knowledgable.
I suppose it’s at the level of an anime fan knowing some trivia about Japan?

It’s quite interesting to read because of that.
I tried to point out some details here and there, the bit about the flag was actually slightly wrong in the original so I helped adjust it to be more accurate.

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