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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 682

It is my mother’s birthday today.
Honestly I have forgotten her age.
I suppose I could extrapolate it since I know how old she was when she gave birth to me
So I could just add that number to my age and get a rough approximation of her age.

There is just one slight problem though.
I got her a card but didn’t know what to get her as a present at all…
So I kinda never got one.


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Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 681

My Stellaris mod breached 800 active users!
Well it’s still a far far cry from my most download Skyrim mod which reached 800 users in just six days.
Last time I checked it, there were 3000 users I think?
And a total of 10,000+ downloaders.

Well given that I made that mod ten years ago and barely understood what I was doing beyond throwing numbers together I think that’s impressive honestly.
Though I definitely could do with a better user retention rate.

I’m quite comfortable with my Stellaris mods popularity as is though, no pressure or anything and its my own whims anyway.
Though I do wish that my extra content mod for my mod had better reviews. It has a three star rating! That makes it look terrible!
But it only has two negative reviews! The weighting is totally not fair!

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» Vol. 6: Chapter 14 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 680

Did you guys know that you can read a whopping 100 chapters ahead on the patreon?
That’s an insane amount reading ahead.

For my part I actually only do the editing shortly before uploads to keep my impressions fresh and matching your guys reader experiences.
Yeah in fact, if you read on the patreon you can get ahead and spoil me, the editor.
Wild isn’t it?

Anyway I just felt like saying that since we reached that milestone.

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» Vol. 6: Chapter 13 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 679

I made a lot of progress on writing lore and preparing the empires for my potential Stellaris roleplay game.
I have an empire using the new Toxoid theming, I’ve based them on a more extreme version of the Boron from the X series.
Ammonia breathing aliens that require extremely specialised atmospheres or equipment.

I also struggled quite a bit with creating a more unique race that wasn’t cliched.
In the end I went for an empire that is based on Star Trek’s United Federation of Planets, but if they had been founded by an alien nation without humans.
Also I made them the inheritors of some ancient technology which they hope to emulate one day.

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» Vol. 6: Chapter 12 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 678

I have to hope that I get my final payment from work in the next couple of days.
Going to be super awkward if I have to contact them about it, especially since I don’t know how to approach the matter.
Well I remember his talk at the start where he went on a tangent about employers trying to skip out on paying after workers leave.
So since he brought it up I know he won’t…
But I also wouldn’t put it past him to test whether we chase him up on it too just to see if what he said sunk in…

What a strange situation.

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» Vol. 6: Chapter 11 «

Demon Sword Maiden Chapter 677

Amazon have been messing up a lot for me lately.
They still haven’t got a copy of the Arpeggio manga volume I preordered like a year ago now, after another month of delays.
They lost(?) my phone case I ordered a month ago and should have arrived a week ago, I will get a refund totally hopefully.
And now they have delayed my delivery of Magical Explorer to next month.

What is this? I had less problems during the global lockdown than I have had with them these few weeks.

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