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[Breaking News] Status Update

Hi all, it’s been a while since I made any status update, but today I have a few very important news to share.

Firstly, regarding Demon Sword Maiden, our current translator had a lot of issues to deal with, and he still does, therefore, we’ve hired a new translator to take over the work from him. The latest chapter was from the new translator. What do you think? The quality is not bad right? I actually plan to have the new and old translator work in pairs so each translator will have a lower quota to submit each month and effectively lessen the stress for them, but I still have no idea how this will work out since the old is still dealing with a bazillion of real-life issues.

Next, about Transcendent and Loli Elf, the translator for both of these series has been kind of pushing his limits these days, quoting that “keeping a schedule with a family like mine has been very difficult”. He has been late on submission for the past few months already and as of the moment of this writing, I still haven’t received the full July batch of Loli Elf from the translator. The deadline for August is also fast approaching so I am not hopeful to receive the August batch of Transcendent and Loli Elf any time soon. I had been in talks with the translator and we agreed that if he’s late again this month, he will drop Loli Elf, but if he still keeps being late despite that, I might have to reconsider my future plans.

Lastly, Blue Sky doesn’t seem to be performing as well as we hoped, the views on the site are low (by 50% compared to our next least popular series and a staggering 80% compared to our most popular series) and the number of patrons also didn’t exceed 20. We have been making quite a huge loss every month to keep this project ongoing for as long as it has, not to mention the additional fee to hire an editor for this project. It is not an easy decision to make, but we will have to drop Blue Sky in favor of a new novel.

Bearing in mind all of the above, we will need be recruiting new Chinese/Japanese translators to take over existing (or new) projects. If you are confident in your language and writing skills, or if you know anyone interested to earn some side income, please join our Discord server and DM Silva#3719.

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