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Blue Sky Chapter 23

I know this is really random but has anyone else seen Gmails new icon and loading animation?
It’s way too colourful!
It looks more like someone is trying to copy windows with the logo!

I really loved the old one because it was really clever. The red outline on the envelope made an M shape.
Now they have the same thing but like a malformed windows logo.
Also the way it loads isn’t like an envelope anymore but like a vomiting rainbow expanding.

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Blue Sky Chapter 22

Steam trading cards are a really weird thing.
First of it’s painfully difficult to obtain them in any regular manner for unpopular or recently released games.
Crafting booster packs is a nightmare since it demands you buy games at a regular pace.
And buying cards from the market relies too heavily on supply-demand.
Also the prices are almost entirely random. I have a foil that some people are trying to sell for like 19 compared to the average of 0.2 of other cards!

Anyway this is the problem I find myself in for Tears of Avia currently.
It’s brand new so hardly anyone has the cards I need and if they do then they’ve jacked up the prices!
I’ve managed to craft one badge so far and I want the Level 5 and the Foil!

Steam sort this out! Please!
Also please buy this game and trade with me. Many thanks.

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Blue Sky Chapter 21

If you have a pet that was also a spaceship what would you name it?
I really love the concept of organic spaceships.
The Leviathans from Farscape are a wonderful example.

But really any kind of sentient ship is great to me, even AI ones!
I love the whole concept of something typically inanimate being capable of making decisions.

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Blue Sky Chapter 19

Lets do three fun facts about me for this chapter! They may or may not have been said on other chapters or posts but never together!

Fun Fact 1:
I was born on the 19th! The 19th of what you ask? That’s irrelevant.

Fun Fact 2:
I reach 1000 logins on FGO tomorrow.

Fun Fact 3:
I applied to get sponsored by Lucozade, an energy drink, for my twitch streams but they sadly rejected me.

Fun Fact 4:
We moved servers today! I wonder if the site has got any better…or if we created any bugs in the process….

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Blue Sky Chapter 18

So Sword Art Online Alicization finally came to an end, that’s about two years of content finally over.
I really loved the novels for Alicization but the anime was rocky at best, it had its moments but the overall experience wasn’t that great. I enjoyed the novels more.

And immediately at its end Progressive was announced!
For those not in the know, Progressive is a rewrite of essentially Episodes 2 to 12 of the first season of SAO.
Covering the original SAO game from the first boss fight onwards, and making some retcons and adjustments, eventually leading up to the final boss battle with far fewer timeskips and a more gradual progression.

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Blue Sky Chapter 17

Okay so in my previous post I scammed myself out of topics to talk about so let’s talk about how I’ve been awake for 20 hours now, I’m operating off of lucozade. I may end up staying awake way longer and on top of that I have an tabletop RPG to play this evening and I think I might die.

Lucozade is a glucose based energy drink by the way, not caffeine like your weird monster or whatever.
Also I think I might have swore somewhere on a previous post and I feel like that’s wrong?
I dunno.
Sleep deprivation.
Also join the discord there’s prizes!

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Blue Sky Chapter 16

So compared to all the other novels I schedule Blue Sky by far has the shortest title, not just in character count but word count too.
That wouldn’t be worth mentioning if it wasn’t for the fact that every time I go to schedule it I almost always leave the template post title in slightly.
I’m not sure why though. Maybe it’s worded differently to the others.

But I almost always leave a Blue Sky Post Chapter XX type thing there.
It’s weird okay.
Worth mentioning.

So apparently wordpress failed to post this on time and didn’t notify me! What the hell site!
Anyway chapter was up hours ago, it just never got put in the feed.

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