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[New Series] Blue Sky

Here we go again guys! There’s another new series coming to Re:Library soon! And it’s a KOREAN novel to boot! I repeat, it’s a KOREAN novel!! A Korean Gender Bender novel!! HOW RARE!! HOW PRECIOUS!!! Re:Library has finally gotten the Golden Trio, we’ve finally recruited our first ever Korean Translator!! Woohoo!!! I’m so excited to see where this novel will take us~

Ladies and Gentleman, please give Anonymouss your warmest regards! And enjoy the read!

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[News] Giveaway Event Delayed

Remember the chibi art I commissioned for Demon Sword Maiden a while back? That’s right, I’ve made them into keychains and was thinking of holding a giveaway event soon after I delivered the first batch to the editors and patrons, but due to “unforeseen circumstances”, the keychains are still being held at the post station and not yet dispatched. It is unfortunate, but I believe we will have to delay the giveaway event until further notice.

Meanwhile, you may want to like and follow our Facebook or Twitter page! The rule of the giveaway event is pretty simple, you just gotta like our posts on the social media page and share (or retweet) them to the “Public”. Then, from there, we will randomly select a few winners to receive the prize. While the event has been delayed, it never hurts to start interacting with our social media page early, if you get that “top fan” badge on Facebook, you are more likely to get noticed and be selected to receive the prize.

I will keep you guys updated when the giveaway event officially begins.
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[New Series] Loli Elf

And here we go all over again! Re:Library brought to you yet another… SAY WHAT?!?! ANOTHER ONE?! Has Silva gone crazy?! This is the third one this month! Please staph!! You’re gonna drive yourself bankrupt!!

Silva.exe has crashed… … …
Silva.exe has rebooted

*Cough cough. Please ignore that. Anyway, what was I saying again? Ah yes, that’s right, we have added yet another new Gender Bender novel to our repertoire. No, we haven’t got any new chapters yet, the first prologue will probably be up by tomorrow. For now however, we have some nice sneak peeks for you, click the links below for some cutesy images:

» Character Sheets «
» Important Locations «

[News] How the Epidemic has affected the Publishers as a Whole

I believe many of you are under the assumption now that everyone is locked at home due to the current “situation”, that the publishers are earning crazy bucks and is having the time of their life right? Well, normally, that would be the case, but what we all didn’t know is that the ad rates is easily influenced by the economic situation.

Since Digital ad budgets are the fastest and easiest to pull when the market drops and revenue forecasts for public companies (the ones that advertise the most) change; digital ad campaigns rarely involve any sort of contract, and it’s pretty simple to cut a campaign or add one back in quickly. Businesses who advertise, particularly public companies, want to keep their company in or near the black as much as possible, especially as they have to report their earnings at the end of Q1 (March 31st). If they can easily cut an expenditure, they will.

The long and short of it is that since everyone is now locked at home, there are much lower demands for stuffs like petrol and non-essentials, so the public companies spend less money to advertise their stuff, which in turn drag down the ad rates. Here’s an easy diagram to compare the fall in ad rates compared to last year:

Screen Shot 2020 07 16 at 11.45.16 AM

Another factor which I believe is causing the ad rates to fall is that the ads on mobile devices tend to have a higher rates, but now that everyone is locked at the comfort of their home and is more likely to use their PC than their phone, that has in turn deflated the ad rates we are earning. Not to mention that it is far more easier to install Adblocker on a PC than a phone.

If it is not too much to ask, we’d appreciate it if you can add our site to your Adblocker’s whitelist. And I know some of you out there may be eager to help, but I don’t recommend to spam click the ads. Clicking the ads and immediately closing it would instead increases the bounce rate and be treated as an “ad fraud”, it would actually do us more harm than good. We’ll be eternally grateful if you can just whitelist our site and only click on an ad which you are genuinely interested in.

I know this is a hard time for everyone, but we all should do our part to stay at home and prevent the spread of the epidemic as much as possible. Please stay safe and keep yourself healthy, we can get through this together. Bless you.

[New Series] Hero King

And here, Re:Library brought to you… yet another new series!! Two new series in one month, wow!! Huh? What? Did I say something about restraining myself and slowing down my pace? You must’ve misheard. When there are so many capable translators out there looking for a job, when there are still so many Gender Bender novels out there that I wanted to read, how can I restrain myself!

This translator is introduced to me by Yuki, he is known as Mab, and honestly, this is probably one of the best translator I’ve seen yet. His work attitude is admirable, he works really fast, and his vocabulary is also pretty good. I can’t ask for better! Please put your hands together and give Mab a warm welcome.

The plan for Hero King is 2 chapters per week, this for now is a teaser chapter. We will only officially start publishing this series at a fixed time in May.

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[Original Novel] Worlds Unknown

Hello everyone, this is Alruna here. I am an avid reader and a lazy writer, I write when I have nothing good to read. So, lez hope that I have nothing good to read for a long time so that I’ll be able to finish this story as soon as possible.

Anyhow, this story ‘Worlds Unknown’ has been in the works for me for years, that I kept dropping and picking up and editing along the way. Throughout all these edits, I could even see the way I have been maturing over the years. So now, finally, once and for all, I am ready to finally show my work to the world. Although most of what I have written is still in need of some editing, you’ll know that at least I have most of the storylines planned out.

So, won’t you guys join me in this adventure with my fictional lead human character, Evelyn as she stumbles headfirst into an unknown world of supernatural where her life-or-death hangs over her head every second of the day? Sounds fun to me ;P I will try to update this as soon as I can possibly make it.

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[New Series] Hero’s Redo

And Re:Library brings to you… a new Gender Bender novel!!! Hero’s Redo ~ A Hero That Once Saved the World Reborn as a Girl ~ is a slice of life action story about a hero who was traumatized by politics and people afraid of him for being too powerful, so the mage in his party decided to turn him into a girl. But he was so traumatized to interact with humans that he just hid inside the mountains until two girls who came to the mountain were caught in danger. After saving them, they decided to bring her to their town to pay her back for helping them. Thus begins the new life of our traumatized hero.

The original plan was to start this project next month when we finish Female Knight & Dark Elf, but the project was pushed forward thanks to one of our sponsors. Therefore, we commissioned a temporary translator (who I’m not going to name) to do the first batch, but even after one whole month, we still get nothing from said translator, and this is the only chapter we end up with. Even so, the quality of the translation is so bad it’s giving me headache just to proofread it. Fortunately or unfortunately, we even have had to make two of our Patrons edit for us, I’m gonna build a shrine to worship Exisero-sama and Yanga-sama.

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» Chapter 1 «

[Votes] Transcendent or Saintess

To ensure that the vote is carried out fair and square, please give both novels a try first and see which one you like more. This voting session will have a huge impact on these two series moving forward. The one who comes out on top will receive the favor of the translator and receive a steady update, while the loser will probably be dropped or receives a slow update depending on the translator’s circumstances.

Will it be Reborn as a Transcendent or How can the Saintess be a Boy!?, cast your vote below!

Transcendent or Saintess

Reborn as a Transcendent
How can the Saintess be a Boy!?
Please Specify:

Re:Library takes over Wiseman

With the consent of the latest translator for Pupil of the Wiseman (WN), Re:Library will now be taking over the translation of this great web novel series.

And a great series like this naturally deserves to be respected in all its glories! It started going downhill ever since Saiaku Translations picked this up. Yes, Saiaku, I still remember you and I still hold a grudge over what you did to this great novel! Not only was it a poorly rendered machine translation of this great series, he even opted to use the stupid Shakespearean tone in Mira’s dialog. And the worst offender of all? He rejected my invitation to host Wiseman on Re:Library and went ahead to block out all readers with an ad link for the reason that he wanted to buy a domain of his own, the worst move any translator could ever make! Now just take a look at where did that take him? Even his site is no longer working! Hmph, serves you right!

Oops, wait a minute, this isn’t supposed to be a ranting corner. Anyway, like I said, this series has been ruined by being passed around to so many incompetent translators and to show our greatest respect for this series, we decided to rewrite this series from the ground up (with help from various editors and translators) while compiling a terms sheet for personal use.

New chapters when? Well? We don’t know about that yet, we already found a translator to continue Wiseman from where it left off, but in order to provide y’all with the best translations he can, he’s currently reading through the chapters to get to know what’s going on, while doing translation check at the side. So it might be a while before we see a new chapter.

On that topic though, we figured we might be splitting the chapters into several parts when we start publishing new chapters. While I was looking into the raw, I noticed that each chapter is averaging around 7k ~ 9k characters, that’s a helluva lots of characters to translate into English! So we thought we might as well split them into an average of 3k ~ 4k characters (the average length of most web novels) and publish them like that in order.

With all that said and done, look forward to reading the revamped Wiseman on Re:Library soon-ish!

[Teaser] How can the Saintess be a Boy!?

Tada~! Now that we finally have a new translator for Demon Sword Maiden, it is finally time for me to pick up a new series!


Well, let’s calm down and not click the close button yet, for now, this is a teaser chapter, but once I’m sure the new translator is ready to take on Demon Sword Maiden by himself, I’ll have more free time since that means less work for me. At that time, I will try to tackle this new project seriously. This is a novel Immortal Dreamer said he wanted to pick up at some point in time. Oh, who was Immortal Dreamer you ask? He was the previous translator I hired for Demon Sword Maiden but never got to stick around due to his sudden disappearance, probably due to some unforeseen accident.

Since he went missing and all, I can’t really talk to him about this project, so I thought I might as well pick it up and pass the project to him once he returns from the unknown. For now, enjoy reading this teaser and let me know your thoughts.

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