[Event] Discord Giveaway

Hey guys, we’re holding a giveaway over on our discord channel! I’d love to see you there participating for this wonderful chance to win any one of our three prizes. First place will receive a Lily keychain based off of our lovely Lily in Demon Sword Maiden, second place will be a Nanako Keychain from the same series, and our third place prize will be Free $50 Patreon Reward for 1 month, which includes view only access to Re:Library’s project folder with all the sponsored novels!

All you need for a chance at winning any one of these every month is to boost our discord server ( at least once and send us a picture of it. I’ll also say that those who have already won a keychain before can opt to get a poster of instead of getting a second one. I hope to see all of your participating!

Here are the photo of said keychains and poster:
DSM Keychains
Image 1: Nanako Keychain (Left) and Lily Keychain (Right)

DSM Poster
Image 2: Lily Poster

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