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We’ve installed the new comment system for a while now and I’m sure everyone is already getting used to it. You can simply leave your name and email to comment as a guest or you could simply Connect with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Disqus, or WordPress to log-in and comment as a member, which comes with extra benefits of being able to edit all your comments at any given time.

I have been intending to purchase the emoji add-on for a while now and today, we’ve finally completed the deal. With this add-on installed and activated, you should now be able to see two new icons available in the comment form as illustrated below:


The yellow smiley face contains all the default emoji sets you can find on all the major platforms, though it seems that there is a slight problem with it that it doesn’t seem to be working on older devices. At least when I tried to view the emoji on my Windows 7, it only show me a blank page.

You can also insert the emoji while typing by using Emoji Shortname as shown below:

And lastly, the green smiley icon contains the custom stickers we’ve uploaded. For now, we only have 5 stickers with the lovely face of our favorite protagonist from Demon Sword Maiden series. We will continue to commission for more custom stickers from our go-to artist and slowly but surely increase the number of stickers for everyone to use. With this, I hope everyone will be able to make use of the emojis and stickers to enliven the chat and interact with each other more openly on the site.


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