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[News] Server Migration

Now, I’m sure many of you have experienced some minor server hiccups over the past week, 500 error, 404 error, Bad Requests, and the most common one being that the chapter content doesn’t load and you are only shown the heading. Most of these can be resolved by refreshing the webpage, clearing your cache and cookies, or wait for several hours before trying again.

So the main question is, why is that happening? To put it in simple words: our server has reached the maximum PHP memory limit.

Whether that is due to some runaway queries or due to the influx of visitors, we’re still unsure, but it is clear to us that our server is starting to hit its limit and is in need of an upgrade. I was actually thinking of moving to the free hosting solution offered to us by Ezoic, but then a friend offered to host Re:Library for us in a dedicated server she owned.

Yes, you didn’t hear that wrong, a dedicated server, for free. Please give your greatest appreciation to Fana who magnanimously sponsored a dedicated server for hosting Re:Library.

With that said, we’re currently in the middle of setting up the server, when everything looks good, we will start the migrating process. We’re expecting that there will not be any downtime but in case the unexpected happens, there might be a minor downtime. Oh and some comments might be lost during the migration.

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