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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu Japanese Characters: 953 characters
Translator: Shurim English Source: Re:Library English Words: 482 words
Editor(s): Silva

I, Tomoaki Akino, was born into an ordinary household and led an ordinary life. I eventually found a job at a sweatshop of a company, failing to even notice how I was being exploited by my own employers. I worked my a̲s̲s̲ off, a slave to my corporate masters. Oink.

It had been a while since I last came home before the last train, and when I opened my eyes from the best sleep I had in days, I was in a bright white space. Directly in front of me, was a small globe of light.

“My bad. I mistook you for someone with the same name and gender.”

Apparently, I was mistaken for someone with the same name who was supposed to die quietly of old age.

“So, want to start a new life?”

I hesitated. After all, looking back at my last life, I couldn’t see myself finding happiness at all.

“Now with as many cheat skills as you want!”
“I’ll take it!”

An instant response. I mean, if I couldn’t be happy with normal abilities, maybe I could with cheats. The stage for my new life is The Country of Dreams and Magic… sorry, I meant a world of swords and magic. From what I’ve heard, it’s a world mixed with a mess of MMORPG elements, like skills and levels.

“Well, from my perspective, it’s not like your world was any different. By the way, you had zero affinities and a max attribute level of 3. No inherent skills. The most ordinary of the ordinary.”

Shut up. You can provoke me all you want, I already have all the cheats I can. My superhero origin story starts here.

The next issue at hand was my physical appearance.

“We’ve all sorts of races. Let’s see, beastmen, fishmen, birdmen, dragons, elves, oni, and dwarves, to list a few. We even have fairies—basically everything!”

I took a bit of time to think. It’s only natural for the strong to be sent into battle. In that case, a race less prone to fighting would be good. That, and anything with furry ears is a no-go. Only women should have furry ears.

“…I’ll go with elf.”

They seemed to stay away from civilization in general, and plus, their women tended to be beautiful.

“How about your appearance?”
“A lean, muscled stud! Also, make you know what hella big too!”

Thinking back on it now, I really am the worst. That said, I was far too focused on the cheats to notice one glaring mistake. Something I definitely should not have overlooked.

“Ok, have fun!”
“I will! Thank you for everything!”

Perhaps, rather than thanking this god (?)—

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“Ah, s̲h̲i̲t̲.”
“I screwed up. Looks like you’re going to be a female elf instead.”

I should have remembered that this god was a complete airhead.

The next chapter will be set in the other world.


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