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Important Announcement:
Update on Project Gender Bender

Blue Sky Chapter 81

One of the biggest issues about the fact I schedule these chapters really early in the morning before I get into bed is that I always do it while listening to music.
True to form my latest playlist is the Nier raid OST from Final Fantasy.
Why is this an issue you ask?

Well I always end up wanting hum to the music darnit!
I need to stay silent because it’s late but I never manage it!

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Blue Sky Chapter 80

Important News: Due to a minor translation error a chunk of a previous chapter was accidentally skipped out on leading to some disconnect between the last weeks releases.
The offending chapter has been updated so it’ll all flow together now.
I suggest going back and rereading the two chapters (or at least the start and end of the two chapters)

I think it was this week I was supposed to say…
or was it last week.
Did I forget?
Have I already done this?


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Blue Sky Chapter 79

Good news everyone!
Oh wait I probably just triggered someone’s reference detector without actually meaning to.

Anyway, Not Sure Another World will finally be returning!
Not sure why I’m announcing this here but. Starting…tomorrow?…I think?…Well starting at some time this week I will be posting one chapter every day to well and truly spam you with juicy content to read!

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» Chapter 79 «

Blue Sky Chapter 78

Well Eighty-Six or 86 or however you want to write it… wait I got sidetracked.
This anime is doing pretty well. I only partially read the first novel to get a feel for if I’d like it so the anime is a refreshing change.
It’s a heavy show, so I have to watch it between the many many slice of life shows this season.

Most importantly it’s a very convenient way to get into a pseudo-cyberpunk mindset ready for your tabletop rpg session the next day haha.

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Blue Sky Chapter 77

My Final Fantasy 14 wedding is in a few days.
I’m getting nervous for some reason.
To think that I’d get the same anxiety from attending a real social event as a virtual one.
Well I guess because it’s one of those events that depend on organisation I can fear things going wrong.

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Blue Sky Chapter 76

So apparently the last couple of weeks I forgot to schedule the proper number of Blue Sky chapters.
That’s a bit of a minor case of serious oversight on my part.
That said, it is the first mistake I’ve made since I started scheduling for this site over a year ago now. Oh how time flies like that.

To think so many of you have been reading my rambles for so long.
And they will be forever immortalized online.

Anyway to compensate for my dumb error and the lack of chapters for Not Sure, Another World. I will schedule both chapters today. Then I can’t forget tomorrow.

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Blue Sky Chapter 75

Still no news on Not Sure, Another World’s translator. They’re truly AWOL.

In other news my addiction to the world of Final Fantasy still spreads.
With the unlocking of Firmament and Diadem I have truly become engrossed in the act of crafting.
It’s a rather timely unlock given how I am almost obsessively chasing the construction of our FC airship solo.

I’m the architect and engineer of that little project. Gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment.

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