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Chapter 87 Act 10: Unification

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 3331 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1903 words
Editor(s): Silva

The time spent looking at these eye candies went by fast. Even though there was a huge number of participants queued up in a long line, it had started to look like it was dwindling down.

“Looks like we’re up soon.”
“Yes it is.”

Saying this, I pointed out the line that was getting shorter and everyone nodded in agreement. The time for us to actually get out there was coming.

“Come on, let’s go then.”

Even though I didn’t particularly want to do it, it was best to be done with it already.

I’d have to do it anyway, so why would I need to worry about it? It was best to just get it done now and be rid of my worries.


On the other hand, the two following me looked like cattle being brought to the slaughterhouse, with absolutely glum expressions. I swear that whenever I watched the news or movies, they portrayed westerners as people who weren’t afraid of anything. I felt duped.

Ah. Perhaps it was because they were of high class and stature that they were acting this way.

If we were to go out now, we would be the center of attention. But because of the management’s suggestion, we didn’t go out first. They planned it in such a way that there was a build up to the massive finale with us at the end, which they all agreed on and decided to do.

I guess the problem was that we weren’t the ones who agreed.

“Now then, the moment you’ve been waiting for. We will now introduce the highlight of today’s contest, the three goddesses of Camelot! First, it’s contestant number 3781, Miss Eva. Please give a round of applause!”

Hearing the noisy host yelling out from outside, we all grimaced in reaction.

“Who ordered him to say something like that?”
“I swear I’ll beat him to a bloody pulp after the contest!”
“Sis, I’ll beat him up with you.”

At this point the host would be shivering in his boots if he knew what was happening, because three top ranked users were planning to beat him up.

Clap clap clap!

“Phew… I’ll be going out first then.”

Soon after, the sound of applause rang out and Esther sighed deeply before changing into a bikini and stepping out the door defeatedly.

It was a short time but the sky blue colored frill bikini gave a lively and cute impression on her, and it looked wonderful on Esther who still had quite a bit of a youthful appearance.

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Soon a wave of applause rang out again and a thunderous roar came from the crowd. To describe how noisy it was, the volume of their cheers was practically double the amount that the other contestants received.

“Woo! I’ve been a long time fan of yours, Miss Eva!”
“Please look over here Miss Eva!!”
“I love you!!”
“Sis, you look so cute!”

I silently gave a word of condolence to Esther who was probably dying of embarrassment from hearing all the excited reactions to her appearance.

Their cries continued for a while and it probably continued till she reached the platform where the judges of the contest were waiting for her.

“That’s amazing popularity. Honestly, it’s a great honour to witness your beauty right before our eyes. Is everyone satisfied as well?”

Hearing the excitement of the crowd from outside made me want to tell them that we weren’t performing monkeys for them to see at a zoo. They probably wouldn’t listen to me anyway.

“Now then, the person coming next is someone that you’d all know if you are a player of Blue Sky. As the envy of all mages in the whole world, it is the guild leader of Volcano, Merlin!”
“No way, is Miss Merlin coming out as well?”
“I can’t wait.”
“Of course. You can’t have a beauty contest in Blue Sky without her!”
“Now now, everyone please calm down… she will be coming out now. Let us greet her with a round of applause!”

Clap clap clap!

Another wave of applause rang out.

“I’ll be going first then…”

Sounding like a soldier who was speaking to his love before heading off to the war, Katalina put on a bikini. Immediately afterwards, she opened the door and went outside.


A scream from the crowd that was comparable to, no, perhaps even louder than the one Esther received rang out from the audience, pierced my ears and rattled my head. Though it was purely just shouting from the crowd, it was so powerful and numerous that it felt like a powerful wave was passing through the air.

“I love you!!! Miss Merlin!”
“Please look over here just once!”
“Oooh… please whip me harshly…”
“You darn freak. Beat him down, how dare you ask for a S&M play from her!”
“How dare you mock the goddess like that!”
“To think that’s her real face, a perfect rendition of her real mode… she’s

A confusing mess of conversations began amongst the crowds. Most of it was blocked by the door, but I was able to make out a few of them and even with those alone, I could tell how the crowd was reacting to her. Honestly, Katalina in a bikini outfit was so beautiful that such a reaction was to be expected.

Suddenly, I became slightly worried. Since I would be the final one to come out for the competition, if the crowd didn’t have as much or a greater reaction to me than they did for Katalina, then they would feel slightly disappointed from the drop in quality. Rather than worrying about being eliminated from the competition by score, I was more worried that I would bring down the excitement of the crowd.

Because of that, the ease I had until that moment faded away and I began to get anxious. Though I was sure I had a beautiful appearance, that didn’t mean everyone in the crowd would think the same way. Westerners’ thoughts about beauty in women was different from that of Easterners after all.

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“That’s Miss Merlin all right, to whip up the crowd like this in such a short time. You always show off your astounding beauty on the regular, but seeing you in a bikini like this really knocked the air out of me. Truly amazing isn’t it everyone?”
“You’re right!”
“Goddess! Goddess!”

Even though quite some time had passed, it didn’t feel like the crowd’s excitement was going down any time soon.

“Now now, the final contestant is waiting by the side so everyone please calm down a bit for her.”

As the host calmed the audience down, the roar of the crowd started to become less

“Now then, this contestant is… wow, this is amazing.”

The host was whipping up the crowd with his wordings again. Since I knew exactly who was coming up next, I wasn’t curious at all. But it seemed like the audience didn’t know.

“Stop mincing your words and say it!”
“I want to know so much!”
“Don’t waste our time like those bad TV channels that have way too long commercials!”
“Say it!”

It felt like the crowd had turned into a riot against a tyrannical government.

“Hahaha… goodness, looks like you’re all very curious. According to the schedule I had to buy a bit more time, but it seems like my life is in danger right now, so I’ll tell you right away.”
“The very first master of the server, as well as grandmaster. The highest-ranked player in the entire Blue Sky England server. Lord of the Camelot alliance guild. Godlike controls, the Slayer of Light. As the owner of Excalibur, I now introduce the living legend, Artoria herself.”

It was a very grandiose introduction indeed.

“As it is not an official event, I was told there was no need for formalities. Everyone, please welcome her in with a round of applause.”

Clap clap clap clap!

It was finally my time to appear. I unequipped my armor and wore the bikini that I prepared ahead of time.


I took a deep breath and calmed myself down.

Yes, there was no need to be nervous. Even if there was a slightly bad result, considering the previous reactions from the crowd, the event could honestly be considered a success in general.

As I steeled my heart with those words, I opened the door. As a flood of light filled the completely dark room, I lifted my hand to cover the sunrays instinctively. Honestly, I think that the special visual effects that Blue Sky had were just so realistic. As my vision adapted and I could see more clearly, I saw the huge crowd that stretched all the way from left to right.

Everyone was focused on me. I had been the center of attention in a small enclosed space for a while now, so being the center of attention in such a wide-open space made me feel quite nervous and burdened. On top of that, while I was wearing proper armor during those times, I was only wearing a single piece of fabric covering my vital parts, so I felt my cheeks blush from embarrassment.

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‘Damn it. Even perverts that flash themselves wear long coats at least.’

Technically speaking I was wearing one more piece of clothing than a flashing pervert, but I didn’t think that the circumstances were the same.

On top of that, it wasn’t like the same amount of cheering that Esther or Katalina received came, since all I heard was absolute silence which made me feel even more worried. Were they acting like this because they were disappointed since I didn’t match their expectations? I even felt thankful that they were barred from jeering at me since there was a clear difference in status and position.

Even though I wasn’t that far from the main stage outside, why did it feel like I needed to walk a thousand miles for it? My footsteps became faster unconsciously.

Suddenly, I had a thought that my expression was looking too stiff right now.

In this tense situation, to have a terrible impression as well would make it even worse.

I relaxed my facial expression and barely managed to put on a smile. I even began to feel light enough to look around me as I walked.

That’s right, I felt that it would be better to just walk in this silence rather than to be shouted at by the crowd.

Since I could simply think that everything around me was a background and all I needed to do is simply walk forward.

With such thoughts, the main stage which I thought was a thousand miles away already seemed so close.

Finally reaching the entrance to the stage, I gave a light greeting to the audience and stepped onto the platform.

Then, at that moment…

I was barely able to block out the sound loud enough to bring down the sky by closing the door behind me.


However, sounds of people sighing from relief and groaning came from the judges who were made up of ten people.

Hearing the roar of crowds that just erupted suddenly from outside, I felt extremely curious as all of the judges spoke unanimously at the same time.

“10 points…”

Wasn’t 10 points a perfect score…?2


  1. Robinxen: Did this guy call them out one by one…
  2. Robinxen: I zoned out even more this chapter. Literally nothing interesting. Visual contests don’t work without visuals!
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