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Chapter 32 – Beautiful women can do as they please

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1935 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1286 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

After a short period of adaptation, Yaeger no longer cared about that kind of chilly feeling on her butt.

Moreover, after studying the gear with Rakshasa, it was discovered that this armor skirt had an enchantment effect to prevent peeping. No matter how big the action was, no one will be able to see their underwear. Giving the wearer exceptional privacy.

Rakshasa: Princess, what are we going to do now?

The two of them walked on the street as if they were taking a leisurely stroll.

“Wait for opportunities to come knocking at your door.” Yaeger lazily replied to her while simultaneously licking a candied hawberry.

Rakshasa asked with an unbelievable expression on her face: Will such an opportunity really come?

“Of course, haven’t you heard? Beautiful girls are lucky. Just wait and see.”

The exact moment Yaeger stopped talking, a voice came from the front.

“Oh! Goddess! You must be the goddess sent by heaven to rescue me! ”

Rakshasa looked ahead, only to see a young man with blond hair and gorgeous clothes come to Yaeger with an exaggerated expression. He knelt down on one knee and said this in the same exaggerated tone.

Something is wrong with this man… Rakshasa murmured in her heart.

At the next moment, the young man with a flowery dress tried to grab Yaeger’s hand. Judging from his action, he must be trying to grab her hand and kiss her.

“Scram!” Yaeger kicked him directly and sent him flying away. Although she knew that this person was here to deliver equipment, he must still be kicked. Who asked this guy to be so shameless and want to touch her and kiss her!

“Ah!” The young man with a flowery dress screamed, and after rotating two times in the air, he fell to the ground and rolled a few times before stopping.

Rakshasa: Good kick!

This was also her first time witnessing such a shameless person doing such shameless things.

The young man got up from the ground and covered his face with his right hand. He had a pained expression but continued to stare at Yaeger with dazzling eyes.

This guy is not a *********, is he? Yaeger’s eyelids twitched. She was really puzzled as she only read about this from a walkthrough for the game. It said that a flashy young man would take the initiative to give equipment to any girls with high charm value that he met. However, she didn’t expect that this guy was so perverted. If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have taken a stroll here.

“My goddess, your foot is a gift from God. It kicked away all the despair in my heart and allowed me to see the light of hope!”

The youth came up again with his face full of fanaticism: “Ah, even the most beautiful poem in this world can’t describe your greatness. Even the deepest ocean in this world can’t bear your endless love!”

“Shut the **** up!” Yaeger felt disgusted and couldn’t help but give him a slap in the face.

“Do it again!” The young man’s face became even more perverted.

It was 100% certain that he was a pervert, a pure pervert. A pure pervert without any self-respect or dignity.

In order not to be entangled, Yaeger immediately swung her hand and ruthlessly knocked down the young man onto his stomach.

That guy lay on the ground with a happy expression, though his eyes could hardly be seen on his swollen face. No, it was more like a pair of slits instead.

“You really are the goddess who came to rescue me…” After barely managing to say this, the youth with flowering dress passed out happily, and then a ring fell out of his body.

“So it turns out that it was obtained this way, huh.” Yaeger picked up the ring and the corners of her mouth could not help but twitch.

Rakshasa rolled her eyes. This world really had all kinds of people.

But then again, Princess really did get a piece of equipment just by taking a walk, it was really enviable.

Rakshasa looked at Yaeger with her eyes shining brightly.

“Here.” Yaeger gave the ring she picked up to Rakshasa. “This ring is more suitable for you to wear.”

After hearing this, Rakshasa’s face turned red with a snap. W-w- w- what does this mean!?

As a modern girl, how could she not know the meaning of giving someone a ring!

How long have we known each other? How did it suddenly develop to this point!?
What should I do?
Should I accept or reject?
Wait, we’re both girls. Isn’t this ba-good?!?
But then again, it’s just a game anyway. It’s no big deal to accept…

Seeing Rakshasa’s expression constantly changing, Yaeger was puzzled for a while. Am I not just giving you a piece of equipment? Why are you acting as if I am giving you a grenade?

Without waiting for Rakshasa’s reply, Yaeger easily put the ring on her middle finger.

Rakshasa froze up for a moment and then immediately reacted: How can you be so domineering?

“Ah? This is also called overbearing?” Yaeger was at a loss.

Rakshasa’s face faintly blushed: It’s such an important decision, can’t you give me more time to think about it?

“It’s just a piece of equipment. What’s there to consider?”

After hearing the words, Rakshasa blinked her eyes and then wanted to find a hole in the ground to hide. She suddenly realized that Princess just wanted to give her a piece of equipment without any special meaning attached.

And I was acting all flustered just now. Ah, how shameful!

“Why is your face so red?” Yaeger reached out and touched her face. “Wow, it’s hot. Do you have a fever?”

After Rakshasa recovered, Yaeger showed her around and sampled this world’s delicacy.1

In fact, it was just ordinary food.

In the end, this was just a small place. It was already a blessing that it had anything they could eat at all.

“Uncle, how much do you sell this for?” Yaeger and Rakshasa stopped in front of a jewelry stall. The former crouched down and asked about an ordinary-looking necklace.

“This is not for sale.” The middle-aged uncle shook his head.

“How about giving it to me?”

Hearing this, the middle-aged uncle raised his head and looked carefully at Yaeger. After three seconds, he couldn’t help but gasp with amazement: “Wew! So beautiful!”

“Will you give it to me?” Yaeger tilted her head and pouted slightly.

“I’ll give you that. I’ll give you anything you want!” As the middle-aged man’s eyes turned into heart-shaped fanboy eyes.2

“Then I will gladly accept it.”
Beautiful women really can do as they please, Yaeger sighed in her heart.

According to the standard walkthrough guide, the player had to listen to the uncle’s love-hate story, complete a few dozen quests, and finally pay him 1,000 gold coins to get this necklace.

Not only had Yaeger saved a lot of time, she even saved 1,000 gold coins in the process, which could be said to be a big profit.

“Here, take this.” Like the previous ring, this necklace was also a warrior’s equipment.

The main stats were Bonus Strength and Critical Damage, as well as a Damage Reduction perk. It was grade blue equipment.

Rakshasa happily took the necklace, but this time, she did not misunderstand.

“Next, it’s time to find my gear.” Yaeger looked ahead and the corners of her mouth curled upward. Saying that she was out to find her own gear was an understatement, it was clear as day that she wanted to plunder the Newbie Village of all of its equipment!


Chapter 31 – I don’t wear skirts

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1377 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 871 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Leg equipment: Baham Skirt
Grade: Blue
Level Restriction: 10
Defense: 35
Durability: 99
+15 Agility
+10 Stamina

Special Effect: Skill [Multi Shot] Damage + 15%.

Although the stats were nothing of note, they were still a lot better than the sackcloth pants she was wearing.

Yaeger was torn between equipping it or not.

Rakshasa looked at Yaeger who looked like she was pondering something and asked with a tilted head: Princess, why don’t you equip it on?

“Don’t you think the skirt is a bit too short?” Yaeger said.

Rakshasa: It’s a little short but it’s much better than those skirts that directly expose underwear. Moreover, the armored skirt is very beautiful!

Yaeger frowned slightly. She didn’t expect Rakshasa to be a fashionista as well!

Then again, this armor skirt was really beautiful. It had a white base design, with both sides decorated by polished metal faulds. The skirt was made from the leather of an unidentified creature. It looked very soft and induced the temptation to touch it.

Is this really defensive equipment?

Such thought involuntarily surfaced in Yaeger’s mind.

Of course, this was the most normal reaction of modern people, but things with magical properties behaved differently because this was a fantasy world.

Like this armor skirt, for example, it had faintly flickering light blue light that could be faintly seen dancing around parts of the armored part and circuit-like magic-patterns could be seen in the leather lining.

Even if you shoot at it with a pistol, you still need to shoot several rounds to pierce armor with 35 defense points. It had excellent defensive power.

Do I really want to wear this? Yaeger was still troubled. She already had the ability to cut physical damage in half. So she didn’t need a large amount of defense points for a while, but the armor skirt’s special effect was very attractive which made it difficult for her to make up her mind.

This special effect would increase damage by + 15%. Although it was only one effect, the additional 15% damage would be terrifying if paired up with Yaeger’s amazing attack speed.

“Damn, I’ll sacrifice my dignity once for the special effect!”

Looking at Yaeger’s gallant face, Rakshasa felt puzzled. Wasn’t it just changing a skirt? Why did she look like she was going to the guillotine to be executed?

It was impossible for a girl like her to understand the subtle mood of a guy wearing a skirt.

As the saying goes, there was only zero time and the infinite times for wearing the girl’s dress

If she wore it even once, then there’s no turning back for her.

Although Yaeger was using a female avatar, she still had the mindset of a guy.

She had always worn trousers as a man, and unlike a skirt, they couldn’t even be mistaken as women’s clothing even by mistake.

In fact, boys do wear skirt-like apparel in ancient times and some modern societies.1

However, it was one thing to know about such things and another thing to adopt the mindset.

Yaeger obviously found it difficult to accept. However, under the great temptation and the fact that her avatar’s gender couldn’t be changed, she couldn’t avoid wearing a skirt forever.

One should know that most of the women’s equipment was skirt-based. If she didn’t wear them, she would be marginally weaker than other players all her life.

This was even more unacceptable for Yaeger. If she couldn’t reach the peak after her rebirth, then what’s the point then!? What a waste!

So, it wasn’t unreasonable for her to wear a skirt, totally!

Clicking on the [Baham Skirt], Yaeger’s lower body flashed with white light and her sackcloth pants instantly changed into a shiny armor skirt.

“Chilly…” Yaeger felt empty underneath as if she wasn’t wearing anything at all. It gave her no sense of security!

She felt as if her private parts would be exposed if a gust of wind blew.

This feeling made Yaeger very uncomfortable.

Rakshasa: It looks so good on you, Princess. This skirt was tailor-made for you, it’s a perfect fit.

Her eyes sparkled as they swept over Yaeger’s beautiful legs. She couldn’t help envying them. These legs were really perfect to the extreme. They were neither too curvy nor too skinny.

Although Rakshasa was not a leg fetishist, the thought of fondling with Yaeger’s legs rose in the bottom of her heart.2

Yaeger didn’t notice Rakshasa’s strange gaze and took two steps forward which made her uncomfortable feeling more intense.

“Will my panties be exposed if I walk like this?” She turned around and dejectedly looked at Rakshasa.

The latter showed a meaningful smile and did not speak.


Rakshasa: Princess, do you want to show it?

“As if!” Yaeger rewarded her with a head chop.

Rakshasa looked at her aggrievedly: Why knock on my head?

“That’s how I show my love,” Yaeger said with a deadpan face.

Rakshasa: ……

“Ah, I am not used to wearing this. It’s really uncomfortable!” As she said this, Yaeger turned her body around and felt as light as a feather.

The armor skirt danced with the wind. She was like a dancing spirit, exuding alluring charm.

Rakshasa looked at her in a trance.


Chapter 30 – Only Children Make Choices

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: Unknown characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: Unknown words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Back at the newbie village-Broken Leaf City, Yaeger didn’t go to the Adventurer Guild to hand in the quest but went to the City Guard Office instead.

“I want to donate.”

Hearing Yaeger’s words, the silver-haired woman who was sorting and arranging documents swiftly raised her head. Her eyes shone with stars as she said excitedly cried out:

“Beautiful adventurer, can you say it again? I think my ears are playing tricks on me!”

“I wish to donate,” Yaeger repeated.

Rakshasa looked perplexed but she didn’t get involved.

“Thank God!” The silver-haired woman held her hands, looked up to the sky, and then looked at Yaeger. “Beautiful adventurer, what would you like to donate?”

Yaeger fully understood the silver-haired woman’s reaction to the request. It’s because the City Guard had a shortage of supplies. Due to the recent attacks on surrounding towns from the increase of monster activity. The intense fights with the monsters depleted the City Guard’s stockpile of supplies.

“5000 Wind Wolf Hides and 5000 Wind Wolf Fangs,” Yaeger said indifferently.

If they were sold at the Adventure Guild, they would be sold for an exorbitant sum of 500 gold coins.

In her past life, the Wind Wolf Fangs and Wind Wolf Hides were regarded as trash by players who were too lazy to pick them up.

However, after a long research by no-lifers who grinded daily found out that the military was very interested in these materials. So when they donated a large number of fangs and skins to the military, they gained a huge amount of Reputation Points.

And these Reputation Points could be exchanged for a relatively rare equipment in the Newbie Village.

“Praise the Goddess!” The silver-haired woman couldn’t help to exclaim, “We just happened to be lacking these materials to create new equipment! Thank you so much for your generosity, beautiful adventurer!”

Yaeger didn’t small talk and directly transferred the collected materials to the silver-haired woman.

“Ding! You have gained 5000 Reputation Points with the City Guards and your relationship has changed from Stranger to Respected.”

“Beautiful adventurer, from now on you are a friend of our City Guard!”

The silver-haired woman smiled kindly.

Rakshasa suddenly realized that these trash materials had a different purpose than what she initially thought.

“Cheers to our friendship, my friend!” As she said, the silver-haired woman opened an interface that displayed various items that could be exchanged with Reputation Points. “These things are the treasures collected by the City Guards and are not open to the public. However, since you are our friend, we will make a special case for you and let you redeem them.”

Yaeger casually glanced at these items and her eyes soon fell on a leg equipment.

[Baham Skirt]

This was a Blue Equipment. It has well-rounded stats and is not class restricted.

It could only be redeemed with the City Guard’s Reputation Points. Moreover, it was very expensive, requiring 1,500 Reputation Points to redeem.

There was a limit to the number of each special equipment in the Newbie Village. Each item could only be redeemed for three times. Once these three [Baham Skirt] were redeemed, they would not be generated again.

That was to say, if Yaeger redeemed all three of these Armor Skirts, then this item would disappear from the NPC’s exchange list forever.

Looking at a wide range of equipment, Rakshasa couldn’t help sighing: There are so many good items but what should I pick?

“Only children make choices to choose from. We naturally want to have all of them.” Yaeger shook her fingers and then looked at the silver-haired woman. “I want to donate these things.”

With that, a large amount of recovery potions were taken out and placed on the desk in front of them.

“Praise the Goddess!” The silver-haired woman yelled with brilliant sparkling eyes when she saw the recovery potions. What they needed most was recovery items, right now.

She didn’t hesitate to take all the potions and showed Yaefer an extremely friendly smile.

“Ding! You have gained 5,000 Reputation Points with the City Guard.”

Rakshasa’s face was filled with surprise. The potions she drank like the water just now could actually be converted to so many Reputation Points!

“I want all of these things!” Yaeger exchanged all the Reputation Points for a lot of equipment including three armor skirts.

The silver-haired woman’s item shop was now out of stock. Most of these items would never appear anywhere in the world again.

There was no doubt that Yaeger leaving nothing for other players was similar to swarming locusts that had ravaged through a country’s land, not leaving even a blade of grass in their wake.

“Here you go.” As for other equipment, Yaeger didn’t pay much attention to them. Her only purpose here was the Baham Skirt.

Rakshasa received the armor skirt and equipped it without any further thought. With a flash of light, her original sackcloth pants instantly turned into a shiny armor skirt that exposed her thicc white thighs.

Yaegar’s eyes lit up in bliss as if she had taken a bite of an ice-cream.

However, she instantly got embarrassed: This skirt is so short! It’s not just your common sort of short skirts. The panties will be revealed if I move a little bit!

Who would wear such a skirt!
I wouldn’t, I will never wear it!

But looking at the attributes again, Yaeger gulped in hesitation.

It didn’t seem to be that big of a deal to wear it…


Chapter 29 – In fact, it is very strong. It’s just that…

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1627 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1039 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“And…. we’re done!”

One and a half hours later, the Wind Wolves in this area were wiped out completely. Yaeger withdrew her bow and showed a satisfied smile.

Hearing those words, Rakshasa’s knees gave in and she collapsed onto the grass. Her expression was like someone who had been released after being imprisoned for over ten years.

After an hour and a half of hard work, they eliminated a total of 3,000 Wind Wolves. Which netted them a ton of experience, consumables, gold coins and equipment.

They were undoubtedly much more efficient after using the accumulated EXP to level their AoE skills: [Total Annihilation] and [Multi Shot] up to level 10. The hunt turned into an effortless task.

In addition, these two lucksacks looted enough recovery potions to last for at least 10 days, so there was no need to rest in between fights.

On the other hand, their spirits were way more exhausted than their bodies.

Rakshasa almost passed out, as she felt as if she had pulled an all-nighter for three days straight and then had to attend military training early morning the next day.

Now that she was freed from that hell, she felt like she had been rejuvenated.

No wonder they said re-education through labor can change a person. However, I will not be deceived!

Rakshasa raised her head and stared at Yaeger resentfully.

“I’m doing it for your sake.” Yaeger simply recited her a famous phrase.

Rakshasa: Only ghosts would believe you, you meanie!

She didn’t know that she was actually being made a slave and forced to do hard labor.

“Well, let’s return to town and have a rest.” Yager bent down and stroked her head. The latter immediately narrowed her eyes and showed a look of enjoyment.

Are you a cat?
Ah, it’s so easy to coax her. Yaeger couldn’t help laughing.

Rakshasa: Princess, can I solo a Mutated Wind Wolf?

On the way back, Rakshasa suddenly asked. After seeing Yaeger’s elegant and unrestrained fighting style, she felt excited the whole time. She wanted to find a Mutated Wind Wolf to try herself.

“Not yet.”
Rakshasa: Why?

“Can you drop that bad habit of addressing me with that strange title first?” Yaeger frowned slightly as she didn’t feel too good being called “Princess”.

Rakshasa: I will try my best. Can you tell me the reason?

“If you are not skilled enough and geared up enough, you will absolutely be crushed by a Mutated Wind Wolf.” Yaeger said with no trace of politeness.

This was the harsh truth.

Although Rakshasa had the Eternal Race Bloodline and was the one chosen by heaven, she still had a less than 20% chance at soloing a Mutated Wind Wolf right now.

Why Yaeger could wipe out the Mutated Wind Wolf in one minute was because she knew the Mutated Wind Wolf’s attack patterns. She knew what it was going to do in advance, so she could counterattack or launch pre-emptive attacks at any time.

The other reason was that her skills and the special effects of Toxic Gloves were very effective against the Mutated Wind Wolf. Nearly half of the 15,000 points of HP was depleted by Poison Damage. One could imagine how unjustly the Mutated Wind Wolf died.

Of course, if Yaeger didn’t have an extremely abnormal Attack Speed, there was no way to accomplish such a feat.

To be honest, the Mutated Wind Wolf was very strong. Its HP was abnormally high and its defense was also impressive. In addition, it was extremely fast and packed quite a punch. It also had three special skills: [Thorns], [Wind Magic Amplification] and [Self-Destruct].

Among the three special skills, [Thorns] was the most devastating: 5% chance to reflect 30% of the Physical and Magic Damage inflicted and increased by 10% for every minute of combat. When the trigger rate reached 100%, the Critical Chance increased by 50% and Critical Damage increased by 25%.

During the fight, [Thorns] didn’t activate at all, so she was able to kill it without sustaining any damage.

Other ordinary players didn’t have the luck stats like Yaeger. With a 5% chance to trigger, they would trigger it once every 10 to 20 attacks on average.

And this special skill would become more and more dangerous as the fight dragged out. If Yaeger didn’t kill it within a minute, she was afraid that she would be the one injured instead.

She wouldn’t be able to show off anymore if that happened.

Although she almost blew it up in the end, it still felt bloody good to show off.

As the proverb said: it feels good to show off, but you can keep feeling good if you can keep up the act.

What’s the difference between a reincarnator and a salted fish, if they didn’t show off?

The Mutated Wind Wolf’s second skill [Wind Magic Amplification]: Increases wind magic damage by 25% and gains a 35% chance for a 15 second bleed status effect.1

The biggest challenge for any Level 10 players with low wind resistance was getting one-hit KO’d by a single Wind Blast.

Regarding the last [Self-Destruct] skill, no one would survive unless you had high defense like Yaeger.

In some other games, the Mutated Wind Wolf could be a minor boss with hell level difficulty.2

Rakshasa: Then when can I challenge it?

“When you upgrade all the basic skills to level 5 and equip yourself with Blue Equipment, then you can challenge it.”

This was the minimum condition for soloing a Mutated Wind Wolf, but in Yaeger’s opinion, as long as the basic skills of Rakshasa were all upgraded to level 5, it should be enough with just two pieces of Blue Equipment.

Yaeger didn’t want to let Rakshasa challenge the Mutated Wind Wolf so early. First, she was afraid that she would lose confidence if she lost. Second, if the Mutated Wind Wolf was defeated by her by chance, the little girl might become overconfident. This was what she didn’t want to see.

After getting along during this period of time, Yaeger had the idea to train her personally.

This was the future goddess of war. Naturally, such a wonderful seedling must be tied up and educated properly!3


Chapter 28 – No, you don’t want to do that

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1475 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 984 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Facing this kind of development that is similar in soap opera episodes, Rakshasa’s mind suddenly went blank and she felt restless. Her face flushed red and white smoke threatens to come out of her head.

What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?
What should I do now!?1

All of a sudden, she remembered that when the female characters in the soap operas that she had watched always had their chin lifted up, they would immediately close their eyes and wait for the other party to kiss them.


Rakshasa looked at the Yaeger’s cherry lips shone with a faint luster. She suddenly felt her mouth and tongue dry, and a look of anticipation flashed in her eyes.

Then, she hurriedly closed her eyes and repeatedly said in her heart: It’s just a game. It’s just a game so some intimate contact is totally OK!

Yaeger was puzzled. Why did Rakshasa blush and suddenly closed her eyes? Could it be that… she was feeling uncomfortable?2

Wait… this scene seemed somewhat familiar! A thought flashed in her mind and she thought of similar-looking scenes in soap operas.

Is it possible that Rakshasa thought I would kiss her!?
How is that possible? We have only known each other for just a short few hours!
Besides, I am now inside a girl’s avatar!

Rakshasa still didn’t open her eyes. Her eyelashes quivered slightly, displaying her uneasiness.

Yaeger looked at Rakshasa and quickly concluded that her guess was correct. The other party really thought that she would kiss her!

This was such a big misunderstanding!

Yaeger just wanted to try acting like a domineering CEO for once, but she didn’t expect that she would actually capture Rakshasa’s heart.3

2500 points of Charm is terrifying!
What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?
Should I kiss her forehead, or kiss her lips?4

Nonsense, how can such a good opportunity be missed!

Yaeger hesitated for about two seconds before she made up her mind to kiss Rakshasa.

The unattainable flower she had seen in her previous life was now within her grasp. She felt excited just by thinking about it.

Yaeger slowly brought her face closer and the two peerless beauties were about to have their faces glued together.

Rakshasa smelled a faint fragrance and her heart began to beat even faster. Although it was in the game, this was still her first kiss.

Soon, she would taste the flavor of being kissed for the first time.

Yaeger’s heartbeat was also very fast. Although she looked like a seasoned veteran, she had never kissed a girl before.

That’s right, this was also Yaeger’s first kiss.5

Just when their lips were about to join together.

“Ding! You killed an elite-level magic beast. You have been awarded a Random Blue Equipment Box.”


“Ah!” They were shocked by the sudden sound ringing in their mind at the same time.

Then their foreheads collided, causing them to almost shed tears in pain.

Big Sis System, are you doing that on purpose!? Yaeger rubbed her forehead and complained.

It wasn’t any sooner or later, the system message popped up exactly when they were about to kiss. Who would believe that it wasn’t done on purpose?!

Rakshasa rubbed her forehead and breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she didn’t kiss me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know how to deal with it!

Just now she was in a confused state. She thought it was just a kiss in the game.

But now that she had calmed down and thought about it, she found that this was not a good situation. They were not that familiar with each other.

Besides, was it really good for girls to be so intimate with each other?

Then again, what was the matter with this palpitating sensation in her heart!

Rakshasa’s heart was in a mess.

“It was just a joke. Don’t mind it.” Yaeger smiled at her, looking indifferent, as if she didn’t care at all.

Only God knew how unfortunate she felt at the missed chance.

Hearing the words, Rakshasa was greatly relieved: So it was just a joke, phew!

However, she didn’t know why she felt a little disappointed hearing those words.

Shaking her head gently, Rakshasa decided not to think about these things and turned to look at the Equipment tab where a new Random Blue Equipment Box was added.

This was the loot drop for eliminating the Mutated Wind Wolf.

Because both Yaeger and Rakshasa were in a party together, even if she didn’t contribute any effort, she could still obtain rewards as long as she stayed nearby.

Rakshasa: Princess, I want to open the box.6

The subtle and ambiguous atmosphere between the two just dissipated and now it had returned to normal.

“No, don’t do that.” Seeing Rakshasa who was about to click on the Random Equipment Box, Yaeger immediately stopped her.

Rakshasa tilted her head slightly: Why? I still lack a lot of equipment.

“It’s wasteful to open the box now.”

Yaeger paused for a moment before she continued, “Due to level restriction in the Newbie Village, the equipment that appears will be hard capped at level 10. The level 10 Blue Equipment was really good in the Newbie Village but it will soon be useless after leaving the Newbie Village. ”

Rakshasa understood the point: Then I’ll save the box for now and open it after leaving the Newbie Village.

“After we clear the Wind Wolves in this area, I will help you get some new equipment.”

Yaeger knew of many ways to obtain the best equipment in the Newbie Village. They would never be short of equipment at all.

Rakshasa nodded her head expectantly and then looked forward. After seeing the countless Wind Wolves respawn on the grassland, her stomach began to twitch.

Sob! I don’t want the equipment anymore! I just want to go home!


Chapter 27 – Coach, I think…

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1615 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1059 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Yaeger’s dazzling skills made Rakshasa’s eyes sparkle with an infatuated look on her face. She almost turned into a little fangirl.

What a splendid battle to watch, she moved as freely as moving clouds and as naturally as flowing water; what a superhuman feat to behold!

Princess is truly the incarnation of a wind spirit!
Beautiful and unrestrained!

The moment when Yaeger killed the Mutated Wind Wolf with her sword skills, Rakshasa couldn’t help but shout in her heart: Coach, I also want to be a Ranger! 1

In less than a minute, Yaeger killed an agility type monster that was 5 levels higher than herself and had both a huge amount of HP and super high defense. What an amazing feat!

What’s more, Princess isn’t injured at all!

Rakshasa had stars in her eyes and as her adoration of Yaeger rose to another level.

She could see that Yaeger wasn’t troubled at all from the start to finish, she had won this battle with her true strength.

Skillful mastery of combat skills, god-like positioning and prediction ability, it gave the impression of a distinct individual style that was uniquely hers.

Although Rakshasa was not as strong yet, her battle instincts and intuition were far beyond the level of ordinary players so she could understand just how good Yaeger’s skills were.

Is there still time to change Jobs now? Rakshasa suddenly thought, but shook her head. She remembered that it was impossible to change Jobs in the Newbie Village.

Dwelling deeper on the matter, she was more suitable to playing as a warrior than as a Ranger.

Forcefully changing Jobs might result in a great reduction in strength.

Rakshasa soon gave up on the idea of Job change and then looked towards Yaeger. Which made her become apprehensive.

She saw that the Mutated Wind Wolf which had already died suddenly opened its eyes. Its entire body was enveloped by a flashing glowing green Mana, as if it would explode at any time!


Rakshasa remembered that Mutated Wind Wolf had such a special ability.

For a moment, her heart felt like it got stuck in her throat. She became frightened and worried for Yaeger.

The self-destruct skill of a level 15 elite monster was not something Princess could possibly resist!

For a second, Rakshasa couldn’t distinguish between reality and game. She even forgot that even if she died, she could be easily revived.

“PRINCESS!” At the thought of the Princess’s death, Rakshasa’s heart seemed to explode. All the emotions in her heart turned into one word and escaped from her mouth.


As if responding to her shout, the Mutated Wind Wolf immediately exploded, the green light shone and a huge blast of power surged out.

The blast spread in all directions.

Rakshasa stood in place with her face pale as a sheet. Looking at the settling dust all over the sky, she felt a pang in her heart. It was very clear that in the face of such an explosion, Princess could not be unharmed!

The wind blew past her, making her blonde hair and robe flutter. They made loud noises in the wind but she seemed to feel nothing but emptiness in her heart.

Everything was obviously fine just a moment ago, what could’ve gone wrong all of a sudden?

“Princess…” Rakshasa’s eyes were moist, she bit her red lips and her clenched fists were slightly trembling.

“Well, well, well, looks like you can speak properly after all?”

Suddenly, a pleasant-sounding voice came from behind her.

Rakshasa turned around quickly in shock. Sure enough, she saw a beautiful girl who was as lovely as a flower and beloved by everyone.

It was Yaeger.

Rakshasa stared blankly at first, before she trotted over and beat Yaeger’s chest repeatedly with her small fists.

She continued to beat Yaeger while sending a message: I was scared to death just now!

“I’m ok, aren’t I? Besides, this is a game. Even if one dies here, they will be revived.” Yaeger patted her head gently.

Rakshasa’s face turned slightly red from embarrassment. Yeah, why didn’t I think of it!

Concern could throw the mind into disorder, like how it just did with Rakshasa.

She withdrew her fists and quickly changed the topic: How did you avoid the explosion just now?

With such a large explosion, Yaeger who was in the center of the explosion shouldn’t have been able to escape.

“Easy, by running away.” Yaeger smiled lightly but was terrified in her heart.

She almost got killed just now!

At first, she wanted to show off in front of Rakshasa to impress her. Initially it went well but it nearly ended tragically with the Mutated Wind Wolf’s sneak attack.

Fortunately, she was saved by her own experience.

As the Mutated Wind Wolf exploded, Yaeger reacted quickly and immediately activated the innate skill “Devourer”.

This skill could absorb twice the amount of her own energy. If Yaeger’s MP was 200, this skill could absorb 400 points of damage. The wind damage caused by the Mutated Wind Wolf’s self-destruct was 1,000. After reducing 400 points, 600 points were left.

Combined with the ability to halve magic damage, Yaeger would only suffer 300 points of damage.

Her HP was 500 so even if she stood in the center of the explosion, she wouldn’t die.

However, it would still be incredibly painful!

Because Yaeger set her Pain Level at 100%!

Yaeger naturally wasn’t foolish enough to stay there and bear the rest of the damage. She decisively fled right before the effect of the [Phantom Step] wore off.

She escaped from the explosion without any regard for her image.

Nevertheless, she suffered 100 points of damage which almost made her burst into tears.

Showing off would come back and bite you in some ways. Her senior’s words were true all along.

However, when she heard Rakshasa calling her name, Yaeger thought it was worth it.

This kind of feels like hearing a toddler who only learned how to speak calling you “papa” for the first time.

Ah! My heart feels like it is melting.

“See? You can talk when you try.”2

With that, Yaeger with a charming smile, extended her hand and gently caressed Rakshasa’s smooth chin.

Nothing would seem out of sorts even if this moment was accompanied by a sentence: Woman, submit to me.


Chapter 26 – [Self Destruct] Skill

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1062 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 767words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Don’t push a wolf too far!

Whatever little sense left in the Mutated Wind Wolf snapped. It suddenly released its Mana and let the wind run wild. It kept spreading outward and even lifted a layer of mud into the air.

Then, the Mutated Wind Wolf opened its mouth and compressed a small bright green ball in its mouth. This was its trump card with unparalleled attack power. However every use would cause irreparable damage to the body. Normally it would not be used unless it was a dire situation.

The Mutated Wind Wolf firmly believed in this attack. Even if Yaeger would be seriously injured if not killed!

However, just before it launched its attack, Yaeger vanished without a trace!

Where on earth was she!?

The Mutated Wind Wolf suddenly felt its blood run cold and suddenly a very ominous premonition rose at the bottom of its heart.

Just as it was trying to figure out the ominous premonition in its heart, when it suddenly felt a sharp pain in its flank.

The Mutated Wind Wolf spun around and saw Yaeger’s sword stabbing into its flank.

Its HP was rapidly draining and was about to run out!

This attack was more powerful than all her previous attacks!

“Arrff…” The Mutated Wind Wolf screamed in despair and its huge body collapsed.

Yaeger smiled lightly, very satisfied with the attack just now.

That was not a basic attack, but the skill [Shadow Strike].

[Shadow Strike] increases Critical Damage by 150%, and attacks ignore defense for one second with a 12 hours Cooldown Time.

With [Precision Strike], the damage was over tripled and shaved off the Mutated Wind Wolf remaining HP!

This combo attack was the most powerful killing move of Rangers. It was not an exaggeration to say that it was a Sure-Kill combo.

Of course, this Sure-Kill skill was powerful but the conditions of use were quite harsh. The prerequisite was to appear in the opponent’s blind spot and then launch an attack with lightning speed.1

This was similar to the Backstab skill. Once it was blocked, it was difficult to use.

Just now, the Mutated Wind Wolf put its heart and soul into executing its most powerful attack. Allowing it to be caught off guard by Yaeger and killed in a single strike.2

“Two more seconds.” Looking at the remaining time displayed on the Window, Yaeger nodded in satisfaction. Her skills didn’t become rusty at all.

In the previous life, although Yaeger entered the game relatively late, her personal skills were still very good. Her winning rate against opponents of the same level and the same equipment reached 95%, which was a high-level standard.3

However, her luck was too bad and she missed out on too many opportunities. The equipment she had back then couldn’t keep up so the effective strength could only be said to be on the lower-middle level.4

What made matters worse back then, in [Night Descend], Yaeger was targeted by a Demon General as soon as she arrived at the front line and was torn into two pieces…5

That’s right, Yaeger was a particularly unlucky player in her past incarnation…

Huh? Suddenly, Yaeger felt something was wrong. She had already killed the Mutated Wind Wolf. How could there be no loot drop?

This was an elite monster.

At this time, the dead Mutated Wind Wolf strangely opened its eyes and its blood-red eyes gleamed!

At the next moment, the Mana in the Mutated Wind Wolf’s body skyrocketed wildly and its whole body emitted pale green light.

Yaeger’s eyes widened suddenly. She had seen this scene many times.

This was the special ability of the Mutated Wind Wolf, [Self-Destruct]!

It was commonly known as Exploding Corpse. It was the innate abilities of some elite monsters.

Mutated Wind Wolf’s [Self-Destruct] deals 1,000 wind damage. Moreover, it ignored defense!

Yaeger’s total HP was only 500. She would still die even if the damage was halved by Magic Resistance.


The pale green light burst and turned into a violent explosion that swallowed Yaeger!


Chapter 25 – Even Buddha Gets Angryssss

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1120 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 726 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Rakshasa was concentrating on what was happening in front of her, not wanting to miss any wonderful moment.

Her mind was now in a worked-up state, blood was boiling and was itching to join the fierce battle and release her pent up fighting desire that was consuming her body. 1

Meanwhile, Yaeger took a step forward with her left foot and shot out like a bullet. The gentle wind around her body sharpened, like a blade, cutting all the grass in her path and blew it away.

When the Mutated Wind Wolf saw Yaeger attacking, it endured the sharp pain and reacted with a defensive tornado. Followed by compressing a watermelon-sized Wind Bullet in its mouth.

Just before it was about to attack, Yaeger disappeared like a ghost.

Rakshasa blinked her eyes, not able to believe what she was seeing. Yaeger, who had just rushed forward unexpectedly, appeared above the Mutated Wind Wolf. Her body turned sharply and a sword slashed at the opponent’s neck!

If she had not seen her footprints on the ground, Rakshasa would have thought that Yaeger had teleported into the air.

Naturally Yaeger couldn’t teleport. She was just too fast!

The Mutated Wind Wolf had a keen intuition and immediately noticed that there was something above it. When it looked up, it was almost scared out of its wits.

Just as it was about to respond, Yaeger activated her skills first.

[Rapid Attack] [Precision Strike] [Multi Slash]

As soon as [Precision Strike] activated, Yaeger’s body glowed red and buffed Critical Chance by 50%!

[Precision Strike] Critical Hit Chance increased by 50%, lasts for 30 seconds and has a Cooldown of 15 minutes.

50% Critical Chance might as well be 100% for Yaeger with 666 Luck Points.2

Multitudes of sword light rained down on the Mutated Wind Wolf. Without any means to evade, it could only defend with all its strength!

However, this attack was different from the previous one and its power had doubled and it simply couldn’t be resisted!

The sword light smashed through the wind barrier and landed a direct hit on the Mutated Wind Wolf, spurting blood everywhere.

It was not over yet. Yaeger turned around in midair, switched her weapons, and rained down a barrage of flaming arrows!

A string of damage figures popped up, chucking the HP of the Mutated Wind Wolf.

At the same time, Poison Damage continued to stack higher, draining its hp.

If the Mutated Wind Wolf didn’t have 900 Defense points and strong Fire Resistance, this round of attacks would have been enough to kill it.

The calculation of the damage was quite complicated in “Saint Demon World”. Having an attacking power of 500 didn’t mean that it could cause pure damage of 500 points. 3

It also depended on the opponent’s armor, defense, and various resistances. The real damage value could be computed only after deducting these factors in the damage calculation equation.4

Of course, the calculation of attack power was not simple as it also needed to factor in various attributes. Stats such as Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Damage Range, and so on were added in order to calculate the real attack damage. 5

The Mutated Wind Wolf felt that it had less than 1/3 HP left. It instantly became scared and thought of ​​fleeing.

This human was too terrifying!

It would die if it stayed here!

The Mutated Wind Wolf forced itself to turn around and flee. An elite monster like it were not stupid. It knew that it was no match for that Yaeger, therefore, continuing to fight was not an act of bravery but an act of sheer stupidity!

However, how could Yaeger let it run away?

Unleashing [Phantom Step], Yaeger appeared in front of the Mutated Wind Wolf in the blink of an eye and slashed her sword down at it.

The Mutated Wind Wolf was prepared to retreat after evading the sword’s sharp edge, it jumped, dodging Yaeger’s attack, and immediately ran away when it landed.

Yaeger attacked again, with countless sword lights.6

The Mutated Wind Wolf endured the sharp pain and rushed out of the sword light attacks.

Even so, Yaeger once again appeared in front of it like a ghost.

This time, enraging the Mutated Wind Wolf.

I don’t want to fight you anymore, but you are still harassing me, don’t take things too far!