Chapter 99 Act 11: Battle of Edinburgh

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 3858 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2293 words
Editor(s): Silva

“We stand in place for our goddess, ‘Artoria’. To punish you evildoers, the Chaos guild!”
“That’s right!”

Their embarrassed expressions before they wore the equipment disappeared completely as they started yelling confidently at the top of their lungs towards the enemies. I watched, slightly excited and wondering how the enemy would react to them.

“And who the hell are those perverts?”
“Do they even know that this is all being broadcasted live on national television?”

I would say that they probably didn’t know, since I definitely saw them flinch a little after hearing that with my special Hawk Eye skill.

Well, it’s a bit too late even if they figure that fact out now anyways.

“H… how dare you sons of b̲i̲t̲c̲h̲e̲s̲ who turn their tail and whimper in front of our goddess call us perverts. To be called such a thing is humiliating! I, Knuckle, request your guild to take us on in a 3-on-3 duel!”
“We request!”

It seems like they realized it now since their voices shook a little bit but they calmed down soon enough and started provoking the Chaos guild again.

But wait, who gave them the permission to call me a goddess? I frowned slightly, but I had already asked them to provoke the enemy in my stead so there was some danger that I could end up looking petty.

Damn it, at this rate Katalina could be right in that there could really be a birth of a new crazy religion because of me1.


Even though no one told them to go along with this charade, the Camelot guild members who watched with great interest started to jeer at the Chaos guild loudly.

Anyone could tell that they were making fun of the Chaos guild for backing out on this request.

“Damn it… you little rats.”
“So even as this is happening, the top brass can’t do anything but just watch?”
“Just how much are they looking down on us to challenge us with only underwear on?”
“They’re taking this way too far…”

The Chaos guild members whispered amongst themselves on the castle walls, and amongst them were a good number of members that were utterly provoked by our tactic. They may be afraid to challenge me directly, and they were angry about the fact that the guild wasn’t willing to deal with these weak-looking enemies that were standing right in front of them.

“Amazing. It’s causing serious agitation amongst them.”

Katalina smiled with satisfaction while standing next to me and watching the situation unfold.


Though it was me that had planned all this, I didn’t think it would be this effective. The enemy forces came out much more timid than I thought, and I was happy that they were.

Consulting amongst themselves just what my true intention was in provoking them like this, the top brass had fallen into the trap of thinking about it over and over again.

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The fact that they were continually agonizing about it meant that they had fallen into my trap. It was the only way to escape from confronting them head-on, and the only solution that I could think of.

“Cowards! Go suck on your mother’s teats a bit more!”
“You don’t deserve to call yourselves men!”

And the three naked guild members started to go crazy, turning their butt around towards the enemies and slapping it with their hands to further provoke them, as if they completely forgot about the fact that they were live on national TV.


A satisfying sound rang across the battlefield.

“That’s quite a loud sound, really.”

Though the conversation that I could hear from afar got on my nerves a little bit, I was still satisfied that the provocation was working against the enemies.

“Are they actually… professionals in doing this kind of thing?”

Katalina shook her head as if she was sick of seeing them and asked me.


I wasn’t completely sure whether they truly were or not, so I answered Katalina vaguely. They were definitely men that seemed too timid to do this kind of thing, so even I didn’t expect them to be so excited and eager to provoke the enemies like this.

In the end, though this was a good thing for us I still felt that they may go overboard in their provocation so I was a bit worried as well. There was no doubt that this was being broadcasted on TV right now after all.

“Huh? Someone’s coming out!”

Hearing a shout coming from our side of the army, I looked towards the enemy castle. Soon, I caught sight of three enemy guild members carefully climbing down the castle walls.

“So they’re finally giving up on the plan of not interacting with us and decided to send some people to fight against them. I wonder if they will be able to win?”
“Not sure. Though it could be different depending on what kind of enemy they will be facing, we should hope that the enemies are taking them too lightly here.”

I answered Katalina’s question modestly, but I was actually thinking a bit differently in my mind. Since I didn’t want to ruin her fun of guessing their winning probabilities, I didn’t reveal the reason why I believe they had a high probability of winning to her.

‘Though I did lend them the equipment temporarily, they’re still pretty powerful.’

Amongst item trading between users, there is a feature in which you can lend users equipment for a limited amount of time. Usually, in games, the value of most items falls drastically within a month or so, which would mean that it’s just useless in a way, but in Blue Sky, all items keep their tier in usefulness and power consistently since the beginning, so it was very useful.

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There are actually many users who use this ‘lending system’ to a profitable degree. It wouldn’t matter if they were doing regular old monster hunting, but for siege battles, guild battles and raid battles, having high tier items was a strict requirement.

On top of that, even if you don’t buy any interim equipment and wish to use the next tier of items right away, you could do so cheaply by using this lending system so if you were a middle-class player, you definitely would have used the system. I was also one of such users that used that system as well.

Anyway, thanks to my previous memory of such things, I decided to lend them the ancient tier accessory equipment I had in my possession and the best ones amongst that as well.

Usually, users spend a large amount of their wealth on equipment, but the ones that prefer appearance over equipment always try to buy slightly more expensive equipment, and for users that have made quite a name for themselves, they concentrate more on accessories even if their defensive equipment is slightly lacking, though they don’t skimp out on their weapons.

As opposed to the other equipment that simply raised your base stats, accessories raise a certain percentage of stats as well as resistance, together with interesting and useful additional effects.

Therefore, high level users who reach a certain amount of stats end up being preferential to accessories which is much more effective in raising your stats. There is no defeat more humiliating than losing to someone on the same level as your character who cared more about accessories than you did about your outer appearance with your equipment. Of course, this story doesn’t apply to equipment that are at legendary tier.

By now that fact is well regarded everywhere which led to the soaring of prices for accessory equipment, but the majority of users still fell for the problem of focusing more on their looks rather than equipment.

“We are ‘Shadows’, belonging to the Chaos guild.”

The enemies that came down took an arrogant pose as they introduced themselves. As they used the ‘Lion’s voice’, not only did the three men hear him, the allies who were standing far behind them heard them clearly as well.

“We are…”

They needed to answer, but since they didn’t decide on any name ahead of time, it was obvious that they couldn’t answer right away.

[What should we do?] 

Knuckle whispered to me in a panicked state, but I couldn’t think of any particularly good idea as well.

[Just say whatever you can think of. I won’t be against it whatever you choose.] 
[All right, you promise?] 

I was hoping that I didn’t make the mistake of letting them choose whatever they want, but I didn’t have any great idea I could think of in that short amount of time so I decided to just watch what happened.

“Hey, where did that c̲o̲c̲k̲y attitude of yours go?”

As they kept delaying answering the ‘Shadows’, they started to speak sarcastically towards the three men.

“… are the church.”

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I hope I didn’t hear what I think I just heard.


As if speaking on my behalf, the Shadows ask again what their name was. Then with a confident voice, Knuckle shouted.

“I said we are the Church of the Goddess!”
“Pff… pfffft!”

Katalina couldn’t help but hold her hand on her mouth and her stomach as she kept on giggling uncontrollably.

I simply held the back of my neck with my hand staring at this absurd situation unfolding.

‘Congratulations! The birth of the Church of Goddess2.’

I’m sure if there was a message associated with creating a new religion, such a message would pop… huh?

[Non-tiered quest (No tier) Path to godhood

Requirements to unlock the quest:

•Level must be higher than 900 or number 1 in ranking of the server – Satisfied

•Voluntary announcement of a user proclaiming the establishment of worship (1/1) / However, only valid if heard in front of more than 5 people in the audience – Satisfied

•Must be guild leader or lord – Satisfied

•Must possess at least 1 legendary tier item – Satisfied

•Must be Human race – Satisfied

•The Character must have not died even once3 – Satisfied

Requirements to complete the quest are hidden until the quest activates.] 


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I was so flabbergasted that I couldn’t even say anything. A non-tiered quest? Never in my memory had I heard of someone talking about a quest existing that didn’t have any tier. I always just thought that the triple S tier was the best, and that’s what I believed all along. I knew that usually, the developers of Blue Sky weren’t generous enough to tell us every information about the game, but…

No, wait, before any of that, this quest had already given me amazing information. Though the terms were impressive in itself, the fact that it was mentioning race meant that it was practically informing me that the next update for the game was going to focus on introducing such a feature.

On top of that, just this quest itself was an amazing trove of new information.

[Quest details.] 

Usually, I would have clicked accept without even reading that kind of stuff, but this quest definitely deserved a closer look.

[Requirements to complete the quest:

-Must satisfy the condition of reaching 100,000 believers in the religion. (Guild members are allowed. However, must be completely voluntarily believing and not forced at all. Warning! The server moderators will keep watch on validity.)

-Construction of a Temple. Must have at least 10,000 healers amongst the believers of the religion, and possess territories. Must have at least 100,000,000 gold as well. The time necessary for construction is reduced the closer it is located to the sky, and will have different effects in the future.

-Unable to change to a different race. Once changed to a different one, all your rights are forfeited. (Applies even when you die during change.)

-Must reach level 1,000

-Achieve one win at the world martial artist tournament.

-Must pass ‘The Trial’.] 

The detailed information about the quest wasn’t quite helpful as well. The only help it was giving was mostly just warnings, and there was no information at all about the most important thing which was details about ‘The Trial’ I was required to pass.

Though the ‘World Martial Artist Tournament’ hadn’t even begun or planned yet, I was able to presume what it would be at least.

‘Not a single easy one out of all of them.’

That’s right. However, the tougher the process, the more rewarding the result. I couldn’t resist my curiosity, and flipped to the next page of information right away.


  • One additional race you can choose to change into4.
  • Can choose to change one Legendary tier item into Godly tier5.
  • ??? ] 

The race was an obvious thing, and the 2nd reward particularly caught my interest. An upgrade of an item, huh? But what’s that last thing? Even if they really are reluctant to provide information, the last one was just three question marks. Jeeze.

“Why are your facial expressions changing so wildly?”

Katalina asked me as she had finished giggling uncontrollably and was staring at my face. Well, I finished reading everything I wanted to read and learned quite a bit of information in the process, so I clicked the ‘Accept’ button without any hesitation.

“Yeah, it’s because I acquired some new information. I’ll tell you once this war is over.”
“Information? Ooh! Okay then.”

Though she did look curious, she knew that this was not the time and place to go into deep details about things so Katalina nodded and agreed to wait.


In the meantime, the three men who granted me this quest charged towards the enemies, looking like they were going to take down every single member of the Chaos guild.


  1. Robinxen: It’s called a fanclub.
  2. Robinxen: Oh so earlier was foreshadowing.
  3. Robinxen: Holy……..
  4. Robinxen: Race upgrade?!?!?!
  5. Robinxen: Heck yeah. Excalibur Nova time! In Fate, Excalibur is actually a divine weapon born of the planet itself.

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