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Night Mode now Available on Re:Library!

You asked for it, and I listened. I have hired a programmer and modified the existing plugin to work with Re:Library’s default theme. There were plenty of bugs and challenges, but we worked it out in the end! Now Re:Library will load in night mode by default! And if you wish to change into light mode, you can find the toggle button (still in development) at the top menu location!

If you experience any issues with the dark theme, please try clearing your cache first or view in incognito mode. If the problem persists, please report the issue to [email protected]

Are you touched by my dedication towards providing a better reading experience to the readers? If you do, then please turn off your Adblocker and give me your moonay you weebos and shower us with your love and support!

[New Series] Not Sure, Another World Reincarnation

Not Sure, But It Looks Like I Got Reincarnated in Another World will begin publication on Re:Library starting this month forward. I am looking at a release of 1 chapter per week with our current funding, if you like this series and want to read more, please consider pledging to our Patreon page. 🙂

Although it’s a shame what happened with The Ancestor of our Sect, that’s fine too, if we look at the bright side, now we can use the funding initially allocated to that project towards Not Sure, Another World or Female Knight & Dark Elf. Now the problem is which project should I push the funding to…

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» Chapter 5 «

[Manhua] Rhapsody of Mulan

Don’t mind me, just trying my hands at translating a manhua. I got pulled into it by one of my Editors. This series actually already have 39 chapters released (19 according to the previous scanlator). I’m re-doing it from chapter 1 for obvious reason, low quality scans available throughout the net, bad translation in some chapters, and the worst offender is that the scans are not following the same chapter sequence as the raw.

I’m just doing this as a side project, so don’t expect much. We probably would take a bit of time before catching up to chapter 40, so if you can’t wait that long, go ahead and read the scans from the other team~

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» Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 «

[Pickup Series] The Ancestor of our Sect

Due to a certain request on this post, I’ve decided to try my luck at reaching out to the translator of The Ancestor of our Sect Isn’t Acting like an Elder. Honestly speaking, I wasn’t expecting anyone to reply as I left a comment on the translator’s site, but to my surprise, I did receive a reply about half a month later.

Since then, we’ve been in discussion about how we should push forward with the continuation of this series. In the end, it has been decided that Re:Library will be sponsoring this project. This is the third Gender Bender series sponsored by Re:Library, along with Female Knight & Dark Elf and Not Sure, Another World Reincarnation.

Those who visited Re:Library frequently should already know about our Project Gender Bender initiatives by now. I’ve been going out of my way to invite other Gender Bender translators to host their projects on this site in hope of one day making Re:Library into a Gender Bender Haven. As the first phase of our project, we are gathering supporters on Patreon and using the money earned to employ translators for hire.

The plan is going well, too well in fact, as we just gained three more new projects before reaching our goals on Patreon. So to be completely honest with you, I am paying for these three new projects from my own allowance. And also a special thanks to our sponsor, MechaCoin, who has donated an astounding 175 bucks to help fund these projects.

If you wish to support The Ancestor of our Sect and ensure the continuation of this novel, please head on to our Patreon page and make your pledge. For now, refrain from pledging to this project until we’re sure which direction this conflict with another translation group is taking us.

Click the Links to Start Reading:
» Prologue | Chapter 1 «
» Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 «
» Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 «
» Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 «

∴ P.S. I am aware another group just re-released the first four chapter, I need to have a talk with him.

[New Series] Female Knight & Dark Elf

Remember the talk last month about hiring a Japanese translator to pick up a Japanese Gender Bender series? No? Well, don’t worry about it if you are new to Re:Library. I will fill you in on the details.

At Re:Library, we have initiated “Project Gender Bender” around late July. Our ultimate goal is to gather supporters on Patreon and use that money to hire translators that will pick up the ongoing Gender Bender series and keep the project alive while the original translator, namely me, will go hunt for new Gender Bender webnovel to translate.

However, since I am a Chinese translator, I cannot do anything about Japanese Gender Bender series, so when I happened to see a Japanese translator for hire, I chatted him up and somehow or another, the talk progressed to the point where I have now hired him to translate this series for me. Of course, since this is an unforeseen circumstance, I haven’t had the chance to gather any patrons to back up this project yet. In other words, I am paying for this series out of my own allowance.

I do plan to slowly gather patrons to support this series and will make the Patreon account available in the coming week. With my current allowance, I can only commission up to 2 chapters per week. Mainly due to the short chapters, the commission fees are also lower (but in reality, the fees for two chapters added together are actually higher than a single chapter with three thousand source word). However, only for the first two weeks, I will be releasing them in a batch of 5. That is an entire month worth of batch! So enjoy the read, and if you have the ability to, please support us on Patreon!

Click the Links to Start Reading:
» Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 «
» Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 «
» Chapter 5 «

∴ Disclaimer: There is no official art for this series, both the featured image and cover art are taken from the world wide web.

Demon Sword Maiden Fanart Commission

I’ve been thinking of commissioning a fanart for Demon Sword Maiden for some time now and here’s a few scenes I’ve been thinking of:

Option A: A half-naked Lily pressing the katana (with red runes) against her breasts with flirtatious expression. (The scene in the middle of the Mountain Imps raid)

Option B: Uesugi forced a kiss on a struggling Lily on horseback (The scenes on the rainy street of Takeshita)

Option C: ………

Continue reading Demon Sword Maiden Fanart Commission

The Future of Re:Library

First of all, allow me to thank all the Patrons for your continuous support. Because of your support, a new dream has opened up for us and the future of Re:Library looked brighter than ever. It was because of your support that I was able to hire a translator to take over my project and focuses on my next project. So allow me to express my sincerest gratitude to all my current patrons, to-be patrons, and past patrons. Honestly, thank you all so much for your warm support!

With that in mind, my next plan in line is to execute the same strategy for all my following projects! I will start by gathering support on Patreon, and once there are enough subscribers for my next project (Dragon Princess), I will begin the hiring process and pass Dragon Princess to the hired translator, then I will look for another Gender Bender project to publish on Re:Library. Continue reading The Future of Re:Library

Patreon Goal Surprise!

I planned to announce this after we reach the 3rd patreon goal, but I managed to hire a translator much earlier than scheduled so I have no choice but to push forward my schedule.

First of all, give the patrons a hand of applause, this option has only become possible thanks to all the awesome patrons who have supported me thus far. When I first opened my Patreon account, I was honestly not expecting much, maybe 1 to 3 Patrons at most. However, over the past few months, the number of patrons continued to grow until we reached this turning point today.

I’m sure all of you have been wondering what I’ve been going on about for a while now so without further ado, let’s move on to the main topic! Continue reading Patreon Goal Surprise!

Stories Behind the Broken Theme & Links

First off, please allow me to apologize to all the readers who experienced issues with the broken theme and broken links for the past 30-40 minutes. I am really sorry about the inconvenience caused. It was never meant to happen, and this problem doesn’t root from the Layout Tester I am currently testing with Ezoic, but I still appreciate you guys informing me of the issue.

All of this started when I tried to upgrade my current plan from an annual plan to the biannual plan, I reached out to the customer support to get them to change my plans, paid them an extra 200USD, and happily thanked them for the help. However, what I didn’t know was that, immediately after the move, all the plugins and theme on the site were broken. I would probably have found out much later if not for a certain comment and email about the broken links. Thank you both for reporting the issues to me promptly.

I honestly did not expect a simple upgrade in the plan would lead to such a huge issue, so I complained to their customer support, get them to fix the issue ASAP, and have them compensate me for the inconvenience caused. They fixed the issue within 30-40 minutes and agreed to add one extra month to my plan, which I am extremely grateful for.

[New Series] Dragon Princess

After so many months since I last translated the teaser for Dragon Princess, chapter 1 of the series has finally been completely translated and from now on, we will be getting a steady supply of Dragon Princess at the rate of 1 to 2 chapters per week.

When I first picked this up, there was still no VIP chapters and the chapters are not sorted by volume, but now there are 263 VIP chapters and 5 volumes? Even the cover art has been updated! So many things about this novel have changed.

Just a fair warning, this novel has a lot of Chinese slangs, informal tones, archaic dialect, and first-person context. It’s my first time translating a novel like this so I’m not sure how well I do. There might be inconsistencies with the tenses due to my lack of experience, so if anyone wishes to apply for editorship for Dragon Princess, I’m more than happy to welcome you with open arms.

Oh yes, and give thanks to TribeOfOne for editing the first part of this novel, I really had a hard time with those archaic accent, it was thanks to him that the first part of the novel reads that much more smoothly.

Click here to start reading:
» Volume 1 Chapter 1 «

Layout Tester

We have received an invitation from Ezoic to test out their Layout Tester app. According to them, by installing and activating the app, their Artificial Intelligence (AI) will test and find the best layout customized for each individual users to optimize the user experience according to their browsing behavior.

If you noticed that the site layout has changed in the next few days, do not be alarmed as it was due to the AI working on customizing a theme that fits your browsing habit. We will be experimenting with the Layout Tester for a while and if we find it too annoying or received too many complaints from the users, we will be turning it off.

If you run into any problem with the theme, please take a screenshot and send it to us on [email protected]

Moving Day

In order to provide the best reading experience to our loyal readers, we have decided to move our site to a new server. For now, the new server is already live and better than ever. However, I need to run some final check on the site to make sure everything is in proper order before we map our domain to the new server. We are expected to move in early July, some time around next week.

All publication on the site will be pushed back during the site migration, so expect there to be some delays in next week’s schedule. I believe that there will be no server downtime during the migration, but in case something goes wrong, expect there to be some server hiccups.

Do not be alarmed if you noticed the domain has changed from to
That means the server has been moved successfully and the site will load faster than ever!

All of us from Re:Library wish you a good day and we hope to see you again soon.

[Teaser] Dragon Princess

Do not doubt me when I say this teaser is really just a teaser, there is not even a tenth of one full chapter translated. It is merely a teaser and nothing more! Now that you’ve been warned, time to move on to the next agenda, the introduction of this novel.

Firstly, this is a Gender Bender, I think, maybe? I found this novel purely by accident, the cover picture is nice, and the title kind of intrigued me. The full title of this novel is actually: I will make a Harem even if I become a cute Dragon Girl

Anyways, I am not going to make this a full project or anything, my main project will remain as Demon Sword Maiden, I will only translate this during my free time, 1 paragraph at a time, so expect really slow releases. However, if anyone wants to pick up this project, I’d be really delighted~