Chapter 90 Act 10: Unification

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Author: Starving Wind Original Source: Joara Word Count: 1977 characters
Translator: Anonymouss English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1154 words
Editor(s): Silva

“I see.”

I was slightly surprised and understood his situation a bit. But to think that she would persuade her father like this just because of that short meeting they had back then.

It makes me think that it may have only been possible because of how much love and affection she was receiving from him.

“But why is it that you didn’t come with her?”

If her father was a Blue Sky player and the 4th top-ranked player on the server, I assumed that his daughter would be quite high-level in the game as well, which was why I asked.

“Well, the thing is…”

Seeing his face darken, I understood that I may have made a critical mistake in my words. However, it was too late to take it back so I could only blame myself inwardly for asking.

“She’s got a cold.”

I couldn’t help but make a face. Why did he act as if she had a terminal illness when all she had was just a cold?

“She’s coughing way too much. Therefore I had to force her to stay behind even though she wanted to tag along.”

This person was dead serious. He wasn’t putting up an act here, which made me think he must be absolutely crazy about doting on his daughter. I’ve only heard of fathers who were absolutely crazy about their daughters on the news, I didn’t think one would actually exist like this. And to think I would meet one in England as well…

“I… I see. I hope she makes a speedy recovery.”

Because I found the situation absurd, I was barely able to stop myself from making a face.

“Thank you.”

He bowed his head, as if he was extremely thankful for my words. As I looked around during that moment, Katalina and Esther also had expressions of disbelief on their faces.

Thinking about it, this was probably the reason why Emilia’s begging had worked on this man named Terror. He must truly love his daughter, huh…

“Now then, since everything is in order here, you should hurry back home.”
“Ah, thank you for your concern. I’ve already entrusted absolute authority over to the vice guild leader so he will take care of all the necessary procedures.”

He didn’t even decline out of courtesy first.

“Yes. I would also be thankful if you could inform Emilia that I will definitely visit her next time as well.”
“I’ll definitely tell her.”

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Technically speaking, this negotiation was made possible thanks to Emilia, so I thought I should pay her a visit doubling as a visit to see the state of her health.

“Then until next time, Miss Artoria.”

It seemed like even a second was precious to him as he bowed his head lightly and quickly walked out of the home office.

“Amazing! My goodness, he’s just like my father.”
“Wow, you as well big sis? My father isn’t at that level but he’s close to it honestly.”

Wh…what? Are you saying that he’s normal?

  • Empire guild to join the Camelot Alliance guild –
  • ‘Artoria’ of England Blue Sky, ascends to the position of goddess! –
  • Duke Elizabeth, selected to be one of the top 100 influencers in the world –
  • Official Blue Sky ranking number 1 ‘Artoria’, just how much wealth does she have in total? –
  • Who is behind the merciless hostile takeovers that are happening to massive companies? –

These were the top headlines that were widely talked about in real life. The funny thing was that I was related to every single one of them.

Every channel I tuned to on TV had news segments that blabbered on about these topics, making me sick of it. Of course, they were all just commentators and hosts that were discussing the topics while I was actually the person who caused it all to happen, so it was obvious I didn’t find it interesting.

“You’ve gained the fame of a top Hollywood star in that short amount of time, Ellie.”

Katalina nonchalantly said to me while half-lying down on the sofa as she watched TV.

“Hehe… are you jealous?”

I giggled as I brought out two bottles of beer from the fridge. The fridge which was originally filled with canned beer had mostly changed to bottled beer because of Katalina’s preference.

She said that bottled beer tasted better than canned beer or something. I thought the opposite, but what good would it do to argue anyways?

“As if I’m jealous, what you have is mine and what I have is yours after all.”

I shouldn’t have even mentioned jealousy in the first place. It seemed like she had a very tight grip on me indeed. Because she was watching the TV with her back towards me, she wasn’t looking at me at all.

I smiled evilly and shook the bottled beer that I was going to give to Katalina really hard while making sure the sound didn’t reach her ears. And now, if I were to give her the bottle opener and she opened it? Heh, I felt excited just imagining it.

“Here, your beer.”

Barely holding back my laughter, I handed the beer bottle that had been shaken thoroughly over to Katalina. If you were to look closely you’d be able to see that there were slightly more bubbles than normal, but I thought I had the perfect timing since she was busy watching TV.

“Ah, thanks Ellie.”

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Thankfully she took the beer bottle without any suspicion. It would have been best if she had opened up the bottle right away, but unfortunately, I didn’t have a bottle opener with me.

Strange, I was sure that I placed it here though?

“Ellie, there’s another beer opener in the fridge, right?”

Because I wasn’t able to find it no matter how hard I tried, Katalina remembered the other bottle opener and told me where it was. I definitely remembered that there was another bottle opener stuck to the door of the fridge as well. I felt that I won’t be able to find the bottle opener I was looking for in the first place quick enough, so I hurriedly went to the fridge to take the other bottle opener to make sure the bubbles didn’t die down.

“Here Lina, the bottle opener.”

I tried to hand over the bottle opener to her as soon as I came back. However, Katalina spoke as she handed her bottle to me instead.

“Ellie, can you open my bottle for me?”

Usually, I would have gladly done so but the current situation wasn’t right. I shook my head frantically as I spoke.

“Of course not. One must solve one’s own problems.”

While saying that, I opened up my bottle with all my strength to exemplify what I said.


A powerful jet of bubbles spewed out from the bottle and smacked me directly on my face.


What the hell?


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