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Reborn as a Transcendent Chapter 14

On another news, we have a new editor for Reborn as a Transcendent. Say hi to NeedHydra, the newest addition to our team. He also runs a scanlation group like Dex. Perhaps some of you might know him as MemeHydra or some other Hydra, he’s the guy who does Lazy Dungeon Master manga scanlation among other things.

He will be your new editor for this series for now and eventually be promoted to a Publisher. Please give him your warmest regard.

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Reborn as a Transcendent Chapter 13

Today is Saturday, and that means a new chapter of the Transcendent! Oh right, I forgot to mention last week, but from now on, Transcendent will be officially picked up by Re:Library and we’ll be getting 2 weekly chapters from now on. Hopefully? Maybe? If my schedule allows? Somehow, I feel that I’ve become a lot busier now that the whole country has entered lockdown. Contrary to that, however, the ad revenues are dropping like crazy. I’ve previously mentioned how the economy is affecting the ad rates in the previous post. Our ad rates go all the way from $0.60 per 1000 views to $0.27 per 1000 views. That’s more than 50% drop in ad revenues, and it really hurts.

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Reborn as a Transcendent Chapter 12

I know the current coronavirus pandemic may be daunting, but Re:Library is here to make it better and provide you with a daily dose of Gender Bender goodness! Make sure to stay at home and stay healthy!

On another news, let me talk about how the current pandemic is affecting all the publishers as a whole.

Typically, we’d see a bit of up and down at the start of the new year, with February-March seeing it rise once more, especially as marketing departments in companies need to finish out their Q1 budget. But we aren’t seeing that happen this year.

Digital ad budgets are the fastest and easiest to pull when the market drops and revenue forecasts for public companies (the ones that advertise the most) change; digital ad campaigns rarely involve any sort of contract, and it’s pretty simple to cut a campaign or add one back in quickly.

Businesses who advertise, particularly public companies, want to keep their company in or near the black as much as possible, especially as they have to report their earnings at the end of Q1 (March 31st). If they can easily cut an expenditure, they will.

What this all means is that, since everyone is staying at home, no one is buying anything, so there is no point to advertise anything. Which in turn also drag the ad rates down to the bottom low. If it’s not too much to ask, we’d appreciate it if you can browse Re:Library with your Adblocker turned off. We also have mouths to feed, and a site to upkeep, any form of support is much appreciated. Thankies.

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Reborn as a Transcendent Chapter 11

Here is the glorious Chapter 11 of the Transcendent! Translated by yours truly, the one and only Silva~!!! I’ve changed a few terms from this chapter onward, more specifically, Immortal to Celestial, Mission to Quest, and I’m contemplating whether I should also change “Occupation” to “Job” since that is more commonly used in a game setting.

Also, please remember that we also have a beautiful Schedule page on Re:Library that people don’t seem to realize existing. There is even a beautiful time converter embedded on the page for all your convenience, so please do use it and stop asking me for the release date, etc.

Each time a person asked, I will delay EVERYTHING on Re:Library for one day and I’ll even name the person who asked so he can become the center of everyone’s hatred. I’m looking at you Gil, one more time and you’re toasted *death stare*

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[Votes] Transcendent or Saintess

To ensure that the vote is carried out fair and square, please give both novels a try first and see which one you like more. This voting session will have a huge impact on these two series moving forward. The one who comes out on top will receive the favor of the translator and receive a steady update, while the loser will probably be dropped or receives a slow update depending on the translator’s circumstances.

Will it be Reborn as a Transcendent or How can the Saintess be a Boy!?, cast your vote below!

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