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Chapter 69 Act 9: All Out War

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: ??? characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1749 words
Editor(s): Silva

— Blue Sky update announcement —
– New mounts were added.
– Mount-related growth and proficiency systems were implemented.
– Discharge system has been added.
– Settings for territory have been fragmented.
– New underwear was added.

As expected of the company known for its extreme unfriendliness towards users. Any detailed explanation about the updates was excluded and only five lines of text summary were provided.

Although this was due to the theory of the developers wanting players to figure things out by playing the game, I wondered if they’d still have been able to keep up like this if their game wasn’t popular in the first place.

“It’s still popular anyway.”

That’s right. There was a saying that a monk would leave their temple if they hated living there, but if that temple had the latest and modern infrastructure with the best environment to be in, the monk would end up staying there even if they hated it. As the players couldn’t really do anything even if they disliked the change, they had no choice but to stay in the game despite their dissatisfaction with Blue Sky’s management1.

“Looks like the day finally arrived.”

The meeting with the guild leaders yesterday ended successfully. When I asked if she thought we may be giving too many secrets away, Katalina laughed as she answered, “They’re people that we can trust. To begin with, even if they were to hear it ahead of time, do you think they can handle us, Miss Ultimate Weapon?”

Jeez. To call me ‘Ultimate Weapon’ right to my face. It makes the ultimate weapon who’s hearing it feel awkward you know.

“You’re up early, Ellie!” Katalina opened up her room door with a disheveled appearance, looking like she hadn’t even washed her face yet. I nearly blurted out to her ‘At least wear something proper, and knock before you come in.’

“Yeah, good morning.”

Though I was in no place to be double-faced, it was all for the sake of peace in my life.

“Have you washed up yet, Ellie?”

“I finished washing up a moment ago.” It was already nearly midday and she hadn’t washed up yet? I pointed at the clock whose hands were nearing 11 o’clock.

“It’s so late already? It didn’t seem like I slept too long though… Mmh, I’m sleepy.”

The saying ‘Beautiful ladies are often sleepyheads’ seemed to be correct in this case.

“You’ve slept for 12 hours already, Miss Lina.2


As I mentioned that she had already slept for half the day, Katalina gave a cute smile as she went towards the bathroom.

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Well, she seemed to be a little iffy about just going straight in there as she peeked her head from the corner and asked a question.

“Ellie, can you come into the bathroom with me please?”

My god, she really wants me to come in with her…

“Let’s go together~”

She must have taken my silence as rejection, as she tried again with an even cuter voice which was actually frightening. If I were to decline her here, what would happen to me?

She’d probably just give up after a little whining, but she was still staring at me candidly. Then there’s only one answer left.

“Fine…” I answered as if I was a powerless cow being dragged off to the butcher.


Smiling happily, she grabbed my arm and dragged me into the bathroom. I gave up on trying to resist, but there was something I was curious about that I always wanted to ask.

“Lina, can I ask you one thing? I’m really curious about this.”

“You can ask whatever~”

Katalina’s eyes shined as if she was greatly interested in what I was about to ask. I felt uncomfortable since she must have expected my question to be something important or serious.

“Why do women love going to the toilet together with someone?3


She must have thought my question was unexpected and weird. Katalina’s expression turned to one of disappointment, then to one of deep thought.

“Just ’cause it’s boring when you go in alone.”


Was that really the reason why?

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As soon as the notice came out saying that the update had finally been completed and the server was open, Katalina and I stepped inside of our capsule.

As opposed to how it was previously, where the capsule interface would connect to the world right away, a black screen came up that informed me that some data was being transferred for a while until finally, my surrounding vision became clear again and a familiar login screen came up.

Opening my eyes within the London mansion that I had last logged into before the maintenance, I checked my status in various places to see what had changed.

[Proficiency in Horse Riding – 0%] 

Even though I searched thoroughly for any kind of difference, all I saw in the end was just a single line.

Considering that the only thing I could ride originally in the game was a horse, it wasn’t weird to see it on the list. However, did the 0% mean that I had to restart riding it because they had recently implemented the feature? Until now, no one regarded horses as something you could own or ride but simply as a mode of transportation. When you bought a horse in the stables, you didn’t own it and had to return it to the stables once you were done with it.

But now, that has changed.

That meant a lot of things. It meant that horseback combat could now be done, and hunting with more mobility was possible as well.

Even though it felt like a trivial update, it was something that could fundamentally change the whole game.

A new task of me having to figure out how this would influence the war, as well as the types of tactics I could use for the battles, appeared in my mind.

“Damn, I already have a lot on my mind.”

The one thing I was thankful for was the fact that it was obvious that users won’t be able to raise their proficiency in riding by a lot during the war, so there was a limit to how much it could ultimately affect it.

[Ellie, you logged in, right?] 

Katalina’s whisper rang in my ear just in time.

[Could you come over to Liverpool city? I’ll invite you.] 
[All right.] 

It seemed like she was telling me to come over to Liverpool city to have the last inspection over everything related to the beginning of the war.

After disabling Cloak of Glory, I took off the Valkyrie armour set that I wore originally.

Warning, you are not wearing underwear. The current underwear you are wearing is temporary, lasting only 7 days, and after 7 days it would be deleted automatically.

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As I unequipped my armour set absentmindedly inside my inventory, I was surprised by the sudden alarm message. I quickly looked down at myself with unequipped armour.


My naked body with white underwear was bare for all to see. Even though my body would usually be wearing a t-shirt and hotpants, it was completely gone4.

In the past, I would have stood there completely in shock and staring in awe for a while but as I had somewhat trained my mind for this kind of thing from recent events, I quickly recovered from my shock and equipped my armour set ‘Vassal of Light’ that was also in my inventory.

[Switching to 3rd person mode] 

I used the system command to change my perspective into 3rd person, which was only possible to do in safe areas, looking over my character.

On one hand, I felt like I was looking at a mirror, on the other hand, I also felt as if I was looking at someone else.


Other than that, I was definitely amazed. I had equipped the Vassal of Light set to see how great the legendary item would be in terms of aesthetics, but the outer appearance of the armour set was more beautiful than I thought.

I would describe the original Valkyrie set I was wearing previously as a medieval full plate armour which had been altered slightly to accentuate the volume that women had, while the Vassal of Light that I was currently equipped with had the pure ‘Real White’ colour which was different from the usual metal armour sets that had slightly greyish colours on them.

“It looks like it’s literally shining.”

Even without the reflection of lighting in the room, the armor set itself shined so brightly that the name ‘Vassal of Light’ was truly fitting.

On top of that, it seemingly followed the established rules of video games, where the more exposed areas a female armor5 had, the more powerful it was in terms of defense. From what I saw of my character, my stomach, thighs and arms were quite exposed.

However, rather than having it just bare, it was covered in a white layer of silk which made it look seductive rather than vulgar.

Though I didn’t like that the helmet covered my vision slightly, that didn’t matter as I could simply equip the circlet that I had acquired previously.

On top of that, I also equipped the other legendary item ‘Cloak of Glory’. Though it said it was crafted with dragon scale materials, it seemed to be of Silver Dragon’s scales as it matched the colors of the Vassal of Light armor so perfectly that it might as well have been a set together.

“It’s not like I’m an angel or a saint from heaven or anything…”

If I had wings and a halo above my head, people would likely think I was one.

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[Disabling 3rd person view mode] 

When I was done with my appreciation for my armor set, I returned to my original view. As I had equipped four legendary item sets, I carefully opened up my status window and gasped in surprise.

“I could easily whoop a raid boss’ arse with this.”

Honestly, I already felt a surge of power from just having one legendary item equipped, so having four of them equipped meant that the numbers went beyond my imagination. Did the game company ever think it was possible for four legendary items to be equipped by one character?

I’m sure they must have thought it was a very unlikely situation. If it really was easy to do, then they would have applied various limitations on it after all.

[Ugh! Ellie, what are you doing? Hurry up and accept it already!] 
[Ahh, sorry!] 

Remembering that Katalina had invited me, I apologized and accepted her invite.


  1. Robinxen: Blue Sky is an abusive relationship.
  2. Robinxen: Miss Lina and I would get along well.
  3. Robinxen: One of life’s many mysteries…
  4. Robinxen: Blue Sky has entered gamer wet dream territory now.
  5. Robinxen: I GIVE UP! THERE’S SO MANY!

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