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Chapter 15 Act 3: Adaptation

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 3402 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1800 words
Editor(s): Silva

When I woke up it was 7 am.

Since it’s the weekday, anyone who goes to school or has a full-time job would realize that they slept in, and immediately jump out of bed.

Originally as a freshman for Oxford University, I should be working on studying and preparing for classes, but I was actually on break for this term due to my illness. I was no different than some deadbeat who didn’t go to work or school1.

Oxford University’s department of business administration was extremely popular and had many brilliant minded students as well as children of rich families all trying to enroll in it. Although that was the case, I had already experience in attending postgraduate schools in my previous life, and never really thought myself as someone who lacked intelligence, so I didn’t think I would have many problems following this course2.

In any case, this was a problem for the future. I decided to stop worrying for now and changed to comfortable clothing similar to loungewear.

I’ll have to ask Sara to buy some actual loungewear for me.

After changing my clothes, I left my room and went down the hallway to reach the central hall. I watched a few busy maids carrying something or cleaning here and there as I walked in, and a number of guards saw that I came in and approached me.

“Good morning. Was that something you needed, my lady?”
“Good morning. I was hoping to do some jogging.”
“Jogging, you say?”

I nodded instead of replying with words.

“But the winds outside are quite cold…”
“It’s fine.”

I quickly walked down the hall stairs even before I finished listening to his answer. The maids that were all over the place recognized me and gave greeting, which I properly returned.

I couldn’t help but giggle as I watched a number of guards hurriedly chasing after me, and opened the front door of the mansion, enjoying the magnificent scenery of the large garden in front of me.

“Phew~ Just jogging around the premise would be enough for an exercise!”

My plan to have a light jog around the neighborhood was downgraded to just jogging around the premise of the mansion. The guards that finally caught up to me all stood in a line behind me as they hurriedly tried to fix their clothing.

“My lady. You shouldn’t push yourself too much.”

One of the dark-skinned guards that looked more experienced than the others spoke to me with a worried expression. It was in the most polite tone possible of course.

“I apologize. I just feel great since it’s been so long since I had a breath of fresh air.”
“I see.”

It seems that he understood my feelings. After stretching a little, I decided to have a stroll rather than a jog around the place. I felt that if I were to try and jog right away, the guards would forcibly try to stop me from pushing myself too far.

Some may think that I’m a wimp when I’m the employer here, but strictly speaking, bodyguards put the safety of their clients first and foremost, so when employing them, contracts always stated that they had the authority to stop the employer if they deem that the employer’s actions were putting themselves in danger.

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So I needed to make sure I properly understood their intentions whenever I can. I’m also the type who dislikes making employees suffer more for their employer, so I would try to make sure everyone was satisfied.

“Excuse me, my lady. Wouldn’t it be better for you to change your shoes first?”
“Ah! Thank you.”

A female bodyguard that looked like they could be the successor for the dark-skinned bodyguard handed me my jogging shoes, and I handed her my indoor slippers in return.

“No worries…”

And so after the guard took my slipper and went inside the mansion, I started my leisurely stroll outside. The garden outside that had many trees and a variety of flowers planted was perfect for anyone to stroll around. It was fun seeing the sprinklers all working hard to water the garden here and there while crossing the bridge of a man-made river and the swans swimming downstream.

Surprisingly, in one corner of the mansion, I found a stable with one white horse and two black ones. They said that all three had a complicated history to them, but I didn’t have much interest in that. I decided to have a better look at them later on and I continued my stroll.

Gigantic outdoor swimming pools, a tennis court as well as a building where one can enjoy a variety of indoor sports were present as well, surprising me so much that I was at loss for words. There were also so many little additions around the mansion that it was hard for me to keep track of all of them.

And the final place I came to was the garage. As opposed to the average parking garage, it was a whole parking lot that could hold up to one hundred vehicles.

The guard of the garage then guided me to the personal garages specifically used only by people directly related to the family, and the 3 shuttered and locked garage doors looked quite exciting to me.

And the sports cars that were inside each of them.


I barely held back from letting out a surprised scream.

The famous classic Italian car that touts its beautiful design. Anyone would recognize the logo of a horse, as it was the logo of the company Ferrari.

Ferrari Enzo.

The so-called ‘supercar of the supercars’, Ferrari Enzo was a marvel in performance and the top of the line brake system produced by Brembo was truly out of this world.3

As someone that is interested in cars, there was nothing that could have made me happier than this. To think that I, someone who had been driving a cheap compact car for years, actually owned a Ferrari Enzo!!

My smile reached ear to ear.

After having a wonderful walk around the mansion, I disregarded the nagging I was hearing from my butler and enjoyed my meal, heart still fluttering in happiness. Just as the butler seemed to have finished nagging me with disappointed sighs mixed in between, I quickly disappeared to the upper floor before he could continue, this time nagging me to consider my position and status.

“He’s pushing me way too hard to act like the previous leaders of the household…”

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Of course, he was simply telling me so that I would be able to have a better life onward, but as someone that agrees with him, it was hard for me to voice my opinion.

Good medicine always tastes terrible after all.

After coming back to my room, I finished taking a late shower and slipped right into the capsule.

  • Welcome to the continent of Lucas, Artoria. It has been 14 hours since you last logged in.

Just like the first logging into the game, I found myself in the Sky Castle’s bedroom. I quickly checked to see that my whispers were still disabled, breathed a sigh of relief, and left the room. The fact that compared to the real-life mansion I live in, this whole castle that was completely devoid of life except me was a stark difference.

“Should I try making a guild?”

I was starting to miss talking with other people. The thought of wanting to create a guild formed in my mind, but because of the stinging memories every time I thought about a guild, I decided to forget about it.

I never wanted to suffer the pain of being betrayed by someone I trusted ever again. This wall that I put around myself might never go away, which will be sad if true but that was reality. I no longer wanted to even think about what happened. I know better than anyone that I would just feel sadder the more I thought about it, so I shook that thought out of my mind.

I suddenly found myself at the teleportation magic circle located at the castle’s porch. I may have automatic guidance in my mind that helps me go places unconsciously, which was really useful.

I cracked a bitter smile as I turned my ID to private and unable to be viewed by others, and equipped a one-time-use item called ‘Robe of Concealment’. Although it was expensive, priced at 10 gold for just one use, it’s used in a variety of ways as it completely conceals all your equipment, with only your face being visible, perfect for people who don’t want to be noticed. Of course, it also has a hood so I can cover my face if I wanted, but there’s a penalty of having it obscure most of your vision range. In my case, since no one knows what my face looks like, I felt that there wasn’t much need for me to put it on.

Since the only evidence that people had of the identity of Artoria was Excalibur and the unique armor set after all.

“Should I go to a dungeon today?”

After completing my ‘disguise’, I teleported to the city of London, England. Why London? Oh yes, in Blue Sky every server is based on the nation that it was located at. Not only is the virtual representation of the real-life land size the same as the game server land size, but they also keep the names of the locations of the original nation, which helps people easily recognize their own nation and feel a familiarity with it, a unique feature of this particular game.

In any case, there was a rumor that in a later version, every server may combine into one and the whole world would be able to play with each other or something. It was a very interesting premise indeed.

I went way off-topic talking about locations and their naming for the places inside the game, but in any case, my character had teleported completely in that time.

I was teleported to a small bedroom that was still elegant and furnished well. It definitely seemed like a residential place.

With that suspicion on my mind, I opened the door of the room, the view of the interior of a mansion along its hallways came into my view. It seems that this was Artoria’s residence. Considering the wealth that Artoria had, it was obvious she could easily own a mansion or two like this without any problem. Outside of the house, many people were going about, but thankfully no one seemed to recognize me in any way, shape, or form, nor were willing to pay any attention my way.

“Hmm… To think I’d see you here.”4

… Well, except for one person.5


  1. Lilith: :sweats:
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    Robinxen: I don’t see anything wrong with this paragraph…?
  3. Robinxen: Pfffff as if our rich posh people drive those sorts of cars.
  4. Robinxen: Is it a boy…or a girl?
  5. Silva: CLIFFFF

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