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Strongest Player Cultivation Chapter 8

After reading this chapter, I’ve but lost all motivation to continue translating this. You’ll know why once you start reading this chapter. After you finish reading this chapter, I’d appreciate if you’d leave your opinion on whether you’ll continue reading this before you go on your merry way. I’ll at least translate until after the first instance or two is over before I move on to the next teaser, but I don’t have high hopes for this novel anymore.

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Strongest Player Cultivation Chapter 7

I’ve been spending all my free time playing Final Fantasy 14 these days. It’s the first MMORPG I’ve been so absorbed after MapleStory, that’s been more than 10 years since I got really into an online game. Most of the online games out there these days are really awful, they are just out there to squeeze your wallet dry with the gacha and RNG elements. Take Genshin Impact for example, the latest MMO craze, like eww… dirty gacha game.

All gacha games have a few things in common, you have limited energy you can use each day, you can only get the best weapons and characters via gacha, you need to get multiple copies of each weapon or character to upgrade them, and they’re all very grindy, as in you have to farm materials to upgrade your weapons or characters.

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Strongest Player Cultivation Chapter 6

Here’s the new chapter you’ve all been eagerly waiting for! And today is the New Year’s Eve everyone! Who’s staying up for countdown tonight? Oh and we have a giveaway in our discord server, though the sign up period is already over, feel free to come join us tonight and watch the live stream! We run a giveaway every month in our discord server and all you need to sign up was to boost our server.

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Strongest Player Cultivation Chapter 4

I feel so fat, I can literally feel the bulge on my tummy getting bigger by days. I have an unhealthy lifestyle… My life cycle everyday: Wake up, eat, sit down and work, lunch, sit down and work, dinner, sit down and read novels or play games, eat more, sleep.

And I only exercise for like 3-5 minutes every 2 weeks. Holy moly! I need more motivation to exercise. Send halp!

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[New Teaser] Strongest Player Cultivation

I promised to publish a new teaser after finishing volume 1 of My Loli Dude, and here it is! We put up a poll on our Discord server and 19 out of 48 of you chose After Genderswap Reincarnation, I Raised the Strongest Player, also known as Strongest Player Cultivation.

I know what some of you might be thinking, the title is different from when I first announced the novel, well, that’s because it is! The title and synopsis sometimes don’t make sense until you actually started to read or translate the chapters. That’s why we’ve been holding on publishing this for a while since we wanted to make sure we get the title right.

I’ve secretly published the first two chapters already over the last 2 weeks in case you haven’t noticed. Those who actually found it, kudos to you, but for those who haven’t, here are three new chapters for you to absorb! Enjoy!

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