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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 119

I don’t have much to say this time.

Monetary issues have all been solved. I did some emergency proofreading over the weekend and managed to salvage my finances.
I also put in a preorder for a Nemesis figure, since it won the discord vote on which figure I should get next.

Alvis, I’m sorry…you might have to wait yet another year at this rate.

I jumped into reading a few more light novels too. I tried Her Majesty’s Swarm but it really wasn’t my thing, so I jumped to the Great Eighter Tribes. It was okay, but the first volume seem pretty uninspired. There are a few others I plan to try too, so hopefully I’ll find a new series to sink into while I wait for Altina and Arpeggio’s next volumes.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 22 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 118

Monetary issues aside.
I finished reading Genius Prince’s Guide Volume 2 today.

I mentioned before that I bought the first volume, along with Der Werwolf, for the coach trips.
Well my verdicts for the first volumes were pretty simple.

Der Werwolf was all around really solid.
And Genius Prince, while originally more fun, started to fall flat in comedy after the halfway mark.

That said, the second volume really fixed that. Though it uses the same problem, by introducing new characters and providing a proper opponent it went a long way to preventing the original gag getting stale. And using romance as a vehicle really helped it keep ahead of some of the competition.
I’ll have to read Der Werwolf Volume 2 next to see if it can keep its lead!

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 21 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 117

Robinxen’s AWOL Journal – Entry 4 Final:

Hello, I’m writing this the day before I leave.
It’s also the day before the Da Vinci event starts on FGO. Rotten luck right?
Why do I have to be away for the first four days of a major game event? Actually on that front, I’m going to really struggle to fit in time to play all my gacha games aren’t I. Luckily both Honkai and FGO are mobile games.

When this goes live I will actually be back home though, pretty funny to think about right?
I’m writing this before I go but you won’t even read it until I’m back.
As you’re reading this I’m probably frantically trying to farm materials to catch up on those games.

Anyway, if I remember I’ll edit this to have an update on how things went.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 20 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 116

Robinxen’s AWOL Journal – Entry 3:

So this is the third chapter of the week that I’m responsible for. It’s going to be weird having a huge gap until I have to schedule another chapter, I’m not used to doing it this far in advanced.

I should actually be preparing to board the coach home now.
I bought a couple of Light Novels to keep me occupied on the trip there and back.

Those are Der Werwolf and Genius Prince’s Guide.
Both of them are politics driven management stories but with very different setups. Hopefully I enjoy them.
Originally I had planned to read the book A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court, but I actually already finished that. Weird experience.

I’ll let you know what I think of the two light novels, or light novel…depending on how much I read.
Oh right that reminds me, you should all go buy Seriously Seeking Sister. Brilliant, brilliant, light novel.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 19 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 115

Hello readers.
I’ve already notified the people over at Another World’s chapter but I’ll do the same for you guys too.
Don’t tell the readers over there, but I consider you guys my true fans!

I’m going to be away at Miku Expo the coming weekend! Now this doesn’t mean much to you guys, since you’ll still get all your chapters at the usual time with the same editor notes and all that jazz. However, since I will be scheduling the chapters in advance this week it does mean that these little updates will be a few days out of date by the time you read them.

Since I usually schedule them the night before they post it means I can bring you up to date news and the latest of my shenanigans.
Unfortunately that’ll be impossible for the next batch of releases, I know, I’m sad too. I’ll do my best to give you something a little worth reading though!

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 18 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 114

I think my new Honkai addiction might be getting a bit out of control.
I hit Level 50 today, and that means I’ve unlocked almost all the functions apparently.

On the upside though, I actually have almost no interest in the gacha itself anymore. None of the characters really appeal, and I’ve never really been one to fixate on equipment. Well, that’s part of the reason why I struggle so much with many games though.
It’s all well and good having every character but if they’re poorly equipped then they don’t have much use.

Even in the face of that; I prefer to expand my roster. Equipment just doesn’t feel as rewarding.
“Oh yeah my sword glows now. Cool.” Feels lame compared to. “Oh man this new girl has a really cool finisher!”

I’m a bit upset that I missed the gacha for one of the characters I really wanted though.
I didn’t realise she was in the pool otherwise I would have been doing that gacha rather than the starter one.
I didn’t realise until it was too late and only had a couple of days left, even though I threw everything I could at it there just wasn’t enough time.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 17 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 113

Even Honkai has misunderstood me to believe I am a lolicon.
My entire gacha career so far has been lolis!

Luckily I managed to get an older sister samurai from the event shop too. Her gameplay fits my style nicely. AKA spam the attack button.


Also, this short chapter included two entirely original characters, I tried to keep their details minimal so that it won’t really influence the story or anything. But I have a couple of ideas for them in the future.
Specifically the redhead girl, she’s actually a derivative of one of my consistently reused original characters originally created way back for God Eater 2. She has since served as a heroine in the multiverse I use for my RPG’s. In fact, if I was to write a spin off for DSM I’d probably include her, then have the derivative in this case be her daughter. (I set this up in advance by giving her a ponytail instead of a sidetail like my original character. Hahaha. Genius.)

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» New Year Short «

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 4): Chapter 16 «