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Chapter 46 Act 6: Ianus

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 3417 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2026 words
Editor(s): Silva

“Lycan, you wolfish b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲!”

I shouted directly at his sly looking visage.

“My my. To think a lady like you would have such rude manners. Shouting at me full-throated at our first meeting! Ah, if you are actually Miss Eva, then my apologies if so.”
“Stop fooling around and fight me!”

I gestured at Lycan with a reverse V-sign1, provoking him. I’ve learned that it is a way to insult people that I wasn’t acquainted with and that it’s a worse obscene gesture than putting up a middle finger like it’s commonly done in Korea.


Just as I thought, my powerful insult made Lycan’s face boil in anger. It was the typical expression of someone who fell for a provocation.

“Vice guild leader, please calm down. We have the higher grounds here, you shouldn’t let yourself be provoked like that.”
“Ahem… I see.”

A guild member who looked to be his adviser spoke to him, to which Lycan nodded and calmed himself down.

‘That’s a shame.’

It really was a shame. If he had charged straight at me with that insult, I would have locked him into a melee where the battle would go better for me…

“What, you gonna run away now or something?”
“Hoho. It seemed to me that you were getting over your head. Once you see these men, you’ll rethink your situation somewhat.”

I kept trying to provoke him, but as soon as Lycan finished speaking, I saw a number of powerful Shining Guild soldiers coming up, which made me quickly become silent.

They had complete full plate mail with a golden cross on their coat of arms. Yes, that was enough to relay that they are the ‘Crusaders’ of the guild.

“Man, we’re f̲u̲c̲k̲e̲d̲.”

Immediately, someone behind me swore out loud and I honestly wanted to agree with them as well. It wasn’t like I never thought of the worst possible outcome, but I didn’t think it would actually happen before my very eyes.

On top of that, I was just starting to feel like the battle was all over, so the shock was even more powerful.

“Everyone, please calm down. Even if they are the ‘Crusaders’, the number of their soldiers that are present at the moment is only 40. It means that they only have one-fifth of all members present here. In terms of numbers, we outnumber them three times.”

Katalina finally regained her senses and explained to the people with a calm voice. Only then I realized that they definitely had a smaller number of people than expected on their side.

That’s right, as long as it’s not all 200 of their members, it wasn’t the worst possible situation yet. The problem is understanding just how much power each Crusader had since it could vastly overpower us.

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“That’s right, let’s all do our best! We’ve done well so far haven’t we? We’ll definitely survive and take our revenge against those that planned out this scheme!”

The fact that you lost some proficiency as well as EXP if you die is pretty bad, but you also gain a number of penalties which makes it practically impossible to play like the usual for at least a week.

It seemed like the enemies were aiming for any siege wars that occur within that one-week penalty. A siege war with the main fighting force completely absent makes it a walk in the park in terms of difficulty after all.


That’s right, if we didn’t have the morale, it would be very difficult to keep up with our tired bodies and continue fighting. I also wanted to log out right now and have a shower to relieve my fatigue after all.

“I really want a can of beer right now.”

I didn’t even realize that I was fantasizing about drinking a can of beer after having that shower, licking my lips in anticipation.

“Ngh… Beer!”

Because of that, they became distracted again.

“Troops, ready your weapons!”

It was finally time, the best troops of the Shining Guild, the ‘Crusaders’, readied their weapons to charge against us. A number of blessings and buffs came from the back, enveloping their bodies with shining auras.

“Extra HP, various resistances, physical and magic defense increase as well as attack power buff. And…”

They had so many buffs put on them that I got sick of counting them.

“Yikes, their buffs are multiplying like cockroaches!”

I agreed with their sentiment.

“We’re sorry…”

The healers on our side saw what was happening to them and felt guilty for not being as good as them, but no one could really blame them for their situation. It was obvious that they had already spent all the mana that they could muster for now.

They probably have already used their emergency mana potions as well.

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Katalina and I are completely free from the worries of drinking mana potions, but we also understand that most of the mercenaries gathered here don’t have that kind of luxury.

I wondered just how many of the users will survive after this battle.


Finally, the white troops rushed towards us.

As they were much faster in speed than the previous enemies we fought, we could clearly feel the power of their pressure. Even though they were running at their full speed, their formations didn’t err even one bit.


With a thundering sound of a clash, the two groups ran into each other.


However, the result of the clash was that the mercenaries had fallen one-sidedly. The majority of the red-clothed mercenaries had survived the clash but the same could be said for the opponent. After all, they were the elite troops of the guild and things like numerical advantage didn’t matter in front of them.


For the first time, my attack against an enemy had been blocked. The enemy was pushed back from my powerful blow, but because two more Crusaders joined in the battle from my sides, I had no choice but to move back.

As I did so, I cut down the neck of one of the crusaders who was massacring our allies.


It was the very first crusader to fall.

“These guys die as well!”
“Yeah, even if they’re crusaders, they’re still users like us. They’re not completely invincible!2

Seeing me triumph over that enemy, the morale of our desperate mercenaries began to improve. On the other hand, the Crusaders who had pridefully thought they wouldn’t be defeated by users like us became slightly worried.

“How shameful! To be bested by a couple of mercenaries…!?”
“You Crusaders, in the end, are also just a couple of mercenaries when you join a war for another guild.”

Hearing the enraged Crusaders, I sneered and hurled back.

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“Ugh, you’re right. And who are you? You definitely seem like a higher ranking user.”
“Is that really important?”

As I replied to him, another Crusader tried to use this chance to attack from behind but as I had already noticed his plan, I easily activated a counterattack skill and cut him down.

“… Quite clever.”
“You guys are the idiots who underestimated me.”
“Arrogant, aren’t you? You’re just my type of girl.”
“Crazy b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲.”

Snapping back at him coldly, I focused on attacking again. The user that looked to be the head of the Crusaders finished conversing with me and didn’t show any sign that he would attack me again. However, the Crusaders around him had convened to carry out a joint attack. While blocking all of their attacks, I kept an eye on the leader in case he made a sudden move.

‘Is he simply trying to demoralize me?’

Thinking this, I continued to counter-attack any enemy when the chance presented itself. Although I was surrounded by them, to be attacked from all four cardinal directions was actually quite the norm. Even though being outnumbered 4-to-1 wasn’t that much of a bad situation for me, it still made it difficult for me to find any chance to land a critical hit on at least one of them to effectively kill and reduce their numbers.

Six. Seven…

But nevertheless, I diligently repelled them one after another. As I would drink down a potion whenever I am in danger or so, I lasted much longer than I thought I would, and more than anything the Crusaders were the type to not make hasty or risky attacks against me.

“Heh… Are the great Crusaders actually afraid or something?”

I didn’t hear their reply, but they definitely flinched at my provocation. It was a short moment, but I had aimed for it to happen.

‘Now’s the time.’

I couldn’t let a chance like this go past me.

‘Heh… Let’s see, is that the second one now?’


It was a close call as the leader’s sword sliced the air barely past my neck. I had a gap in my defense because of the slight lapse after activating a skill, but that was just what the Crusader’s leader was aiming for.

As I had ended up being too overconfident in the fight earlier, I breathed a sigh of relief in my mind as the attack missed its target.

‘Stupid idiot. Don’t be so careless.’

Even as I reprimanded myself, the activation of my skill went through. From my Excalibur, a golden aura began to glow and become even brighter over time. It was a passive skill different from ‘Force Blade’, a more powerful skill.

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Finally, I automatically bring up that bright golden sparkling object and put my lips on it3.

[Your attack power increases] 
[Your attack power is multiplied] 
[Your critical attack chance increases] 

Along with numerous screens of statuses popping up, the golden aura expanded ever outward from its source. And all the enemy movements fell into a status of being slowed. Only I in this situation was able to move freely.

And when they became even slower to the point of near-complete standstill, I started swinging my Excalibur.


A whirlwind of golden light enveloped the entirety of the hallway.

1 health point left4.

I hurriedly pulled out a health potion and drank it.

I was in a very dangerous situation where I could have died just from getting a scratch from a sword. It seemed like everyone was swept up by the golden whirlwind all the way to the end of the hallway since I wasn’t able to see anyone at all.

Although it was an anti-personnel attack skill, I realized just how powerful it could be when used in a tightly packed space like this.

[Congratulations! You’ve surpassed 1,000 kills in a single siege war. You receive the title ‘Reaper of the battlefield’. You gain bonus stat +5 and 50%+ extra experience points.] 
[You are the first to surpass 1,000 kills in a single siege battle in the server. You gain bonus stat +2 and 20%+ extra experience points.] 


Although there were still enemies left, I didn’t feel that I was on the losing side at all.

“I swear that if you tell us what to call you, I swear I will join your fan club even if I die here today.”
“… I’ll make a religion then.”

The mercenaries that survived started to put up a thumbs-up sign one after another.

Although there was still 2 hours left in the siege battle, it didn’t seem like they would be having trouble dealing with that. And even as 2 hours passed, no one dared to step foot into the hallway that I kept my eyes on.

Author’s Note:

It feels like the main character is a walking calamity (-_-)… But then again, to go against someone who’s ranked number 1 in the server without knowing that fact basically means you signed your death.

Although being rank number 1 here is not an absolute thing… the difference in level numbers makes it impossible for them to stand any chance5. You would look at rankers as if they are a strategic unit to be placed on a battlefield.

To fight against a strategic weapon, you’ll have to use another strategic weapon against it, right?



  1. Robinxen: It’s like a V but reversed! Plot twist. Unexpected alphabet abuse!
  2. Silva: Well, obviously.
    Anonymouss: Like the invincible spanish armada, renown can make people afraid to challenge things…
    Robinxen: The last thing the British fear is the Spanish navy…
  3. Silva: On her lips? SO uh… she basically kissed her sword?
  4. Silva: Wao, 1 HP? That’s a VERY close call isn’t it? Or do you have some skills that prevent you from dying one time a day at 1 HP like Focus Sash or Endure in Pokemon game. Or is it the skill the drained her HP? What’s the skill definition for Requiem again?
    Anonymouss: I’m not sure either, the author didn’t explain anything…
    The requiem she used for bone dragon was a skill that finished it off, though she didn’t say that she quickly chugged a potion afterwards or have only 1 hp left back then.
  5. Silva: Eh? What? Did you say something, author? Isn’t this game basically pay-2-win? As long as you have money, you can buy the best gear and become the strongest and buy a gazillion of potions like you’d buy a Mercedes and drink them like common water, you basically can’t die unless you get OHKO’d
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