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[Original] The Vampire’s Templar

Here’s some exciting news for you guys! If you frequently visit Scribble Hub, you might have come across “The Vampire’s Templar”. If not, written by TypeAxiom, this original novel features a former holy knight genderbent into a female vampire. Sounds familiar… Well whatever~ Here is a couple of things the novel has from the author himself:

A smug and cute vampire bullying another cute vampire
A cute vampire growing up
Sweet, sweet yuri
More sweet yuri because it’s a harem
Actual plot

Main point is, I managed to receive permission from the author himself to host his novel on our site!

A fan of genderbender and/or yuri? Then give this novel a read. I’m sure you won’t regret it if you like fluff. Not only that, judging by its Scribble Hub page, this novel will also become the most updated novel on our site with 12 chapters per week!

TL;DR: More original novels, more genderbender/yuri. This will not be the end anytime soon, I plan to bring in more authors and original novels to our site~

Well, what are you waiting for~?

Click the Link to Start Reading:
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