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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 605

Alright I have been staring at this screen for like over an hour now.
I kept getting distracted by streams and discords.
I also took a brief tirade into the Stellaris reddit to see if anyone else is having a bug I am.

And then I went browsing twitter in an art hunt mood.
I think I found the artists I want to use for next months commissions in advance.
I don’t have a problem okay.

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» Vol. 5: Chapter 114 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 604

I have spent the past three hours watching a vtuber play Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel instead of editing.
Anyway, as expected that book set to deliver today didn’t come.
You may be wondering why it was expected. Well the reason being is it was an Arpeggio volume.
My Arpeggio volumes are always at least a month late.

I usually forget they are even planning to ship them.
I had one that was so many months late it became a joke.
Anyway, back to editing. While trying to ignore this random hiccups.

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» Vol. 5: Chapter 113 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 602

Alright today I must be speed because I lost track of time and I am running late and I have work tomorrow.
Please wish me luck fellow humans.

Since I am in a rush let’s use this pre-chapter ramble to discuss Mobuseka.
Trapped in a Dating Sim.

I originally thought they’d adapt the first three novels for the anime but it looks like they’re aiming to do just two, interesting choice.
I do wonder how it will play out in the end.

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» Vol. 5: Chapter 111 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 600

It feels like it’s been eons since I started work on this novel.
In fact it’s been almost three years, seriously that’s a scary number to think about isn’t it?
We’ve gone through a lot together, you readers and I.

Mostly a myriad of translators.
You should all be thankful for my consistency.
And if you think about I’ve only missed like… four uploads in that time?
Okay well, a few more than that were late.
I think that’s a win though.

Anyway, let’s look forward to like… at least a thousand more chapters together.
Chinese web authors are different breed of writer I swear.

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» Vol. 5: Chapter 109 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 599

The hardest part of managing commissions is when the batch is nearing completion and you need to start planning the next.
For budget reasons I like planning ahead, but the downside of that is I always miss my chance for spontaneous commission openings.
But if I keep money in reserve for spontaneous commission openings it means betraying the artists I regularly support.

Woe is the life of a commissioner.
Actually I need to contact an artist about some art I want done in the future.
I guess it’ll be easier to ask them about the price now rather than later.

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» Vol. 5: Chapter 108 «