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Important Announcement:
Update on Project Gender Bender

Blue Sky Chapter 107

We had some very interesting and very British weather today.
Including but not limited too:
Too much sunshine.
Lots of clouds.
Heavy rain.
Really really heavy hail for half an hour.
More rain.
More clouds.
And sunshine.

It was like a microcosm of everything wrong with the weather in one day.
Climate change people. Fun stuff.

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Blue Sky Chapter 106

I commissioned another piece of art today.
My second isn’t even finished.

So here’s how things have gone so far.
I got art of the main heroine, Eleanor.
I then got art of Eleanor, but in a ball gown. This is ongoing.
I have no purchased art of the main character, Llyn. Which will start sooooooon eventually by the end of this month.

Look forward to them.

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Blue Sky Chapter 105

Oh right I forgot to say last ramble, but we have a new editor now.
Shiro is here to reduce our suffering.
Basically they can do all my hard work for me now. Muhahahaha.

Well they’re actually a little more strict than me on the editing front. They remind me of when I first started out, actually caring about perfection.
Now it’s like “is this readable?” “yes” “then it doesn’t need fixing”.

Don’t tell Silva, he might get mad at me.

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Blue Sky Chapter 104

So Inazuma is out on Genshin, how are peoples opinions of it?
Honestly there is so much to do it’s a bit insane.
Interestingly they timegated some world quests too to make content last longer.

Honestly I am loving it but I’m a little worried I won’t unlock Reputation before the time reset. The number of quests you need to do are quite high!

Well I’ll try and blitz through my remaining ones then explore a bit to get some world percentage.
I need to do all the shrine stuff.

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Blue Sky Chapter 103

Originally I was going to use this prechapter ramble to talk about my impressions of Realist Hero’s latest episode.
Instead I’m going to follow up on my previous ramble about worldbuilding and art.

I finally settled on what piece of art I will commission next.
Although if I can grab a slot with the artist is up to chance, so we shall see!
But I’m thinking of going with Eleanor (the heroine) in a ball gown type formal dress.

We’ve brainstormed ideas and I have a pretty solid vision of her style, so I think it will turn out well.
The original plan was to get the main protagonist done, but he can wait.

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Blue Sky Chapter 102

Do you ever just do research for a novel you’re working on and just… get lost in the aether?

First I wanted to use alchemy symbols for the magic but realised alchemy went out of fashion before a lot of the scientific concepts my magic uses were invented, so I’d have to invent old style alchemy symbols to fill the gaps in scientific development! I’d literally be reinventing the periodic table!

Then I was looking at submarine concepts on how the design of the magical submarine would work and ended up on some scifi royal navy concept vessel that used zero point energy.

I need to stop worldbuilding and eventually write one day.
Also casual plug that you should check out the art of the main heroine I commissioned!

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Blue Sky Chapter 101

I got reminded of the wonders of British television today.
Such creations as:

I wish Atlantis had a bit longer to find its footing, it would have been a worthy successor to Merlin I think.
Well no point wondering about what ifs.
Sometimes things just don’t work.

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