Demon Sword Maiden

Demon Sword Maiden Giveaway

Anyone remembered the keychains I commissioned a while back? Due to certain circumstances and a lack of international flights, we had to delay the giveaway events and confirm how long it’d take for the first batch to be delivered. Now that we’ve confirmed that most of them have been received by the recipients, we’ll resume the giveaway event immediately.

To participate in the giveaway event, you simply need to like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter, then share or re-tweet our Facebook/Twitter posts below. Please make sure you set your share setting to the public, if we can’t see the post, it’ll be invalid.

Duration: 5th August – 30 August (GMT +8)
10 lucky winners will get the Lily keychain.
5 lucky runner-ups will get the Nanako keychain.

If you’re not feeling so lucky, we have four extra of each keychain remaining, you can buy those off Silva at what he feel is a reasonable price, do DM Silva#3719 on Discord ( if you wish to reserve one of these limited keychains. First come first served.

∴ Please note: You will need to disclose your shipping address to receive these keychains. And please expect up to 3 or 4 months before it is delivered. If no international flight is available to your country, it could potentially take longer than that.

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