Chapter 88 Act 10: Unification

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 3336 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1948 words
Editor(s): Silva

Before I knew it, every competition for the event had ended successfully. Katalina, Esther, and I didn’t participate in any other part of the event but we would also be enjoying the sweet reward of an ancient tier item regardless. We all learned who was higher in ranking through the fierce competition.

Now we had reached the finals of the swimsuit competition with a hundred contestants in total. On the men’s side, Lucas had already received the Bronze reward for placing third in the competition, feeling proud of his achievement. Though he did have quite a muscular build, I still felt that he wasn’t really that handsome, so I thought that he may have been boosted due to home-ground reasons.

“As the five of you have arrived at the finals, I’d love to just keep praising you all about your blinding beauty.”

As the host sincerely complimented us, the crowd agreed as well. But for me, the only thing on my mind was just stepping down from the platform and changing into my original gear already.

The fact that I had reached this point was already amazing. Besides, the ancient item that was up for grabs was something I had put up anyways.

It wouldn’t mean anything even if I were to receive it back.

Katalina and Esther were among the people who had reached the finals. I predicted it to be a little bit like this, but considering that all three of us had survived the judgments, I couldn’t help but think that the judges were showing favoritism.

But we were all beautiful so while some of the onlookers may complain, no one actually raised it as an issue.

“Now then, I’ll announce the popularity winner first.”

There were 5 different prizes to be announced in total. And the number of people that reached the finals was only five. It was obvious that no one was going to go home empty-handed.

I felt that I’d be fine even if I were to win the lowest tier prize.

“The winner of the popularity prize is Miss Christmas! Congratulations.”
“… Thank you.”

It was a woman with fiery red hair that left a passionate impression. She was in her early 20s and had pearl white skin which was a strong contrast to her long red hair. On top of that, I felt that her smile was extremely charming as well. Even if I were to find out that she wasn’t in ‘Perfect Real Mode’, there was a high possibility that she had reached this point thanks to her smile.


The crowd cheered as applause rang out. A unique tier item was handed to her along with a bouquet of flowers. Though I could tell that there was some disappointment in her eyes, it was definitely nothing to worry about since she gladly received the prize.

“Now then, next… is the Bronze prize.”

Will it be my turn next? Suddenly my eyes met with the host’s. He hurriedly looked away. What was that about?

“Miss Esther! Congratulations.”
“Thank you.”

Bowing to the crowd, Esther stepped forward on the stage. It seemed like she was quite satisfied with her performance as she had a bright smile.

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“You can choose from two different unique tier items.”


As she chose two different unique tier items, the crowd let out a sound as if they were jealous of what she had received.

It was because even though it may not be an ancient tier item, unique tier items still fetched quite a high price.

“It’s time for the Silver prize this time.”

As opposed to other events, even a runner-up was given an ancient tier item. The organizers argued that it was because this was the main premium event, and it seemed neither the host nor the crowd had much to complain about.

But then again, it was the organizers who made it that way so there was no use in arguing with them.

“You are the winner of the Silver prize, Miss Irene! Congratulations.”
“Thank you. I would like to give my deepest gratitude to everyone who cheered me on as well.”


Though I could obviously tell that she was upset that she didn’t win the grand prize, she quickly hid it with a broad smile. However, I had seen it clearly since I was close to her.

‘I knew it, the public opinion that she’s a sly fox was correct all along.’

In truth, while Irene was astounding in terms of her beauty, she was also very famous for her angel-like personality. I was sure there was no one that didn’t realize she was acting for her image, but in reality, she had donated quite a huge sum of money to charity and was known as someone who was considerate of others and wasn’t greedy.

But there were also baseless rumors going around that she was actually a sly fox who was cunningly deceiving everyone, and though it wasn’t like rumors were 100% true all the time, rumors always came from bits of truth. So I had some doubts about her for a while and now I had basically confirmed it.

But what does that matter to me anyways?

Of course she was beautiful, but the ones who had judged her were the judges and the crowds.

“I shall choose this one.”

It seemed like she was feeling better about it after realizing that she got to pick and keep an ancient tier item of her choice. She soon put a beaming smile on her face as she greeted the crowd.


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“We love you Irene!”

As expected of someone with such fame and popularity, massive cheers rang out from the crowd.

“Yes, congratulations to Miss Irene for winning the Silver prize. Now now, everyone in the crowd please calm down a little.”

The host calmed down the audience in order to proceed with the event.

The crowd followed his request and quietened down quickly, though it could be partly because they could get kicked out by the safety guards for being disobedient.

“I shall now announce the grand prize winner. The person who wasn’t selected for the grand prize shall automatically receive the Gold prize so I hope that you wouldn’t feel too bad about it.”

In the end, it was only Katalina and me that were left. In truth, it didn’t seem to matter whether I received the grand prize or Katalina did. The problem was how Katalina would receive the news, since she was a prideful person and would definitely be wishing to win the grand prize. I strongly wished that Katalina would be the one to win the prize.

“The grand prize goes to…”

Just as I thought, he dragged on the announcement a bit but there were no complaints from the crowd. Soon it seemed like he had bought enough time since he finally opened his mouth.

“Miss Artoria! Congratulations. Let us all bow in worship for the goddess who has graced us with her presence.”

Though I wasn’t sure whether he was being serious or not, I felt a little strange since everyone in the crowd that was focused on me all bowed their heads at the same time.

“Hah! Congratulations Ellie!”

I heard Katalina speaking as if she was jealous of my win. But I felt that she honestly wasn’t envious or feeling that she should have won.

“I would like to thank everyone for your support. I would also like to give a deep apology for winning the grand prize even though I was the sponsor of this event. The three ancient tier items that I was supposed to receive for winning the grand prize as well as the prizes associated with winning the Gold prize shall be given out to everyone who had reached the finals of the competition.”

Though I still felt a little uneasy, I showed my intention that I had all along since I had reached the finals of the competition. It was definitely not a good look in receiving the prizes that you yourself had put up for the competition after all.

“Oooh, you’re the best, what a considerate goddess!”
“What a merciful and generous woman.”
“It’s the goddess’s blessing!”
“I shall be your apostle starting today.”
“I’ll be your devotee!”

Just as I expected, it generated a positive reaction. Katalina also have a short speech thanking everyone for the support in winning the Gold prize and agreed with me in sharing her prize with the contestants who had reached the finals, which once again made everyone in the crowd amazed by our so-called generosity.

And with that, the event I had made in order to divert attention had instead greatly advertised our alliance guild as well as improving the synergy of everyone involved.

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“Phew, that was tiring.”

Arriving back at the home office in Liverpool castle, Katalina, Esther and I practically fell on each of our chairs from exhaustion.

Though our actual fatigue amount wasn’t consumed very much, our minds were quite fatigued from the whole ordeal.

“I didn’t think that it could have been this successful.”
“You’re right Miss Katalina. I didn’t think it would be this much of a massive success. I mean, no one could have guessed that the BBC would focus on this event as their main news for the whole day.”
“Is that true, Esther?”
“That’s right. Sister Elizabeth had personally signed the document so she probably knows about it.”
“Yeah, she’s right. I signed it myself.”

I was reminded of the moment when the preliminary matches had ended for the swimsuit competition and Eva came to me with the contract for BBC to exclusively cover the swimsuit competition on their channel which I had signed.

“Wow! You really went ahead with that without even discussing it with me?”

She pouted as if she was really angry about it.

“I wonder who the person who said that I should make the decision myself when I told them I had a problem I needed to discuss with them was?”
“D… did I say that? I can’t remember.”

Oho, so you’re really going to be like that?

“Are you sure you don’t regret what you just said?”
“… I do regret it.”

Just as I thought, since Katalina knew me as well as I knew her, she tried to feign innocence but knew it wouldn’t work out and admitted her mistake.

“D’awww, so cute, my little Lina.”
“… What’s with your way of speaking?”

As I patted her head and made a voice like I was soothing a child, Katalina looked as if she was seriously annoyed by what I was doing but she neither did push my hand away nor look angry.

“Whoa, sis… please show your affection for each other only when it’s just the two of you in the room.”
“You’re a QT3.141 as well, Eva.”
“A… Ah!”

Seeing Esther frowning with her eyes wide open in surprise, she looked so cute that I used an internet slang as I patted her head as well.

“What. Are. You. Doing?”

Katalina asked in a tone so cold, that it felt downright freezing. Only then did I pull my hand away from Esther’s head and laughed awkwardly.


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Knock knock.

Great timing. I knew the goddess of luck was on my side. Katalina gave an audible click of her tongue as she turned her head away from me.

“Come in.”

Soon, the door opened and a guild member who looked like a messenger came in.

“My lord, I’ve come to you to give urgent news.”
“If it’s urgent, then…”
“The guild leader of the Empire guild, Terror wishes to meet you.”


  1. TL Note: Internet slang – Cutie Pie.
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