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Life with a Tail Chapter 38

It’s hard sometimes to think of something to say in this posts (>.>). Especially since I can’t go outside. Well, I’ll think of something… maybe.

Back to the chapter, oh no. It seems the beastkin can smell their scents lol. What now? All I’m gonna say is this chapter is well… nvm. Happy reading~! (\・。・/)

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Life with a Tail Chapter 27

What day is it today? Does anyone remember because I surely don’t. My sleep schedule has been flipped upside down. I’m now a vampire, sleeping in the day, awake at night.

Enough with that, it’s time for your wholesomeness delivery. What?! Natsuki and Ruti don’t have time for dates now?!? What is this madness, give me back my diabetes~! …Never thought I would say that before, but it’s the truth. Enjoy~ (\^~^/)

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Life with a Tail Chapter 25.5

I’m back with another batch of your weekly orders and there’s something I have to announce.

Ryzna-san’s Gender: Confirmed

Ryzna-san is actually… a male but have female tendencies. That explains his obsession with uniforms. This also means he has a harem in the café… That’s quite unexpected. It’s not stated anywhere in this chapter, but I still have to disclose it. I’ve already fixed all of the previous chapters, so yea.

Anyways, this is a short chapter, so enjoy~ (^.^)

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