Chapter 122 Act 13: Dungeon

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 2890 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1832 words
Editor(s): Silva

In that split second, I wanted to kill her so much that I barely held back from splitting her in half with my Excalibur1.

  • Y… your expression looks scary.

Considering how sensitive she was in noticing the ‘small’ amount of aggressiveness I’ve shown towards her, she seemed very attached to the idea to keep on living after just being reborn. Fine, as someone that’s tolerant, I will let that pass. I just need to get a Dragon heart from somewhere, right?

“It does seem like quite the rare item.”

Holding back my anger, I was able to return to my usual expression. Then started some idle talk as a matter of courtesy. Since it’s a quest I’ll have to complete anyways, I thought I should show myself as a tolerant master to her. But…

  • It really is!

I had to seriously consider if it was just better to cut her down right now.

“Does it not matter what type it is as long as it’s a Dragon’s Heart?”

Telling myself to calm down repeatedly a dozen times in my head to cool myself, I started asking Signus so I could properly figure out information about the quest.

  • Hmm. Well as long as it’s a flying dragon, it doesn’t matter which type it is. Except…


  • It has to be a Dragon’s Heart that you have acquired yourself, master.

“So you’re saying that a Dragon’s Heart that I acquired from a trade is invalid, huh?”

  • You really are wise, master.

Meaning, I couldn’t look over London to find someone trading for it.

“I have to acquire it myself, huh…”

I started trying to figure out which target would be suitable to acquire it from. Most flying dragons are at the level of raid tier bosses.

In most cases, they are situated as the final boss of a raid dungeon, but a considerable amount of them had their method for completion revealed to the public, and it was even possible to kill one within 3 to 4 hours if you had enough people in the party. But since those dungeons had been completed multiple times already, the drop rate for a rare ingredient like a Dragon’s Heart was extremely small.

Honestly, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that aside from when you are the first one to defeat the dragon in a raid dungeon, the actual drop rate of a Dragon’s Heart was less than 5%.

That’s why it wasn’t weird to say that a Dragon’s Heart was a legendary item amongst the rarest ingredients that exist in the game.

To think I would miss that Dragon’s Heart that I got from the Bone Dragon in the past this much…


That’s right. That lizard.

A grudge that I had forgotten for a long time came right back to my mind. It was a green dragon I promised to take down myself after I had become stronger in the future, its name was definitely ‘Chromesche’.

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“That’s right. I had delayed in taking it down so far since I was so busy but… now I’ll be able to fulfill that promise.”

Considering just how much of a perfect coincidence it was, it felt like God himself above had planned all of this to happen.

Since it was definitely a ‘named’ monster, I was sure that it had not died yet. Thinking about it, the newly discovered location was a raid dungeon, and there was no news about whether it was completed or not.

Thanks to that, Camelot was able to secure the area surrounding the dungeon, and I remembered that we were going to soon organize a team to complete it.

[Lina, can you hear me?] 

Once my thoughts reached that point, I sent a whisper directly to Katalina right away.

[Hm? What’s wrong, Ellie?] 

Just as I thought, if it’s a whisper from me, Katalina would always reply immediately. I felt happy knowing how she was considerate of me.

[Well the thing is, I want to talk about something regarding the new raid dungeon that was discovered. Are you busy right now? Should I tell you later?] 
[Ah, well I am honestly busy but I can just tell the guild members to wait for a moment. Go ahead.] 

She’s not in the middle of awarding a title to a guild member, is she? Yeah, I was hoping she wasn’t.

[Well it’s about the new raid dungeon that we had temporarily taken over for now.] 
[Ah, you mean that dungeon that all the other guilds were fighting over, and then due to all the damage they had taken from each other they had no choice but to hand it over to us?] 

Hearing Katalina’s description of the dungeon, I felt pity towards the guilds that had already collapsed and disappeared. Their greed led to their downfall, honestly.

Wait, that’s not what’s important here.

[Yeah, that dungeon.] 
[Why are you suddenly mentioning that dungeon? We haven’t organized a proper team to clear the dungeon yet… Ohh! Don’t worry, you’ll have the authority to organize the first team that will attempt the completion of the dungeon as the head of the Camelot alliance.]

It seems like she had finally guessed the reason why I had mentioned the dungeon.

[Yeah. Should I organize an attack team for the dungeon now? It’s because there’s something I need urgently from there.] 
[Hmm. Well, there’s no real problem in doing that now. Alright then, when are you thinking of going?] 
[As soon as possible.] 
[Alright. Then I’ll come as soon as this title award ceremony is over!] 

Huh, was she actually in the middle of the title award ceremony?

[Are you seriously in the middle of a title award ceremony procession?] 
[Yeah, these guys are furious and are telling me to proceed with the ceremony. How dare they talk back at me like that…] 

And with that, our whisper conversation was over.

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“Now, I’ll have to persuade Esther.”

[Esther, are you busy right now?] 
[Ah! Sis. I’m in the middle of a title award ceremony right now. There’s a ton of people I need to award titles for, and since I want to award each and every one of them what they deserve for their deeds in the war as soon as possible it’s quite the headache.] 
[Ah, you’re talking about Knuckle and so on, right?] 

I had forgotten about these guys for a moment.

[Yes. Since I was the one who took their guild registration, they became affiliated with me. They are quite talented and helped a lot in the Liverpool defense, I wanted to award them personally. There’s no problem with that right?] 
[No, you did well. I actually forgot to do it myself. I’m glad that you were taking care of it for me.] 

Honestly, even though the guilds have all gathered under the name of Camelot, there’s still going to be some competition amongst the guilds, and it was obvious that they would all be scouting for talented individuals to take it. From that point of view, Esther had taken in the best possible people under her wing, and I wasn’t bothered by that at all.

But there was still something that bothered me a little bit.

[Then what titles have you given to Knuckle and his friends?] 
[Aha! Baronets. I’ve given them adequate small territories that we’ve recently secured.] 
[Did they say anything in particular?] 
[Well, actually… They were constantly saying that it’s fine for the three of them to not receive a title each and begged me to instead just give only Knuckle the Baron title as well as some castle territory. Something about needing to build a temple.] 

Just as I thought, they had received a quest that was related to one of mine.

[So, I guess you weren’t able to give him a castle territory and the Baronet title then.] 
[Yes. In this situation where nominees of the titles had already been chosen, to change nominees and the awards too much would make the subordinates raise their voice against it.] 

That would be problematic for me.

[Wasn’t there at least two castle territories that weren’t awarded to anyone yet?] 
[Ah, you mean the leftover territories? I’m definitely sure that there are 4 castle territories and 2 city territories that are under your name and control. Those were the territories that you had kept to yourself saying that the future is uncertain and that you would keep them in reserve just in case something happens.] 
[Yeah. Give them one from those territories, and I will give you the authority to award the title of Baron one more time. Please make sure that their request is heard through that.] 
[Hmm. Well I won’t go against it at all since I’m just going to end up with one more Baron and castle territory under my name, but there could be a possibility where other people may go against it.] 
[I only need you and Katalina to agree with me. I can persuade Lucas and Terror myself.] 
[If that’s the case… I’m not going to particularly ask why you are doing this, but you will tell me later, right?] 
[I promise. Oh yeah, aren’t you in the middle of the title award ceremony right now?] 
[Ahh! You’re right. Awww… they’re all staring at me. What should I do? Umm… I’ll whisper to you again later.] 

She was reacting completely opposite to how Katalina did. Well, I knew that she’s acknowledged as the strongest of the guild, so I knew that there won’t be anyone there daring enough to speak against her for stalling.

This means that Knuckle and his friends will take care of the problem of building a temple themselves… Since they’re going to take care of something that I needed to do, I was planning to give them as much funding as they need for it.

I started to have a feeling that there was a growing number of expenditures with no growth to revenue at all.

  • Excuse me, master?

I was whispering one message after another continuously for so long that I had completely forgotten that Signus was right in front of me.


  • I’m hungry.

“You’re hungry?”

Even though she was an AI based on a whole city, it seems like she was speaking honestly when she said she was no different than a pet. Since I heard that pets have a hunger system after all.

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  • Yes, please give me some food!

“Alright, what kind of food do you eat then?”

It could be simply food that NPCs consume, or it could be the corpses of monsters even though it does sound quite violent. Well, most pets are either one or the other type, so I didn’t think it would be much of a problem.

  • Jewelry.2


  1. Robinxen: Exu…..
  2. Pain.

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