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Chapter 87 – The Late Night’s Frigid Moon

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2657 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1657 words

It was very late at night.

Lily wore the pink yukata which she had bought from the street store. Of course, there was no special occasion or anything of the sort. She just wanted to wear the pretty new clothes.

The two young slaves followed Lily’s order to wash up before going to her room. However, according to Lily’s plan, they would not be slaves anymore by the time they left this room.

“Master, w- what do you want to see us for… Although it’s the female ninjas’ job to satisfy all of her Master’s demands, I… Shiu doesn’t know anything. Shiu doesn’t have experience! I’m afraid I can’t please you, Master…” Shiu kneeled on the floor, pressing her lips together with a tense face. She blushed as she gazed at the floor with determined yet deadpan eyes. Unconsciously, her small hand gripped the hem of her shirt as she mumbled.

“Shiu, Master will not ask you to fulfill those unspeakable things in your imagination. I asked you to come tonight because I have other important things to tell you. Just pay attention to my words,” Lily slowly explained to Shiu.

Then, she looked at Nanako. It seemed the girl was still angry for an unknown reason. She didn’t say anything. So, Lily continued, “It’s really late now, so I’m going to announce right away.”

Nanako and Shiu looked at Lily with curiosity.

“Master, are you going to announce the start of my training?”1 Shiu said as she turned her head to sideways with a blush. She covered her mouth with a balled fist and occasionally flashed Lily a flirtatious gaze.

Nanako looked at Lily, then at Shiu, before waving her hand helplessly, “Nonono, there’s no value in training someone with body measurements like yours! If Master wants to teach you, she might as well just tie herself up and do some solo play.”

“Eh? R- really… This is really humiliating for a female ninja. How I can be so pathetic that my Master has to tie herself,” Shiu blushed as she felt ashamed of herself.

Lily was speechless. These two girls looked so pure but no one actually knew what they were thinking. Lily really wanted to tie them up and spank them hard!

But now she needed to talk about the important topic. If they kept going this way, perhaps spanking was what the two little girls wanted.

Lily didn’t stop them but purposely kept silent for a while. After they began to get curious about what Lily wanted to tell them again, she opened her mouth. “What I want to announce is that tonight, I have to teach… Ah no, geez, you bamboozled me.”

“Now listen carefully, today, I want to announce that, from now on – You are free!” Lily’s voice was high but thin.

Then, she waited for the two girls to raise their voices in delight.


“Free? What free?” asked Nanako. She was more worried rather than happy.

Shiu became even more flustered, “Master, why did you make such an announcement out of the blue? D- do you hate Shiu now?”

“Eh?” The two girls’ reactions weren’t similar to what Lily had expected.

Thus, Lily had to adjust her tone, explaining carefully and seriously, “Nanako has become a samurai, and Shiu is a High-Tier Genin. If you’re in some other samurai families, you can be their vassals. But big sister is treating you both as slaves, I kind of feel sorry for you.”

“I did what I did before because you girls were disobedient. One of you wanted to fight against your Master, and the other one wanted to assassinate me. That’s why I needed to punish you for a while and teach you a lesson. I don’t actually have the intention to make you my slaves for the long term. So, I decided to give your freedom back to you and make you my vassals. Do you agree with this arrangement?”

“I, I don’t agree!” Shiu’s eyes were watery when she walked forward and grabbed Lily’s skirt. “Shiu doesn’t want to be a vassal. Shiu doesn’t care about freedom. I’m satisfied as long as I can follow and serve you, Master,” said Shiu as she looked at Lily with an agitated face.

“Shiu, you…” Lily didn’t know what to say.

However, Nanako said, “Freedom? It’s easier said than done. We signed a master-slave contract!”

“Yes, of course. Here, take this. It’s up to you whether you want to burn it or destroy it,” Lily didn’t just talk without action. She took out the slavery contract and continued, “It was just a bet. You’re the Young Lady of the Saikanji House. How could you be a slave for the rest of your life for just losing a bet? Nanako, take this. Do you want to become big sister’s vassal?”

Lily had good intentions and with the combo of her tender, mesmerizing voice, she thought that Nanako would be so touched she would agree on the spot.

“I can take this slavery contract back? That means the contract between you and me will end here, really?”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Lily could sense something wrong in Nanako’s words. However, she couldn’t tell what exactly it was.

“Alright, I got it…” After she said that, Nanako stood up, her eyes having a gleam of sadness. Her small fingers gently touched and wrapped around her slavery contract. Then, she immediately said rude words to Lily. “Looks like not only your breasts are big, even your heart is just as big.”

Lily ignored Nanako’s rude words for the time being. Of course, Lily actually preferred girls who were more polite and gentle. However, she wouldn’t mind if the girls just used rude language occasionally.

“So, Nanako…” She smiled and spread her arms towards Nanako. Although this gesture wasn’t suitable between a Master and their vassals, Lily didn’t understand these things.

Nanako’s eyes became gloomy. No one knew what she was thinking in her small head, but her face didn’t look delighted at all.

“About being your vassal, forgive me, but I decline,” said Nanako coldly and heartlessly.

“What?” Lily’s arms were still spread to both sides, her delicate breasts visible through the wide-open collar. She froze in such an embarrassing position.

Nanako put the slavery contract into her chest. She turned around and pulled the sliding door. She saw the cold moon and started to feel a little emotional as her soft body shivered. When she turned her head around, Lily could see the moonlight reflected in her wet eyes.

“The contract between you and me ends here. So, I don’t have any reason to stay with you,” said Nanako sadly.


Nanako walked out of Lily’s room like that, heading toward her own room.

Shiu was still holding onto Lily’s hem, feeling bewildered.

Lily was even more bewildered. She sat for quite a long time before jolting up all of a sudden, rushing out of her room.

Then, she saw Nanako in a yellow hunting dress, ready to leave with her luggage.

“Nanako!” Lily called out, “Where are you going?”

Nanako turned around. Although she had a gleam of sadness on her face, she was pretending to be contented as she forced a smile. “Of course to Suruga Province. Big-breasted woman, why do you think a noble Young Lady of the Saikanji House willing to be the slave of an ordinary woman like you in the first place? It was because I overestimated myself and lost the challenge. Being a samurai, of course, I have to abide by the contract. But since you just canceled the contract, I no longer have any reason to consider you as my Master! Although you’ve treated me… not bad during this time. I… thank you… See you again!”

Nanako turned and walked toward the dark woods outside the courtyard.

This time, Lily was completely stunned.

“Nanako, wait a minute! Why? Why you were willing to be my slave but not my vassal? In my opinion, isn’t a vassal something like a partner? Are you really going to leave like this?” Lily couldn’t accept this answer.

Nanako continued to walk further away before turning around with a grimace, “Big-breasted woman — you fool!”

Then, she turned and dashed into the dark night.

“What? Wait, wait a minute, Nanako!”

Instinctively, Lily chased after her. However, she stepped on a stone, which was covered with slippery green moss. She fell face first, while watching Nanako disappearing into the darkness. It seemed that the girl was heading to Suruga Province…

It was so embarrassing for a samurai such as herself to slip at such a crucial moment! It was clear as day just how surprised and flustered she was…

“Did she really follow me merely out of obligation?” Lily didn’t know why she began to recall the time she had spent together with Nanako. Her heart ached bitterly.

Feeling upset, she returned to her room with her pink yukata half smeared with mud. Shiu was still kneeling there, waiting for her master to come back.

“Master… Shiu doesn’t want to be a vassal or anything. Shiu is willing to be your slave…”

Lily sat down on her knees and hugged Shiu. Her long hair covered her face. Her pink yukata was dyed a pale blue color under the moonlight.

And around this time, Nanako already ran out of the Dojo. Shortly after, she vanished from Takeshita Town. She wanted to leave this place as fast as possible in case she changed her mind.

“Hmph! What a stupid, big-breasted woman! She actually set me free! If I still shamelessly followed you, then wouldn’t my Saikanji House’s honor and samurai’s dignity be trampled by you?! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid Lily!!”

Nanako’s tears fell on the dark mountain path as she ran toward Suruga Province.

And along the path, by the cold mountain trail, Hojo Motoshige and Akira were returning from the Suruga Province. Their destination was without a doubt, Takeshita Town.2


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 87

So keeping with yesterdays theme of me discussing genderswapped/genderbent samurai related things I’m going to plug one of my favourite, but not too great anime.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou, or Oda Nobuna’s Ambition, depending on your title preference.

It’s about a gamer being transported back in time to the era of Oda Nobunaga, who is actually a girl named Oda Nobuna, and his exploits as he takes the place of one of her historical advisors leading her to greatness. Building a harem of more genderbent heroines along the way.

The light novel translation is good too, if you can find it.

Click the Link to Start Reading:
» Vol. 1 (Arc 3): Chapter 17 «

Chapter 86 – The Female Samurai’s Vassal

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1796 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1034 words

Walking through the flowery bushes covered by clouds that walked the earth, the two women were shrouded from the moonlight as they supported Lily on her way to the tri-walled wooden booth. Despite feeling like a princess, Lily was blushing as she tried to convince herself this was right.

‘of course, a princess wouldn’t bathe herself- there should be a servant to help her undress; besides, we’re all women here, no reason to be shy. No reason to be shy at all,’ she thought. ‘They are serving me. If anyone should feel shy or embarrassed, it should be them! Anyways, I’m doing all this to protect senior sister’s pure body. If it wasn’t for that, my personality wouldn’t allow me to enslave them, even if I defeated them and won the bet. I’ll definitely will be kind enough to set them free, right?’

Moreover, even after all this time Lily felt embarrassed and stimulated whenever she looked at her body – something very detrimental to her training. She could use chado to stabilize the demon in her heart, but would tea be the least bit effective in counteracting her arousal?

When half of her breasts had sunken into the sakura petal bath, Lily was finally able to open her eyes without feeling awkward, yet when she did she was met with the sight of the woman giving her vastly different looks. The bold, yet sincere, admiring, and enraptured stare from Shiu, juxtaposed with the shy, unwilling, and grieved expression from Nanako made Lily’s heart ache. The two were so naïve and innocent, with delicate and tender maiden’s hearts. Sadness flashed through Lily’s eyes as she thought, ‘I actually enslaved these two innocent children – even if it’s for senior sister, would she be happy with this?’

The comfortable floaty sensation brought about by the rippling warm water bouncing her semi-submerged breasts made Lily recall what Sakiko had told her several days ago during a private chado lesson.

Having told Sakiko about Shiu, she inquired about how to interact and treat the girl. Sakiko told her that in the Heian Empire, the norm was for the losers to become the victors’ slaves or henchmen. If the victor respected their opponent and acknowledged their ability, they had the option of making them into a vassal; however, if the offer were rejected, the victor could invite them to follow their samurai path and restore their honour with seppuku. If Lily had known about this earlier, she would have made Shiu her vassal: allowing her to use Shiu’s ninja skills in service of herself; however, at the time Shiu wanted to kill her, and after the battle they hadn’t had a chance to calm themselves, so she wouldn’t have been as merciful and granted this choice to Shiu. Still, she felt a little sorry, ‘recruiting them as my vassals,’ she thought.

Lily’s moist eyebrows hung low as she sat in the wooden barrel, her small hand pressed against her cheek as she lost herslef in her thoughts, ‘My strength isn’t ordinary, much higher than normal samurais, and if I use the demon maiden attribute, my penetration force exceeds 800 kwan – the upper limit of High-Tier samurais. Add on the first phase of the Genji Swordstyle, and it reaches 1300 kwan, the power of a middle stage Low-Tier kengo!

‘A female samurai with that much power should probably recruit a vassal or two. Although my understanding of samurai is limited, it should be a better choice than having SHiu and Nanako as slaves. I like them a lot, and don’t want to see them tortured or losing their honor. Moreover, Matsuda Nagahide has several vassals. What harm is there in recruiting two girls anyways? Right! looks like I have good news for them after the bath!’ Delighted, Lily had made up her mind.

As far as bathing was concerned, she would temporarily ask them to give her a hand. After she earned more money, she could hire two maids from the dojo to take over the responsibility of bathing her. It was just two kwans per year so it wasn’t necessary for two martial artists like Nanako and Shiu to do such things. Of course, it would be for the best if they were willing to continue. This could be negotiated. And she dare say this way was more in line with senior sister’s kind nature.

“Um…” When the two girls washed Lily’s arms at the same time, Lily felt both of her body and mind relaxed. Shiu seemed to concentrate on her service, but Nanako looked distracted.

“Shiu, isn’t this your first time? I didn’t expect that you’d do so well.” Lily felt so comfortable so she shyly gave the other a compliment.

“N- no way, Master, hearing your compliment, I feel overwhelmed by happiness. Serving Master —be it assassination, investigation, battling, or even satisfying master’s other odd interests— is a female ninja’s obligations.” Shiu’s arm shook in excitement.

“Tsk, that’s such a shameless profession!” said Nanako energetically from the other side.

“You, what are you talking about? T- that’s the honor of a female ninja!” Shiu was determined with her philosophy. It was unknown how she was educated as a female ninja.

Lily didn’t know how to respond to their dispute. She just silently stretched her arms to make them continue the massage to shift their attention.

After bathing, Lily let the two girls help her dry her body and put on her yukata, only then did she opened her eyes, “Shiu, Nanako, thank you for tonight.”

“You’re welcome. Serving Master is Shiu’s responsibility.”

Nanako seemed dissatisfied and remained silent. Lily had no idea why she was in a bad mood.1

“It’s really late now. You two should go and bathe yourself. Afterward, come to my room.”

“What?” Nanako was bewildered. She asked cautiously, “For what? What do you want?”

Shiu blushed, “Master… could it be that when you heard what Shiu said earlier, you wanted Shiu to fulfill the other duties of a female ninja…”

“Eh? Hehehe!” Lily helplessly gave them a tender smile, “Did you two misunderstood something? Since I called you to my room very late at night, I naturally have something important to tell you.”2


Chapter 85 – Genji Swordstyle’s First Stage

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2668 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1960 words

Under the one-thousand-year sakura, Lily was standing on the scattered and fallen pink petals. She held the Seiwa Tamashi vertically in front of her chest.

The spirit power moved in her body like flows of water.

It was as fresh as the flowers in the summer and as supple as water.

The water-like spirit power murmured, running inside Lily’s body. It felt soft and flexible but it conveyed the unceasing power.

Lily’s pupils focused.

“Hah ——!” One slash was made. The pile of flowers underneath her feet was blown away.

“Th- this feeling! I just used the normal amount of strength but the slashing force had increased by at least fifty or sixty percent!”

Genji Swordstyle’s first stage, accomplished!

Lily was indescribably happy.

Not only she had finished the first stage of Genji Swordstyle but she also found a suitable method to channel the spirit power.

Men are strong and fierce; women are gentle and reserved.

Using the soft and supple movement of the water wave as the method to release force was the most suitable method for beautiful female samurais.

Lily then continued to practice for almost the whole night until she was soaking wet. She sat on the rock, her small hand pulling her collar to let the night wind blow and cool her body.

Although Lily was practicing Genji Swordstyle, she had modified the method to release the force based on the woman’s body characteristics. It looked as though it was a trivial change, but it had solved the knot that many female samurais had encountered when they practiced Genji Swordstyle to the middle stage.

No matter what, Ieyoshi was a man so his Swordstyle wouldn’t be compatible with female bodies. If they didn’t pay attention to this at the beginning, they would experience a subtle but irritating feeling about something inharmonious in their practice. And then, such feeling would expand, which would hinder them in their middle stage and final stage of the training. Eventually, stopping them from making great improvement. However, Lily wouldn’t encounter such an issue.

Right from the start, she had solved that basic conflict even if it may have been by chance.

And, Lily wasn’t aware of just how much attention she would have garnered if the fact that she had accomplished the first stage of Genji Swordstyle within five days was to be known by the high-level authorities of Genji Dojo.

Lily had finished her sword practice for the night. Although she felt refreshed, she still sweated a lot after a long time of exercising. Lily’s body was full of vitality and feminine heat as her metabolism worked well. At this moment, she wanted to be served while taking a bath, but then, she remembered the awkward situation last time.

She couldn’t just forget about it and face them again as if it was nothing.

“How about…”

Right at that moment, Lily saw Shiu —who had just finished practicing her ninjutsu in the woods— walking toward her.

“Shiu,” called Lily.

“Master,” Shiu ran toward her excitedly. Then, she kneeled down with respect.

As Shiu was so obedient, Lily suddenly had the natural manner of a master. She didn’t try to be polite but order directly, “Go and find Nanako. I’m going to take a bath. You two will serve me.”

“Ah?!” Shiu blushed. She dropped her little jaw, her eyes sparkling. “Really, really? Shiu can serve Master while you’re bathing too?”1

Shiu had thought that it was Nanako’s privilege as the other girl was her senior. She didn’t think that she would have this honor after all!

Inadvertently, she drooled.

Shiu ran away to find Nanako. Lily waited in the courtyard while stroking her hair coquettishly. Of course, it only looked like that to the others, but she was actually just playing with her hair. Because of her sexy, feminine figure, if she didn’t pay attention to her movement, it would look really flirty.

She thought it was a good idea anyway. Sometimes, it’d be awkward to only have one of them serve her, but if she had two girls serve her at the same time, she would look more like a noble master. Moreover, the two slaves could keep each other in check and compete to see who could serve her better. It was one stone killing two birds, indeed.

She would like to try this trick. If it worked out, she would use it more frequently.

After a while, Nanako and Shiu came. They had already changed into their white yukata.

When the two girls really came to serve her, Lily momentarily felt that this might be a little too extravagant.

However, as it had come to this, it wasn’t good to change her mind. Otherwise, she would lose the prestige of her mastership.

At the same time, in the remote area of Takeshita Town, thick mist hovered everywhere, and even the moon now had a pale blue hue.

A group of people were walking, piercing through the dark forest, leaving Suruga Province to Takeshita Town.

Walking in the front was a middle-aged martial monk with a beefy figure and a slender samurai followed closely behind. They were Daidouji Akira and Hojo Motoshige.

“Pooh! That Saikanji House sure look down on others! So hateful! Especially that ⓢⓛⓤⓣ Saikanji Yomika. She’s obviously a ⓢⓛⓤⓣ, and she dared to act all noble and virtuous in front of us! She wouldn’t sell firearms to us no matter what!” Hojo Motoshige was so angry he had been shouting and cursing all the way. Since they had to move through the mountain, they didn’t ride the horses. Since their trip had turned with no result and they had to walk on the bumpy mountain trails through the night, their hatred for the Saikanji House reached the boiling point.

Akira also wore a fierce, angry face as he fumed, “That Saikanji House was only able to get access to some of the extremely limited goods due to the fact that they’re under the Fujiwara Clan. They’re the only clan in Kanto with firearms for sell. They declare that they only sell the weapons to the Genji Clan and the Taira Clan. Actually, they just want to raise the price! Cunning businessman!” Akira was so mad, “The most hateful thing is that, not only did Saikanji Yomika not give me face, she even disdained you, Your Highness! She should know that you came to buy her firearms under Lord Dijon’s order! She was clearly looking down on your Hojo Clan!”

Firearms, also known as iron cannons, were the new weapons that had just recently appeared in Heian Empire. It was brought and introduced by Mark2, a Southern Barbarian3 businessman. Only those with connections could learn the technique to produce and sell firearms.

“So hateful! Even if the Saikanji House can only sell up to Grade One firearms, it can’t even penetrate a Middle-Class Samurai’s body if we shoot from distance. And yet they sell it at the price of one hundred and twenty kwans! With that price, you can get a Grade Three katana! Moreover, even when she’d offered such a price, she still didn’t want to sell!” Akira continued to complain all the way back.

“Those firearms could give a common foot soldier the destructive force of a junior samurai. The firing range is long, and although it can’t kill the more powerful monsters, it’s still a good weapon to intimidate them and do crowd control! My brother has his own reason to buy them! But the Suruga Province is within the Saikanji House’s sphere of influence, they even have the Imakawa Clan as their backup. Otherwise, I would have used my sword to force her to sell the goods to us!” The more Motoshige thought about it, the angrier he became, “What a spiteful, cunning businesswoman!”

Akira was so furious that his teeth were clanging. He didn’t know what kind of unlucky star he had bumped into, everything had been so unfavorable to him these days! What bad karma! Right, it was that Kagami Lily!

But right now, he still needed to comfort Motoshige despite his sullen mood!

“Y- your Highness, although this matter is really hateful, but… how are we supposed to report to Lord Dijon if we go back empty-handed? Lord Dijon is camping in Mount Amegyo’s valley and waiting for us to return back with twenty firearms! We couldn’t buy even one. With his nature, he would…”

Hearing him, Hojo Motoshige was shivering inside, becoming even more furious, “What should we do now? What to do? We couldn’t buy the firearms in Suruga Province. Those mother ⓕⓤⓒⓚⓔⓡ didn’t want to sell to us. What could I do? Go, we’d better go and see His Highness. If he wants to punish us, I will bear it all! I’m not going to get you involved, Master Akira!”

“Your Highness, don’t panic. Let’s calm down first. There are still several days left until the time limit Lord Dijon gave us. We… should think about the solution first! Otherwise, with his nature, I’m sure we won’t have a decent end!” Akira’s forehead had beads of cold sweat.

“Ah!” Hojo Motoshige sat on a rock. His sword stabbed into the ground covered with rotten leaves in front of him. He didn’t want to move. “If we go back now, it’s no different from courting death ourselves. But how can we procure firearms in just several days!”

Hojo Motoshige didn’t think that Dijon would cut him down just for failing to buy firearms. No matter what, they were still cousins. Even a tiger wouldn’t eat its cubs! However, previously, Dijon had agreed to impart him the secret technique to refine his spirit power. But now, he was afraid that it wouldn’t come true!

‘This loss is too big to bear! I’ve been scheming actively while serving Dijon and agreed to help him commit all kinds of evil crime to make him happy. All because of the secret book the Hojo clan has passed down through the generations, the first book of 《The Records of Power Phase》 which has been passed down to Dijon.’

With and without spirit power, it was a big gap between the samurais.

If they only trained their body and muscles, at most, they could reach the High-Class level. Only a few extraordinary people could reach the junior Kengo level. And that was the upper limit of mortals. However, as far as spirit power was concerned, the junior Kengo was just the beginning.

Thus, how could Hojo Motoshige not desire the method to refine spirit power! Otherwise, he’d have to stay like this for his whole life. Taking Akira for example, although he was born with monstrous strength, he was still just a senior martial monk in his middle-age. He couldn’t advance any further.

“Ah! I must get the firearms! I must make brother happy! I am just one step away from getting my hands on the spirit power refinement manual! I must get it!” Motoshige made up his mind.

Akira was so worried his face grimaced. He thought that he had the worst of luck. He thought that he could go to the mountain to hunt the monsters with Dijon when he bumped into him, that he might be able to gain something out of it and get on the good side of the Hojo Clan’s future leader. It turned out he had only made things more difficult for himself!

“Lily! Kagami Lily! It’s all because of you! You are my unlucky star! Damn it! Don’t let me see you out of the town! Otherwise…”

Akira blamed everything on Lily, but of course, nothing could be solved even if he ran into Lily. Akira just wanted to take out his anger on Lily.


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 85

Important announcement first: Starting from this chapter going forward there will be a minor adjustment to the Samurai ranking system, going from “Low-Class, Middle-Class, High-Class” to “Low-Tier, Mid-Tier, and High-Tier”. The previous chapters will be edited to reflect this…eventually.

Personal announcements next: Last week I joked about writing an original gender bender novel for ReLibrary, apparently I got stuck with that idea because I just wrote a bunch of lore for it. (It’s an occupational hazard for RPG GM’s) What do you think of a novel about a gamer transported into a space MMO that’s a cross between Elite Dangerous and EVE Online? Using his assets he could quite easily live a comfortable life. There’s just one catch.
His avatar’s little sister is a little bit too trigger happy.

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Like yesterday: since my plan to lure people into my siscon cult the ReLibrary Discord only partially succeeded it seems it’s time for a change of tactics. I’ve once again fragmented the Steam Key into parts, and randomised their order. First person to put the key together wins.

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» Vol. 1 (Arc 3): Chapter 15 «

Chapter 84 – Tea and Sword

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2111 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1326 words

The dim-lit room was filled with faint scents emitted from the three women.1

The weak sunlight was filtered by the window paper, becoming gentle and warm.

The sweet and elegant Sakiko demonstrated chado to the two maidens before her.

Lily found herself looking at Sakiko’s fair and beautiful face. The artistic mole beside her lips added a touch of beauty to her maturity. She soon found herself wondering if this woman was married or not.

Lily couldn’t understand why some sort of depression suddenly surged into her heart. It seemed as though she was unwilling to confirm if Sakiko was married. However, considering Sakiko’s age and manners, she was most likely married. It wouldn’t be strange.

Of course, Lily wouldn’t deliberately ask about something like this.

Master Sakiko was Master Sakiko. That’s all, right?

Sakiko’s slender, jade-like hand gently shook the teacup, which set off her fair skin even better. Lily had a feeling that chado was absolutely not about the teacup but the people in harmonious combination with the tea utensils. That style, that makings, that etiquette had created the light, sophisticated woman.

She gently held the black teacup, while her other hand of hers grabbed a whisk, which was neither big nor small. She used the strands of the whisk, not too thin or too thick, to stir the tea. Thinking about having to put this sort of liquid into her mouth and swallow it later, Lily’s heart beat faster.2

“Please enjoy,” Sakiko presented Lily the cup of tea she had prepared.

Lily held it and took in a deep breath. The pit of her stomach swayed, ready to receive the tea.

“Ff. . .” Her small mouth opened, releasing a wisp of white smoke. Her red, succulent lower lip touched the lower rim of the black teacup. Between her parting lips it seemed there was a transparent thread connecting her beautiful and already moist lips, only to be broken by the teacup entering Lily’s mouth.

The deep green fluid carrying a gentle and fantastic scent worked with Lily’s aromatic tongue to enter her oral cavity.

“Nn…” Lily slightly lifted up her chin, swallowing the sip of tea. Lily could feel the tea move deep into her throat. The heated liquid slipped down her throat, seeping into her stomach. The comfortable feeling spreading throughout her body.

From Sakiko’s etiquette, to the delicate tea-making process, to the moment Lily swallowed the tea, those actions were all considered the complete cycle of a tea ceremony.

The reaction and the expression of the tea drinkers were also some kind of etiquette to the chajins.

Lily didn’t need to talk much. Her contented face was already enough to satisfy Sakiko. The latter thought that she should make more tea for Lily to drink in the future.

After Lily drank the tea, Sakiko made another tea for Nanako, using the same teacup.

It was unknown if Nanako had done it on purpose since she touched the teacup right at the spot Lily drank her tea from. Lily inadvertently touched3 her lip. ‘This… Isn’t it an indirect kiss?’

‘Nonono, we’re just enjoying tea here. I can’t be too fussy. I’m in the middle of a tea ceremony between female samurais anyway. It’s not a gathering between sophisticated ladies. It’s normal to use the same teacup, right?’

Several days later, Lily had been practicing chado in the afternoons while spending the mornings and evenings to practice Genji Swordstyle. At night time, before drifting into her sleep, she would take some time to gather the spirit power. Although the process of absorbing the natural blue spirit power was really slow, it was still good for strengthening Lily’s body. How could she miss it?

And while she practiced Genji Swordstyle, although Lily had executed the practice swings smoothly, she hadn’t made much progress in the ways of channeling forces. Lily felt really restless about the lack of improvement.

No matter what, her desire to be stronger was greater than anyone else. She must wake up her senior sister as soon as possible.

However, she understood that being hurried would affect her training negatively, and it could even manifest a demon in her heart.

She had just understood the benefits of chado, her disordered thought and hurried intentions were comforted a lot when she drank tea.

Lily also wanted to learn how to ride a horse, archery, and even arcane artes. However… her time was limited and even if she could study all of them, she had no use of them now. Moreover, Lily couldn’t afford a good horse at the moment. She might need to go slower.

Today, Lily went to Sakiko’s place alone to practice chado. It was mostly because Nanako wasn’t really in a hurry to learn chado. She didn’t come here every day, and lately, she had been spending more time in the dojo to practice her ancient style martial arts on the wooden dummy.

She couldn’t deny that Nanako was a hard-working girl.

“Okay, so today, Miss Kagami, please make me some tea,” said Sakiko.

“Yes Ma’am,” Lily said tenderly.

Actually, Lily hated her girly way of talking. However, sometimes, she felt an indescribable joy from the fact that she was becoming more feminine day after day.

Indeed, that feeling was hard to describe and understand.

Putting these things out of her mind, Lily focused on her chado.

To ensure the etiquette and manner of a lady, her slender fingers, especially the pinky, would inadvertently rise while holding the tea container. Of course, it was the natural body reaction of a gracious lady. She didn’t do it on purpose.

Gently, she held the whisk and stirred with moderate speed. Of course, she had to blend her respect and feeling into the tea.

Taking out the whisk, she saw the green tea still whirling, which aroused people’s interest.


“Ripples? Waves?”

A flash of inspiration emerged in Lily’s mind.

‘When I do the force channeling practice, something always doesn’t feel quite right.’

‘What if I overlay my Spirit Power like the ripples of this tea? Gradually spreading without breaking formation while adding momentum from the inside to the outside.’

“Overlaying the waves rather than expanding it in one stroke?”

‘This is… just like the feeling of those ripples. The creative concept of water.’

Women are like water.4

‘I’m a woman, I naturally can’t channel forces as fiercely as Ieyoshi and the others. I must find a way that suits me to understand the essence of Genji Swordstyle.’

“Ripples and waves!”

Lily suddenly had a flash.

“Err… Master Sakiko, I- I suddenly remember something. May I go and practice my sword technique?”

Sakiko was also surprised. Looking at Lily’s impatient behavior, it seemed she had no choice but to let the girl leave.

“Go, but you’ll be punished the next time as you ditched me midway.”

“Yes, I understand,” Lily didn’t pay attention to the details of Sakiko’s words. As long as she was allowed to go and practice her sword, later, she would do everything she was told.

Looking at Lily’s rear end and small waist when the girl swayed and left hastily, Sakiko’s eyes had a glimpse of surprise, “She practiced chado for such a short time, but not only did she learn fast, she even has a flash of inspiration? This young lady does have extraordinary talent.”

Lily rushed to the corridor and bumped into Nanako, who had just returned after practicing her martial arts. She hit the little girl with her breasts.

Lily’s soft pair hit Nanako in the face. The scent assaulted her nose, causing Nanako to feel lightheaded.

However, it was fortunate that both Lily and Nanako were samurais. This sort of impact wasn’t enough to send them tumbling to the floor.

“Ah, sorry, sorry!” Lily hurriedly apologized then rushed toward the one-thousand-year sakura in the backyard.

It did make Nanako a little annoyed, “Tsk, is she rushing to the toilet? What a rude big-breasted woman!”


Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 84

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Chapter 83 – Chado Creative Concept

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1796 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1164 words

Lily arrived at the elegant inner courtyard that Sakiko called home, and found Nanako already there. Lily didn’t have any problems since she fell asleep in the bath – what problems could have occured when she was sleeping? – yet it felt like Nanako was always directing an unusual gaze towards her.

“Did you- Did sister buy the tea utensils? ” Nanako struggled to say, still unused to calling Lily as her master. .

Previously, Nanako had told Lily that they should address each other as sisters, especially in front of Sakiko, as to save the face and reputation of the Saikanji House; Lily had agreed with her.

“Yeah, we should go in. Don’t let Master Sakiko wait for too long.”

Lily and Nanako waited outside, immediately entering the room after they received permission.

Right after Lily got into the room, she separated a little from Nanako. With elegant manner, she sat down on her knees opposite to Sakiko. Although Nanako was often quite willful, she was still the eldest daughter of an affluent house, so she had mastered such etiquettes.

After Lily sat down, she noticed that Sakiko was holding yet another uncommon tea utensil. That was a black teacup with drawings of gold lotus leaves.

“Show me your tea utensils. I want to admire them for a while,” said Sakiko.

Lily was a little embarrassed since her tea utensil was bought from a shop by the riverbank. She noticed that Nanako took out a tiny maroon teacup with white inner coating from an exquisite paper box.

“True Red Sand?” Sakiko seemed to recognize the teacup immediately.

“Yes…” Nanako shyly answered and bowed to Sakiko. She was truly an embodiment of a tender and obedient little girl now.

“So this is the Saikanji House’s True Red Sand that Duke Fujiwara had bestowed the head of the Saikanji Clan one hundred years ago. Could you let me look at it for a while?”

“Here, Master Sakiko ——” Nanako handed the maroon teacup to Sakiko.

“As expected of Saikanji House’s daughter. Even on a journey, you’ve brought along such a precious item. I’m guessing this teacup is Grade Four,” Sakiko examined the teacup and said.

“What?! Grade Four? How many valuable items does Nanako have!” Lily felt embarrassed, what she bought by the riverbank was only a Grade Two teacup…

“Miss Kagami, let me see yours,” said Sakiko.

Lily took out her white porcelain teacup while feeling really embarrassed.

As soon as Sakiko saw the teacup, she knew why Lily looked strangely timid. She said, “Miss Kagami, this tea utensil is pure white. It is spotless and incorruptible. It matches you well. It’s quite an extraordinary feat that you managed to buy a Grade Two tea utensil with the money you have earned in a short period of several weeks.”

“No, it’s not… Lily doesn’t have such good fortune to find a nice tea utensil that’s worthy of Lady Sakiko’s tea ceremony… Please forgive me.” Lily bangs hung as she apologised with a blushing face.

“Hehe, you don’t need to ask for redemption, but punishment is still needed. Remember that you owe me one,” teased Sakiko.


“Hehe, let’s not talk about irrelevant topics in an elegant tea ceremony. Miss Kagami, don’t be so upset. You’re still a beginner, a Grade Two utensil is more than enough. And as I’ve told you, you have fate with chado. Who knows, perhaps the predestined encounter is just around the corner,” Sakiko comforted her.

“Thank you Master,” Lily felt somewhat comforted. As her tea utensil wasn’t good enough, she had to put more effort. Regardless, Lily still loved her pure white Nameless Teacup a lot.

“Alright, before you two start to learn with me, I should brief you on the foundation of tea ceremony. Miss Saikanji might already know this. Miss Kagami, you have to listen to me well.”

“Yes,” Lily, of course, was eager to learn.

Sakiko continued, “Chado, or tea ceremony, even though it looks like an elegant, stylish art, it’s actually an important, noble, and powerful technique that the samurai need to master. It’s similar to archery, horse riding, or arcane artes. You’re at the first stage as a beginner. The ninth stage is the highest attainment. From the third stage onward, you can be called a chajin. It’s similar to the third level of riding techniques where you can mount an untamed horse to jump across a river and dash several hundred of meters within a blink of an eye!”

“Ah…” Lily opened her small mouth, looking a little absorbed with Sakiko’s lecture. She knew that horse riding and archery were the required subjects in samurai’s qualification, but she didn’t expect these outstanding techniques to be divided into levels. As Uesugi Rei could ride the Black Nioh, just what level of horse riding had she achieved…

She could understand why those techniques were fundamental to a samurai, but why was chado put on the same level with such lethal techniques?

“Miss Kagami, you don’t need to look at me skeptically like that. You like chado, don’t you? But this is more than just a hobby. The most fundamental function of chado to a samurai is to help them erase the demon in their hearts and enlighten their minds. After all, only a calm heart and a relaxed mind could benefit your training. Your inner state is also an important part of your training. If you don’t handle it well, your progress would be shackled and halted.”

“But it’s just the most primary function. Chado has more important functions to samurais and onmyojis!” Sakiko’s eyes brightened.

“And that is— the comprehension of the creative concept.”

“Creative concept?” Lily had some experience but it was still a vague concept to her.

“When your Kendo reaches a profound level, of course, you’ll start to pursue creativity. And, the creative concept focuses on the harmony between body and mind. Kendo trains your body and chado trains your mind. They are the foundation for mastering the Genji Swordstyle’s ultimate techniques.”

“Ultimate techniques?” Lily was startled. “Master Sakiko, the elegant chado is related to the ultimates somehow?”

“Cut it off,” Nanako snapped disdainfully, “You didn’t even know this. Without a creative concept, even if you have extreme resentment, hatred, or great ambition, you still wouldn’t be able to trigger your ultimate technique!”

“Hehe, although I have to comment something about Miss Saikanji’s tone and manner, she’s right,” smiled Sakiko.

Lily was astonished. That was why the Genji Swordstyle didn’t lecture about ultimate techniques. It was because everybody had their own experiences, which led to different inner states, the creative concepts they could perceive in this great wide world would be full of extraordinary things. Master Ieyoshi’s inner state wouldn’t be suitable to the later generations who wanted to learn his Swordstyle so he didn’t write it down.

One could only create and obtain an ultimate technique depending on the most profound creative concept that they could feel.

‘So what’s my creative concept?’ Lily thought.



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» Vol. 1 (Arc 3): Chapter 13 «

Chapter 82 – The “Nameless” Tea Utensil

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Author: Luo Jiang Shen Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1839 characters
Translator: Sigma English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1216 words

Lily awoke to find her body clean and dry, tucked in her bed. She didn’t know what happened yesterday, but whatever it was she felt embarrassed thinking about it. She trusted Nanako unconditionally, but even then, how did she get her into her room?

“Master,” Shiu’s voice came from outside her door.

“Come in.” Lily stood up, holding a mirror to comb her long hair.

“Master, a disciple of the dojo just came to deliver a message. He said that if you want to study tea ceremony with Lady Sakiko, you will need to visit the shop in town to buy a tea utensil,” said Shiu.

“Eh? Ah… I see,” Lily just realized. Right, if she wanted to learn about tea ceremony, she couldn’t just go there barehanded. Asking Sakiko to borrow her tea utensils? That wasn’t really nice.

“I got it,” Lily answered, “later on, I’m going to town to buy something. Please notify Lady Sakiko that I’m going to visit her tonight.”

“Yes, Master… And what about…”

“About what?”

“I, I have to humbly apologize you, Master. Please punish me tonight!”

“Oh?” Actually, punishing Shiu was really tiresome. Lately, Lily had so many things to do. “Why would you say out of the blue?”

“Because… yesterday you fell asleep in the bathtub. We were afraid that you would catch a cold so Nanako and I brought you in without your consent. We d- dried your body and p- put your clothes on for you…” The more she talked, the more apparent a blush became on her cheeks, drool dripping from the corners of her mouth. “But don’t you worry Master. Except for that, we didn’t do anything weird to you!”

“Eh?” It was normal for the slaves to help their Master dry their body and put on their clothes, but Shiu and Nanako made it sound like something extremely strange, which made Lily’s face redden. “Alright, alright, speak of it no more. If it happens again, just wake me up. I got it… I got it alright.”

“So Master, will you punish me tonight?”

“No, I’m not gonna punish you,” Lily suddenly felt evil as she spoke coldly. Indeed, she was a little enraged as her two slaves had done something to her without her consent. It could also be that she understood that to a little girl like Shiu, no punishment was the true punishment.

After Lily had dressed and groomed herself, she left for town, leaving Shiu to look after the house. ‘Yeah, that should be a good enough punishment for her.’

Although the dojo had many shops on the isle, they didn’t sell any tea utensils. So, Lily was going to the tea utensil shop by the riverbank in the town.

Standing by a deserted street near the riverbank were several wooden houses hidden behind big trees.

Lily stood outside the shop, looking at the tea utensils being displayed inside.

They all looked beautiful and exquisite, but they had no special features. They looked much more ordinary than the Shino Teacup Lily had seen at Sakiko’s.

Of course, Lily understood that Sakiko’s Shino Teacup was a Grade Five tea utensil! In the entire Kanagawa prefecture, it was an outstanding, precious item. How could something in a little shop by the roadside compare to it!

The tea utensils’ shopkeeper was an old chajin wearing a gray hat. He asked, “Miss samurai, what tea utensil do you need?”

Since Lily was walking in town with a sword, ordinary people would look at her with respectful eyes.

“Miss samurai, the items in our shop are all the tea utensils with good grades. They aren’t just some domestic items.”

“Mister, how much are these tea utensils?”

“Haha, which one do you like?”

“That one,” Lily pointed at a white porcelain teacup among the many tea utensils.

Lily liked that teacup because the patterns on the other tea utensils around didn’t catch her interest. Since that was the case, she just simply chose one without any decoration or colors.

Although it had a pure, simple white hue and there was nothing to write home about its shape either, the pure nature of that simple teacup had touched Lily somehow.

“Haha, miss, you’ve got keen eyes,” the chajin1 took the teacup and showed it to Lily. “This is a Grade Two tea utensil. Moreover, for a pure white teacup with no special quality to make it to Grade Two, you can tell just how extraordinary the maker was. This tea utensil costs fifteen kwan. If you like it that much, just take it, but please, don’t bargain.”

Fifteen kwan, Lily was startled inwardly. It was just an exquisite little utensil but it was so expensive! Of course, she knew the price was reasonable for a Grade Two tea utensils.

There was no other way around. If she wanted to practice tea ceremony, she shouldn’t use bad quality tools. But she wouldn’t be able to afford it if it was too expensive. The tea utensil also represented her learning attitude toward the tea ceremony.

She said, “Sir, tea utensils are elegant and stylish. I have heard that their price is fixed. Regardless of the buyer or the seller, once the price has been set, there’s only sell or not sell. I understand that the price is non-negotiable. However, this is perhaps the highest price I can afford,” Lily said as she took out fifteen kwan. Even though she said it nicely, her hands were slightly shaking.

After her recent adventure, she had earned a profit of more than one hundred and sixty kwan. However, after buying Genji Swordstyle, she only had a little more than sixty kwan left, and there were still so many things she needed to spend on. Even a teacup cost her fifteen kwan. Sigh, she was about to run out of money again.

“Oh, right, Sir, what’s the name of this tea utensil?”

“This one was made while the master was practicing his skills. It doesn’t have a name and the master didn’t want to inscribe his name on it so the buyer wouldn’t know his name.”

“Alright, then I’ll call it Nameless,” Lily smiled as she stroked the teacup.

The tea utensil “Nameless,” Lily had finally received her first private tea utensil.

Having tea utensils symbolized status and elegance in the Heian period. At the same time, the tea utensils weren’t just to admire or enjoy, to the samurais and the onmyojis, they had other special functions.

On the way back, even though Lily was running out of money, she still bought several beautiful kimonos. Among them was a short-skirted kimono.

Receiving the clothes she had spent twenty kwan to buy, Lily was startled. She needed to buy the tea utensils for her studying purpose, but why did she buy these clothes?2

Besides, while she spent fifteen kwans to buy tea utensil with clear purpose in mind, the things she bought along the street cost her twenty kwan!

‘Can I still call myself a man like this! I’m clearly more feminine now!’

‘Alright… No matter what, I have only two nice sets of clothes to wear anyway. Since I have already bought it, there’s no reason for me to return it.’

When Lily returned to the dojo, she only had twenty kwan left.3


Chapter 81.5 – A Physical Examination

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Author: Robinxen Original Source: Robinxen’s Delusions Word Count: Countless characters
Translator: Nobody English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 2519 words

Nanako was wrapped in a sense of euphoria as she took in the scent of Lily’s clothes. Her racing heart and flushed face displayed no semblance of guilt as she enjoyed the aftermath of the intense training session.

The sight continued for some time, the small loli twisting her legs as she brought the clothes even closer to her face, before blushing red with shame instead of arousal.

“H-how improper of me.” She silently scolded herself, quickly putting back the clothes and turning on her heel. “That’s right, I was just checking if they were safe to give to a maid for cleaning, I had no indecent thoughts. As Lily’s future master I must preserve her public dignity.”1

Having successfully cleared herself of guilt, her face lit up and she moved back towards the sleeping Lily. It would be bad for her health if she stayed in the water too long, and she couldn’t bring herself to wake her up. Leaving her no other option.

Although she was smaller in stature than the others, she was still a samurai boasting of great strength, it would not be difficult for her to lift Lily out. But the difference in height would make it difficult to move her, thus she needed assistance.
After being sure that Lily wouldn’t slip beneath the water and drown in her sleep, Nanako quickly left for a moment, intending to bring Shiu back with her.
Unbeknownst to Nanako, once she had left the room Lily mumbled something softly in her sleep, yet nobody was around to hear it.
A serene silence, disrupted only by Lily’s soft breathing, then wrapped the room.

Shiu’s voice rung out not long later, as if to break the silence entirely, “So Senior was bathing Master? How enviable…I mean honourable.”

Nanako having recomposed herself with an air of dignity faltered slightly at Shiu’s blissful attitude and shook her head. ‘It’s not worth retorting to this airhead.’ She reminded herself in her heart, holding her hand to her chest. “Sister fell asleep though, so I need your help preventing her from getting a cold.”

Somehow, when Lily wasn’t a concern she acted more natural, but she was still on guard with Shiu, and had a sharp attitude.
Almost delighted, Shiu responded affirmatively. “Yes, Senior, I will make sure to take care of Master’s body.”

Before removing her from the water, Nanako laid out a dry towel over a bench on which they could lay her on, and even rolled up a second to serve as a pillow. The care and attention in the action betrayed her true feelings which even she seemed unaware of.

Then the two of them nodded to each other in order to lift Lily out. Shiu used her slender arms to lift Lily from beneath the shoulders, while Nanako assisted by holding her below the waist. Despite the rough and unpractised movement, Lily slept soundlessly and allowed herself to be moved with ease.

The water that tried to cling to her attractive figure lost to the pull of gravity, cascading down her skin and dripping to the floor. Though some drops succeeded in stubbornly clinging to her, leaving trails along her entire body. Both the girls were entranced by the way the water droplets from atop her breasts slowly flowed down into the valley between, then out to rest atop her flat stomach.

With careful movements, they lowered her onto the bench, her wet skin giving her a seductive allure different from usual, and her naked figure demanding attention. Even the way her hair had sprayed out seemed as if straight from a painting.

Lily’s chest was rising and falling in her sleep, and she had no awareness to cover herself, allowing herself to be a feast for the eyes.
Shiu was trying to compose herself, but her jaw had already slackened and her thighs clenched together. Nanako could have sworn the genin was about to start drooling.

Taking charge of the situation, she kept one eye fixed on the suspicious girl, and pointed at a small pile of towels. Quickly giving her instructions, “We can’t leave her wet, so we should start drying her off. You can begin with the hair.”

It shouldn’t take long to dry someone off, but either out of self-interest or servility neither Shiu nor Nanako seemed to have any sense of urgency. Nanako especially.

Having long hair herself, though inferior to Lily’s silk strands, Shiu knew how to handle it and begun work immediately, with care and precision. While Nanako had started with her feet, as if some form of magnet had drawn her there.

Gliding the towel over the smooth curved sole, and gently cupping it round the heel to the ankle, she left no droplet remaining. Lily didn’t stir in the slightest, leaving her to question if she was just trusting or not very ticklish. Even when she began to pry between Lily’s delicate and uniform toes there wasn’t even a twitch.

Suppressing her own breathing, Nanako moved up from her ankles along her calves and thighs. In order to get underneath she had to raise Lily’s legs, placing her in a compromising position that left nothing to the imagination, and only exacerbated the small lolis own arousal. Shiu only spared because she was still straightening and drying their master’s hair.

It didn’t end there, as she was forced to continue up to the torso, even her delicate hands were subject to the service.
‘Why do I have to dry off these big breasts for her? Couldn’t she at least do it herself?’ She complained in her head, when she finally reached that far. The towel in her hands being switched for another one before she reached over to the voluptuous mounds. Though she didn’t know it from experience, she had heard other women complain about sweat getting trapped beneath and between, so she put extra effort into making sure they were dry.

To an outside observer, it only looked like she was groping an unconscious girl, but she was truly working hard. Her small hands cupping and supporting Lily’s breasts as they swayed beneath the towel, fitting snugly between them when she drew back down to their base. Though she had a sour expression of jealousy on her face she seemed to be enjoying the feeling. ‘No wonder she’s so powerful, just how large are they?’

Just as she was getting lost in her thoughts, Shiu chirped up from her side. “Senior, I have finished drying Master’s hair.” Her face was almost innocently beaming, and Nanako felt like she had been dumped in cold water.

Thinking quickly, Nanako spoke, “R-right, I’ll be done shortly. Why don’t you get a yukata for us to wrap her in so we can carry her back?” Though she had trailed off towards the end and made it sound more like a request, she felt she had managed to keep her appearance.
Shiu nodded immediately, climbing her feet along her long legs, giving a short peek at her creamy thighs beneath. Though her figure was hardly as impressive compared to Lily, she was still a beauty in her own right. ‘Sister took her in like a stray dog.’

Not wanting to get caught up in her thoughts again, Nanako gently lifted one side of Lily to dry her back and rear that she couldn’t reach before. Even from this angle one could tell she was well endowed. Her back was smooth, and curved femininely, and the sides of her breasts still presented themselves. Even her rear was shapely and plump. Nanako could only grit her teeth in vexation at how beautiful Lily was.

The next problem was dressing the girl.

When Shiu returned with a yukata that’d be easy to wrap her in, the two had to work together once again, with Shiu lifting her by her shoulders to sit upright so that Nanako could dress her. Even the slightest movement would cause her breasts to jiggle, and every so often her head would tilt, seductively exposing her neck and causing her hair to tantalisingly slide down her skin.

Though it took some effort, eventually they had dressed Lily. They had been unable to tie it properly, leaving her chest exposed as it slipped to the sides, and her legs were still free, but she was dressed enough to move to her room.

“Senior I’ll carry Master to her room, so you should go prepare her futon.” Shiu offered, beginning to piggy back Lily as she slept.

To her surprise Lily was as light as a feather, but that wasn’t all. In order to support her she had to place her hands beneath her rear, groping and holding Lily’s soft ⓐⓢⓢ. While Lily’s breasts pressed against her back. Either side of her slender figure Lily’s white legs were displayed, the yukata having ridden up slightly due to the posture. Even her head, resting helplessly on her shoulder, released soft seductive breaths directly into her ear. It was an assault on the senses.

Breathing heavily, and trying not to think about her, Shiu took long and balanced strides towards the room. Though part of her was tempted to slow down, to see how Lily would react should she awaken on her back. Maybe she would get punished?

After carrying her through the paper door, Lily was finally laid in the futon, still fast asleep. All the hard work put into dressing her had gone to waste though, as between moving the yukata had undone itself, and Lily’s front was completely free once more.

An awkward silence wrapped the room, Shiu seemed to be deffering judgement to Nanako, and Nanako seemed to be unwilling to make a move first as she eyed the sleeping girl.

“Ahem.” Nanako spoke while clearing her throat. “Shiu let me teach you something important. As a slave it is very important to make sure your master is healthy, and since Sister has been straining her body with her new training it is important that we give her an examination.” She lied fluently, hiding her sinister smirk. Using this plan she could locate any weaknesses or secrets Lily kept on her body.

Shiu’s eyes widened in surprise, as if hit by a grand revelation and she nodded profusely.

Continuing to speak, Nanako explained further, “It’s good you understand, the most important thing is to check her physical wellbeing through an examination.”

‘Though I may not be able to make a move on a sleeping woman, that does not been I can’t gather intel for the next engagement.’ She thought to herself as she kneeled beside Lily, removing the front of the yukata.
The small loli placed her hands on Lily’s hips and began to rub them in circles. “As a result of tensing her thighs and holding a stiff posture for long periods it’s possible for the hip to come out of alignment, that’s why you need to make sure to relax the muscles like this.”

Following her seniors advice, Shiu clumsily began to mimic Nanako’s movements, her larger slender hands covering more ground than the delicate lolis. While Nanako changed her target to the thighs.

‘Hmph. You already have big breasts and yet you want to have creamy thighs too, well now I’ll find out for sure if mine are softer or firmer.’
All her hopes were dashed the moment she started to stroke them up and down. Despite all her belief, Lily was both softer and firmer than her. An entirely contradictory sensation ran through her hands. Out of desperation she even grew bolder, and moved further upwards and inwards, almost brushing Lily’s virtue, causing her to stir slightly.

Nanako’s breathing heightened when she realised how close she was to Lily’s most precious and private place, and found herself starting it at involuntarily. It was perfectly kept, smooth without a blemish and perfectly symmetrical. The gentle pink blended flawlessly with her white skin.
Slightly aroused and entranced, the loli curiously outstretched a finger and slowly traced around the outside of the slit. Her cheeks flushing red and breathing heavily. While Shiu was locked into following her earlier instructions, dutifully caressing her master’s pelvis.

At the sudden touch, Lily gasped and raised her chest slightly, trying to twist her legs before settling back down. Both slaves paused for a moment but, after realising she had not woken, didn’t hesitate to continue. Nanako, wanting to push her luck, decided to use Shiu as a scapegoat if anything happened and stood up.

“Shiu come here, I’m going to teach you how to inspect Sister’s insides, don’t worry it’s nothing weird.” She began, pulling Shiu between Lily’s legs and kneeling her down. “I’m sure you already know the basics, but it’s very important we make sure Sister’s virtue is intact. That’s why you need to spread it open and put a finger inside, then make sure to taste for any contaminants.”
By having Shiu do the most dangerous act, Nanako would not only be able to pass the blame, but also remove the potential threat. It was a dark and sinister plan.

Shiu, either out of naivety or self interest, began to act immediately. She started with slowly wetting her finger inside her own mouth, almost sensually sucking on it, before starting to push it inside Lily, the virgin lips parting slightly to accept it.
Due to the era, there were a lot of misconceptions and loaded concepts about purity. Lily’s modern sensibilities did not apply here. Though she knew it was possible for the ⓗⓨⓜⓔⓝ to get damaged during strenuous activity, it was unlikely for Shiu to be aware of that, as it was used as a form of test before marriage.

The beautiful ninja had only got her finger in just over a centimetre before she felt some resistance and had to pull back, naturally Senior Sister’s body hadn’t been used yet. With the insertion check complete, Shiu had to proceed to the taste examination.
At the same time, Nanako had moved back to Lily’s voluptuous chest, and was gently fondling the large breasts. Her jaw slightly fallen as she gazed at the pink peaks atop the fleshy mountains. Biting her lip and controlling her heavy breathing she too leaned down, and took the tip into her mouth, starting to gently lick and suck.

A warm seductive moan of pleasure leaked from Lily’s lips, and her body twisted towards the source, offering herself up to her two slaves, even her legs spreading.

Shiu having received what she believed to be permission, panted heavily and gently kissed Lily’s skin. However at that moment, Lily rolled her head to the side and moaned out. “Senior Sister…” A single tear rolling down her cheek, shocking Nanako.

The little loli quickly stood and brushed her clothes, before quickly excusing herself from the room to cool down, leaving Shiu to clear up. As she stood outside the door, she leaned on a pillar and brushed a finger over her lip. “Senior Sister?” She mused to herself, looking up at the moon.2



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