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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 784

The current leading candidate for the name of our Federation Starship in the upcoming tabletop RPG campaign is:
The USS Tenara.

Tenara is the name of a cold and mountainous region of the planet Trill, mentioned in Deep Space 9.
We figured it’s a good name for a Norway Class, you know, a cold, mountainous region of the planet Earth.
Other ships I have created to appear are
USS Chevalier, USS Copley, USS Galena, USS Melincourt and USS Edelweiss.
Those are a patrol ship, ecological research ship, resource survey ship, cargo transport ship and an experimental ship respectively.
I’m also considering the USS Rossum as a computer development ship.

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» Vol. 7: Chapter 47 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 782

Blue Archive are doing their 100 free gacha tickets event currently.
I haven’t got anything good so far, but still have 80 rolls to go.
I got some meta units on the previous gacha fest before this one though so I think it will balance out.

The level process is going slow though.
I kind of miss the early days, where it was easy to get energy to spend on levelling.
But that’s what I get for quitting for a year.

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» Vol. 7: Chapter 45 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 781

Apparently I chose the best time in the world to return to Blue Archive (well aside form never leaving of course) as they’re giving away 100 free gacha pulls after the next update.
Man that’s crazy, can you imagine if FGO or something did that?
I mean FGO’s idea for an anniversary event is to make you pay for a character haha.

What a difference in philosophy.
Though what I find interesting is the new story chapter in the asian server is called Final Chapter, but as far as I know they still have more planned unreleased chapters so it’s not very Final is it?
At first I thought “Isn’t two years a bit fast to finish off a gacha games main story?” but then I remember FGO’s first run was two years too, then they did that year semi-sequel before entering the current arc.

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» Vol. 7: Chapter 44 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 780

It’s getting close to forgetting which translators are good in what fields now.
It’s just slipping from my brain.
I lost my cheat sheet somewhere and it’s annoying.

I used to be able to just write down the strengths and weaknesses of each translator and then go through and quickly check based on that.
But now it’s lost and there’s new translators I have to go through slowly again once more I guess.
I need to quickly rebuild my cheat sheet.

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» Vol. 7: Chapter 43 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 779

I started playing Blue Archive again a few days ago because a couple of my friends are again, and everyone is talking about the new PV.
I remembered why I stopped playing in the first place today.
Progress just feels, really slow.

I know the game is more like a waifu collector shooter with a game system built around it.
But it just feels really slow to make any progress.
You gain player exp at a fixed rate essentially, for spending stamina.
Which means your progress is locked to your stamina regen.
Unless I am missing something, it will take me days to level up, and I need multiple levels to be able to continue the story.
It’s just so slow.

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» Vol. 7: Chapter 42 «