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Chapter 1 – Huh? The Host Dead?

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Author: Deceptive Net Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2151 characters
Translator: Silva English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1515 words
Editor(s): Fire

This was a space filled with nothingness.

Lamont’s consciousness floated blankly among this empty space.

Did he… die?

He probably did, there was no way he could live through being shot by the main cannon of a flying warship.

But then, why was his consciousness intact?

Or perhaps, this was the world after death?

[System loading 99%…… 100%] 
[System successfully loaded.] 
[??? Why is the host dead?] 

That question was brimming with intelligence.1

If he could still feel his own body, Lamont would’ve really laughed out loud.

Did the system only now realize he was already dead? If he could speak, he really wanted to ask what had the system been doing all this time.

He wasn’t at all surprised since the system had already popped up in his mind long before it all began.

The day it happened, he really thought that he could reach the apex like those heroes from light novels and celebrated it for one whole morning.

However, ever since the system loaded up to 99%, it had been stuck there since forever.2

Then, nothing else ever happened.

He relied on his sheer willpower and reached the top by himself. While he managed to reach the final battleground, he didn’t manage to last till the end. Under the assault of close to a billion demons, he fired the airship’s main cannon of his own accord and blasted himself along with the one billion demons into the heavens.

Never did he expect the system would finally finish loading after he died.

He had almost forgotten this thing ever existed.

But it was already too late… his ashes would’ve probably been scattered by the wind by now. There’s no way resurrection is possible…

[Couldn’t detect vital signs of the host, plan 2 initiated.] 

Huh? Plan 2?

[Time Reversal, initiating in 3… 2… 1…] 

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Wait, what is goi…


A dazzling rainbow radiance suddenly invaded the black space, as though he was sent from the depths of hell straight to the high heavens.

His awareness gradually returned, beginning from his sense of hearing; he could hear a noisy ringing sound.

He suddenly opened his eyes, and what appeared before him was an unfamiliar ceiling.

[Time Reversal successful. Welcome back, host.] 

“……Welcome back, my a̲s̲s̲!”

Isn’t that a bit too forceful?! No way I want to start all over again?!
I was almost relieved of all of my responsibilities, and now you say I have to go back in time and experience that disaster all over again?!
Why do you torment me so?!

Or so “she” wanted to complain, but no words came out after the first sentence.

That’s right, “she”, not “he”.

The voice that came out of her mouth sounded obviously feminine, it was soothing and pleasant to the ears. It was a voice so beautiful that she rarely had a chance to come across in the past.

How great would it be if only that voice didn’t come from herself.

She immediately got up from the bed and bowed her head to observe her own body.

She was wearing a loose one-piece pajama, and her fair skin between the wide-open lapel was exposed. Instead of warmth, the dazzling rays of spring only brought chills to her heart.

Slowly, she reached her hand towards her crotch.

Without a doubt, she couldn’t feel anything there.3 

[Those words just now contained profanity, a girl shouldn’t speak like that.]4 

The system’s voice echoed in her mind, disrupting her thoughts.

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She blanked out for a moment, then asked with a smile, “Then could you please explain what’s going on?”

[Time Reversal is unable to overwrite the existing timeline. Thus, a new entity is created to divert the existing timeline.] 

“Speak human language.”

[The system cannot revive the host in the same body that existed in the timeline. Thus, the host’s current body is a newly inserted avatar.] 

While the system was explaining, her personal info appeared in her mind.

Her name was Shaelyn, the prettiest girl in Linjiang University, the baby daughter of the Lux Conglomerate.

…Other than the fact that she had been reincarnated into a girl, all the other conditions were much better than her past life’s.

This was her only consolation. With this identity and the support of the system, she might be able to avoid dying with regrets this time.

[Reminder: The system is still linked to the host’s original body. The host cannot influence the system with this body. It is recommended that the host find the original body and raise him.] 


[The host cannot gain any experience points from operating this body, but you can instead make the original body gain the experience points and reuse it.] 

“…Are you kidding me?” Shaelyn became dumbfounded for a moment, “Then what did you reincarnate me for? Why not just go back in time by yourself and fuse with the past me?”

[During the current timeline, the host’s main body already have the system, and it is stuck loading at 99%] 

“Then why was it stuck at 99%?! Don’t you feel any shame at all?!”

[It’s because of a bug.]5 

Shaelyn almost lost her cool at this point, “Then what do you even exist for? To make fun of me?”

[The system’s purpose is to help the host save the world.] 

“Save the world? If I save the world, then who will save me? I don’t care that you turned me into a girl, but you even turned me into a leecher?”

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[Don’t be angry, host. As long as you save the world, the main system should be able to help you… yes, return to your original state.] 

“Why did you stop mid-sentence?”
[It’s a bug.] 

Shaelyn was still half in doubt, “Really?”

[Absolutely. Moreover, once the host has saved the world, you will receive an unimaginable reward. It will make you think that everything is worth it. Therefore, please go find the main body as soon as possible.] 

Shaelyn pondered silently for a while before she flopped onto the bed, “I’ll trust you only this one time.”

She wasn’t the type that gets swayed by some simple sentences, but since it was the system who said this, there’s no harm in believing it just once.

After all, what was supposed to be a simple game had led to the end of the world. What else couldn’t she believe in?

That’s right. The cause of her death, as well as the calamity that fell upon the world, it all started with a game.

A game created by God.

The game was called [The God’s Realm]6. It was the first-of-its-kind VRMMO, popularly known as the Second World. It was a testament to how real the game world felt. It could be said that the equipment used to develop the game was an overtechnology.

The game was released to the whole world at the same time. Moreover, the game set was given for free to a limited amount of people who signed up early. They didn’t have to pay a single cent for it. It was a miracle to some of the poorer countries and as for who created that miracle, no one had a clue.

And right now, it wasn’t far off until the launch of the game.

Today was the miracle day in question.

In the wee hours of this day, everyone in this world fully recovered at the same time, even those who were in the last stages of cancer were cured overnight. Nobody knew why, so it was called the miracle day. Some even believed it was the blessing of God.

However, nobody at that time knew that it was actually just the beginning of the end.

Before reincarnation, Shaelyn was called Lamont, also a student of Linjiang University. He was handsome, but was very dense around girls. As a result, he had never been involved in any sort of romantic relationship during his four years of university. In his spare time, his only hobby was playing basketball or doing exercise. He lived quite a plain and boring life.

With that being the case, it wasn’t a tall task to find her past self.

As expected, Shaelyn found that familiar yet unfamiliar figure on the basketball court.

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This was the first time she saw her former self from a third-person perspective, it was a strange feeling.

And now… she’ll have to raise him…

It was but an easy task to deal with her past self.

After buying a bottle of water from the vending machine nearby, she walked towards the court.

All the basketball courts were occupied and brimming with activity, so it was unknown who screamed out: “What? Goddess Shaelyn is here?!”

With that, everyone unconsciously stopped doing what they were doing and gazed in her direction.

Shaelyn’s expression didn’t change. She simply walked towards her past self—Lamont—under everyone’s watchful gaze, passed the water bottle to him and invited him with a smile, “Lamont, how about we take a walk together?”



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  2. Fire: Sounds like your Internet..
    Silva: :tableflip:
  3. Fire: orz
  4. Silva: Quirky system is quirky
    Fire: Once quirky, always quirky
  5. Fire: Always the “bugs”.
    Silva: No problem, just keep restarting them and they’ll eventually reach 100%. In this case, you have to “restart” the user.
  6. Fire: Very creative…
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