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Blue Sky Chapter 129

I had to sadly come to decision today.
I will have to pause buying commissions because I’m too poor!

There’s too much stuff I need to actually buy sadly.
Focusing mostly on Christmas.
Well I also need to preorder Jurassic World Evolution 2.

Life is woe.

I need to earn more money somehow.

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Blue Sky Chapter 128

The designer of the submarine put it up on his blog.
They do some good pieces of mecha art too so you should check it out.

You can see the post here if you like.

I got reminded today, but the submarine here looks really similar to the one from the Arpeggio of Blue Steel manga.
I wonder why. Well eventually that sub detaches the extra weaponry to become a more normal looking sub.
Great minds must think alike.

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Blue Sky Chapter 127

The new anime season has started, what are peoples opinions on the shows this season?

So far I’ve only really watched Muv-Luv.
I did also watch that dumb fruit isekai because the novel was a meme, and 86 of course.
Pretty sure I watched another too but I forgot.
Well, we’ll see. There’s plenty I need to catch up on too.

Throw your suggestions for what you think will be this seasons hits.

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Blue Sky Chapter 126

So, the completed diagram for the submarine I commissioned has arrived!
Here it is!

Prydwen Blueprint

The HMS Prydwen, the first ever submarine in the setting of the web novel I will eventually write.
The flagship of the MCs group.
If you right click and open the image in a new tab you can see the amazingly detailed full res version.

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Blue Sky Chapter 125

So today I learned there’s a special H.G. Wells celebration coin you can get.
There’s only one problem.

They gave the martian tripod, FOUR legs!

How on Earth do you give a TRIPOD, of all things, FOUR legs!

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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Blue Sky Chapter 124

My latest commissions are underway!
Correct, commissions plural!

This time I have some really exciting pieces in the works.
The first is a diagram of the experimental submarine from my fantasy novel!
This submarine is the only and first submarine in the setting, and to give it a fantasy edge I gave it some really unique traits, look forward to it!
The boat is called the Prydwen, aptly named given the Arthurian setting. Annoyingly though everyones going to think it’s a Fallout reference despite me having never owned those games.

You’ll all care about the second more though.
This one is spicy! It’s the heroine of the novel bathing while travelling.
Indeed. It has some nice service.

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Blue Sky Chapter 123

By the time you people are reading this the Genshin livestream should have ended.
I wonder if they finally announced any rewards for the anniversary that aren’t a complete joke?

Well I don’t have high hopes.
A free four star would be nice though… and that’s setting my expectations in rough correlation with the Honkai first anniversary.

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