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Blue Sky Chapter 12

My computer started making weird noises again, I don’t know if it’s just the heat, or a components dying or if that noise is just normal and I’ve only really started to pay attention to it.
If I vanish it’s because my computer exploded and murderised me.
On that note though I do have a new PSU to install, and a new GPU on the way!
So maybe after I switch those in my problem will be solved?
Who knows.

Well buying that GPU set back my plans a lot to get some art done of my OC though. Which is annoying to say the least.
Oh and all my savings are gone which will be a little bit of a problem if I suddenly get charged for shipping on the many things I have preordered.
Oh please oh please Invaders kickstarter just hold on for a month or two okay!

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Blue Sky Chapter 11

Satisfactory is a weirdly addictive game, however since I am now getting into the thick of the midgame I am noticing some minor problems I have with this game.
Specifically I will never want to restart. Once I do, eventually, after a long time, unlock everything I will never want to go back to the start. I guess at that point I will have to either move my base of operations elsewhere to ‘start over’ in a new part of the map but keep my unlocks and main base.
Or move to multiplayer where the experience of cooperation will take away from the pain of losing my stuff.

Everything is always more fun with friends.

Notably horror games. I can’t for the life of me play them alone but the instant it’s multiplayer it’s just dumb fun!

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Blue Sky Chapter 10

I guess I will use this pre-chapter ramble to discuss games since it seems fitting. Let’s see what should we cover.

FGO smashed the mobile game charts once again for highest grossing income. Practically double it’s nearest competitors.
I started playing Alchemist Code because the original design for my original character was ripped from it. It’s not that fun.
I watched a load of videos on DOOM lore for no apparent reason, guess this is one of my whimsical trends.
Phantasy Star Online 2 is getting a new standalone MMO that’s also a tie in MMO that shares data with the original MMO but is a standalone MMO. Yeah nobody else gets it either.
I started streaming games again for a grand total of a week before I stopped for a week and I need to get back into the habit.

Guess that’s all for games.
Oh there was some other news but I don’t really care all too much.

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Blue Sky Chapter 9

I don’t remember which novel I mentioned it on (I publish a lot of these chapter release posts okay!) but I spoke about clearing my room a while back.
I cleared two shelves to make space for more anime merch, and in the process had to add two large planks of wood to one of my storage units because it was a slatted shelf.
Meaning it had a strip of wood, then a gap, then another piece of wood, then a gap.

Obviously cheaper to make for storing boxes, but not practical for books and figures!
So I added some planks over the top so it’s a proper shelf.
Problem is I need to wait for the wood to level out since it had a curve from storage. Then I need to varnish it!

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Blue Sky Chapter 8

Where better to talk gaming than a web novel about a game?!
I’m a genius right?

Well on the tail end of the steam sale I picked up Battletech and Valkyria Chronicles 4.
So far I’ve been playing a bit of the campaign of Battletech, I’m not particularly good at it, I’m sure there’s a lot I need to learn.
I’ve been having fun with it though.

Still yet to give Valkyria a shot but I’m looking forward to it, I hope I do well though.
I don’t think I ever finished the first game actually. I got to the final fight but I never managed to complete it for whatever reason.
I don’t remember if it was just because I got stuck, or if I never got back to it, I do remember watching a streamer play it so maybe I lost motivation to do the boss battle after seeing the ending elsewhere?
Well, I am interested to see another side of the Europa war.

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Blue Sky Chapter 7

I don’t know if I’ve ever really talked about it here, but the anime that really got me into anime was ReZero back when I was at University.
I had watched other anime before but I was really casual and mostly watched random things that were popular and caught my eye.
ReZero was my first seasonal anime I tuned in every week to watch as it went, and it really took me along for a ride. And to this day it’s one of my favourites, and I’m a big fan of the novels.

That’s why the second season has got me so hyped.
ReZero is second only to Raildex in the mind.

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Blue Sky Chapter 6

Apparently I should stop calling her Captain Britain in my head now, we find out this time she has a much grander title than that joke of a character!
Yes, she’s actually one of the most iconic figures in anime history!
Sort of.

You’ll see what I mean.

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