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New Comment Sticker

We have just commissioned a new sticker from Xeph’s Artwork at the price of $35. Before we continue, let’s have a look at the sticker first:


What do you think? It turns out pretty nicely yes? I’m thinking of spending $35 dollars to commission one sticker from Xeph each month, if you have a request for the type of sticker you want us to commission, please let us know in the comment below or ping us in Discord. It would be even better if you have a sample pic we can base the sticker off of.

[Event] Discord Giveaway

Hey guys, we’re holding a giveaway over on our discord channel! I’d love to see you there participating for this wonderful chance to win any one of our three prizes. First place will receive a Lily keychain based off of our lovely Lily in Demon Sword Maiden, second place will be a Nanako Keychain from the same series, and our third place prize will be Free $50 Patreon Reward for 1 month, which includes view only access to Re:Library’s project folder with all the sponsored novels!

All you need for a chance at winning any one of these every month is to boost our discord server (https://discord.gg/re-library) at least once and send us a picture of it. I’ll also say that those who have already won a keychain before can opt to get a poster of instead of getting a second one. I hope to see all of your participating!

Here are the photo of said keychains and poster:
DSM Keychains
Image 1: Nanako Keychain (Left) and Lily Keychain (Right)

DSM Poster
Image 2: Lily Poster

[News] Comment Emoji & Sticker

We’ve installed the new comment system for a while now and I’m sure everyone is already getting used to it. You can simply leave your name and email to comment as a guest or you could simply Connect with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Disqus, or WordPress to log-in and comment as a member, which comes with extra benefits of being able to edit all your comments at any given time.

I have been intending to purchase the emoji add-on for a while now and today, we’ve finally completed the deal. With this add-on installed and activated, you should now be able to see two new icons available in the comment form as illustrated below:


The yellow smiley face contains all the default emoji sets you can find on all the major platforms, though it seems that there is a slight problem with it that it doesn’t seem to be working on older devices. At least when I tried to view the emoji on my Windows 7, it only show me a blank page.

You can also insert the emoji while typing by using Emoji Shortname as shown below:

And lastly, the green smiley icon contains the custom stickers we’ve uploaded. For now, we only have 5 stickers with the lovely face of our favorite protagonist from Demon Sword Maiden series. We will continue to commission for more custom stickers from our go-to artist and slowly but surely increase the number of stickers for everyone to use. With this, I hope everyone will be able to make use of the emojis and stickers to enliven the chat and interact with each other more openly on the site.


[News] Site Migration Complete

It took us some time to tweak the server, but we’re happy to announce that we’ve finally migrated to the new server. There were many unexpected situations and problems that come with self-hosting but with this move, we hope that the server will continue to run smoothly for years to come. Again, a big thanks to Fana for offering to host our website on her dedicated server for free.

There are still a few errors that we need to fix, but they shouldn’t be causing any major issues in the short terms. For now, we will continue to monitor the performance and try to fix the errors. Let’s see how it fares over the next few weeks. This server is way more powerful than our previous host, but that doesn’t mean the site will now load with blazing speed. There are still many other factors we need to take into consideration if we want a blazing fast site aside from a powerful host. What it means is that we can now run more modules at once without overloading the server.

We might look into hiring someone to optimize the site for speed but that’s not set for the immediate future as I’m sure it’ll cost quite a bit of money.

[Demon Sword Maiden] Giveaway Winners

The giveaway event is now officially over and we have already reached out to the winners to collect their shipping information. Please make sure to check your message on Facebook and Twitter respectively. Also, for those using Facebook, make sure to check your spam (or Message Request) in case you missed the message.

Please provide us with your shipping information before 15th September, if we don’t receive any feedback by then, we’ll revoke the prize and select the next batch of winners.

If your name or ID is listed below, please make sure to check your message requests or direct message.

Facebook Winners:
Vũ Minh Đăng – Lily Keychain
Brai – Lily Keychain
Anthony Jean Baptiste – Lily Keychain
Val – Nanako Keychain
Nathan Desreveaux – Nanako Keychain

Twitter Winners:
@Sabruness00 – Lily Keychain
@karanjit_ashish – Lily Keychain
@MisakeTsuchimi – Lily Keychain
@kuri_something – Lily Keychain
@TsukasaLikes – Lily Keychain
@Maonline10 – Lily Keychain
@kikotei59 – Lily Keychain
@LordGil9 – Nanako Keychain
@Alyssa_oder_so – Nanako Keychain
@ImYourGabs – Nanako Keychain

[News] Server Migration

Now, I’m sure many of you have experienced some minor server hiccups over the past week, 500 error, 404 error, Bad Requests, and the most common one being that the chapter content doesn’t load and you are only shown the heading. Most of these can be resolved by refreshing the webpage, clearing your cache and cookies, or wait for several hours before trying again.

So the main question is, why is that happening? To put it in simple words: our server has reached the maximum PHP memory limit.

Whether that is due to some runaway queries or due to the influx of visitors, we’re still unsure, but it is clear to us that our server is starting to hit its limit and is in need of an upgrade. I was actually thinking of moving to the free hosting solution offered to us by Ezoic, but then a friend offered to host Re:Library for us in a dedicated server she owned.

Yes, you didn’t hear that wrong, a dedicated server, for free. Please give your greatest appreciation to Fana who magnanimously sponsored a dedicated server for hosting Re:Library.

With that said, we’re currently in the middle of setting up the server, when everything looks good, we will start the migrating process. We’re expecting that there will not be any downtime but in case the unexpected happens, there might be a minor downtime. Oh and some comments might be lost during the migration.

[Original] Loli Demon King and Futanari in a Game World

Here’s the next batch of original novels I got permission to host, I’ve got two!

Disclaimer beforehand, these novels contain adult content, so if you’re underage or not particularly interested in these types of novel, then it’s probably better to avoid these and maybe wait for the next original novel I get~

With that said, the two novels are “Living as I Please, As a Loli Demon King” and “I Became a Futanari in a Game World“. Written by Waxford, these two are quite popular on Scribble Hub and Loli Demon King specifically, it is currently sitting at #3 of the Gender Bender tag. Needless to say, these two are highly rated gender bender novels on Scribble Hub~

All rights of the novels belongs to Waxford as usual.

  • Living as I Please, As a Loli Demon King
  • Guy transported to another world, gets killed, gets a loli body that’s a demon king. Self-explanatory really~ This novel is I would say, a hit or miss novel. There’s action and a revenge plot. The adult chapters are also pretty intense. Give it a read and see if you like it~

Click the Link to Start Reading:
» Table of Content «

  • I Became a Futanari in a Game World
  • Wins lottery, gets VR headset, and gets reincarnated in the game world as his female avatar. Though, the female avatar has something… *peculiar*. Anyways, this is a lighter read than the novel above and more to Slice of Life. Still the same well written adult chapters. Though, there’s a couple of chapters that have a certain premise that not all would like. Again, give it a read and see if it’s your cup of tea.

Click the Link to Start Reading:
» Table of Content «

If you have the chance, be sure to support Waxford by going on to any chapter of the novels on Scribble Hub and donating to his PayPal! Donations are always welcome to support a fellow author.

That’s all from me for this original novels update~

[Original] The Vampire’s Templar

Here’s some exciting news for you guys! If you frequently visit Scribble Hub, you might have come across “The Vampire’s Templar”. If not, written by TypeAxiom, this original novel features a former holy knight genderbent into a female vampire. Sounds familiar… Well whatever~ Here is a couple of things the novel has from the author himself:

A smug and cute vampire bullying another cute vampire
A cute vampire growing up
Sweet, sweet yuri
More sweet yuri because it’s a harem
Actual plot

Main point is, I managed to receive permission from the author himself to host his novel on our site!

A fan of genderbender and/or yuri? Then give this novel a read. I’m sure you won’t regret it if you like fluff. Not only that, judging by its Scribble Hub page, this novel will also become the most updated novel on our site with 12 chapters per week!

TL;DR: More original novels, more genderbender/yuri. This will not be the end anytime soon, I plan to bring in more authors and original novels to our site~

Well, what are you waiting for~?

Click the Link to Start Reading:
» Table of Content «

[New Member] CatatoPatch joins Re:Library

Say hello to the newest member of Re:Library, CatatoPatch. If anyone of you still remember him, he was the translator who’s famous for translating The Devil’s Evolution Catalog. Through some weird twists of fate and a little bit of convincing, CatatoPatch has decided to join Re:Library and continue translating The Devil’s Evolution Catalog for a period of time! A new chapter is already available on Re:Library, so go give it a read!

Old fans should be rejoicing for the continuation of this series right now. And for the new readers, this series is borderline Gender Bender but not really Gender Bender since the protagonist is actually genderless (but he looks feminine otherwise and is mostly treated as a female by others). Think Tensei Shitara Slime, their human form looks feminine but they’re actually genderless, so it’s not Gender Bender.

Other than that, Catato will also be bringing us the Song of Adolescence, which will probably be his main project on this site. It is a wuxia story with never before seen grand adventures that will knock you off your feet. Well yea okay, I admit I’m not a big fan of wuxia novel and I’ve never actually read this novel yet. I’m just finding whatever flowery words I can to impress and lure in new readers, but hey, Catato said it’s a good read so you should definitely give it a try.

[Breaking News] Succubus’ Life Continuation

Breaking news! In today’s news, what I will have to break it to you first is that Life with a Tail‘s translation will be coming to an end soon. We will catch up to the last chapter available on the raw site by 19th of July. This means there will be no more new chapters for Life with a Tail until new update comes from the author’s side.

With that said, the translator will now be freed from the shackles known as Life with a Tail and be able to truly focus on Succubus’ Life in Another World. This chapter is just an official announcement, the weekly update will only start by the 25th of July.

P.S. This chapter is still unedited and we’re currently going back to the previous chapters to build up the terms sheet as well as editing them in the progress. We’ve reworked up to Chapter 37 and noticed a few mistakes along the way. To note a few important changes as of now, we have noticed that the twelve Sage of Aureitas are based on the twelve astrological sign, so the Lion Sage and Sage of Twin Fishes has been updated to Sage of Leo and Sage of Pisces accordingly.

Click the Link to Start Reading:
» Chapter 58 «